Aneutronic Fusion – the QuarkX Explained (Steve H)

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Compliments to Wikipedia, Engineer48 and Mats Lewan – for the following contents and bringing it to our attention.
Frank – I thought you may like to post this as a separate item as it appears to explain the under-lying theory behind AR’s QuarkX and it’s production of light, heat and electricity.

It can be found in it’s entirety at Wikipedia – under Aneutronic Fusion.

Methods for energy capture

Aneutronic fusion produces energy in the form of charged particles instead of neutrons. This means that energy from aneutronic fusion could be captured using direct conversion instead of the steam cycle which would normally be used for neutrons. Direct conversion techniques can either be inductive, based on changes in magnetic fields, electrostatic, based on making charged particles work against an electric field or, photoelectric, in which light energy is captured. If the fusion reactor worked in a pulsed mode, inductive techniques could be used.[37]

Electrostatic direct conversion uses a charged particles’ motion to make a voltage. This voltage drives electricity in a wire. This becomes the electrical power. It is normally thought of in reverse. Ordinarily, a voltage puts a particle in motion. Direct energy conversion does the opposite. It uses a particle’s motion to produce a voltage. It has been described as a linear accelerator running backwards.[38] An early supporter of this method was Richard F. Post at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He proposed a way to capture the kinetic energy of charged particles as they were exhausted from a fusion reactor and convert this into voltage, which would drive current in a wire.[39] Dr. Post helped developed the theoretical underpinnings of direct conversion, which was later demonstrated by Dr. William Barr and Raulph Moir at LLNL. They demonstrated a 48 percent energy capture efficiency on the Tandem Mirror Experiment in 1981.[40]

In terms of photoelectric: aneutronic fusion also loses much of its energy as light. This energy results from the acceleration and deceleration of charged particles. These changes in speed can be caused by charge-charge interaction (Bremsstrahlung radiation) or magnetic field interactions (Cyclotron radiation or Synchrotron radiation) or electric field interactions. The radiation can be estimated using the Larmor formula and comes in the X-ray, IR, UV and visible spectrum. Some of the energy radiated as X-rays may be converted directly to electricity. Because of the photoelectric effect, X-rays passing through an array of conducting foils would transfer some of their energy to electrons, which can then be captured electrostatically. Since X-rays can go through far greater thickness of material than electrons can, many hundreds or even thousands of layers would be needed to absorb most of the X-rays.[41]

  • Mike Ivanov

    M.b. I am stupid, but I just do not understand what is the point to speculate about physics of the device which nobody saw? AR claimed what he has another beautiful invention – great, I am first in line to buy it. Oh, it is not for sale or for show yet? Ok, I can wait. M.b somebody will reproduce it… again…

    • Steve Swatman

      Such speculation may lead others to have idea’s and act on those idea’s, it may even lead to valid science and main stream acceptance.

      Without speculation in Physics we would be living in the dark ages.

      • Mike Ivanov

        Well, may be I am too old school, but for me it should be a little more than “I have small magic device, which generates heat and electricity at the same time”. Even first demonstration of e-cat provided more information. I love when people generates ideas, but in this particular case it is too black box for me. You can speculate about possible energy source of UFO in the same manner.

        • Steve Swatman

          Personally I think there is a huge difference between UFO energy sources and the E-cat, Lenr and all the experiments and scientists now getting on board, but hey, if you want to wait until the other scientists make theories, experiments and papers, thats fine, i just wouldnt bother voicing negatives when there is so much been done, you know, kinda like dont use your telephone in the theater and spoil everyone elses pleasure of the play. you wouldn’t do that, would you.

          • Mike Ivanov

            Do not take my words wrong, I am a big fan of Rossi and Focardi work. Just in this particular case, with QuarkX, I do not see any ground for discussion. We have no clue about device fuel composition, reactor design or anything else.

          • Steve Swatman

            ah, but discussion leads to ideas, ideas lead to world changing events, not knowing the “facts” Not been hampered by pre-concieved bias, leads each thinker to stray into new realms, down paths no one saw before, new ideas are formulated, discussed, theorized and rejected.

            Not knowing the actual composition can push forward otherwise impossible avenues of thought. that is the idea of open discussion.

            Mr Rossi and his experiments in LENR have opened many minds in the last 5-6yrs, he has allowed many people a chance to open doors and walk down paths otherwise rejected as impossible by others. 😉

    • Smart Alex

      Clearly, we all live in our parents basement. LENR is something new and different whose development we can experience vicariously from there. Disqus is our primary means of contact with other people. E-cat is the protocol.

  • Zephir

    ,/* Electrostatic direct conversion uses a charged particles’ motion to make a voltage*/

    From general scheme of things, the electrostatic discharge activation of cold fusion has nothing to do with aneutronic character of it, simply because the normal i.e. thermally activated cold fusion runs without neutrons as well if not more reliably. Actually, in accordance to me356 reports, the electrostatic discharge activation increases the probability of neutron evolution. So that the above article works with reversed causality in fact.

    I already explained, what the cold fusion runs in aneutronic way here and I also explained, why the overheating of reactor or electrostatic discharge actually leads into escape of neutrons The core of this explanation is, the neutrons are actually released, but they get reabsorbed within long lines of colliding atom nuclei, which also enable their fusion.

    • Zephir

      In this respect, the Widom-Larsen theory operates with idea of “low-momentum neutrons”, which has some merit here. The neutrons don’t have actually low momentum, but they’re moving across compact lines multiple atom nuclei in mechanism, which resembles the Newton cradle. During their mutual collisions the deBroglie wave between atom nuclei increase the vacuum density in such a way, the neutrons are travelling in energetic continuum like the balls inside the pipe, which serves as a waveguide and it prohibits them in escaping into outside. Recently confirmed Hungarian bosons can add another support into this scenario, as it would make the space between colliding atom nuclei even more dense.

  • sam