The Rossi Effect Explained From — Official E-Cat Site (Update: Rossi Calls it ‘Very Superficial’)

Thanks to a reader for sending a link that I had not seen before. This comes from, which is an official E-Cat site, run by Hydro Fusion, an E-Cat licensee based in Sweden.

The title of the page is “The Rossi Effect”, and it’s an attempt to explain the Rossi effect in a simple manner. I am not sure if this is Andrea Rossi’s own explanation (it does not read in his style), perhaps it is an attempt by Hydro Fusion to interpret the Rossi effect, based on the recently approved patent, and the paper he authored with Norman Cook.

Here is the link:

Here’s one excerpt that explains why there is no gamma radiation emitted from the E-Cats.

Especially beneficial is that gamma radiation is naturally absent in the Rossi Effect because the energy is only released as kinetic energy through thermal Helium nuclei which later thermalize the Nickel Lattice and the inner walls of the ECAT reactor core, under impact, turning kinetic energy into thermal energy. This makes the Rossi Effect ideal for utilizing nuclear sized energy in the complete absence of both radioactive materials and radiation.

UPDATE: I sent a question to Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, and asked if he had written this, and if it was a complete description of the Rossi Effect. He responded:

Andrea Rossi
November 3rd, 2015 at 1:28 PM
Frank Acland:
It is not a complete description, nor it is a consolidated idea about a theory of which I am preparing together with Prof Norman Cook something more structured under a mathematical point of view. Call it a first approach, very superficial. Much deeper considerations are coming, albeit I don’t know how much soon.
Warm Regards,

  • Zephir

    /*because the energy is only released as kinetic energy through thermal Helium nuclei */
    Why? How?
    /*which later thermalize the Nickel Lattice and the inner walls of the ECAT reactor core*/
    Why? How? Why common alpha particles (i.e. helium nuclei) don’t thermalize in this way?

    One of possible explanations:

  • Gamma radiation has been reported at low levels by both Rossi and by Defkalion.

    • clovis ray

      I believe at first report, ways back, they detected a small weak burst when it first started up. but i believe even that has been taken care of, Dr Rossi and team are finding things even lately that needed change and has fixing them or eliminate them.

  • Gerard McEk

    This is indeed how the Rossi-Cook theory says it works however, the transmutations that occur and could release Gamma’s are not explained.

    • clovis ray

      hi, Gerald.

      This is all i could find, but not very informative.

      The Rossi Effect is based on a LENR process including Hydrogen and Lithium where Nickel is merely used as a catalyst and is not consumed in the process

      (some Nickel – Hydrogen reactions occur but the major part of the Nickel is not consumed)
      and can be recycled). The Hydrogen – Lithium reaction is highly exothermic;

  • psi2u2

    “and it an attempt to explain the Rossi effect in a simple.”

    Proofread alert!

    • Good thing cold fusion isn’t reliant on people knowing how to speak good.

      • MorganMck

        Or even to speak “well.”

  • Eyedoc

    I thought AR previously had said no He was detected in his reactors. Maybe I misread something along the way??

  • Enrique Ferreyra

    You’re welcome.

  • clovis ray

    Well, guys this is the whole ball of wax, but to be honest, i don’t quite understand, the part that kinetic energy plays, and how it effect’s the process. this is a new wrinkle, that i haven’t heard before, I may have just missed it, so much info, and so little time, smile.
    I feel this is an area of the quantum field where things are not known. and way above my pay grade. ha,ha,.

  • Zephir

    /*..nobody even remotely knows how it is supposed to work */

    I explained it already in the link provided bellow, but the people handle it in the same way like the mainstream physicists handle the cold fusion – they simply ignore it. The same mistake is done and will be done again and again.

    • Uncle Bob

      You’ve explained it, as have many others.
      All the explanations are different. It hardly seems likely that the process works by many different mechanisms so at the very best, all except one of them must be wrong. I’m guessing you would think yours is the right one, but then so does everyone else.

      I think we will know when the right explanation comes along (if one does) because if the explanation is correct, it can be used to adjust and refine the materials and operating conditions to produce an undeniably positive and high COP which can be reliably reproduced by others. Until that time the prevailing assumption is that nobody has a correct theory of operation which can produce a reliable and reproducible reaction.
      And since Mr. Rossi is still saying the results could be either positive or negative, he would have to included in this assessment.
      His previous mantra of a guaranteed COP of 6 gave his previous simple explanations an air or validity even though it was said to be impossible by many. Since that guarantee has long ago been dropped, that indication of validity is no longer applicable.
      The reaction by products have long ago disposed of the original simple theory so we now have no provable or plausible theory and no guarantee of a positive COP.
      “The results could be positive or negative.”
      That is completely consistent with no plausible theory.
      The two are mutually inclusive subsets of each other.

  • Zephir

    IMO we already have multiple analogies of the cold fusion mechanism described already and they’re all quite simple to understand. Just follow my links and stop whining about your alleged inability to follow it.