E-Cat Energy Evaluation and Fuel/Ash Isotopic Composition (Andrew Bobeszko)

The following explanation and attached documents have been submitted by Andrew Bobeszko

I attach “E-Cat energy evaluation” and “E-Cat fuel/ash isotopic composition”. Those, being solely based on the results of isotopic composition of fuels and ashes in the Dalarna and Uppsala reports, confirm the E-Cat net energy produced in the Lugano test. Any future evaluations of energy in the E-Cat based on the isotopic composition of fuels and ashes will be presented on http://www.tetrahedralsymmetry.talktalk.net/

E-Cat Energy Evaluation

E-Cat Fuel Ash Isotopic Composition

  • Hank Mills


    The E-Cat is already an ideal source of heat. There is really nothing that can be better. My sources tell me that it does not take a week for the E-Cat to activate. Rossi can make an E-Cat produce excess heat in as little as one hour or less. Also, you can’t really get fuel much cheaper than the E-Cat. I did a calculation once, and the fuel to power a Lugano style E-Cat would cost about one cent. This is of course in bulk and if you do not factor in processing costs. Even with extra costs, I don’t think the fuel for a Lugano sized E-Cat would cost more than a few cents. In addition, you cannot do better than 1300 degrees with no input. I hear the low temp E-Cat has a COP of 40 or higher and the hot cat is even better. With COP there is a point of diminishing returns. A COP of 200 is not really much better than 100. We also have another source of evidence for the power of the E-Cat: Parkhomov’s self sustaining run. For 8 minutes he achieved 1000 watts of output with no input.

    The one area the E-Cat can improve is direct production of electricity. But since the E-Cat is a massive source of alpha particles, it should not be too hard to produce electricity directly. Unlike Polonium that only produces 130 watts per gram, the E-Cat can produce 1000 watts per gram in ordinary mode and 20000 watts or more in run away.

    • Dr Phibes

      Thermophotovoltaics, quite a bit of progress of late using metamaterials (a relatively new science itself) Direct heat to electricity, few moving parts. I expect higher conversion rates as processes are better understood and more metamaterials and designs developed.

    • Axil Axil

      Regarding: “But since the E-Cat is a massive source of alpha particles, it should not be too hard to produce electricity directly. ”

      I have not seen this confirmed as an experimental observation. I understand that this statement has its origins in the theory proposed from N. Cook. I find this statement hard to believe since energetic alpha particle emission produce lots of powerful EMF such as gamma rays in the process of their thermalization.

      Out of the various successful replications, no one has confirmed the detection of alpha radiation or gamma radiation. To make the N. Cook theory complete, there should be reasons and mechanisms provided that explain how the gamma radiation from alpha particle is thermalized or downshifted.

      It is bad to base a theory of E-Cat reaction one the production of ionizing radiation, This most probably will place regulation of the E-Cat under the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) nationally in the U.S.A. and the IAEA internationally. In other words to make a long story short, the theory of alpha particle production will KILL the E-Cat and all its various uses worldwide. Does Rossi understand that his theory will kill the E-Cat?

      The theory of the E-Cat has quintessential political and regulatory ramifications. The formulation of LENR theory must explain how the LENR reaction is not harmful in any way, that it is totally benign, and that it is supported by experiential observation. The theory of LENR must be crafted so that it does not plase a killing weapon into the hands of the opponents of LENR. Does Rossi understnd this? I would advise Rossi to change his theory for LENR now.

    • Axil Axil

      From the Lugano report, the view of the nickel particle retrived as ash after 32 days of reaction looks identical to the fuel particle which itself looks like it came out of a old reactor run. The nanostructed surface looks prestine. This particle surface would have shown alpha particle impact in the micrograph if any occured. This indicates that there was no alpha particles of any energy level impacting on the surface of the nickel particle as a result of the LENR reaction.

  • Gerard McEk

    Maybe physicists can evaluate this, but for me it is totally chaotic and does not give any idea of what this document intends to reveal. This in total opposition to Norman Cooks book: http://www.res.kutc.kansai-u.ac.jp/~cook/PDFs/MAN2.pdf, which is well worth to read!

  • kenko1

    I find it odd that there were trace elements in the unused portion sample, but none,zero,zilch trace elements in the ash. Thai is a red flag to me. There were about half a dozen. Where did all of them go?

    • Obvious

      Ionic diffusion into the alumina, coated/incorporated into the bulk, and also deleted from the spectra, if you will notice some blank pixel holes in the X axis where mass Counts lines start…

    • kenko1

      Another thing I found odd (meaning I don’t understand why) is this : This was not a run until fuel exhaustion. It was stopped after 32 days. But the transformation of the 58Ni and 60Ni to 62Ni was almost complete.

      How long could the reaction have continued? We’ll never know.