Topology and LENR (Axil Axil)

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Topology just means the shape that things can assume. Shapes are important because they make electrons and photons dance in a fixed pattern. There have been recent discoveries of particle like behavior produced by the dances that electrons and photons are forced to perform by specific shapes that crystals can assume. There are 500 of these unique dances that photons and electrons can perform each leaving its own mark on the nature of matter.

For example, the Dirac electron was found in a solid of a given graphene crystal structure. The Weyl fermion has also been recently discovered on the inside of a synthetic metallic crystal called tantalum arsenide.

I believe that the magnetic monopole is being produced by a certain crystal configuration that makes electrons and photons dance in a unique way.

The ways and means to get a crystal structure into this unique configuration is at the heart of LENR engineering.

With the help of Rossi’s patent, it’s relatively easy to deduce how Rossi’s new invention works and the role that melting plays in this new version of LENR.

Rossi has LENR specific mechanisms on the surface of two iron wafers that sandwich a centrally located heater core. This wafer structure that he has just invented gives life to the E-Cat X. The various additives that are defined in Rossi’s patent: nickel, aluminum, carbon, and hydrogen that coat the iron produce billions of nanoscopic islands of crystal structures that change as the temperature of the iron vary. Rossi achieves passive control of the LENR reaction as the crystal structure changes when the temperature of the LENR reaction goes beyond the melting point of these nanoscopic islands. When the surface of the iron begins to melt and its crystal structure becomes amorphous, the LENR reaction stops until the surface of the iron wafer cools down. Then the crystal islands reform to the LENR sensitive configuration, the LENR reactor begins again so that the iron wafer is passively maintained within a tight temperature range.

The surface of the iron never gets above the melting temperature of the iron thereby eliminating the possibility of meltdowns.

Axil Axil

  • Axil Axil

    The 500 phases of matter: New system successfully classifies symmetry-protected phases

    Certain topological states, such as quark gluon plasma and dark matter can be reproduced by chemical processes and crystal formations. These states of matter can interfere with nuclear processes and cause nuclear disruptions. This compatibility and interaction between identical topological states using the process of quantum mechanical entanglement is at the very core of the LENR reaction.

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      yay 🙂 thank you. i don’t recall if someone mentioned this already, but worth remembering – cold cathode metamaterials, for microwave sats. you can get above emission threshold with fractional duty cycle, mag resonance? like a tire-swing, pendulum frequency shifts as you spin, unspool… huh

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      The religion was always tightly connected with magic, i.e. with miracles. Every religion has at least one miracle considered / embedded into it.

  • Axil Axil
  • Axil Axil

    If we consider the nuclear processes that keep the nucleus together as a lock, it might be possible to use chemical processes to form a key to unlock the goings on inside the nucleus. This is how medicines fill receptors in the cell to slow down or increase communication between cells or the internal working inside the cell to change the actions that the cell performs.The key to the success of these medicines is matching the proper shape of the chemical structures of the medicines to the surface structures that cover the cell.

    This field of science is called topological science. Such a topological approach to directly crack open the nucleus through disruption can bypass the need to overcome the coulomb barrier. Matching the forces that keep the nucleus together is a matter of producing the proper resonant shape.

    Holmlid is producing K-mesons through the use of a catalyst. This type of meson contains a “strange” quark (AKA Kaon).

    This type of quark does not exist in matter. It has only been seen in high energy reactions produced by atom smashers. This subatomic particle produces a violation of charge conservation. The production of this particle in the Hot-cat is why that reactor can produce an abundance of electrons from nothing. This appearance of this “strangeness” is a sure sign that both Rossi and Holmlid have found the key to unlock the door to the nucleus.

    • Mats002

      This is your definition of NAE then. To me this is a better theory than only a crack-of-unknown-properties because a theory must be testable to have any real value. What test protocol do you suggest for this theory?

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    This article in its present form is an example of religious thinking. First of all the hypothesis of monopoles gets postulated from nothing, after then all the rest of article remains completely independent to this concept. At the very end the article has nothing to do about actual article title, i.e. the topology. The topology serves here only as an evasion or another fancy world for pushing the monopole hypothesis of LENR.

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      BTW I’ve to admit, I’ve increasing problem with circlejerking character of this site and with stealth censorship on this forum. Once I’ll face the stealth deletion of my posts without notion, I’ll leave this web.

      So far I believed, the censoring of user posts belongs into mainstream science forums – but as I can see, the people will never learn from their ignorance. Why this post has been deleted, for example?

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        LOL. There is very little censorship here, as long as the antis actually contribute posts that demonstrate some skull sweat rather than mindless knee-jerk multiple postings of the same points over and over and over.

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        Not trying to be offensive. but you really didn’t say anything in the post. it contributed nothing to the thread and was just a spew of words with no context beyond you hate oil and everything it represents.

        Stay on topic, and type like you talk so that people understand your points better. makes it a lot easier to understand.

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          Paul Dirac and myself went to the same primary school we did quite a bit of magical thinking at Bishop Rd primary Bristol.

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        Winston Churchill the war criminal was directly responsible for the premature demise of the British Empire by refusing to accept Hess’s peace offer in 1941. Truly one of his finest hours. He never gave in to pay a heavy price for his stubborn behavior.

    • Axil Axil

      Analog monopoles get populated by the motion of electrons inforced by the specific structure of crystals. This is not religious thinking, The collective action of electrons produce superconductivity in copper oxides.

      There is a connection between crystal structure and topology.

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    • Zephir

      The nuclear isomeration also changes the structure of protons inside the atom nuclei and it’s known for years.

    • Axil Axil

      Relativistic and Nuclear Medium Effects on the Coulomb Sum Rule

      Ian C. Cloët, Wolfgang Bentz, Anthony W. Thomas

      (Submitted on 19 Jun 2015)

      In light of the forthcoming high precision quasielastic electron scattering data from Jefferson Lab, it is timely for the various approaches to nuclear structure to make robust predictions for the associated response functions. With this in mind, we focus here on the longitudinal response function and the corresponding Coulomb sum rule for isospin-symmetric nuclear matter at various baryon densities. Using a quantum field-theoretic quark-level approach which preserves the symmetries of quantum chromodynamics, as well as exhibiting dynamical chiral symmetry breaking and quark confinement, we find a dramatic quenching of the Coulomb sum rule for momentum transfers |q|≳0.5GeV. The main driver of this effect lies in changes to the proton Dirac form factor induced by the nuclear medium. Such a dramatic quenching of the Coulomb sum rule was not seen in a recent quantum Monte Carlo calculation for carbon, suggesting that the Jefferson Lab data may well shed new light on the explicit role of QCD in nuclei.

  • Axil Axil

    The monopole is a major category of LENR causation theory. It is popular in Russia and the Ukraine. There is extensive experimental support for it in the LENR data.

    This might be that the reason why all the replication successes in LENR experimentation are coming out of Russia and the Ukraine instead of MIT.

  • Axil Axil

    Abelian monopole or non-Abelian monopole responsible for quark confinement

    If a topological crystal configuration can produce monopole tubes, it may be possible for those tubes to interfere with the tubes that keep the quarks confined,