Rossi: E-Cat QuarkX Reactor Passes Important Internal Test

Some comments from Andrea Rossi recently on the Journal of Nuclear Physics have been about testing that has been taking place at Leonardo Corp. labs on the QuarkX reactors (the latest high temperature E-Cat rectors that Rossi says simultaneously produce heat, electricity and light).

Rossi has made a few rather vague comments about the kind of testing that they have been doing, for example:

Andrea Rossi
September 2, 2016 at 4:24 PM
Frank Acland:
We are making a new kind of test, mainly dedicated to safety issues and therefore to the certifications.
I cannot give details, so far.
Warm Regards,

Yesterday he wrote:

Andrea Rossi
September 6, 2016 at 1:47 PM
Today we completed the test, it has been good. Now we pass to a superior level of engagement.
Warm Regards,

I asked Rossi what a ‘superior level of engagement’ meant. He replied:

Andrea Rossi
September 6, 2016 at 7:39 PM
Frank Acland:
Now we have to organize the production of a module that can go by self, without continue assistance, reliably and safely.
Warm Regards,

So now he is talking about about organizing production of the QuarkX module, which to me implies that in the test they were satisfied that it was able to run without continued assistance in a reliable and safe way. This sounds like good news in terms of R&D with the QuarkX. Rossi has said that in 2016 he planned to ‘present’ the QuarkX, but when it comes to organizing production issues, it seems we’ll have to wait a while yet. Rossi has talked about setting up mass production for years now, and we haven’t seen it happen yet. Recently when asked about a timeline for E-Cat development Rossi talked about getting mass production going in 2017-2018.

  • Kevmo ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    In Mercato Veritas, that’s what Rossi said several years ago. So I’ll take him at his word on that one.

  • sam

    Gerard McEk
    September 7, 2016 at 4:13 AM
    Dear Andrea,
    Congratulations with the good outcome of the tests of the QuarkX. I believe these tests were very important for the future of this device.
    Some questions if I may:
    1. Is it inherently safe now?
    2. Is it right to assume that also the domestic and other mass applications of the QuarkX are now in sight?
    3. How long do you estimate to gear-up mass production?
    4. Will the first application be a industrial plant?
    5. If 4 is ‘yes’, will it only produce heat or also electricity and/or light?
    6. Is it possible to show us a picture of a QuarkX in operation?
    Thank you for answering our questions.
    Kind regards, Gerard

    Andrea Rossi
    September 7, 2016 at 7:21 AM
    Gerard McEk:
    1- we are working on this issue
    2- I hope yes
    3- n.a.
    4- yes
    5- too soon to answer
    6- Yes, give me some more time
    Thank you for your attention,
    Warm Regards,

    • Gerard McEk

      Things seem to develop in a positive way. With regards to the safety issue I expected a ‘yes’ now, but he seems not ready with that yet. I hope he shows a picture soon.

    • When the law suite goes worst for Rossi he has to accelerate his production plans to earn money.
      Because when he looses the law suite he has to pay muuuch money…

      • Jas

        What makes you think he will lose the court case? Do you have some information to share?

        • Take a look at the overall picture.
          The whole GPT of 1 year rises a lot of questions.


          – Was there a real customer? If not, why was it necessary to setup a fake customer?

          – Who is “James A. Bass”. When it is a fake identity, why was this necessary?

          Just to take up the custome question:

          You can’t make me to believe that on this planet earth is not only one company, which would not agree to purchase energy generated by Rossi’s device. This with the guarantee to get continous energy of X watts, even when it comes from a wall socket for backup reasons.

          This is what IH/Rossi claim they did. The customer did not test the e-cat plant directly. The customer just received the energy for his manufacturing process and paid for it. So for the customer it’s totally uninteresting how this device works or whether it works anyway. The only thing what’s interesting for the customer is to get very cheap energy.

          So why should Rossi not have found a real customer?? There is only one simple explanation…

          This is why so many people are disappointed more and more as more information from the law suite leaks to the public and points into a “fake customer” direction.

          • Jas

            I think you should read some of the older posts on ecatworld. The court case has been covered and there are thousands of comments. The general view is that IH are batting on a sticky wicket.

          • You should not only read and inform you on ECW 😉

          • Timar

            Well, I do read both ECW and LENR-Forum and I have to say that – thanks to contributors like Engineer48, LENR G, Ged, Mats Lewan et al. (and Frank’s sensible moderation) the discussion on the court case in general and on the technical aspects of the 1-year test in particular has been on a much superior level here. I’m affraid the E-Cat related discussion on LENR-Forum has been quite successfully drowned in FUD.

          • Stanny Demesmaker

            So the ERV report isn’t important anymore? That’s convenient since every claim made by Jed(the inside man) has been debunked. So now we have found a new victim, James Bass where you don’t know if he is real, but you assume that he is fraud.

            The actor James bass who was around when WF invested 50 million in IH. So we have a fraud where the victim gets an investment of 50 million dollar. Again explain me how the so called Rossi fraud works. I can’t see it.

  • Rene

    “Now we have to organize the production of a module that can go by self, without continue assistance, reliably and safely.”-AR
    This issue of running any e-cat without continual manual assistance has plagued Rossi’s devices for many years, especially outside of an industrial context. It remains the 1% of the problem toward a successful product that takes 99% of the time to solve. Let us hope this time he will figured it out.

    • LuFong

      He says the word “production” and not “development” so it sounds like it’s good to go. From previous posts this should be very quick, on the order of months.

      But of course this is Rossi-speak so who knows what he really means.

  • Ophelia Rump

    I think it is now officially a race to get product out the door, assuming that IH has not dropped out of the race. Dottore Rossi has product out the door but no one knows. It is now past time to stop hiding the light under a bushel basket.

  • theBuckWheat

    As much as I am cheering for Rossi, it is way past the time for some credible third parties to be able to see at least one of these devices operate under circumstances where they are free to report to the world.

    • Steve Swatman

      One man’s “credible” is another man’s troll portal.

      personally I thought the Lugano test and the scientists involved were very credible, I thought the tests run by IH to woo their investors were credible…

      • theBuckWheat

        Your point is good as far as it goes. By that I mean that a lot has happened between then and now, at least that is what we are told. I was thinking of something far more close to the current research and product development claims.

  • georgehants

    As we are discussing a sane World for the moment, it would seem obvious that five + years ago when Mr. Rossi first announced his claimed breakthrough regarding Cold Fusion, it should have been immediately assessed by a dedicated, competent, open-minded, independent, panel working for society, to ascertain it’s possibilities.
    The panels report should have been published immediately containing every piece of information necessary for others to advance the work.
    Mr. Rossi should then, if confirmed genuine have been allocated a completely equipped laboratory with the sensible number of helpers he requires to continue his work with no distractions.
    He says that he is now spending 40% of his time on this crazy court case.
    The question to then ask is, what would be a fair reward from society for his work and pro-rata for all those who assisted. Is 50 million enough or a billion?
    No need for capitalist bullshit, what should society pay him for his discovery.
    The story of John Harrison receiving the prize for his work discovering a stable working clock to determine longitude in 1727 comes to mind.
    saving thousands of lives.
    The prize then was £20,000 a considerable sum in those days.

    • Ecat

      Did you live in corrupt socialist bullshit Soviet Union at any time of your life?

      • georgehants

        Ecat, that would seem to be a system to avoid, just like the corrupt Oligarchy we have today.
        The sensible point for anybody would seem to be how to improve any system to end up with the best system for all.
        Any ideas?

    • William D. Fleming

      But no one was ever awarded that £20,000. John Harrison spent his entire adult life perfecting the marine chronometer and was never given the promised prize. In total, Harrison received £23,065 for his work on chronometers, but it was in the form of grants, and was basically his entire life earnings.

      As a person who has dealt with government bureaucracy for many years I can tell you that government agencies and committees are unfit to regulate important aspects of our lives. The manufacturers of those clocks, free from government control did quite well. The early comers sold the ship-clocks for one third the value of the entire ship.

      Rossi himself will decide on his best course of action. It is only through his graces that we are even aware of his work. Seems to me that some amongst us would be happier if we had no knowledge of the e-cat.

      • georgehants

        William, very sorry for any inaccuracies re. Harrison, which of course does not change my point in the slightest as we live in a democracy where the wishes of the people reign supreme, just look at the American presidential candidates, chosen by the Wisdom of the people.
        Your last sentence is not understandable on a topic looking at the best way to reward and free Mr. Rossi’s work for mankind (if genuine)

        • William D. Fleming

          Sadly I agree that except for Gary Johnson we have poor candidates, however, the leader of a wolf pack must always be one of the wolves. Maybe it’s for the best. And there’s that Brexit issue. I’m not qualified to judge that, but maybe that too will prove to be for the best.

          IMO the only way to a better society is for each person to live in awe and appreciation and to love and respect his fellow brothers and sisters. Trying to repair other people seems like a futile effort but we can each improve our own life.

          Ok, I recant the last sentence of my previous comment. (There is, however, some truth to it).

          • georgehants

            William, we are all in the same boat it seems, complicated World, much corruption, just trying to put forward a few ideas to improve things for all.
            Your second sentence is to me Wonderful and so True but it seems positive if we all just try to improve things as best we can.
            What more can we do, I have no answer and agreed trying to improve ourselves is in my case a full time job.

    • Albert D. Kallal

      The question is not what society should pay Rossi, but WHO will pay?

      Would be great if those government people did put up funding and a prize for LENR – but that’s
      the LAST thing government people want. With such an energy, it gives everyone
      freedom from the very government that wants your resources. You can go to the hills with a small energy box – go off grid and the government will have one heck of a time finding you and taxing you.

      As I stated governments just pledged in excess of 200 billion to fight global warming at
      the Paris climate summit. And that money will do ZERO to fight CO2 emissions

      Now remember the above money is money by force and by gunpoint and by force of jail. Remember, people don’t receive a tax bill from the government with a box that you enter
      the amount you FEEL like paying. You are under force of law, and if you don’t pay
      people will show up with guns and put you in jail. So when someone says we want
      more funding for schools, they mean more guns and people by force running around to take away resources – and do so by force, guns and jail terms. So that money is taken by force by people who create such resources.

      So the issue is not paying Rossi – the question is WHERE is the money going to come from, and do you take that money by force and gunpoint (taxes), or do you allow people to
      freely invest and pay Rossi?

      And given that government funded universities ran Pons and Fleeshman out of town, then again where is that money going to come from? Anyone with a brain can see that LENR has great
      potential for mankind, yet where are your governments and funding in this regards?

      In fact we see the EXACT opposite belabour in regards to LENR and funding from governments.

      Heck, even Telsa died penniless and broke – where was the caring and sharing government funding for Telsa?

      So it might be cool and nice that your government gives everyone a swimming pool in their backyard, you’re not addressing the billions being spent on global warming – of which
      LENR is a solution to. This would not be so funny if not for such billions being spent on global warming. The shocker is LENR is the solution! If global warming is the greatest threat to mankind as Obama stated, then where is the funding to this greatest threat that is solved by LENR? You really just have to look at the actions of governments in regards to global warming – it not what they say (the greatest threat to mankind – but what they do with the money and how this guilt trip is being used to tax industry more).

      Of course if you’re receiving billions for global warming or cancer research – why would you tomorrow fund a fix for the problem? And this is exactly what **IS** and what **HAS** occurred
      in regards to governments funding LENR – it is the last thing they want. LENR means that the greatest threat to mankind does not exist and thus the reason to tax you more also does not exist!

      So you dreaming in a pink socialist land that in reality does not exist. But hey, you can go put on a purple Barney suit and go down the street in some love group hug – but reality
      is much different. Your socialist foe have sold you out – and long ago.

      Nothing been stopping governments from funding LENR for the last 30 years except those who would rather receive billions in hot fusion funding – exactly what occurred in the P&F fiasco.

      And now with one of the largest tax grabs occurring in history based on global wamring, LENR would stop that idea dead in its tracks.

      So you’re talking about a reward for Rossi – but you leaving out the horrible track record of governments on this issue. And your also leaving out that such funding by governments is NOT
      some kind of act of charity – when in fact those funds are takin by force and at gunpoint from working people.

      As noted, we see the recent report from the government that clearly states LENR represents a new possible energy resource. So you have to point the fingers of your failed government
      and the socialists that run these governments.

      Global warming funding is now on par with cancer research – in the range of 20 billion per year.
      If a government funds LENR, then the carbon tax gravity train will not exist – and the 50,000 People (yes, you read that correct – 50,000 people) that wined and dined at the Paris climate summit on your tax dollars certainly would have a different opinion on funding LENR – my gosh 50,000 people! (Canada alone sent 200 people to party in Paris for that summit).
      So sure, your beliefs in flying unicorns, or the idea of governments giving some money or a prize Rossi is possible – but not likely since such a technology threatens large parts of the government gravy train. And with LENR – you might take that small box and run to the hills – with your satellite dish you not only be off grid, but your government will not be able to tax you anymore, turn off your electricity and tax your energy source.

      Albert D. Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

      • georgehants

        Albert, as usual a long rambling reply that is seeming designed to sound intelligent while adding nothing.
        Your first sentence sounds sensible, but I am sure how much such people get paid would be important to many of them. ——-
        “The question is not what society should pay Rossi, but WHO will pay?”
        Lets actually test your thinking, what answers can you come up with?

        • Albert D. Kallal

          Well, I am at least I pointing out that your silly idea of a prize from a government is a laughable system, and one that had a horrible past track record history wise.

          It would be cool if we could just have that real socialism and their ideals were good!

          It would be great if governments had a brain and gave prices away to encourage such technologies. And perhaps everyone gets a swimming pool for graduation high school – after all it about encouragement from the government, right? The PROBLEM then is the government is deciding what should be encouraged, and not the peopling of society paying for those cash and prizes that the government gives away.

          Why is it that little technology comes from those socialists counties? The problem is not giving away cash and prizes, but that government NOW deciding who gets the cash and prizes – and that’s why it don’t work! You are in effect believing that the government should decide what food you should eat, or for what we should give cash and prizes for.
          So you can toss out ridiculous silly pink cloud type of socialist thinking that defines your solutions and ideas.

          “The question is
          not what society should pay Rossi, but WHO will pay?”
          Lets actually test your thinking, what
          answers can you come up with?

          How funny! – At least no viable ideas are coming from you!

          Why any need to come up with an idea?

          Why not just look at what Rossi did in the last year?

          Seems to me, you would approach a company and group of investors.

          You would say, hey, look at this amazing technology I have.

          I sell you this technology ok?

          They say sure. However, we really need a good test before we give you huge nest egg!

          Hum, perhaps we setup a test, maybe about 1 year. Yes, that sounds logical! And that test will allow us to determine the costs and benefits that can pitch to investors and people willing to pay for such energy to say heat their home or for whatever.

          So they setup a partnership, and they say we will give you 90 million dollars if this works. We now own the technology and will sell the technology making huge sums of money while bringing affordable energy to the world.

          Does the above sound like a reasonable plan?

          In fact any bird brain will realize that above is not only a GREAT plan to fund LENR, but is in fact EXACTLY WHAT ROSSI DID!

          So I don’t need to come up with any answer, since anyone who’s been on this blog and can read, and has a working brain would suggest the above approach – and that’s the approach Rossi did.

          However, this simple approach that is right in front of your face has somehow escaped you! – not surprised!

          The fact that a lawsuit came up is certainly not a happy event, but the plan, the progress and the approach Rossi had to funding LENR was a perfectly reasonable approach to funding LENR.

          So my suggestion is not mine at all, but what any sane person would do in regards to such a technology – and that is what Rossi did. So what any reasonable person with a technology would do is in fact quite much what occurred and what Rossi did.

          However, you have a good mind, but it is missed up with socialist thinking, then practical ideas and solutions will evade you until such time you re-program your brain to not think things out from a socialist perspective.

          So like always, simple facts and reality staring you in the face seems to escape your mind.
          What Rossi did is certainly one good way I would approach funding of this technology.

          Albert D. Kallal
          Edmonton, Alberta Canada

          • georgehants

            Albert, very sorry but I seemed to have missed the part of your reply suggesting a better way than the obvious insanity connected to the capitalist system regarding Cold Fusion.
            Are you saying that nothing can be improved, is it possible you could answer a simple yes or no to that question.

          • Warthog

            Uh, George, since it is YOU who want to “get rid of the capitalist system” it is up to YOU to lay out how that should be done and what that system should be.
            Tell us what would work better and how.

          • georgehants

            Warthog, Would suggest you read my comments, if there is anything you do not understand please feel free to ask a specific question.

          • Warthog

            I’ve read’em, and they say not one thing different than you have posted hundreds of times before.

            And I did ask a specific question….”what would work better [than capitalism] and how.” Which, of course, is the same question I have asked you many, many times, and which you completely refuse to address.

          • georgehants

            Warthog, first you have to agree or disagree if the present capitalist system is the best for everybody and un-improvable.
            If that is your position then fine but any further discussion with such a mind is pointless.
            I believe that the Facts and Evidence can be produced and are so obvious to even a very slow witted person, that the system can and should be improved.
            My answer is to look at, listen and consider every idea and suggestion to improve a system where some people seem so indoctrinated that they find themselves defending, in the case of Cold Fusion, a five+ year delay and counting in the release of such an important technology for mankind for the sake of profit.
            So as I have replied many times, my answer is to work toward finding and improving the system until we have a fully caring and sharing society for all.
            If you wish to involve yourself it that search then one step at a time.
            Do you think that our media being controlled by rich capitalists and not fully independent is good for democracy and society?

          • Warthog

            Any system can be improved. But you’re the one moaning about “we need to change the system”. It is up to YOU to tell how said system needs to change and how those changes need to be implemented and would work.

            Apparently you haven’t noticed that the media “controlled by rich capitalitsts” disappeared with the advent of the internet.

            Right now, the empirical global data says that capitalism is the best system thus far invented by humans. All others thus far tried have failed by comparison.

          • georgehants

            Warthog, good to see you say “Any system can be improved”
            look forward to your ideas and contribution to that statement.

          • Warthog

            Nope, sorry, but you don’t get to dodge like that. YOU want changes….tell us what they need to be.

            “….my answer is to work toward finding and improving the system until we have a fully caring and sharing society for all.”

            is a meaningless comment without specifics. What replaces what???

          • georgehants

            Warthog, many thanks for your chat, as I say I look forward to any ideas you may have to improve the system.

          • Warthog

            And George descends once again into intellectual dishonesty. Absolutely as usual.

          • Albert D. Kallal

            Yes, things can be improved.

            The above is 100% useless question and answer! Everyone on the plant with a brain will agree that things can and should be improved. This is no more value to this discussion then pointing out the sky is blue or 2 = 2.

            But, hey, lets have a socialists feel good group hug! Sounds good, but it don’t provide solutions!

            The question is not can things be improved (how silly is that?).

            The solution here is to point out that your thinking messed up by your warped socialist views will not provide the solitons we all agree we need!

            I already pointed out that Rossi approach to funding and bringing LENR to the world is far better than any idea you or your socialist government foe have offered.

            So yes, I am all open to ideas better then what Rossi and the capitalist system has achieved – the problem is you the one doubting that system and WORSE are failing to provide solid reasoning and thinking that will provide solutions.

            So Rossi’s approach been rather practical, and your suggestions been impractical pink cloud socialist ideas that always failed in the past and will continue to fail for future solutions.

            So we should at least get straight what kind of thinking and approaches will NOT work. Once we get this part of the equation straight, then how one can approach and solve such challenges of LENR will easily fall into place.

            Albert D. Kallal
            Edmonton, Alberta Canada

          • georgehants

            The Canadian Press
            WINNIPEG — A child poverty report card says an increasing number of children live in poverty in Canada, but no where is the problem more desperate than in Manitoba.
            The report released Tuesday by social justice coalition Campaign 2000 says almost one in five children across the country lives below the poverty line. That number is one in three in Manitoba.
            Frankel, one of the report’s authors and a social work professor at the University of Manitoba, said what began as a crisis in the early 1990s has become a “chronic nightmare.” More children are slipping into poverty despite a provincial strategy introduced in 2009.

          • Albert D. Kallal

            That article shows exactly my point. The more socialist our country becomes, the more you will see articles like you quote.

            So yes, I do have an idea on how to improve things.

            We need people to stop thinking along your socialist ideas. If you are honest and really open to change and improving things, then you would post on a constant basis how damaging socialism is to society. You would in public right your wrongs. Since you not willing to do this, then you not really open to change or any new ideas, are you?

            As I pointed out, taxes for business in Sweden are more favorable then they are in the USA!

            In my cities of Edmonton we have monuments that pay tribute to the mass starvation that occurred in the Ukraine. These mass starvations occurred Under the Union of Socialized Soviet Republics. Millions starved under the yoke of socialism. The Ukraine was a bread basket before the socialists took over.

            What successful capitalist society ever had people starving to death?

            So while you claim to be open minded and open to ideas on how to improve things, clearly you are not. Until you reject your socialist ideas then you not open to any way to improve things. So unless you willing to public state that your socialist views and ideas are bad for society, then you placing a false card of saying everyone else has to come up with ideas except for you. You never change your views or how you act unless you reject you ideas that destroy the productive parts of our society – and you shown no willingness to do this.

            So it is beyond silly to stand here and say you are open to ideas, but refuse to reject your existing ideas that when adopted by EVERY society simply has increased poverty!

            So my solution to improve things is to reduce socialism in our society. So I told you how to improve things – simply reduce the socialist ideas that people like you are adopting and promoting in society – that’s my solution.

            The less and less people think like you with your socialist ideas will prevent less and less articles like the one you quote from appearing in Canada.

            Albert D. Kallal
            Edmonton, Alberta Canada

          • sam

            September 20, 2016 at 7:28 AM
            Dear Andrea Rossi:
            Update of the work on the QuarkX?

            Andrea Rossi
            September 20, 2016 at 8:29 AM
            Still in very good standing, but also still dangerous. Working mainly on safety issues now.
            Warm Regards,

    • Rene

      “…it should have been immediately assessed by a dedicated, competent, open-minded, independent, panel working for society, to ascertain it’s possibilities.”-G
      Indeed, but Rossi chose the route of secrecy and so the recipe was not available for those people to examine and assess. Rossi may have something there, signs surely point to that possibility, but he made worse the discontent because he chose to go the route of industrialist and trade secrets. He wouldn’t even let people try out black box experiments. That he took that route was entirely his to do, but there are consequences. And now we see the dark side of venture capital, et-al.

  • Steve Swatman

    I am surprised at the speed and predictability of negatives commentors, could it be be that the closer Mr Rossi gets the more they have to pursue their agenda.

    • Rene

      No, I don’t think it is entirely the motivation you described. It’s gets tiring to see unsubstantiated pronouncements followed by the believer crowd rah-rahs. He believes in the market-will-prove maxim, which time will tell clearly, but an announcement without a shred of evidence just gets old.

      • Thomas Kaminski


        I agree in part, but I would not say his daily comments are “pronouncements”. I think they are more like daily logs of what his organization is doing. Sometimes they reveal nuggets of information that we followers can work on — they are often pieces of a large puzzle that some here are clever enough to fit in to the overall big picture.

        I do agree that the “rah-rahs” are a bit overdone. As a skeptic who grew up in the East Coast of the US, I find it a bit hard to believe. However, some of the “rah-rahs” following the “pronouncements” do lead to ideas from others here that help me to understand the emerging technology.

        • psi2u2

          Excellent synopsis.

      • Observer

        Even if you get rid of all the “capitalists”, you still need capital to go into production. A capitalist is just someone who realizes the need for capital, and goes about sequestering a pool of resources for that purpose. Those who seek privilege, power, and leisure also accumulate resources, but not for the purpose of capitalism.

      • Observer

        Capital is resources. Accumulation of resources diverts them from other purposes. The moral question is “Is what you are diverting resources from less important than what you are diverting resources to?”

        • Steve Swatman

          You know when you go to the movie or the theater and there is always a few who spend the whole time talking trash and spoiling the movie or the play for everyone who just wants to enjoy the show?

          Well, there seems to be a large influx of such people coming to this site just to spoil the fun for everyone else, personally I find it a challenge to wonder what they think they are acheiving, maybe they are getting paid to minipulate opinion or just to spoil the fun, but its all a bit pathetic really.

      • Steve Swatman

        I just do not understand the mentally of going to see a movie, just to spoil everyone else’s fun by talking trash and disrespecting the actors and producers.. it seems to be such a waste of time.

        • Rene

          I don’t understand the mental gymnastics of true believers, such comfort in faith, such a waste of thinking potential 🙂

          • Jas

            Rene: When people used to protest against nukes in the 70’s and 80’s I bet you stood on the other side of the road holding a sign saying GO BACK TO RUSSIA!

          • Rene

            I think it is time to point out to people like @Jas and @Steve, especially when @Jas makes smear comments like the one above, that they should read the body of comments people make before doing the smearing. I am down-voting your comment mainly because it shows a direct personal attack against me without (again the unfortunate quality of a true believer) merit, without even a clear basis for the claim. That comment by @Jas is the kind of statement we do not need here, or anywhere else for that matter.
            Believing in something when evidence is questionable, sometimes obscured, or lacking, is not a great way to move a conversation or an understanding forward.

          • Jas

            You brought it on your self. So what if people believe in Rossi? You think we have just come along recently?
            You make us out to be dummies with no common sense.
            You are not the first person to ridicule us. We do not follow blindly. I have a mind and can think for myself thank you very much.

          • Rene

            Apparently more than one mind with use of the ‘us’. Explain who this ‘us’ are.

            I’d love to see you produce some evidence beyond: “Now we have to organize the production of a module that can go by self, without continue assistance, reliably and safely.”-AR

            Note he does not say it’s a done deal, he is saying he has to figure out how to make it work unassisted. Note also, he has said things like this since 2010. Now, I hope he does figure it out some day soonest, but to date it has not looked like production quality has been achieved, with the possible exception of the 1MW test which, alas, said independent report has not been forthcoming. This is too much COC vagueness to treat as solid evidence.

            You ask, “So what if people believe in Rossi”. I respond by cautioning you (or your other cadre – those ‘us’ you mentioned) not to take this all as optimistic or as completed as Rossi says. He’s been saying things like that since 2010 – many of us await that domestic e-cat.
            Do I believe there is a LENR effect? Yes, because there are a number of cases demonstrating LENR. It seems to be there, there seems to be a signal, and it is difficult to achieve/maintain. With Rossi’s strong LENR, there is less of a case because he is so secretive.
            So, Jas, if you want to discuss or even argue those points, great. But if you want to go the route of personal ad hominem attacks, step away from your keyboard.

          • Jas

            I find your comments very patronising. Perhaps I should rise above them.

          • sam

            September 18, 2016 at 1:11 AM
            Dr Andrea Rossi,
            Which is the original color of the light emitted by the Quarkx ?

            Andrea Rossi
            September 18, 2016 at 11:24 AM
            White- White/blue.
            Warm Regards,

          • sam

            September 21, 2016 at 5:53 AM
            The American Medical Association has stated that streelights with too much blue can cause problems with human health.
            Do you think this could hinder your plans for QuarkX lighting applications?
            Best regards

            Andrea Rossi
            September 21, 2016 at 7:09 AM
            The core of the problem is in the numbers. Obviously if we will put a thing in the market the safety limitations will have to be assessed.
            Warm Regards

            September 20, 2016 at 7:52 PM
            Dr Andrea Rossi,
            I understand the Quarkx is generating some trouble: can you specify?

            Andrea Rossi
            September 21, 2016 at 4:52 AM
            Peaks of too high temperature.
            Warm Regards

            Frank Acland
            September 21, 2016 at 2:01 AM
            Dear Andrea,

            What is the danger from the E-Cat QuarkX that you mention?

            Many thanks,

            Frank Acland

            Andrea Rossi
            September 21, 2016 at 4:50 AM
            Frank Acland:
            Warm Regards

          • sam
          • roseland67


            If you don’t believe what you are told to believe, you are a heretic and a blasphemer.
            Any, and I mean any, criticism of the leader, his product, schedule or logic is Met with a verbal assault.
            There is ALWAYS a justifiable reason for everything he does, you just lack faith or are simply not smart enough to see it.

  • radvar

    The Marxist model is very old and limited. It works on the assumption of a closed “I win- you lose” system of resources allocation, and frets over the distribution of power/capability and “big monkey” status hierarchies.

    Technology blows that away by constantly creating more resources, more power and more capability. You can try to oppress me all you want as long as I have reasonable material security and decent internet access.

    Poor rural villagers desperately need energy for cooking, water purification, reading, safety, health care, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. etc, etc. In the real world it’s not feasible to lay all the copper that would take using conventional infrastructure. LENR could accelerate rural electrification by decades. That reduces human suffering by tens of billions of life years.

    Yes, people will try to stand in its way. But the Soviet Union fell, which is something I didn’t necessarily expect to see in my lifetime. And it fell because its command-and-control system of “class oppression” failed to compete both with the West and with its own people, in terms of technology.

    So there is at least one major example of technology getting around authoritarianism I’m confident with LENR it would happen again.

    • orsobubu

      I could say instead that bourgeoisie political economy is really old and outdated (and scientifically incoerhent as well), being based on philosophical premises and theoretical work of authors who lived well before Marx!! When I hear someone saying that capitalism need a new “illuminist” era to survive, I immediately make this easy reply!

      The win-lose assumption is exactly a distinctive capitalist trait of the competition on the free market (which never is really free). About the continuous creation of resources: history demonstrates that this is a myth, and the worst nightmares become reality when repeatedly the big overproduction crisis generate millions of deaths and starving populations.

      About soviet Union, I wrote here countless times on the specific, state-capitalistic nature of soviet union and similar regimes, where the existence of wage work, exploitation, capital, money, market and banks exclude beyond any reasonable doubt the possibility of a communistic priduction system, and the demonstration is the killing by the capitalist-fascist Stalin’ regime of THE ENTIRE bolschevik original members and Lenin’s companions.

      Old capitalism is absolutely inadeguate to manage the enormous potentialities of the globalized production system, which is – if we analyze it INSIDE a single factory or production unity – planned and organized in a communistic way in all the corners of the world today (did you ever hear the piston division at Ford be in competition with the valves division trying to ruin it and kick it out of the factory?). Instead, it is the distribution and the private appropriation of the profits to be in contradiction, and this material contradiction in the structure will be surely fixed in the future with a social revolution, as it already happened a number of times in the past in similar cases.

      And since it is inadequate, old capitalism, to defend itself from oblivion, switched to its upper stage 100 years ago: the imperialism; and we got nazism, stalinism and some world wars in return. But all of this is OT here, so come here for further discussion:

  • US_Citizen71

    Tom Conover
    September 8, 2016 at 12:36 PM
    Dear Andrea,

    You told us on 9/2/16 that the new tests were mainly dedicated to safety issues and therefore to the certifications. So, you must have made great strides on the safety issues, and hopefully you have achieved the certification for the QuarkX device too! I imagine that running independently of full time operator attendance still needs development, which needs to be completed before industrial plants can be commercially acceptable and that will also make them safer to operate, too.

    I also understand that you are not quite ready for the commercialization of the QuarkX, that you possibly will prepare an industrial industrial prototype within this year (no promises though), but you cannot schedule the commercialization of domestic units so far, because it does not depend on you.

    We also need to remember, though, that commercial units need to begin to be integrated into the power grid to insure minimum disruption of the economy that exists, and the ones that this decision depends upon require this action to begin before domestic production begins, which does not depend on you. So then, two questions please?

    (Q1) Was the certification for the QuarkX finally completed? (Y/N) If so, that would really inspire all of us that are following you!

    (Q2) Are the commercial unit productions required before the domestic unit productions can begin by the decision makers that this depends upon (which is not you)? (Y/N) (I think we could all live with that.)

    I hope you achieved the certification for the QuarkX, Andrea. (I also hope it will not take as long as it did for Pons & Fleischmann to begin the domestic production).

    Congratulations again on the positive test!

    Warm regards!


    Andrea Rossi
    September 8, 2016 at 3:15 PM
    Tom Conover:
    Q1: For the industrial yes
    Q2: yes
    Warm Regards,

  • Rene

    The size of the big e-cats is fairly small, a few feet as seen at the end of the container. Those are the 250KW units. There is, nonetheless, the surrounding traditional pumps, meters, steam pipes, safety valves, etc. that increases the size of it all.

  • sam

    Mark Saker
    September 9, 2016 at 5:33 AM
    Dear Andrea,

    Thank you for saying that you will try and get a picture of the Quark X to us. I have a great idea for a picture!

    With the quark X being so small, surely it is now small enough to fit in a kettle and boil some water to make a cup of tea with it. I believe that has been the long standing request to any LENR researcher! 🙂

    Even better a video showing the quark x in a kettle along with input power readings from beginning to end as the water boils! It won’t do anything to quiet the skeptics but it will make a great story.

    I will settle for just a picture though. hehe



    Andrea Rossi
    September 9, 2016 at 4:38 PM
    Mark Saker:
    I will see what I can do.
    Warm Regards,

    Frank Acland
    September 9, 2016 at 9:58 AM
    Dear Andrea,

    Can you explain more about certification for the QuarkX? What kind of certification is required for its industrial use, and how does one obtain it?

    Thank you,

    Frank Acland

    Andrea Rossi
    September 9, 2016 at 4:37 PM
    Frank Acland:
    The certification we re obtaining for the QuarkX is related to the safety.
    To obtain it you have to hire a certification third party, certified and authorized to make safety certifications in the specific sector.
    Warm Regards,

  • georgehants

    Two reports on poverty and we still have people trying to argue that improvement is not possible.
    4 Reasons Why Nordic Countries Have Low Poverty Rates
    “The Borgen Project is an incredible nonprofit organization that is
    addressing poverty and hunger and working towards ending them.”
    – The Huffington Post
    The Canadian Press
    WINNIPEG — A child poverty report card says an increasing number of children live in poverty in Canada, but no where is the problem more desperate than in Manitoba.
    The report released Tuesday by social justice coalition Campaign 2000 says almost one in five children across the country lives below the poverty line. That number is one in three in Manitoba.
    Frankel, one of the report’s authors and a social work professor at the University of Manitoba, said what began as a crisis in the early 1990s has become a “chronic nightmare.” More children are slipping into poverty despite a provincial strategy introduced in 2009.

  • Stephen

    Sounds intriguing. Now I’m curious.

  • sam

    Marcellus Holford
    September 18, 2016 at 12:51 AM
    Dr Andrea Rossi:
    Do you have problems with the materials to resist at the temperatures of the QuarkX? Is this an issue?

    Andrea Rossi
    September 18, 2016 at 11:26 AM
    Marcellus Holford:
    Yes, it is an issue, because we reach very high temperatures.
    Warm Regards,

  • sam

    Bernie Morrissey
    September 21, 2016 at 7:48 AM
    Andrea Rossi,
    Is the current problem with the E-Cat QuarkX related to the software, hardware or both?
    Thank you. Best of luck in court.
    Bernie Morrissey

    Andrea Rossi
    September 21, 2016 at 8:48 AM
    Bernie Morrissey:
    Thank you,
    Warm Regards,

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