White House Visitor Log Shows Thomas Darden Meeting With Barack Obama in Jan 2012 (Update: Visit Likely by Thomas Darden III)

The Obama administration has established a policy, in the interests of government transparency, of making public all visits to the White House. The Sifferkoll website has posted an image of a page from the White House visitors log which shows that Thomas F. Darden visited President Barack Obama in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington DC on January 11, 2012.

UPDATE: Thanks to e-gatto for posting this link (http://www.justjared.com/2012/01/11/angelina-jolie-brad-pitt-white-house-visit/)to an article which reports that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie visited the White House on Jan 11, 2012. Thomas F. Darden III (son of Cherokee CEO of the same name) is the executive director of Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation, and could well have visted the White House on the same visit.

A link to the image is here: http://www.sifferkoll.se/sifferkoll/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/dardenObama.png

There is no record of the subject of discussion here, so we cannot know whether the discussion surrounded LENR/E-Cat topics, but it seems quite possible, based on the timing.

Andrea Rossi’s court complaint against Leonardo Corp states: “34. In early 2012, ROSSI and LEONARDO were contacted by Defendants DARDEN, VAUGHN and CHEROKEE, who expressed an interest in licensing the E-Cat IP in the United States of America”, so it seems that Darden would certainly have been paying attention to the E-Cat around this time.

According to the log the visit lasted from 14:30 to 23:59 — which would be along time for a visitor to be talking to the president of the United States, and the meeting ran late into the evening. It doesn’t sound like it was just a courtesy call. This new evidence makes it seems possible that careful attention has been paid from quite early on to the whole E-Cat story at the very highest levels in the US government.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    APPT_START_DATE and APPT_END_DATE look to me rather like a predefined time frame. I guess that visitors will have to appear at the latest at APPT_START_DATE and would then wait patiently until they get called.

    • Yeah I wouldn’t assume he was there for 9 hours just because somebody neglected to update the departure time field.

      The meeting could have been 10 minutes long and may not have involved the President at all. I expect many visitors are asked to the White House to meet with other top government officials.

      Nevertheless we can conclude that the government felt it had something important to discuss with Darden… or vice versa.

  • sam

    T.D can visit the President of the U.S but
    can not tour the production plant at the Ecat
    test site.
    A.R has stated that he thinks Obama is a
    great President who hasn’t taken action on
    LENR research.
    Things don’t make sense sometimes.

    • sam

      Maybe this is the reason A.R likes Obama.
      signed a sweeping patent law reform bill that could affect a large number of new technologies including cold fusion. Obama signed the bill on Friday September 16, at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside Washington.

      The President signs the America Invents Act

      The law called the America Invents Act is designed to help the US Patent Office which is reportedly facing a backlog of 1.2 million pending patents. These would presumably include a number of Cold Fusion device patent applications including Andrea Rossi’s patent application for his e-cat cold fusion device. It now takes about three years to get a patent approved.
      “Somewhere in that stack of applications could be the next technological breakthrough, the next miracle drug,” Obama told reporters in a comment that seemed to point to Rossi. “We should be making it easier and faster to turn new ideas into jobs.”

  • Ciaranjay

    Nice conspiracy theory article.
    Darden visited the Whitehouse – fact.
    Darden spoke to the president – probably.
    Darden spoke to the president for over 9 hours – we do not know who he spoke to, he may have had several meetings with different parties. Does the president ever speak to anyone for 9 hours?
    Darden spoke about LENR – possibly but speculation.
    Anyway this happened in 2012. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then.

    • artefact
      • f sedei

        Important find. Good job!

      • Ciaranjay

        Yes, I know, I can read, it is printed in the article above.
        It says “early in 2012” that could mean sometime in the first 3 or 4 months.
        Whereas the meeting with the president was in the first fortnight of the year and was likely set up some weeks or months prior.
        So not convincing.
        But if you want to pretend that “early in 2012” must mean “by the 11th January” then I can pretend that the meeting with the president must have been set up some months earlier in 2011. No evidence of course but seems reasonable to me so thats okay then.

        • artefact

          “in the article above”. Mhh it does not display on my pc.

        • Ged

          Meetings aren’t usually really about the past, but aimed at planning out the future.

    • I would not call it a conspiracy to believe Darden became involved in LENR about this time. Very probable actually. A theory could be that he became involved at this particular meeting; as Weaver says to “make investments that the government can’t … . And why would the gov do that in this case? As always following the money is the best and in US gov issues, that means Goldman Sachs et al. Delay is what they want, and delays is what IH has brought so far quite successfully.

      • Ciaranjay

        As I said below, I would expect that Darden was doing preliminary investigations into LENR for some time before getting involved.
        So your case is that Darden was not yet involved with Rossi or LENR but as a result of a discussion with the president then he contacted Rossi.

        I agree that “follow the money” is often a good investigative track.
        But I do not think Woodford has invested $50 million with IH to finance LENR delay. Woodford has invested to support LENR and will want it to progress. Although of course, that does not necessarily mean supporting Rossi, so if you want a conspiracy theory then there is room there for it.

        • SG

          It is possible that Woodford is being led down the primrose path along with Mr. Rossi and the Chinese.

      • Ged

        I don’t believe for a moment the WH has anything to do with the current Rossi v IH situation or told Darden/Vaughn what to do or anything like that. But it is interesting, as it suggests the WH may have been intimately briefed about the going on’s under IH over time–at the very least there was the opportunity for such several times during the proper time period and in the correct contexts too.

    • Anon2012_2014

      More likely a Whitehouse meet and greet where President comes late, speaks for 20 minutes and then hangs out in the reception where he shakes hands with each guest and then leaves.

      These events are for show — nothing real transpires.

  • artefact


    “Prime Internet Real Estate LENR.COM is Now a Property of Hydro Fusion!”


    • Alan Smith

      But Lookingforheat.com bagged LENR Ltd. (our UK legal identity).:-)

  • Mike Henderson

    Calm down folks. Here’s a photo of the event “Insourcing American Jobs Forum”. .

    • Good cover : )

      This does make it seem much less important.

    • Weaver described the meeting like this:
      “The White House invited Darden because of his broad commitment to clean
      energy, pollution mitigation and willingness to make high-risk
      investments that the government cannot make. It’s a darn good thing that
      the LENR sector has this kind of leader who has the ear of folks in the
      right places. Your ongoing work as a teardown artist and hater are
      sadly the direct opposite of what we need for LENR to flourish.”

      It was obviously about an investment that the POTUS wanted Darden to do for a reason. Looking at the deceitful (from an IP PoV) license agreement and IH actions along the road; delaying MW test, trying to stop it, etc. etc. – the pieces actually do fit together, even more than I thought.

      • Perhaps that was the May 2012 visit? Or maybe POTUS had a sidebar with Darden at this event?

        Or maybe Dewey is just ad libbing.

  • LuFong

    I always thought it very interesting that Rossi praises Obama on a number of occasions on his blog:

    “I always said and I will always repeat that this President has been among the greatest of the History of the USA.” Andrea Rossi February 5, 2016

    ” when he will be no more President his legacy will make History. : Andrea Rossi August 2, 2015

    “which gives me the chance to write what I think of the President Obama: he is one of the most important Presidents of all the History of the USA.” Andrea Rossi August 2, 2015

    This may be just Rossi saying things but it is rather effusive. At the time I thought perhaps Obama had heard of the E-Cat and had contacted Rossi. Tom Darden visiting Obama supports that notion. But now?

    • Omega Z

      When it comes to politics, Rossi plays the safe card.
      He doesn’t even comment when his Italian nemesis is found guilty of mafia related corruption and jailed.

      • Brokeeper

        Perhaps that is part of his drive to LENR success. Once he becomes famous and nearly untouchable he then can write his autobiography exposing many of the Italian government mob tie injustices and initiate reforms for his country.

        • cashmemorz

          Don’t give the mob any ideas!!!!

          • Brokeeper


    • f sedei

      Just “Sucking Up” for political support? NASA was among the first to know of LENR, and the government has one of their jet expert scientists involved for sometime, according to Rossi.

  • Robert Dorr asked Rossi about this info. His response

    Andrea Rossi

    May 22, 2016 at 10:09 AM

    Robert Dorr:

    Yes, I saw it, but it was much time before we met, therefore surely LENR were not in his mind at that time, as I know. I am surprised he asked to meet the President, because I always talked very well to him of the President, Obama, that I consider one of the most courageous and illuminated Presidents of the History of this Great Country, while Darden always was dismissive about the issue, and used to say that the President Obama is a “communist”.

    Not surprisingly, opportunism won versus sincerity.

    Warm Regards,


    • Rossi: environmental hero (in his own mind?); free market believer; religious; Obama fan.

      Darden: Wealthy VC specializing in cleaning up toxic waste (but sometimes bankruptcies happen, oops); right wing; religious; been to the White House at least 3 times.

      Somewhat strange bedfellows.

      • Timar

        “Darden: …right wing; religious…”
        Can you share your sources for Darden’s political and/or religious orientation? I haven’t seen anything so far allowing to make such (ar any) attributions.

        • Frost*

          He’s a Republican. He stated as much in a video i saw of him talking at some meeting or other. It’s probably on YouTube somewhere.

          • sam

            Like all Business Men he will support what ever
            party will make him money.

        • I remember reading somewhere that he was quite religious (though JT Vaughn may be the more religious one).

          If I find a link I’ll post it.

    • Gerard McEk

      I hear everyone thinking: ‘it must have gone like this: Obama asked Darden to meet in the Oval Office. Darden couldn’t refuse.
      Obama said: ‘We need to get hold of Rossi’s IP, the military say it works. I think you are the guy. Go to Rossi and try to get it for as little money as you can. Then slow it down, w’ll back you up if it goes wrong with help of APCO’. ‘Sure president’, Darden replied, and so it happend’

      Well, it’s an scenario…. As many possible others 😉

      • gerald

        It adds a lot of value to the holywood script.. 😏

        • GreenWin

          Any such conversation makes Obama a co-conspirator in Rossi’s complaint, as such we know that Obama, instead of doing the right thing to advance this life saving technology is protecting his friends in the One Percent. Very sad.

          • psi2u2

            I don’t think so.

          • Ted-Z

            The games are very subtle there, at that that high level. It is very difficult to find out who wants what. The fog-creation was also exercised by Rossi (and Rossi still makes that fog – so nothing is certain… by design).

        • Brokeeper

          Ah, it all makes sense now, a Hollywood conspiracy to create a billion dollar blockbuster.

          • fritz194

            But folks like Elon Musk hang out there regularly…

    • Mike Rion

      Hate to side with Darden, but Obama is a communist.

      • No he is not. Ridiculous.

  • JT Vaugn was at the White House on June 16, 2015 meeting with Erin Szulman:

    Current: White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

    Previous: U.S. Department of Energy, United States Department of Defense, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

    Szulman on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/szulman

    • Ged

      A lot of IH/Cherokee activity with the WH it seems. I wonder how often Obama meets with that level and field of industry, in general, to give a sense of scale.

      • One might imagine a “normal” JT Vaughn visit to discuss high profile brownfield cleanup efforts. But I would have expected such a meeting to be with an Environment official.

        Szulman is a sci/tech person.

        “OSTP’s Mission

        The mission of the Office of Science and Technology Policy is threefold; first, to provide the President and his senior staff with accurate, relevant, and timely scientific and technical advice on all matters of consequence; second, to ensure that the policies of the Executive Branch are informed by sound science; and third, to ensure that the scientific and technical work of the Executive Branch is properly coordinated so as to provide the greatest benefit to society.”

        So what’s the relative likelihood of the issue drawing Vaughn to the White House: brownfield remediation technology or emerging LENR technology?

    • GreenWin

      Hopefully Vaughn carried the important message to POTUS that Secretary of Energy Ernie Moniz is an incompetent boondoggle supporting hot fusion at the expense of the human race.
      Ernie, if you want to be of service to mankind – RESIGN from your office!

    • It is interesting to note that this was probably very short after the first 3 month Penon report was received by IH showing COP~50… Hmmm.

      • Great observation. If we go with the prevailing narrative, Industrial Heat were still believers at that time, even if they aren’t now. A COP 50 report certainly could have spurred a meeting.

      • Hi all

        I remain of the opinion that the current Hiatus in the E-Cat Story is in the framework of establishing the timing for an October Surprise.

        APCO Worldwide links to Clinton and Clinton’s secret meeting with Goldman Sach’s the major Oil shorting bank all fit this.

        I have always said follow what they do not what they say.

        Kind Regards walker

        • Omega Z

          As an October Surprise, that would certainly deep 6 any possibility of H. Clinton winning. Elections are won or lost by a few 100K votes. An October surprise would flip several million blue votes to red. Reason being that unemployed coal minors can’t even afford cheap energy. You do not want to be the person breaking this news just before an election.

          • psi2u2

            This strikes me as very dubious reasoning, Omega Z. There are to my way of thinking far too many factors possibly affecting the elections in November at this point to have confidence in the influence of any one variable and how it might go. The party that releases accurate news of the LENR revolution and says “it happened on our watch” and we intend to bring it forward, has an advantage. This would be especially true if those same coal miners could be assured of jobs in the reindustrialization of the LENR economy, so that coal companies, with large investment in turbines and boilers, could be refabricated to use LENR as the heat source.

          • A cheap heat source might also enable coal, bitumen and shale oil to be used for the manufacture of fuel oils, plastics and all the other organic chemical products that are generalised as ‘petrochemicals’.

            Countries that have no oil but plenty of any of these could become independent of crude oil suppliers during the transition era (away from fossil fuels) – at least if they choose to ignore the panic over CO2 on the grounds that their power generation is in transition.

          • Hi all

            Not something I highlighted in public posts but yes.

            The assumption that only Oil be used in future refining business is a false one. LENR will be a disruptive force across lots of industries the German’s in WWII manufactured much of their fuel for aircraft and tanks from coal. Because of LENR, both environmental, since you are no longer burning a fossil fuel to produce energy to drive the process, and economic costs will be considerably reduced. A single example of the differences in cost: Since the containers for coal are just trucks on a rail road, no specialist and expensive oil tanks needed or needing inspection the cost of using coal in this case is considerably better than oil, but beware of pipelines. And you may well see refine at source micro refineries as the future. 😉

            It could well be that coal will replace oil in some refining situations.

            LENR will while being disruptive produce an economic boom, that is what every industrial revolution has always brought. From the steam age to the combustion engine to valve to the transistor to the computer to the internet to the mobile revolution.

            Industrial revolutions while changing the nature of jobs always lead to economic improvement.

            The biggest boom LENR will trigger is a true space age and an awful lot of building and manufacture to sustain it.

            If you want to know what industries to invest in then look to mass space industries, there has a major increase in companies looking to exploit space based resources in the last five or six years. Go Google it.

            Kind Regards walker

          • Even Cameron in the UK has recently proposed a UK ‘space port’. Most people are scratching their heads over the idea though, as the UK gave away its rocket industry a long time ago (‘Blue Streak’) and no longer has any expertise or capacity. Unless of course Cameron has been told about some forthcoming technology release connected with electrogravitics (unlikely – he wouldn’t be able to understand such information anyway).

          • Omega Z

            Fossil sources are under utilized. There are many things they can be used for but are not because of costs. With a cost kept under $30 a barrel and refined using LENR, they become economical for many things. Things they may have been used for in the past but replaced by other means due to cost.

            Space Port. I love it. Space technology is an economic driver as is Military. Of course Military tech produces $1.50 in jobs for every dollar spent and requires at some point taking life. I’m sure being of the same generation you’ve heard as I have, “We need a War to put people to work.”

            A Space program produces $7 in jobs for every dollar spent and but for negligence and accidents does not require killing. I’ve always thought it would be great if the World powers could work together on space exploration. Even small nations could partner(The space station involves multiple parties) and take pride in their involvement in this endeavor rather then military prowess.

            Obviously, a military of some sort will still be necessary because there is always some idiot with grandiose dreams, but the developed world would be working from the same page instead of at odds. And all nations need something they can take pride in. Maybe we will call it the Federation. To venture to new worlds.

            I wonder if our politicians even remember what an economic driver is today. They sure don’t seem to grasp the concept…

          • Omega Z

            I’m going to shut down the coal mines and power plants. A blue state flips to red. It’s simple really. People understand whether today or next year they will be out a good paying job. They also understand Government help policy.

            The Government will set aside 2 billion$ to help you.

            On 2 variable(to fit your schedule) days a week for 4 weeks, you go to a seminar in a Hotel conference room, they will have people available to teach you how to fill out your resume and submit you job app. From there your on your own. The government has moved on. That is your help.

            You’re free to apply for service jobs. Walmart greeter or fast food most likely with 100’s to fill a hand full of those entry level low paying jobs. Government at it’s best. They do not provide tech school or skilled trades training.

            Thus, when the coal jobs are gone, Corporations are not going to locate LENR jobs in those areas. Even tho they have a large pool of perspective employees, they haven’t the skills and the cost of providing those skills are usually cost prohibitive. If only the Government would apply the 2 Billion$ to training those people. But they do not. Sadly, It would probably cost less then the 2 Billion$ wasted. Note all political parties share this stupidity in all nations.

            Due to the above situation, LENR is something you would want to present/disclose after an election. Not before thus giving people 4 years to forget the consequences at least to dome degree. Also note, LENR is not party specific. The’re supporters of LENR in both parties and have been for several years.

            I think what you and I can agree on is that LENR will create jobs to replace those lost. With History as a ruler and the unmet needs of the world, I think it will create far far more then it will displace. My issue is the above Government M.O. that I have watched take place over and over ad nauseum for 40 years. Government is the problem. When if ever will they change.

        • NT

          Ian, can you put up a link to this information please: “Decision of Obama to change the head of the DOE and the shift from hot fusion research to condensed matter research”.

          • Hi NT

            Dr. Cherry Murray is the new Director of the DOE Office of Science.

            She is switching away from Hot Fusion research and discussed this in her inaugural speech. For the last few months the Media have been doing stories to prepare the way for the de-funding of ITER several other nations have made similar hints. In the same speech she also stated they were increasing condensed matter research.
            Her speech begins at around 34 Minutes 30 seconds.

            Since then the budget has indeed changed. With a big increase for Condensed matter research. Though the decision on ITER funding is on hold my Guess until October.

            Kind Regards walker

          • NT

            Thanks Ian…

  • OK, don’t freak out, but somebody named Andrea Rossi was invited into the White House residence on November 30, 2012.

    Actually Andrea D. Rossi. Does Rossi have a middle name?

    • Frank how do we see your posts from that time frame? What was happening in Nov 2012? That was just after Industrial Heat signed him up?

      • Frank Acland

        This is a list of all ECW posts in Chronological order. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out a way to put dates next to the titles, but they are all there. http://www.e-catworld.com/allposts/

        • Thanks! I went and read your posts and also Rossi’s posts around that time on rossilivecat (all option).

          So basically, the “monster” agreement was signed with Industrial Heat at the end of October 2012 after a bunch of testing that had been ongoing since June. There was also testing of the new HotCats that were being validated in November. Rossi was fully expecting industrialization starting with standing up a 1 MW plant in Feb 2013 with his new partner.

          There are no hints that I can discern from Rossi’s posts that he made a trip to the White House. But things sure were hopping around then. If Obama were going to pat him on the back, November 30, 2012 we be just about exactly when it would have happened.

      • Gerald
        • There was a lot of testing going on in mid to late 2012. IH had entered the picture and was validating. They would sign the agreement in late October. HotCats were also coming on line and being separately tested.

          So here is IH doing at least four, count ’em four, months of testing. Unable to substantiate… smh.

    • Ciaranjay

      So according to my conspiracy theory the president invited Rossi to the Whitehouse to discuss how to stop Darden. So Rossi signs them up then reels them in then bang court case, sweet.

      • Sure, if you’re in the how to join dots as ridiculously as possible club.

        Or you could help us try to figure out what’s going on.

        • Ciaranjay

          Really LENR G.
          Why is my ridiculous conspiracy theory any more ridiculous than the one you are discussing. It fits the facts, such as they are.
          The idea that Darden had a secret meeting with the president to stop Rossi, well I am not saying it is not possible based on one fact, that Darden visited the white house. Give me a break.
          The idea that Darden wants to slow down LENR. Well certainly the behaviour of IH has been strange and they do not seem to have given Rossi much assistance. But maybe Rossi has not been playing ball either. Guess what – we don’t know.
          Why would Woodford invest $50 million to slow down LENR. That makes no sense. Surely if I invested in LENR I would want to speed it up.

          • psi2u2

            Sorry, it is. Its a purposeful satire, and as such fully allowed, but it is not a credible theory. Those are not the same thing. Your own words make a mockery of a more realistic way of connecting the dots. Only you would suggest as a serious idea that “Darden had a secret meeting with the president to stop Rossi.”

          • Ciaranjay

            Hi psi2u2.
            Yes, purposeful satire. Didn’t go down well. Memo to self, try not to use humour with conspiracy theorists.
            Not a credible theory, yes I agree it is ridiculous, like most conspiracy theories.
            The idea that Darden and the White House are trying to stop Rossi was not my idea, just commenting on what others are saying (speculating).

          • Your point was that we can’t think straight and you make it again here. If you continue to insult me you can expect similar kinds of responses.

            Do not mistake exploring ways to connect the dots with an inability to separate the ridiculous from the possible and probable.

          • Ciaranjay

            LENR G.
            As above, I never said you cannot think straight.
            If you took it so then please accept my apologies.
            However this whole area is full of conspiracy theories and low on facts.
            There is much heat and little light.
            Those who want conspiracy theories and heat are free to pursue them.
            Those who want facts are stuck in a desert.
            I will continue to post my opinions and hope they add some value, if some do not like them then tough, I am absolutely open to debate but not censure.

          • Peace. Please continue to post your opinions.

            I guess when terms like “conspiracy theorist” are thrown at me and others I take offense as it implies we are not trying to be reasonable, which we really are. It’s the proponents of massive fraud that are actually pushing the real conspiracy theories.

            Like you, we are starving for facts and any that we can get we immediately try and cram into scenarios that we think might work — even if they are uncorroborated facts and even if the scenarios are not fully baked yet. This is the kitchen where the baking happens and we definitely have too many cooks.

            Everybody is covered in flour and chocolate.

          • psi2u2

            Memo to Ciaranjay: Stop calling people names and they will enjoy your humor more. The “conspiracy theorist” label rolls off my back like water does off a duck. But I do note which arguments in a discussion depend on this silly label and which do not. Stick to the satire.

          • Ciaranjay

            I would have thought that people who peddled conspiracy theories were conspiracy theorists, simple as that. Maybe that is not correct.
            Seriously no intention of insulting anyone.
            If you took it so then please accept my apologies.
            When this topic started we had one fact which quickly developed into all kinds of wild theories. Fine, if that’s what people want. I will always demand facts.

          • psi2u2

            Do you really find in your life that demanding things gets them for you?

            And what, to you, is a “fact,” anyway? Does it count that numerous independent socioeconomic and scientific signs point in the direction of an imminent LENR revolution? Do the facts supporting this generalization ever enter into your calculus? Rossi is only one, albeit a very important one, in a much larger fact pattern. Its way too easy, way too much a cheap shot, to go calling anyone who wants to pay attention to that side of the story a “conspiracy theorist.”

            Its just bad manners. If you have facts proving that Rossi’s 1MW test was a failure, as IH claim, bring them forward. I have not seen them.

          • Ciaranjay

            Just to be crystal clear.

            I don’t recall demanding anything.

            A fact is something that can be measured or checked and found to be correct.

            I am well aware that the attention to LENR in the last year has risen substantially, I have commented on this myself and it is a point of interest why this should be.

            My heart wants LENR to be true, my mind wants the truth.
            There are a range of theories in play from Darden is a greedy shark out to get Rossi’s IP, or Darden is working for the president or some shady part of the establishment, or Rossi is a fraud or Rossi is a genius. My mind is open.
            In my experience the truth usually turns out to be somewhere nearer the middle than the extremes, but we shall see.
            The only thing I am 99% sure of is that LENR is a real phenomenon. Whether it is commercially useful is still to be seen.

            I do not think that anyone who believes Rossi’s story is a “conspiracy theorist”.
            But when we start with one fact, that Darden visited the White House in January 2012 and then from that single fact build a theory that he is working for the president and some then suggested this was evidence that he was sandbagging or others that this showed an establishment plot against Rossi, then yes that is a conspiracy theory to me.
            DFarwell also made a comment to this effect and Ged said it was starting to sound like a Tom Clancy novel.
            But my mind is open to facts. When Sifferkoll later posted about the November 15 meeting I thought that was very interesting and commented as much. It doesn’t prove anything but it is compelling.

            None of that strikes me as bad manners.
            Now I agree if people start generalised name calling such as “all Rossi supporters are conspiracy theorists” or “all people who doubt Rossi are skeptopaths” then that is bad manners and not conducive to a good debate aimed at finding the truth.

            There are a variety of people who come to this board with a variety of opinions. That is good.
            There is no point me talking to people who agree with me all the time, I will never learn anything.
            Hopefully contributors to this board can continue to debate and we can all learn together.
            I think the whole thing is fascinating, hopefully the next few months will bring out the truth.

      • sam

        This just shows how conspiracy theories
        can get out of control.

    • That looks like a tour group though if you read the description

      • Maybe that’s just what they put whenever somebody goes to the residence.

        The timing is beyond coincidental. I mean, it could be just a weird coincidence, but I’m not close to dismissing it yet.

    • Some context, perhaps of interest.

      The President was dealing with one of the Republicans’ manufactured fiscal crises at this time.

      He had just met with Mitt Romney the day before after defeating him in the 2012 election a few weeks earlier.

      Two weeks later he would be dealing with the tragic shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

  • Green Win

    Does this fact expose POTUS to becoming a defendant in Rossi’s lawsuit?
    Nice to know Obama is aware of LENR, but when is he gonna publicly SUPPORT clean, abundant energy, instead of whing about weather with the climate gang?

    • For all we know Obama is the one championing emergence of LENR against a reluctant status quo while heeding advice from his economic and military advisers that the introduction of this black swan technology needed to be planned carefully.

      We all want it out. But I suspect if many of us actually called the shots we’d be more mindful of the big picture.

      • psi2u2

        Obama is very pro-technology, pro-innovation, I can easily see him championing LENR behind the scenes at this time, but also calculating the difficulties that have been mentioned in this thread.

    • Here are some of the participants together with Darden on the Nov 6 ’15 meeting. (from a comment on sifferkoll) …

      Jeff Baran – Commissioner of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

      Steve Corneli – Senior Vice President for Policy and Strategy, NRG Energy.

      Theodore Garrish – who provides strategic compliance advice on matters relating to the export of nuclear technology.

      Janet Gorn – Senior Foreign Affairs Officer at U.S. Department of State.

      Mary Alice Hayward – Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation

      Arthur Samberg – Boardmember of Tri Alpha Energy (aneutronic fusion)

      Kristine Svinicki – Commissioner of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

      Kevan Weaver – Terrapower (Bill Gates’ travelling wave reactor)

      Jay Wileman – CEO, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy

      • GreenWin

        A very interesting group, clearly in the energy business. Suggests a large scale plan to introduce LENR with minimal casualties. A better script than sandbagging to protect One percenters invested in petrodollars.

        • psi2u2


      • Robert Dorr

        Very interesting that Darden was at this meeting. I can’t believe that the progress of Rossi’s 1MW reactor wasn’t discussed at the meeting. I certainly think it is plausible that Darden was pressured to slow down. There were some rather large Nuclear heavyweights at the meeting.

        • Ged

          Considering Darden has nothing to do with nuclear except LENR in a room full of heavy weight nuclear people and policy makers…

          • Omega Z

            Darden has many energy connections that have nothing to do with LENR. In fact, they recently obtained a patent of an energy management system for the smart grid.(An ECW thread) These meetings are about CO2, cap & trade schemes. That’s if it’s even the same Tom Darden.

          • Ged

            Energy management on a smart grid is small potatoes and not in the same league nor theme as all those nuclear energy leaders listed above.

          • Omega Z

            Small potatoes matter because they intend to integrate Nuclear power to a primarily wind/solar supplied grid. To do this requires a smart grid along with every energy using appliance being a smart controllable system. Yes, so they can turn them off/on at there convenience.

            This is still the plan. I just received a letter from my utility informing me that my metters will soon be changed out for smart meters. If my meters aren’t accessible from outside, I need to setup an appointment.

            Yes, A future where any hacker in the world has access to everything in my home. What could possibly go wrong?

          • cashmemorz

            Same with the “free” programmable thermostat connected to the internet that our electricity supplier gave us with the stipulation that it could be controlled by them during rolling brown outs. The installing technician advised us against the use of it. We are now using a simple non-programmable thermostat that has no way of connecting to anything but my fingers.

          • Ged

            That’s true. We’ve seen power grids attacked by hackers in other countries already. It’ll be quite a mess if/when that happens here. I got that letter a number of years back too, and the bit they had in mine about taking control for rolling brown/black outs really makes one wonder just how big a security hole these meters present.

          • SG

            CO2 cap & trade schemes are threatened by LENR. It would literally spell the end of them.

          • Omega Z

            That would be great reason to want LENR delayed. Am I right?
            100’s of Billion$ at risk…

          • SG

            Yes. There are powerful interests with trillions of reasons (i.e., trillions of $) on the line, including the cap & trade folks. What is good for humanity is not necessarily good for these interests. The rollout of LENR will require a grassroots bottom-up approach (e.g., MFMP) if it is to be successful. Jed advocates for a top-down government driven approach, but that simply won’t happen, due to the threatened interests of big players with powerful lobbyists. Wish it weren’t so. But it is.

          • psi2u2

            Good point.

          • Together with the whole AGW fairytale and every financial and social control arrangement that rests on it (new nukes, ‘green’ organisations, ‘renewable’ energy and energy efficiency industries, fossil energy taxation, and so on).

      • Ciaranjay

        Now that is much more compelling because this is when Darden was indeed involved in the story. (I had to be careful not to say plot ;-).
        Interesting find.

      • Curbina

        That is indeed an interesting assembly of players, and really hard To dismiss as a mere coincidence, albeit Rossi seems To think It had nothing To do with IH and the ECat.

      • […]Kevan Weaver[…]

        Is this the real name of the user Dewey Waever? He said he or his team (Terrapower) made investments in IH, and he has good personal relations to Darden et.al. (he says).

        • Timar

          No, Dewey Weaver is Dewey Weaver of Deep River Ventures Ltd.

      • Amazing find. I think we can begin to get an idea of the forces behind Darden that will now be pitted against Rossi. No wonder that APCO has been engaged to manage perceptions.

        By the end of the meeting, Samberg, Weaver and Wileman were probably drooling over the prospect of stealing Rossi’s IP via IH. The makeup of the rest of the group would indicate a strong concern about regulating introduction and limiting access to the technology – as I have feared for a very long time.

      • clovis ray

        Thank you Sifferkoll, for your contributions here, they are most welcome,
        and very insightful.

  • Green Win

    It sure looks like Darden’s role has been to sandbag the whole operation. Beginning with ” “inability or failure to secure an adequate facility” (from Rossi lawsuit) IF this was at the direction of POTUS, we have a crook in the White House, making that other crook, Richard Nixon look like a choir boy.

    • Rossi thought they were going to set up a plant in Feb 2013 and that his new partner stood at the ready to crank out E-Cats for the world, based on his messages.

      2013 and 2014 saw “independent” tests and continued HotCat R&D… but no industrialization as IH sat on their hands, collecting more IP and investing in other LENR plays. Rossi still professed to still love his new partner, but his frustration had to be building as they took their slow, lawyer-based approach.

      Two years later than he thought he finally got his 1 MW test going to try and get his $89M… but only after he forced the issue by bringing in a customer; IH was unwilling or unable.

      It is looking more and more like Industrial Heat’s role was to do the bidding of higher powers, which up to this point has been to stall the release of the technology, while containing it and refining it.

      Tell me it doesn’t fit the facts.

      I believe Obama to be a thoughtful, analytic and pragmatic. I don’t like the stalling here but I don’t presume to judge him when I don’t see the same intel he does. He may have good reasons for the delay.

      • kdk

        Presidents that buck the system get shot.

        • sam

          Lee Harvey Oswald also got shot for trying to
          buck the system.
          Talk about conspiracy theories and you have
          hundreds about Kennedy.
          But i still think it was LHO.

      • Robert Dorr

        I personally think that this technology is potentially extremely disruptive with the possibility of causing world wide destabilization. There is already considerable turmoil in the countries that depend on oil revenues for their main source of income. This could be several times worse if/when LENR becomes an accepted form of energy production.

        • Buck

          I couldn’t agree more.

          • GreenWin

            Agreed Buck!
            Disruption<positive effect of LENR.

        • kdk

          Yeah, that’s been the running excuse for lots of stuff for a long while, and then they go and invade places like Iraq and bring the bombers out of the woodwork, “accidentally” drop weapons for ISIS, and give nukes to Saudi Arabia to use on Yemen (YouTube it, it’s obviously a tactical nuke that somebody gave them, compare what all sorts of other explosives look like if you have to like me). Meanwhile, Monsanto makes crop strains to be resistant to alumina and there are chemtrails, whose spectroscopy read as alumina particulates, in the sky as we break temperature records one after the other. The obvious truth is that it has to happen.

          I think more people die every year from air pollution than will from any sort of destabilization (read as, Saudi dictatorship).

          • Robert Dorr

            I am very much in support of Rossi and his invention and his progress and I hope everything he has been working on comes to fruition but I also think there is a good chance that it is going to lead to some very turbulent times. It doesn’t mean I think it should be stopped.

          • kdk

            We’re living in carefully disguised turbulent times rarely seen before or elsewhere (and I’m talking galactic scale). This place ****ing mess man.

          • Robert Dorr

            You can look at it as a ****ing mess or a great opportunity. I’m going with opportunity. I mean an opportunity for mankind not monetarily. Sometimes you need turmoil to evolve. I just hope we can make it through the turmoil.

          • kdk

            Turmoil is the result of having to make idiots get out of the way.

          • Given the state of the world as it is now, the era of transition can only be better I think.

        • Brokeeper

          Perhaps it’s not only delaying tactics to minimize economic disruptions but also to delay access to LENR technological advancements to competitive military countries. IH’s territories within the agreement include those countries. By delaying Rossi’s E-Cat production, also delays passing on IP to undesirable military. Once released to the market IH could stall even longer to specific countries the US military wishes not to give up its advantage.

        • Andrew

          the energy market is so huge that even if Rossi had 20 factories churning out millions of 10KW reactors a year it would still take many many decades even centuries to transition completely to LENR. This is assuming that our current energy demands don’t rise as well. It would be as disruptive as one extra car on the freeway during rush hour, for the first few decades any ways.

          • DrD

            Very true.
            I suppose that means a very high demand for what few LENR devices are available with a very high resale value.

          • True if the IP stays locked into one or two corporations who have a monopoly on production, enforced by patent wars. But if this thing fully escapes, then the only limitation on speed of introduction will be the rate at which lithium and nickel can be mined – and of course that speed too will grow exponentially when the demand is there.

            Freely available knowledge of how to build viable CF reactors would very quickly result in a considerable proportion of the planet’s manufacturing capacity becoming involved in the manufacturing chain and in all the new possibilities that would arise, completely blowing away the current decades long, bankster driven economic ‘crisis’ and the whole so called ‘new world order’ that is taking the world towards a new feudalism.

        • Yes – but is that necessarily a bad thing?

      • Mike Rion

        Indeed, IH are not our friends.

        • If they are acting as they are on behalf of the government (still just a hypothesis, CJ!) then they are just pawns in a bigger game than we realized was being played.

          • Coal is a-goner whether LENR emerges or not.

            But yes, Darden allegedly repeatedly calling Obama a communist leaves a bad taste. At the very least makes him sound like a VC to his very core and the environmental stuff may just be window dressing.

            Hard to know what’s in a man’s mind.

    • kdk

      Our leaders lately have indeed made Nixon look like a choir boy.

    • Nice to hear from you again GW – I hope you are well.

      A denouement seems to be approaching, although I’m not convinced that all will be revealed – yet. Probably enough to bring about a minor paradigm shift though, that may expose more of the clockwork of control than our ‘masters’ are comfortable with having on display.

      • GreenWin

        All is swell Agaricus; thanks, there is no symbology at work in the handle other than room for the fat lady to sing in. I have box seats reserved for the Rossini Opera and look forward to the coloratura aria!

        • Coming soon to a courtroom near you!

    • Mike Rion

      He is and he does

  • As drama-filled and unlikely as this scenario may sound, I don’t think I know of any better ones floating around right now to explain the information as we understand it.

    Skeps would say, duh, fraud. But the fraud scenario is very, very unlikely. Just to cherry pick one data point from this thread, Industrial Heat performed at least four months of testing on the E-Cats before signing a contract valued at $100 M. I won’t post the dozens of other facts that work against the fraud theory.

  • Buck

    It has been already suggested that one possible motive for delaying the introduction of LENR/E-Cat into the mainstream markets and media is the pending IPO of ARAMCO. As a reminder, this is a pivotal event in 2017 where Saudi Arablia looks to sell shares in ARAMCO for the creation of a $2Trillion Sovereign Investment Fund.

    The advent of today’s news about the possibility of deep involvement by the White House/Obama provides a strong push towards one theory for the delay. For better or worse, Saudi Arabia has strong relations with the USA . . . it is an influential strategic partner which has proven its willingness to support armed conflict against the likes of ISIS/ISIL.

    I don’t think it is lost on anyone that the extreme devaluation of nation-economies supported by oil revenue can and will open the door to extreme dissatisfaction by the general population if there is no means for parents to care for their families/children or for teenagers to gain a positive position in society. With this simple truth, it becomes reasonable to tie USA national security interests with the support of Saudi Arabia’s scheduled creation of a $2Trillion fund.

    Just a theory . . . it is not as if President Obama is going to post here saying:
    “Yup, you nailed it on the head!”

    • Ciaranjay

      Well I certainly won’t be investing in ARAMCO. If they want to float to the public then it is likely they see the price dropping in the future.
      However they are only floating around 5% of the value of their total reserves so that won’t save them if LENR does what Rossi promises it will.

      • Buck

        neither will I. But some will because they recognize that ARAMCO is just about the lowest cost producer in the world at this point. And, the transition time frame will likely be decades rather than months/years.

        And, as the timing of the deal approaches, more details will come out. This may include changes in the % of ARAMCO sold.

  • Skip

    Exciting Times!
    I have the dream that whatever happens, it will be recorded and posted for public review.
    (I said it was a dream)

    • Ged

      Starting to feel like a Tom Clancy novel or so. A mysterious but potentially world changing invention, venture capitalists partnering with the inventor making strange visits to the oval office of the white house or for long or meehours ting with top tier nuclear field leaders and policy makers, large investments flowing in from the UK and China, sudden lawsuits, apparently irrational behavior by the VCs…

      Gotta be a book or movie in there somewhere!

      • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

        With walls of fame, and walls of shame!

      • Gerrit

        I fear I have seen this movie already, or at least one with a very similar plot, it’s name “Monty Python and the holy grail”

        • Ged

          I fear you have not seen that movie then. It’s great.

  • Frank Acland

    Thanks, — it seems like this Jan 11, 2012 visit was likely by Thomas F. Darden III, then, who works with Brad Pitt. That article matches the date in the visitor log.

    • Timar

      The Darden’s could really be a little more creative about their son’s surenames.

      • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

        It’s all about…tradition…

      • Gerrit

        Tom Darden III is an anagram of “Addition Emir” – this gets stranger and stranger

        • Timar

          What is it that you have been smoking today, Gerrit? Have you some of that stuff left? 😉

  • For the record – on December 5, 2011, I informed for the first time a person who is very close to Obama since many years, and whom I had met with personally several times, about Rossi and the E-Cat. I didn’t follow up until 2014 when I published my book, and this person then cc:d a name at the state department in a response to me.

    Doesn’t prove anything. But the story sure is getting more and more intriguing.
    And, in case there’s really a plan for slowing down the introduction of LENR, I think our efforts here to bring light on various traces are important.

  • Anon2012_2014

    Darden’s kid at the Whitehouse is noise. Don’t care.

    • Robert Dorr

      I have to agree, Darden, Sr. Yes, but Darden, Jr. No.

      • You know I agree, but it’s not nothing. Darden and his son would talk about LENR. LENR awareness might transfer to Jolie/Pitt and their foundation.

  • LuFong

    Hi Clovis.

    I’m actually a big supporter of Obama but I will let history decide how well he is considered. I try to stay clear of politics on these pages however so I will leave it at that.

    As for Andrea Rossi I am not so certain. My opinion of him actually been fairly consistent over time although it is rapidly waning. I have also always said that I just don’t know enough of Rossi and what he is going through and up against to be able to judge him with conviction. This is about to change I hope soon: either Rossi releases a working device or the IH exposes him in the court case. I think most of us here want to see the E-Cat work and the world improve as a result.

  • Mike Rion

    Yes–Yes indeed!

  • To recap:

    The January 2012 Darden visit turned out to be his son. The other listed Darden visits remain unknown though we have Dewey Weaver seemingly verifying that LENR Darden has been to the White House a number of times. Sifferkoll posted an attendance roster full of nuclear policy heavy hitters for a meeting last November that Darden supposedly attended,

    Andrea D Rossi visited the White House in Nov 2012 (shortly after the IH agreement was signed). No confirmation that this was THE Andrea Rossi.

    JT Vaughn apparently visited the White House to meet with the Office of Science and Technology Policy in 2015.

    Mats says it’s likely the Obama administration was informed about LENR as early as 2011. Adding to this the meetings and involvement of various gov’t organizations, one must conclude that LENR awareness has reached the highest levels of the USG. Unknown whether the take it seriously or not.

    • sam

      Tom Conover
      May 22, 2016 at 10:42 PM
      Dear Andrea,

      The only way to continue your work is to start production before your opponents and political favors that are traded in the USA government are used to stop you … I think you have enough faith in God and in yourself to take this first step after your upcoming successful important meeting in June.

      “In God we Trust”?


      Andrea Rossi
      May 23, 2016 at 5:47 AM
      Tom Conover:
      I think all these assumptions of political plots are simply groundless.
      Warm Regards,

  • No you didn’t.

    But you are. You think Rossi, Penon, Levi and Fabiani have conspired over 5 years to bilk Industrial Heat and others out of millions and are still at it.

  • Just sharing, not vouching… a post from someone called Uchoads on Sifferkolls blog:

    on 2016/05/22 at 22:31 said:

    PS… Darden’s meeting with Obama was a 1-on-1 private affair, although other White House ‘staff’ may have been present.”


  • fritz194

    You can even find a Mr “Andrea Rossi” – in the list – but probably part of a regular visitors group…

  • Gerrit

    Does this the steam is dry or the steam is wet ?

    • Just means there’s a lot of hot air coming from somewhere.

  • GreenWin

    Add GE to the mix and you have today’s headline: GE to build state of the art power plant for Saudi Arbia : >I>”GE will manage the construction of a new power plant
    for Saudi Arabia capable of generating 1,390 megawatts of electricity
    (enough to power 500,000 Saudi homes).
    The new plant
    will be a state of the art facility, capable of generating power from a
    number of different fuel sources including various grades of natural
    gas as well as solar electricity.”

  • timycelyn

    A further interesting update from Sifferkoll:


    Major meeting shortly after IH received the first ERV report in Novmeber 15

  • Ted-Z

    Throwing Rossi under the bus is not in the cards. Rossi has “insurance letters” which would disclose his “secret catalyst” to the public. The slowing down program could be ruin in that case. If I would like to slow down Rossi, I would keep him in a container for another year, doing more lengthy tests. And, yes, I would promise to pay him another $89 million.

  • Engineer48

    Apparently Rossi was unaware of the 2015 White House visits by Darden & Vaughn.

    Drew G.
    May 23, 2016 at 12:33 PM
    If the assumptions of political plots are groundless, were you aware of Darden and Vaughn’s visits to the White House to meet with the President, White House staffers and Energy Department Officials? See the following URL for meeting details:


    Andrea Rossi
    May 23, 2016 at 1:36 PM
    Drew G.:
    I had seen the papers related to the 2012 meeting. Now, this is interesting.
    Warm Regards,

    • NT

      Navdrew has noted the same thing 4 hrs ago – see his comment below…

      • Engineer48

        It would seem to be new and interesting info that Rossi was unaware of.

  • NT

    These late 2015 visits to the president and his advisers by IH partner Tom Darden are now interesting to Rossi. He apparently was not aware of these latest visits – nice business partner, eh! Strange is not a good enough word for all this…

    • Engineer48

      Actions are done to execute an agenda.

      What would be strange is for Darden and or Vaughn to visit the White House to inform them the test failed. Suspect they would do that by phone or email.

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