The Possible LENR Reaction Occurring in SAFIRE (Axil Axil)

The SAFIRE project (Stellar Atmospheric Function In Regulation Experiment) is exploring the “electric sun” hypothesis. Recently Montgomery Childs reported that SAFIRE Project is finding nuclear products and massive energy spikes with a device designed to simulate the electric sun

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil

There is a layer of dark mode hydrogen that accuculates near the surface of the hydrogen plasma ball in the SAFIRE experiment. It absorbs energy until it reaches a limit where it erupts. The input power is 1800 watts of DC power and the power produced during an eruption is between 2,000,000 to a maximum of 10,000,000 watts. There is also signs of a material with a nucleon count of 3 being produced in the experiment.

A theory that could explain the development of the dark layer is the “Dark mode” polariton soliton theory. The polariton “Black Hole” absorbs energy until it reaches a limit whereupon it explodes in a bosenova. This is a behavior that is also seen in the experiments of Holmlid and defkalion among other LENR experiments.

This theory can be verified by the appearance of K-mesons and its decay products such as muons and electrons. A particle detector that follows Holmlid’s design might work well in the Safire experiment it show that a tachyon based nuclear process is happening in SAFIRE.

This SAFIRE experiment looks a lot like the plasmatron, an overunity power device produced in the 1980’s using hydrogen based plasma.

Experimenters in overunity could duplicate the SAFIRE and/or the plasmatron experiment and test for emissions of sub-atomic particles.

  • Zephir

    /* There is a layer of dark mode hydrogen that accuculates near the surface of the hydrogen plasma ball in the SAFIRE experiment */

    Maybe the LENR could explain the anomalously high temperature of solar corona. But I presume, it’s rather the result of capture / thermalization of solar neutrinos, which are escaping from Sun core in large quantities. The increasing of corona temperature above sunspots would favor this explanation too.

    • Axil Axil

      A theory can be either supported or disproved through the validation or not of the experimental procedures that the theory implies. I put forth a experimental procedure that is based on theory. You put forth a theory without documenting a experimental recommendation that your theory suggests. Can a pot call a silver kettle black?

      • Zephir

        /* Can a pot call a silver kettle black? */

        Of course it can – this is the principle, on which our acceptation of cold fusion research is based. It challenges the established mainstream theories and their experiments, according to which the cold fusion should be impossible. So we are ignoring silver kettles here all the time.

        At the case of SAPHIRE, I asked for download of SAPHIRE paper and I got no download link into e-mail. So I’ve nothing to judge – neither theory, neither experiment. Could you link here some more relevant info about it?

        In this moment, I’ve two logical problems with SAPHIRE experiment.

        1) You’re saying, SAPHIRE experiment does model the Sun – instead of it it models plasma discharge around spherical electrode – i.e. different physical system.

        2) at second, I don’t see any way, how the “dark hydrogen” fits the electric Universe model. For me it’s the same ad-hoced adjustment of theory, like the dark matter for Big Bang cosmology or epicycles for Heliocentric model.

        In another words, you haven’t demonstrate, you’re modeling neither the Sun, neither Plasma Universe theory with SAPHIRE experiment. Other than that, every experiment, which claims the overunity of energy is interesting and definitely worth of replication – no matter which theory and/or physical artifact this experiment is supposed to model.

        The observation of nuclear reactions inside the deuterons plasma was observed with Sternglass and Einstein already, but Einstein proposed an explanation which is consistent with my theory of cold fusion and which doesn’t utilize “dark hydrogen” or any other unexplained yet effects.

        • Axil Axil

          Electrons and protons cannot combine together to form a neutron.

          • Zephir

            This wasn’t observed, neither conjectured with Sternglass and Einstein…

  • GreenWin

    You may have trouble selling any type black hole to the electric universe people. Their theories expressly eliminate black holes and dark matter. But SAFIRE is doing what hot fusion has failed to do for 60 years – put a star in a bottle.

  • Roland

    DARPA, Hal Puthoff & Russel Targ did fascinating work at SRI under DARPA grants, some of which is germane to Axil Axil’s central thesis that creation is ongoing rather than a one time event.

    DARPA has also funded LENR research.

    • Axil Axil

      The expanding universe is standard cosmological doctrine that I try to explain through LENR.

      • Roland

        Hal & Russel received several million, US$7.2 in late 1960’s dollars if memory serves, from DARPA through SRI to investigate PSI phenomena subsequent to intelligence reports that the Soviets were making a significant investment in this area with a view to eventual weaponization in some form.

        Hal & Russell, after weeding through endless college students etc., had an extraordinary talent named Ingo Swann (nom de guerre?) show up at the lab and demonstrate the ‘impossible’ with great reliability and subsequently demonstrate an ability to train military personnel to replicate some specific PSI phenomena.

        Ingo is germane to this discourse because of a specific experimental setup devised by Hal to gather data on one of Ingo’s talents. Five 1,200FPS film cameras were setup to observe a steel ball from all 4 cardinal axis and down from directly overhead. Ingo then made the ball disappear while standing across the lab from the apparatus.

        The ball ‘appears’ to recede into the distance and vanish from every camera angle, he also could make the ball reappear in the reverse process.

        Both Hal & Russell were force marched through paradigm change by Ingo and other events during and after their work for DARPA.

        When you’re trying to disprove the hypothesis that all crows are black you don’t track down and tag every crow on the planet, you go out and find one albino crow.

  • Axil Axil

    There have been reports that solar flares produce changes in nuclear decay rates here on earth.

    This may be do to the separation of positive and negative vacuum energy between the interior of the sun and its surroundings.

    A experimental suggestion for the Safire experiment is to check nuclear decay rates before, during, and after a 10 megawatt outbursts to see if the vacuum is being distorted by the cause of the outburst.

  • Roland

    Then you probably realize how far into the ‘impossible’ the DARPA program at SRI reached and how profoundly Hal & Russell were changed by the experience.

    The evidence from this program is very difficult to integrate into the contemporary paradigm, yet the evidence exists and has to be accounted for in the emerging paradigm.