Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Announces Collaboration with Aarhus University, Denmark

The following announcement from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has been posted on its Facebook page and website.

  • Ged

    This is incredably awesome. With university (and a prestigious one at that) funding, space, equipment and labor backing, MFMP will be able to do so much more of what they have been striving for.

    I am also surprised and encouraged that the university wants to make Live Open Science a model for their research, and see it as valuable for their research investments. Hopefully this idea continues to spread so that science can function as it has always been intended to–open to all.

    • Bob Greenyer

      We are working on other significant relationships and hope to get these to a point where we can be confident in them moving forward. In the case of Aarhus, they had already decided that they were going to try Open Science approaches in their research from this September and when they were looking into what it takes, they came across our humble community effort. Ged, you are part of that effort, so you can rightly pat yourself on the back!

      • Thomas Kaminski


        Congratulations on this great start. I think the Open Science approach will accelerate the development of LENR.

        I recently heard a talk by one of the researchers at Google about their “open” approach to deep learning neural networks. His point is that with the traditional approach, it would be months from a technical advance to publications after delays for reviewers, etc. Now people publish a result on Arxiv, and other groups are advancing the technology within days.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Thanks and Yes.

  • radvar

    Off topic: LENR competition plus a whack on nuklear power in UK, for our Brit friends

    • Eyedoc

      If they call ‘energy storage’ the Holy Grail , what would they call a proven LENR device ? ………maybe ‘God’ ?

  • Albert D. Kallal

    I do find it interesting that before a crowd of venture capitalist (VC) that such an announcement
    was made.

    Open source and no IP rights being announced before a crowd of VC investors is quite much telling
    such investors to stay away from LENR and not invest money because those in LENR are going the open IP rights road.

    A great announcement, and having a university on board will do HEAPS in terms of the scientific community respecting LENR. And with such resources, then this aids in progressing LENR.

    However, this kind of announcement and message is the last thing that a room full of VC’s would
    want to hear.
    Regardless – congratulations are in order.

    Albert D. Kallal
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • Bob Greenyer

      Bill Gate’s approach is to lobby hard for breakthrough energy patents to have a longer than 20 year from priority shelf life. My point was that they’ll be a 1000+ years of LENR patents beyond the patents that have expired or will never be – VCs need to ask themselves if they want to help start the core opportunity or try and control the uncontrollable – the world is moving to platforms that are driven socially. We have found a win win with Aarhus, there are win wins for traditional VCs.

  • Bob Greenyer

    many factors