Website Updated to Reflect Relationship with Hydro Fusion (Becktemba)

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The website has been updated to reflect its relationship with Hydro Fusion, on of Leonardo Corporation’s Licensees.

It states:

“Hydro Fusion Ltd was founded in 2011 and is a UK-based company specializing in a number of areas related to energy production. We operate from our headquarter in London and from our office branch in Stockholm, see the Contact Page for further information

Hydro Fusion Ltd operates as the Official ECAT website of Leonardo Corporation and the future home for all official ECAT-related information.

Being Leonardo Corporation’s Northern European Licensee Group since 2011, we play an important role in the commercialization of all ECAT Products.

Hydro Fusion’s ECAT license area cover more than 10% of the World’s GDP and Energy Consumption. Hydro Fusion is the exclusive ECAT licensee for a large number of countries – including UK and Sweden.”

The content of the website is more extensive with a cleaner look and faster response time. The website seems like its being updated with some cut-out illustrations not seen before like this one:×752.jpg

The and seem to be mostly the same. It would seem as is the E-cat website may to give way eventually to the Hydro Fusion site, such a move would make sense as the E-cat moniker is used to describe the product. Like Ford calling its website the Model-T. I’d expect sometime in the future that the Leonardo Corporation will have a separate corporate website if its not absorbed by some other entity.

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    Thanks for the report.

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    Positioning for a June media blitz?

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    Thanks Guest. I think it was a typo in the title. I have corrected it now.


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      He likes it!

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      Really??When?? How?? Where??

  • Edac

    The bit on the site that is a surprise to me is on the ‘ECAT Science’ page where there is the following paragraph.

    The Rossi Effect is based on a LENR process including Hydrogen and Lithium where Nickel is merely used as a catalyst and is not consumed in the process (some Nickel – Hydrogen reactions occur but the major part of the Nickel is not consumed and can be recycled). The Hydrogen – Lithium reaction is highly exothermic; …

    I do not remember previously seeing any reference to the Rossi effect being a Hydrogen – Lithium reaction. It previously has been referred to as a Nickel – Hydrogen reaction. Or have I missed something?

    Please correct me someone if I am wrong.