The E-Cat Moment (Billy Jackson)

The following post has been submitted by Billy Jackson

The Moment.

Tick . . . tick . . . tick . . .

Slowly and steady the second hand marches forward inexhaustible, undaunted, and unstoppable. There are only a few times in our lives that we face events that irrevocably change us on an almost fundamental level. One where our lives are never the same. For some it could be a simple ‘yes’ heard on a bended knee, the first breath and cry of a newborn child, a long sought-after truth finally exposed, or even the discovery that the impossible is suddenly probable.

While these moments are personal they are not limited to the individual, but also to nations. These moments define us for good or ill. 1775, A scared and nervous farmer on the north bridge in Concord, Massachusetts fired a shot that birthed a nation. A sad but resolute Lincoln refused to allow our nation to splinter, the confused looks turned to sudden fear and surprise as a low droning noise was heard in the early morning at Pearl Harbor where it shouldn’t be, a young black preacher from Alabama with a dream climbing the steps of a historical monument to address a nation, the dawning and realization that it wasn’t an accident when we saw that second plane crash into the World Trade Center — we can march through history and find many of these moments.

Finally there are the exceptional moments that change not just nations, but the world around us. The Wright Brothers’ first flight in the sand dunes of Kitty Hawk. The first live broadcast on TV. The first step off The Eagle ladder onto the moon; the first boot of the unknown soldier landing on the beaches of Omaha; even the detonation of the first atomic bomb; the simple transistor; the first light-bulb. All have had a worldwide effect of profound significance that changed us forever.

Tick . . . tick . . . tick . . .

President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.”

I state this because it is my belief that we face one of these profound world changing moments that will affect all of us on every level. Within a short period of time we may have the privilege to read or hear the announcement of the official results from the near year-long test of the Rossi 1MW E-cat plant. As that Moment slides towards us one tick at a time until it becomes our reality we must face a choice. We must realize that we are both the prisoner and the warden. Ours is to decide whether we allow fear to cause us to remain in our cell where it is safe but constrained and controlled, despite how pretty they make our cell, or whether we slam the cage open seeking once more to find the spirit that allowed us to reach out and touch the stars.

Tick . . . tick . . . tick . . .

I want to give a special thank you to Andrea Rossi and his team along with Industrial Heat & Cherokee. I want to thank Frank Acland for keeping the fires burning despite the adversity and criticism. And finally thank you to everyone on this board who lent a voice in these discussions. Years down the road it will be here we can come back and say this is where we were when faced with the E-Cat Moment.

Billy Jackson

  • Marklearn

    Shushh, baby is in the delivery room!

  • William D. Fleming

    Amen to everything you said Billy. I think the upcoming changes will be much more far-reaching than the events you mentioned.

    In a thousand years scholars may pour over archives and read what we write on this very forum.

  • Beautiful Billy.

    • gian luca Gian Luca

      Ciò che ho letto è molto bello ma attenzione. Papa Francesco nella sua enciclica “laudato si” dice una grossa verità che A.R. stesso spesso dice.
      L’ECAT è certamente un punto fondamentale del futuro dell’umanità. ……ma non è l’unico.
      C’è sempre da considerare che da solo non potrà salvarci dalla catastrofe se non attraverso il cambiamento del pensiero e della cultura di popoli e delle società . La terra e l’ambiente sono di tutti e tutti devono averne cura.
      Quando AR dice che il duo dispositivo si integrerà con gli altri, secondo me pensa anche a questo.

      • Billy Jackson

        You are correct in that as a whole we must learn to take care of our planet. I think that the e-cat will enable the first of those technologies needed to begin that process, its a big planet and we have to take the first steps at some point.

  • Gerard McEk

    Thanks Billy, I hope many other poets will follow to incense the E-cat.

  • Michael W Wolf

    I have already cracked the champagne, and waiting for the world to join me. Articles like yours Billy, is not only what keeps us hanging on to a dream, but it is a testament of the kind of people all over this site. Believers, for the sake of the betterment of mankind, no matter how impossible they are told it is. It is this kind of personality that has always moved the world forward. I thank you all.

  • psi2u2

    Hear, hear, Billy.

  • psi2u2
  • Bob Greenyer

    nice sentiment, well written.

    • Lars

      How is your test coming?

      • Bob Greenyer

        Brian Albiston has shown signs of Excess heat in-line with our GS experiments and Geiger count increase/decay in-line with our 2013 Celani experiment. He was using the exact same Hunter AH50 Nickel and Nanoshel Passivated Li.

        The experiment in Santa Cruz is on-track to start calibrations on the 5th April.

  • bfast

    Very well said, Billy Jackson. The e-cat will be utterly transformative for everyone on this planet.

    That said, I caution that not all change will be positive. This technology will produce more misery than joy in the first few years. The entire energy industry, about 20% of the economy, will be put into a death spiral. Many will be injured in this process. Whole nations will be at utter loss as to how to handle this news.

    Consider also the car industry. When we see the first LENR car on the internet, who in their right minds would go out and buy a fuel-burning model? However, from when the first demonstration of an LENR car to the point where dealerships are full of them will be years. The automotive industry will be able to look forward to the glory days when everyone wants to upgrade to a fuel-free vehicle. However, in the mean time sales will slump.

    The third world should blossom. However, I fear that a few of the current first-world countries may decide to resist LENR. After all, there’s a lot of money to be lost in this game. I fear a firewall of bureaucracy designed solely to maintain the status quo. If this happens, first world countries may become third world countries. First world countries may discover that they are way behind the lead dogs.

    This technology will not end all wars. People will still do evil. But when the dust settles, the world will be at least 20% more efficient. Challenges of missing infrastructure in third world countries will be dramatically reduced. It will be mostly a sunny day.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      “When we see the first LENR car on the internet, who in their right minds would go out and buy a fuel-burning model?” Many will, because the fuel is cheap at that point and conventional cars represent time-proven tech.

      “..the world will be at least 20% more efficient” Sorry, what are your referring to? Not sure how one should define efficiency in this case, but 20% anyway sounds a low figure to me.

  • bachcole


    Awaiting this birth and the camaraderie here at has been among my most cherished moments in this life.

    • Mats002

      Camarawhat? Sorry english is not my first language Roger.

      • Billy Jackson

        mutual trust, respect, friendship among those who spend time together.

  • Steve H

    Nicely written.
    Here’s to the future – F9

  • Bob Tivnan

    Very eloquent. Your writing really captures this moment in history.

  • Zephir

    I’m getting increasingly convinced, that the cold fusion is just an temporary/complementary epoch before utilizing the overunity – something like the utilization of fission after WWW II which never fully replaced the fossil fuels. The cold fusion could help us to colonize the solar system, but the future of self-sustained households is in negentropy, which doesn’t require any material and it wouldn’t threat the thermal balance of the Earth.

    • Billy Jackson

      I have always been of the belief that we are just scratching the surface of science. I Think it was Tesla that mentioned energy potential of vacuum? Its not something you should quote me on. but i don’t believe we are at the point of over-unity devices yet. If we ever figure out how to tap into the so called 0 point or dark energy it may make the point mute as the energy potential will jump to near limitless for our needs if not the actuality.

      • Brokeeper

        Although, I think LENR’s energy density of 8 million times the density of chemical energy is close enough to over-unity.

        • Zephir

          The problem with LENR is, it’s inherently unsafe and it could even open the way for construction of classical fission/fusion bombs for various teorist groups and regimes. The overunity looks OK for me from this perspective.

          • Brokeeper

            I shared your sentiments with AR:
            January 15th, 2016 at 10:45 AM
            “…. With no end in site of E-cat X density/ volume evolution, I am
            also a little concerned about the white elephant standing in the
            middle of the room (wearing sunglasses) no one really wants to talk
            about the wrong-hands-use security. Any thoughts on this issue?
            With much respect,

            Andrea Rossi
            January 15th, 2016 at 1:12 PM
            All the question of your comment cannot be answered before a
            preliminary series of tests has been completed. To answer I should
            have to release a description that at the moment is totally premature.
            Warm Regards,

      • Zephir

        At the very end the macroscopic overunity devices don’t differ conceptually very much from cold fusion systems, which catalyze the nuclear reactions – they’re just doing it from the opposite side of space-time curvature, which is forming the hyperdimensional surface of matter. Whereas the cold fusion systems catalyze the energy exchange by doing it very low-dimensional (via unidimensional collisions and scalar wave micro-worm holes for tunneling ), the overunity devices increase the physical surface of massive bodies by doing them more dimensional, than they already are – it increases the surface area for evanescent waves and energy tunneling transport via external worm holes. The worm holes represent here tunneling shortcuts for phenomena, which would otherwise run very slowly. They’re actually holographically dual effects – this is my unified perspective of all these phenomena.

        The symptomatic for this perspective is, it applies the theorems of most advanced extradimensional theories of mainstream physics developed so far to phenomena, which the mainstream physics dismisses most obstinately – just because they apparently violate the laws developed and verified for low-dimensional theories (general relativity and quantum mechanics). The physicists apparently didn’t expect, that their esoteric theories developed for black holes and Planck scales would work so well, they could be applied even to real life phenomena. But they should expect it, because the natural scope of quantum gravity aren’t Planck or cosmological scales – but just the scale BETWEEN the scales of quantum mechanics and general relativity, i.e. just the human observer scale around wavelength of CMBR. It has no good meaning to search for quantum gravity effects somewhere else, if you try to think about it.

    • tchernik

      Yes, we may be seeing the start of an actual new era in human history. It’s easy to sound over-dramatic, but such assessment is probably completely accurate and true.

      The fact there are other similar ‘fringe’ events happening in parallel, like the potential of finding true propellentless propulsion (aka the Emdrive) comes with a sense of foreboding, as if we are seeing the crests of the waves coming rapidly to hit us and change it all.

      Endless energy, limitless thrust, those are concepts that were too wild except for soft sci/fi with an utopian inclination. Well, not quite. Arthur C. Clarke already dared to dream with them, e,g, in Songs of Distant Earth and other novels and he was a hard sci/fi inclined author.

      But the fact those big dreams may become realities is something we aren’t quite used to or maybe, even ready to face, because these concepts weren’t accepted as potentially real in our mindset, not even as evaluations of potential outcomes. There will be future shock and a lot of resistance and denial, but reality is what it is and we (or our children) will come to accept it and live with it.

      The XXIth century may bring gifts even bigger than those we dared to dream in sci/fi.

  • Leo Kaas

    Excellent piece Billy!

  • Frederic Maillard

    “Camaraderie” is also the word I feel, as a French man.

    • artefact

      In German: Kameradschaft

      • Pekka Janhunen

        Alte kameraden=old photographers 🙂

  • Stephen

    I have the feeling in the future I will be looking back at this post from time to time just remember these days. Thanks Billy for perfectly catching the moment.

  • Brokeeper

    Very poetically put, Billy. Thanks for reminding us of America’s historical crossroads and its resulting effects evolving to its greatness. Yes, there have been infamous times, but the ensuing tragedies have made us stronger and more tolerable with our differences through those freedoms of choices. It is these tolerances through given freedoms that join us together, allowing good men mentioned to become great and new worlds to be discovered.

    • Billy Jackson

      I meant no offense by using American examples, as an American they are what i know and how the impact of these events effected us. hopefully as i grow in my writing i will learn to incorporate a wider world view. As always much respect and thank you for your kind words.

      • Brokeeper

        No offense should be taken. Everyone should be proud of their country’s heritage. All countries’ histories contributes to the wold’s poistive whole including past negative lessons.

  • Sam

    I love that idea!

  • sam

    I hope it doesnt end up being an
    American SOB story.
    Especially when Cold fusion A..R.
    and the development of the Ecat
    are such great stories.
    Both the good and bad parts.

  • Alan DeAngelis
    • Frechette

      Indeed the moment which signaled the collapse of the British Empire and made the UK a second rate power brought about by the biggest war monger of the last century Winnie the Pooh.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        Yeah Frechette, maybe Richard Feynman got it right (replace Maxell’s discovery with Rossi’s).

        “From a long view of the history of mankind, seen from, say, ten thousand years from now, there can be little doubt that the most significant event of the 19th century will be judged as Maxwell’s discovery of
        the laws of electrodynamics. The American Civil War will pale into provincial insignificance in comparison with this important scientific event of the same

      • sam

        In the 2nd WW Churchill and
        England where definitely not
        War monger.
        They grabed Victory from the
        jaws of defeat.
        The same as Rossi if successful
        has done with Cold Fusion.

        • Frechette

          Some quotes from the war monger to set the record straight. It started before WWI.

          Churchill, Winston: “On July 28, 1914,
          He wrote to his wife that everything was now heading for a conflict and a catastrophe: ‘I am
          interested, in a complete turmoil, and happy.’ And in 1915 he told Margot Asquith that he would
          not at any price wish to live outside this ‘delicious war’.” Erich Schwinge, Bilanz der Kriegsgeneration, p.

          Churchill, Winston: “You must
          understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of
          the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the
          hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.” Emrys Hughes, Winston Churchill – His Career
          in War and Peace, p. 145

          Churchill, Winston (1874-1965), British Prime Minister: “Germany is
          becoming too strong. We must crush her.” To American General Robert E. Wood, in November
          1936. Quoted in: Peter H. Nicoll, Englands
          Krieg gegen Deutschland, p. 83.

          Here is another as the war criminal was planning the destruction of Dresden at the close of the war in Europe February 1945:

          Churchill, Winston: “I do not want
          suggestions as to how we can disable the economy and the machinery of war; what I want are
          suggestions as to how we can roast the German refugees on their escape from Breslau.” Quoted
          in: Juan Maler, Die Unvollendete, p. 27.

        • Frechette

          “They grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat.”
          by making common cause with Uncle Joe (Stalin) the biggest mass murderer of the 20th century.

          • sam

            Allright we will call it 1st world war monger Churchill against
            2nd world war monger Hitler.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Like you, it was a little before my time. Old enough to
    remember JFK’s let’s go to the moon speech but not this one.

  • Steve Savage

    I applaud your words sir!

  • Mats002

    Ok I see, like Comrades from Russian and in Swedish we say Kamrater!

    Agree. It’s been like going to the university, I have learned new things everyday from and with my class camaraderies.

    I wonder if we will have a group picture taken when we graduate?

  • GordonDocherty

    For those who watched from afar who may have already passed, these scenes are in remembrance of you :

    The bridge = the current status quo, demanding more and more lives to defend it.

    May we all finally be in a position to move on to a better future for all.

  • Michael W Wolf

    I have 1.25 million fedora coins. 🙂

  • Billy Jackson

    Thank you sandy, sometimes no matter how many times we re-read for correction, i guess the mind see’s what it expects to.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Welcome to the real singularity.

    • tchernik

      Indeed, the Singularity of post-energy scarcity.

      This point point of history, if it pans out as we expect, will be remembered like one such big tidal change, where the forces moving our history so far would be unavoidably altered, and what comes next could not be fully understood or predicted beforehand.

      We will still be human afterwards, though, this is not a change of human nature, but the fear of scarcity and limited growth will be gone forever, and with that, many assumptions of what motivates people and nations.

      • Albert D. Kallal

        I think we all await this “event”.

        I of course don’t think the ERV report is going to be that event, but it is another step!

        All we need here is one major news outlet say like 60 minutes to do a follow up on their great 2009 story on cold fusion.

        Like the moon landing, many could not simply wrap their heads around the fact that we landed on the moon.

        When the LENR story breaks, it going to be a real shock to so many people.

        Perhaps the LENR story never really “breaks” but knowledge of LENR spreads like osmosis – slowly but surely.

        However, eventually, the major news outlets will have to report on this story – I just don’t know how close we are to such a day?

        Albert D. Kallal
        Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • Frechette

      Is this the same Dwight D. Eisenhower who set up the the Death Camps for German POWs on the Rhine in May 1945? The guy that refused to let the Red Cross have access to the prisoners in these camps?

  • Dods

    Cheers Billy a real good sentiment to the feeling of those that know.

    P.S. your avatar looks like one of my best mates send me a better photo of yourself so i can 100% sure.

    Cheers Dods.

    • Billy Jackson

      it pulls off my facebook, i forced it to update to something more recent 😛

      • Dods

        The old photo where it looked like you were sat at a desk that was defo me mate this new photo gets you in the clear. I prefer the old photo my self. 🙂

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Just a reminder.

    Do not despair if we don’t see the announcement on TV.

    ECW has become the mainstream when it comes to the E-Cat. .

    TV has become a total joke.

    • Frank Acland

      Except not many people read ECW. I don’t know if you can have an underground mainstream website!

  • timycelyn

    Billy, thanks for this, it is inspiring. When you first posted it up I didn’t respond because many others did, and they captured my reaction very well.

    However, it has been rattling around in my mind since then, a bridge made by ‘tick, tick, tick…’

    The clip below is possibly one of the greatest adverts ever – for Guinness, launched way back in 1999. Don’t know if you have seen the advert, I’m not sure how heavily it was used internationally.

    To this day, it is riveting, and there are so many parallels with the experience we are going through – watching Ecat technology emerge, and soon watching it becoming a towering force in the affairs of man – that it’s scary.

    The underlying single minded proposition is the message ‘Good things are worth waiting for.’ (A pint of Guinness takes 1.5 mins to pull)

    Well that resonates straight way.


    Something about something large and powerful, sweeping all before it, emerging from nothing.
    Something about one lone man successfully taming this thing
    Something about the joy and triumph when he succeeds
    And – yes – something about the long wait…..the creeping tick – tock -tick -tock…


  • Yes, but we know now, from the testimony of U.S Navy Office of Naval Researcher Melvin Miles that MIT and Cal Tech both made serious mistakes in their testing of Cold Fusion that he suggests were deliberate. He mentions that their testing times was too short, the hydrogen loading wasn’t dense enough, and they didn’t do the calorimetry correctly. In short, “they didn’t want it to work.” Miles mentioned to this to DOE in Sept., 1989, after he got his second CF experiment to work (with a different palladium material), and they told him they had already finished their report and weren’t interested. It’s all here: