(Redpill) Thread

I would like to make a dedicated thread for discussion of the (Redpill) topic that is being discussed in other threads on this site, since we are going a bit off topic on those threads. Bob Greenyer has been been posting videos on the new Homosymbion Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9qvu9Gi2PdDZpDS1LyMGig

Here are some new videos showing an experimental setup that I believe Bob has said have come from an Indian researcher. I’m not quite sure what to make of them, except I notice that you can see small dots and vortices moving inside the tube. Perhaps Bob can explain more about what is shown.

  • NanoEngineer

    What are we looking at here?

  • Bob Tivnan

    I moved my comment from the Brillouin thread to this one:

    Bob, as one who has followed and admired your work over the years, I feel compelled to share this message- I am concerned about you. I have no doubt that you have witnessed an event that has shaken you to the core and deeply affected your worldview. But your writing comes across as a person who has lost touch with reality. If you were here I would want to give you a hug and help you regain some perspective. I suspect your response to my concern will include something about the “red pill”. I’m praying for you, and ask that you listen to others who are sounding the same alarms.

    • Bob Greenyer

      No – I went Live with announcing (RedPill) before last Saturday starting from Martin Fleischman.

      I ended up at the same place as one who started from the most awesome demonstration of its power. But they did not know or chose not to tell the end of the story, I don’t blame them it is the most difficult part.

      • Pekka Janhunen

        Bob, seriously, your writing is restless. As if you were suffering from some acute health problem like sleep deprivation or fever.

        • Bob Greenyer

          I had flu – but it has practically gone.

          I have to do this. It is not perfect, but I realise my whole life has led to this.

          • So you entered a bout with the flu as an atheist, suffered through a number of fitful fevered nights during which you connected many dots and emerged on the other side as believing in a massive conspiracy theory with Satanists feeding off souls that haven’t loved enough when they perish… and are planning to amp up the perishing using some offshoot LENR-related device that you saw demonstrated in India (and elsewhere) just recently.

            Is that factual?

          • Thomas Baccei

            I have downloaded and made safe the contents of http://www.svn.net/krscfs/, of course without the “disruptor” sub-directory.

          • Bob Greenyer


            I already have key documents distributed.

            But the reality is so simple it hurts and that is why it has been discovered and forgotten over millenia.

            The ‘magic’ and fantastic things in religious texts – well – they are just science!

          • Timar

            No, they are not.

          • Bob Greenyer


          • Bob Greenyer

            Ok – first part “Making |” is up


            Good luck on your personal journey.

          • artefact

            Thanks. Have a good night. Time for me, too.

          • Josh G

            Thanks, good night Bob!!

          • Bob Greenyer

            Good luck all of you – Part 2 processing

          • Andre Blum

            who’s with you in that room, Bob?

          • Bob Greenyer

            Just me and the holy spirit

          • Andre Blum

            I meant who are the other people talking in the recording.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I will answer in the AMA

          • Josh G

            Bob, SO MUCH of what you talking about in the “making” recording can be explained with Miles Mathis’s theories. To begin with, his theory explains why you can affect gravity with electro-magnetism. The answer is quite elegant:

            The force we experience as gravity is actually the compound of two forces: an accelerative force “down” and a force up that is caused by charge photons that are being channeled through the Earth (as they are channeled through all matter) and emitted at its surface. Charge photons compose the field that underlies electro-magnetism, as well as the so-called weak and strong forces. So by manipulating this “charge field” you can manipulate the force we experience as gravity. What’s more, Newton’s GMm/r2 formula already expresses a compound field, and one of the reasons (public) science hasn’t been able to develop a unified field equation is because their equations for gravity were *already* unified:





            All particles, including exotic ones you mention like muons or kaons, are simply these charge photons spun up to different states. And once they spin up to a certain size, they capture charge photons inside (or more precisely they recycle charge through them). LENR in all its forms is simply finding a way to use small amounts of energy to release the charge particles caught up in these particles:





            Since charge photons outnumber baryonic matter 19:1, the energy that can be tapped is virtually limitless. By the way, 19:1 means charge photons compose about 96% of the mass of the universe, which is the same as the percentage of dark energy/mass. And it turns out that so-called “dark energy/matter” simply is these charge photons:





            What you’re describing with EVOs is a way to create and manipulate a large group of electrons or something that has the approximate energy of an electron. One question then is why do they group together as they do? And why are they stable? Well I think if you look at his Meson paper I linked to above, it points towards a possible explanation that would have to do with the spin state of these electron-like particles.

            To be clear, I’m not trying to steer you off into a different explanation; I’m trying to show you that this theory offers a key to explaining everything you’re talking about here.

            By the way, there is a physicist from India who works in the US now who is a big supporter of Miles’s work. If your Indian colleagues there are interested, I can try to put them in touch with him.

            Finally I’ll again link to my updated paper on LENR and Mathisian Physics:


          • Josh G

            Bob, I want to bring something to your attention:

            When I originally submitted my paper on LENR and Mathisian physics to ECW, I e-mailed it to Frank. But he didn’t get it. Why? Because it had been diverted to his trash folder before he saw it. Not his spam folder, mind you, his trash folder. IIRC, that happened twice. (Eventually I was able to alert him via the messaging system here and he poked around and found it in his trash folder.)

            Do you think that just happened (twice) by accident? Do you any other submission to ECW has been diverted to his trash? Do you think many of my e-mails to Miles on this topic often fail to make their way to him accident? Miles has not published on LENR yet in part because he, too, realizes its potential for weaponization, but he has told me that his theory does explain it. His theory holds the key to unlocking all of this stuff, and they are actively trying to suppress it. I’ve experienced it; seen it with my own eyes.

          • Bob Greenyer

            haha – now, when you look at it like that – I should lock myself up!

          • I think this flu might have f-ed you up, dude.

            Of course, convincing evidence will change my tune.

          • Bob Greenyer

            you have already seen it.

          • Nothing I have seen in my entire life, including all of your videos, compels me to come anywhere near the conclusions you have reached.

            You are going to say I just didn’t know what I was looking at. And I’m going to say, prove it. So let’s just skip to that part and you can go ahead and prove these (you admit, beyond radical) assertions you are making.

  • georgehants

    I think Bob is giving out the same kind of message that P&F did 27 years ago.
    This time, some way wish to wait with their disbelief and accusations until the Evidence is revealed and tested.
    Anything but a sensible open-mind is a clear sign of ignorance.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Thanks George. I have one advantage – you have followed the project every step – imagine if I was coming out with this type of talk and this was the first time you saw the video.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Buy the way – I can explain their singularity.

  • artefact

    Bob Greenyer:

    Brilliant Light Power story from Fresno, CA NBC and CBS TV affiliates


    • Bob Greenyer

      I will discuss this technology in the AMA.

      • Josh G

        Which AMA? I have like a million questions for you, Bob. I’m definitely on your side and agree with the general thrust of what you’re saying.

        • Bob Greenyer

          I will do a live YT “Ask Me Anything”

          I just do not know how long people will need to come to terms with (RedPill)

          • Josh G

            When are you going to do your YT AMA? It’s hard to come to terms with something that you haven’t really explained. You’re being awfully cryptic, Bob. Is that on purpose? Or did I miss your explanation of what Redpill is?

          • Bob Greenyer

            I am being cryptic so people do their own research before I drop – also so I can get out a few things first to add context.

            It is 2:12 here

          • Josh G

            I’m not sure it’s a good strategy, Bob. It would sure add to your credibility if you could express yourself more cogently. If I’m being honest, the impression you’re giving people is one of somebody who is off his rocker, possibly manic. People aren’t going to do any of their own research on something they perceive to be the lunatic rantings of a madman. And I’m not suggesting you are either manic or mad, just giving you my honest assessment that I think your PR strategy is backfiring.

          • Bob Greenyer


            I am uploading the audio recording. I will go to sleep after that.

            Video will have to come tomorrow.

          • Josh G

            Uploading to YouTube?

          • Bob Greenyer

            To sound cloud… Hmmm – I already have it on my server…

          • Josh G


          • Bob Greenyer
          • Jas

            I am. I am doing research. I looked up Vault 7 today. Had to figure out what the Gold connection was. Still trying.

          • sam

            I admire your courage Bob.
            I will Pray for you.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Thanks – there will be those that refuse to accept – refuse.

            But we cannot have LENR without accepting what has it can do and what has been done with it.

    • artefact

      That was fast. BLP posted it four minutes ago. Bob posted it on the homosymbion Youtube Chanel and I posted it here three minutes ago 🙂

  • Max Temple

    For the record, I do not agree with Ken Shoulders and Bob Greenyer that EVOs are responsible for all forms of LENR. Exotic Vacuum Objects do exist — the evidence is plentiful — but I think that multiple phenomena are involved in LENR. For example, exotic hydrogen species such as “ultra dense protium or deuterium that collects inside of high pressure defects and can be stimulated by the kinetic energy of protons migrating through the lattice. However, I also do not rule out that EVOs could be present in some LENR systems. I simply think it is in error to believe that one phenomenon explains everything.

    Interestingly, here is the text of a paper that has been deleted from what I’m assuming is the “official” site of the late Ken Shoulders. It describes how an EVO emitter could be used as a weapon.

    Here is the site where the file no longer exists:

    http://www.svn.net/krscfs/Electric Gun Effects.pdf

    Here is a site that still contains the text of the paper:



    Electric Gun Effects by Ken Shoulders © 2006 http://www.svn.net/krscfs/Electric Gun Effects.pdf

    [Electric Gun Effects] 7/21/06 (1 page) 1

    This note covers the natural progression of the EVO gun as a device for the reduction of standard weapon effectiveness, by exploding their ammunition and destruction of electronic controls, to the next expected stage of being an EVO gun as a replacement weapon used against humans. The sequence from ballistic projectile to electric projectile seems to fit into the natural scheme of things. There will be many frustrating attempts at removing this new gun from the reach of individuals, and these will certainly be practiced with regularity, but in the end, still unforeseen forces will bring us to the ultimate conclusion, as it severely upsets the balances acquired thus far in our slow process of becoming civilized.

    The Weapon Characteristics: One of the first things seen with this class of device is that there is no need for large, cumbersome weapons as its range is practically unlimited and the total energy deposited is set almost entirely by how long the weapon remains active. By using a small energy per shot and many shots, plenty of destruction can be accomplished. This is also the easiest thing to do at this time thus making this method most likely to first occur.

    It is expected that the weapon size would vary from that of a cigarette lighter upward to that of a small flashlight. With no noise generated at the source and having an effective electromagnetic shield, the gun is virtually undetectable while launching projectile after projectile, at a rate of thousands per second, capable of passing through any known material. It operates with an easily adjusted penetration depth dumping its energy in the form of an internally generated spark. It can be operated innocuously from behind walls and there is no good detection method for the projectiles known other than the possible indication of a small, spark-like vector streak resulting from a poorly assigned penetration depth. Some small sparks in the air nearby would surely indicate an attack is in progress.

    When assessing the damage produced from such a weapon, it is informative to compare the number of watt seconds required for emplacement damage to the watt seconds available from an ordinary battery used to supply power to the very efficient EVO gun or projector. Considering that most of the target material is active biologically, very few picowatt seconds of proper emplacements are required to disrupt many pounds of material. A delayed indication of the target being struck is likely to cause overexposure with near certain death. All of this must also be considered in the light of how easy it is to set a totally undetectable trap as a form of advanced, non-explosive land mine.

    The Effects Expected: Penetration of metal would give similar action to that found in the Hutchison Effect where a form of charge-driven, internal pressure gives rise to distortion and disruption. The action on biological targets is likely to homogenize tissue in the strike region. This disruption would be similar to the disruption seen in EVO boring through materials where non-thermal effects predominate giving rise to atomic dishevelment of biological material. The spark like explosion occurs inside the target whereby there is no equivalent mechanism known for causing this total decomposition of matter.

    In some respects, this is equivalent to radiation damage but on a much larger scale per particle or projectile. Damage accumulation in humans is likely to first produce a slight sting, depending on the area hit, followed by disorientation and then sickness with increased dosage. A single shot to the head would certainly give permanent memory damage extending to a volume of thousands of cubic microns of material.

    From Here On: Maybe this is the Doomsday weapon forecast for so long as it is clear that this type of weapon would be as vile and despicable as anything ever conceived. Unfortunately, it seems inevitable in its arrival due to its overwhelming simplicity of manufacture and application. I am presently torn between the alternatives of implementing an insipid form of personal survival plan by dispersal of information or just quietly going away—and letting someone else introduce the technology.

    I see no clear way out of this dilemma except to leave our present biological format for another one that is more sophisticated and durable. The only simple hope I can see is in making simple laws and agreements between individuals and small groups, as we have in our distant past, instead of attempting to implement those laws more recently used and intended for regulating the masses. It is very hard to obtain and ensure agreements in large groups. With this, we can have the small group on small group problems all over again.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Thanks Max

      Kenneth got increasingly desperate to warn people. Mostly because he could already see that it had been used in the most horrific ways – and you have ALL seen it to – you were just made to believe it was something else.

      I fear for California.

      • Josh G

        I assume you’re talking about 9/11. But why do you fear for California? My family lives there…

        • Bob Greenyer

          Why did the Clinton foundation set themselves up to profit from an earthquake in Haiti – BEFORE it happened?

          This is NOT an act of God, it is an act of Evil – using technology.

          If California has a quake or a dam goes – it is not bad luck.

          • Josh G

            So who is set up now to profit from an earthquake in California?

          • Bob Greenyer

            Flood or quake, both can be caused at a flick of a switch

            It is designed to cause a crisis – the worst in American history, on which they will say Trump is not capable of handling due to lack of experience and they will enact the COG plans.

            Plus they harvest a big booty of poor unrepentant souls

          • This is nonsense.

          • Bob Greenyer


          • You might as well tell me that Bigfoot was an alien that rode in on the Loch Ness Monster, but got shot down by an EVO gun and has bided his time until he could morph into Donald Trump and plan the removal of Ohio with the magic contained in eggplants so that his thirst for blood could be quenched.

          • Timar

            Sounds plausible to me.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Oh dear. poor you!

          • Bob Greenyer

            That is crazy talk – are you sure you are not having an episode?

          • Get a good night’s sleep. Make your case tomorrow.

            I’m not optimistic.

          • enantiomer2000

            “That is crazy talk”
            It sounds about as sane as the stuff you have been saying.

          • Bob Greenyer

            First meeting with Suhas after (RedPill)

            Suhas, who was silent during the entire (RedPill) presentation, asked to meet the following morning. This is a recording of that first meeting.


          • Rene

            9:14 – hydrogen plasma formation
            11:39 – effects on titanium
            17:45 – LENR effect speculation

          • Bob Greenyer

            Thanks RENE

            Back to bed for me!

          • Rene

            You mentioned a microwave to ultrasonic inducer reactor. Did you video that talk?

          • Bob Greenyer

            That is the Stardust series of videos

            Now we have a place to do it.

          • Bob Greenyer

            yay – we’re in this together – Ah hem

            First meeting with Suhas after (RedPill) recording posted to soundcloud.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            Please, Bob, stop chatting for now and go to bed. You are too exhausted, I know it because what you write doesn’t make any sense.

          • Bob Greenyer

            it does. you just don’t know why it does.

          • Timar

            Then stop teasing and tell him – tell all of us – what we don’t yet know!

          • Timar

            Bob, in your view I may have swallowed the Blue Pill – but when you say things like that I am honestly affraid that you may be suffering an eposide of paranoid psychosis.

            Please believe me that I don’t say this to offend you, but because I am seriously worried about your health. I have witnessed this condition in people close to me and I know how devastating it can be. Please consider this possibility!

          • Bob Greenyer

            I expect it will be hard for you.

          • Timar

            I still have an open mind for any evidence you are going to present us, but as LENR G insisted – it has to be evidence, not conspiracy theories.

          • Bob Greenyer

            You know the phrase “Conspiracy Theory” was developed by the CIA to discredit people revealing truths?

    • Axil Axil

      Nanoparticles either composed of metallic wire or Ultra dense hydogen host the active LENR agent, the Surface plasmon polariton quasiparticle.

      These nanoparticles are metastable and can retain their charge for months. These nanoparticles can remain active is LENR ash for months.

      These nanoparticles are also formed in cavitation bubbles, Pt/D electrolysis cells, and exploding wire experiments.

      The Proton 21 experiment and the EVO of Ken Shoulders also produces these nanoparticles.

      The experiments of Holmlid explans how these nanoparticles work. IMHO in the Holmlid experiment, ultra-dense hydrogen (UDH) is produced in the presence of hydrogen by the iron oxide/potassium catalyst and falls onto the collection foil. That foil is made of a noble metal: iridium, palladium, or platinum. What this metal is made of is important because that collection foil metal has a special optical property: it reflect high frequency laser light. The green laser light bounces between the collection foil and the hydrogen gas. This generates Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPP), a boson that is the entangled combination of the electrons on the surface of the ultra-dense hydrogen spin wave and the photons from the laser light. These polaritons store the huge amounts of energy that the ultra-dense hydrogen extracts from proton decay. This energy protects the UDH from temperature disruption because it functions as a magnetic shield. This enables the metastable existence (or shelf life) of the UDH that Holmlid has found in his experiments. Based on its energy content, the SPP covering on the UDH can last for weeks or months even if it is not recharge with more nuclear energy.

      Holmlid has said that when the collection foil containing this rydberg matter is exposed to room light, the production of muons increase dramatically.

      These production of muons continues for hours after the light is removed and gradually stops over an extended time.

      It seems to me, that the UDH is capable of long term energy storage that defuses gradually over time. When that energy loss is replensihed by the action of applied light, the storage limit is reached and the UDH begines to produce muons again.

      This behavior is what leads me to beleive that the UDH acts through hadronization.


      Furthermore, in string theory, the tachyon is postulated to act in this way. I have stated that the UHD might act as a tachyon quasiparticle and behaves as predicted by string theory.



      Quote on page 19:

      This effect is similar in some ways to the description of black hole evaporation via hadronization in [18].

      From reference 18


      Plasma-Balls in Large N Gauge Theories and Localized Black Holes

      On page 6 and 7


      The decay of the plasma-ball by hadronization maps to the decay of its dual black hole by Hawking radiation.


  • Max Temple

    Here is another link to a PDF file that has been deleted off the internet. A brief description remains. I cannot find any other source for the full document. I’m sure someone has it saved somewhere.



    With the advent of a slight addition to EVO (Exotic Vacuum Object)
    technology, the basis of which can be reviewed at: http://www.svn.net/krscfs/,
    a form of miniature disruptor device capable of both initiation of
    munitions and destruction of electronic communication and control
    devices becomes available. Such an event would seriously undermine the
    capability of governments to control their populace by the form of force
    presently used. The use of force to forbid the manufacture and
    distribution of disruptors is a logical first step for governments to
    take, but one without long-term effectiveness due to the simplicity of
    creating and distributing disruptors.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Please download these link contents – do not rely on links.

  • Max Temple

    Here is a webpage that provides more information about EVOs. However, this website calls them by a different name. Condensed Plasmoids. Basically, the website links these EVOs to all of LENR and patented technologies capable of extracting energy from the zero point energy field or the aether. Again, for the record, I strongly disagree that EVOs are the sole cause for LENR reactions. I think there are multiple types of LENR reactions and multiple types of exotic hydrogen species that are formed in such systems.



    After decades of research on high-density charge clusters [1], ball lightning and
    LENR [2] it turns out, that Edward H. Lewis was right with his hypothesis: Atoms can
    enter a previously unknown state of matter, in which they behave like ball lightning, and which is at
    the heart of the LENR phenomenon [3, 4].

    The quantum-mechanical understanding of this strange state of matter, which will in the following be
    called “condensed plasmoids (CP)”, enables us to build and control scalable low-cost devices,
    which can convert nuclear energy to heat – safely and environmentally clean.

    In contrast to the quantum-mechanical model of the atom, which is based on the spherically symmetric
    electrostatic potential of the nucleus, the quantum-mechanical model of CP is based on the cylindrical
    symmetry of a very thin plasma “wire”.

    In CP both, the nuclei and the electrons are moving rapidly in opposite directions along the plasma
    wire. This results in a strong electric current through the wire, pinching the plasma thin via its strong
    magnetic field.

    The assumption, that the nuclei of the atoms are fixed points in space (Born-Oppenheimer approximation),
    is not adequate for modeling CP. The wave functions of all the electrons and all the nuclei are largely
    delocalized in one dimension.

    While the cylindrical model of CP is a good approximation on a microscopic level, there are plasma
    instabilities, which organize the shape of CP on a mesoscopic level in complicated ways, requiring also
    magneto-hydrodynamic modeling.

    CP enable nuclear reactions between the ions via strong electronic screening of the Coulomb barrier and
    via self-amplifying longitudinal density oscillations of the plasma.

    The gamma radiation of nuclear reactions inside the plasma wire are suppressed, because the dense
    electron current in the plasma wire provides high dampening of the dipole oscillation of excited nuclei.

  • Timar

    I agree.

  • Gerard McEk

    Bob, no doubt you are convinced that you now understand how it works and that the evil people that possess this knowledge will cause havoc in California. Till now though, I have seen no prove of what you are saying. I hope that will come soon and clear, without riddles.
    And please take some time to rest and after that some time to realize that your ‘believes’ will not convince untill you undeniably prove it.

    • Bob Greenyer

      I will explain in AMA

  • Ophelia Rump

    I did not see any un-natural disasters or aircraft falling out of the sky in that video.

    If I am going to fear something it will be the combination of innate stupidity combined with ignorance, as usual.

    • radvar

      Thank you, dear.

  • Max Temple
  • Ged

    Just remember, all will be well.

    • Unless you live in California. But they’ve had it pretty good up til now at least.

  • Timar

    You have just demonstrated why Marxism is just another kind of religion: Good vs. Evil, The Exploited vs. the Exploiters. They divide a complex reality with its many shades of grey into simple black- and-white dichotomies that are much easier to cope with and thereby provide the believer with a historical concept of salvation – be it the second coming or the classless society.

    Anyway, I don’t think it is appropriate to discuss such matter here under these circumstances.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Second part “| Breaking” is up


  • Rene

    Just for a reference point, after watching the first vids, I got it you were really scared by something you witnessed, or something than became evident. But, combining some facts with very wild speculations not backed by some evidence comes across like another person who did this sort of thing and got sullied: Ed Dames.

    The killshot:


    and the global zones: http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2016/07/ed-dames-killshot.html

    It may be better to wait, compile what you have into a coherent and evidenced report.

  • Rene

    Bob, in your where you spoke of turning stuff to dust, were you referring to this presumed effect that Dr Judy Wood described?


    • Bob Greenyer

      It is a real effect – John Hutchinson was the discoverer in 1900s, Tesla in the 1800s.

      Breakthrough with anti-gravity Field and *disruption in metals* ~ lévitation of objects, transmutation in metals. First material testing results of metal samples indicate that In the disruption process, the energy required to produce effects was at least one billion times greater than the 4,000 Watt input used. The results are known as the Hutchison Effect by the scientific community.

    • Bob Greenyer

      How do you explain 10,000s of computers and filing cabinets and only one corner of one filing cabinet in the rubble – but all the paper is there?

      Simple – paper is an insulator.

      9/11 is proof of LENR and its replication

  • Bob Greenyer

    Having already decided last early last week to go full disclosure – a decision I made public so there was no turning back. I found this site at 11:47 last Saturday.

    I started with Pons and Fleischmann and ended up at Kenneth Sholders.

    She started from the actual 9/11 evidence and ended up at Kenneth Sholders.

    In many ways a citizen science project much like the MFMP – we met in the middle.

    She is not right about everything – neither am I.



  • My take on (RedPill) after listening to Making & Breaking:

    – EVOs are interesting and join the stable of possible LENR-related theories (prove it!)
    – me356 claims COP > 10 (+ up to 40) and Nickel 62 ash
    – BG has fallen down a 9/11 truther rabbit hole and has convinced himself that countries are hoarding gold because you can make the best EVOs with gold
    – BG believes that Industrial Heat has been actively trying to thwart LENR development and has CIA ties
    – nothing about souls and good and evil or elitists building bunkers while they plan to vaporize everyone else
    – an interview with a former guy from Skunkworks provides a foundation for many of his conclusions
    – no hard scientific evidence or specifics about replication so far

    So some interesting history, fringe theories and overly firm conclusions based on some videos and old papers that had some commonalities.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Thanks for not using conspiracy theory.

      • Please take into account the “information battlefield” here in the U.S.

        American citizens have been subject to decades of a type of information warfare (and especially lately when Russia joined in). False stories amplified by craven media for clicks, false memes, anti-science FUD from corporations and manipulation by political parties (one in particular)… on and on and on.

        This 9/11 stuff is part of that information warfare. What actually happened was that terrorists hijacked 4 planes, flew 3 of them into buildings. The Twin Towers burned for hours before they fell, with hundreds desperate to try and escape, unable to get through the intense jet-fueled fire to lower floors. Then the buildings collapsed, weakened by the intense heat, and many people died. Your hypothesis is not only an insult to my country but to those who lost their lives on that tragic day.

        • Bob Greenyer

          That is the putdown that works – and I expect many more.

          I am ready.

          Now you start to understand the difficulty of my decision – I had to trade my credibility to stay credible.

          I love America and Americans – and the best way I can honor the fallen is to tell the truth.

          Ad hominem is what Martin Fleischmann and Stanley pons sufferred, I am ready for it – he saw the awesome power of this technology when he had the 1cc palladium ‘singularity’ – it scared them.

          • Here’s an idea. Just prove the science and leave the 9/11 stuff out of it.

          • Bob Greenyer

            9/11 is the proof. I asked Srinivasan to let me speak the truth, and so I was allowed to see Suhas reactor.

            It is easier to not look at the evidence – it is a VERY frightening transition into clarity. I expect that people will cast me out. This explains how a car can look like it has been jellyfied 1/2 a mile from the trade centre with the car seats intact – straight John Hutchinson.

            I said I would deliver, this is part of facing the facts.

          • Until MFMP has some sort of replication of EVOs and begins to disseminate you’re dead in the water whether you’re right about 9/11 or not.

            How a smart guy like you would not realize that is beyond me.

            Stick to the science and you have a chance here. Wander away and you’re just another 9/11 nut. You think we haven’t heard this kind of stuff before?

          • Bob Greenyer

            I’m a NUT now?

            It’s ok, I understand – I really did not want to believe.

            I have completely explained how the towers fell – using the claims of US research officials, Kenneth Shoulders and John Hutchinson. Because I did, that I saw a working tech.

            We have agreement to test me356 and Suhas – both black box and more.

            It is EVOs and EVO tech took down the twin towers I will not be beat into silence, I do expect very bad things to happen, but this is my path.

            What you are saying is that great American scientists one that lead Skunkworks and another that fathered microelectronics – lied on camera, just before they died. Does that really make sense to you?

          • I have offered my opinion and my advice in good faith. If you choose to ignore them, that’s on you.

          • Ged

            The greatest danger of chasing down such things is knowing how far to go, and when the answer has been found.

          • I don’t know if there is a named rule for this concept but let me try to state it succinctly:

            When a field of study becomes littered with a critical amount of conflicting information all theories become sustainable and careful science is the only way to the truth.

          • Ged

            Well put.

          • Dr. Mike

            LENR G,
            I agree! Thanks for your well thought out comments.
            Dr. Mike

    • Ged

      Thanks for the great summary.

      Redpills can be a dangerous path, and some are just “psyops” or rabbit holes of pattern recognition.

      There are many true horrors in the world, but there are just as many powers at work in opposition; regardless of how grim or nefarious something looks in theory, in practice few truly bad things are used extensively. Like VX Nerve gas. Theoretically it could wipe out cities, but it is never used in practicality (except on Kim Jong-Un’s brother).

      The real major battles seem to mostly take place on the stage of popular opinion through rhetoric and information control/spin (after all, who wants to rule ruin or descimated populations?). Such as the current seditious Color Revolution and coup being waged by Obama and co against the US democratically elected government http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-02/valerie-jarrett-moves-obamas-dc-lead-fight-strategy-topple-trump .

      But we’ll see.

      • When I read the comments of BG below, then this story seems to become a religious touch.
        Has he entered a sect or who brainwashed him?

        I’m really worried.

        He was a very serious guy all the time and the professional face of MFMP. A bit too enthusiastic sometimes but who cares.
        And now this. Sad.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Hi Barty,

          I am absolutely fine. Remember, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons fled the US. Death threats. One gave up his American citizenship and moved to his half home France.

          After the research in France, Pons has kept hidden, only once emerging to write the forward to Jean-Paul Biberian’s book.

          Who threatens someones life because they were ‘mistaken’ about their data (which they were not).

          Against my own personal benefit, I did the only thing I could do, I told the truth that was revealed to me. It is a hard truth to hold in your head with all the lies we have been told – but don’t be confused ever again when trying to explain why the US patent office banned anything related to this.

          Rossi is to be made an example of as a warning. But everything Fulvio Fabiani saw, was real effects of EVOs.

          If you can’t handle the truth they you must take the (Bluepill) and walk away.

          • Hi Bob,

            you are talking about truth you saw and now believe that it actually is the truth.

            But what made you to believe these claims? What was the critical factor for you to accept these very far-fetched claims and relations to be the truth?

            I just want to understand what happened to you to trigger this change of mind.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I will do an AMA today.

            I am going to hang out with a friend (her brother is the most famous TV Guru debunker in India) we are going to have curry together and I will swim. Very low rise wooden structure.

            Then I will be meeting all my old friends here.

            This evening I will do the AMA assuming I can get some fast internet.

          • Sorry to say this Bob.

            But you have to keep in mind that you, with your latest “uncommon” ideas and claims, which you set in relation to LENR, are damaging the little bit of credibility the LENR field has achieved within the last few years!

            Please keep that in mind and think about it. Take a proper amount of sleep and then try to go for a walk for an hour, take fresh air and think about it.

            You are talking about elites who want to destroy LENR. What if you are now part of this destruction process?

            What you are doing is not the correct way in my opinion.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I shall remember to go to my re-education classes, just after I have drunk my Aspartame infused soda.

          • Axil Axil

            What did I do wrong? I have be working on you of more than a year. What made you see the light In that particular instants? You did not beleive Fadiani, but now you do? What changed?

          • Bob Greenyer

            I never said I didn’t believe Fabiani.

            When Rossi worried about Safety for domestic units – he was talking about the other weird stuff.

            Because the E-Cat X is small – if makes and destroys EVOs and so it does not pose the same safety issues.

            One technology that is getting a lot of publicity is inviting the worst into your home.

          • Axil Axil

            You won;t beleive me now but you will get there.

            I have oftentimes expressed for the record that LENR is a flawed overunity technology in that it is at its very root based on nuclear processes. These processes produce a zoo of subatomic particle production reactions which will turn out to be problematic in getting LENR into unregulated and widespread common useage.

            This unregulated and widespread common useage of the LENR reaction seems to be the dream and objective of all LENR developers. At the end of the day, I doubt that this dream will come to pass

            This is what I am doing now..

            Both Rossi and IH will be heartsick when they realize that they will need to dance to the tune of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the electric utility industry, all their best efforts and monumental investments will have come to naught.

            On the other hand, the impact on science will be great when LENR theory is well understood and this new found understanding will drive science in new and revolutionary directions far and away in importance to any significance that LENR based energy production will catalyze. But the research of Holmlid will capture most of those scientific discoveries more readily than any LENR based reactor will. This leads me to a long considered opinion that the researcher and replicator should stay away from LENR and direct their system’s development energies in other directions which will more readily meet the aspirational goals of overunity energy production, such as simple, uncomplicated, direct, home based, unregulated and widespread common useage.

          • Bob Greenyer

            The 2 orders of magnitude over background tritium counts found in 9/11 ash that Judy woods had to fight to gain access too could be the Achilles heal. This is likely why they spent years trucking in ‘soil’ scrubbing it round and then trucking it out. Or maybe they wanted to mop up the nano gold.

            I think tritium will be far lower in a less extreme process than that deployed in that abominable metal snowman.

          • Axil Axil

            It is the muons, Ask ME356 why his electronics is inoperable when his reactor is on. Muons ionize all the metal that they hit.

          • Bob Greenyer

            muons are one flavour.

            It did it to us in 5.2 – the power monitor dropped out and the MCA was saturated, it was a charge cluster disintegration.

          • Axil Axil

            What do you think charge clusters disintegrate into…muons.

          • Bob Greenyer

            yes – and electrons

            That is why when they are not over-charged, then you don’t get bad stuff.

            This is why the process has an upper safe limit. But then you can close look and gang.

          • Axil Axil

            Users will go beyond that safe limit. That is why regulation will be imposed, People do not want to obey any limits, especially with energy production.

          • BadgerWI

            Is it the SunCell?

      • Bob Greenyer

        Truth is truth – no matter the propaganda.

        “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

        Joseph Goebbels

        Boy, was a big lie told. The security apparatus is fracturing in the states because some good people who have not or even have been brown-stoned, are standing up for humanity.

    • Axil Axil

      EVO are not as Ken Shoulders theorized. They are not balls of electrons, they can;r be because fermions cannot be concentrated through confinement but bosons can. The EVO is a POLARITON soliton. It is an entangled mixture of light and electrons. This is indeed the quasiparticle at the root of LENR.

      • Bob Greenyer


        The point is, he knew it is very easy to create these thingamajigs and store them for later deployment.

        All of the effects reported by Hutchinson were real and more.

        Hutchinson apparently is the only person Ken Shoulders had true respect for – and Hutchinson admits he is no scientist.

    • artefact

      me356 with COP > 10 would be fantastic.

      • A potential tragedy here is that if me356 is highly skeptical of BGs revelations he could bail on letting MFMP touch his device.

        I know I would think twice if I were him now. Maybe just take it to the local university instead.

        I hope that doesn’t happen though. MFMP as an organization still remains credible.

        • Bob Greenyer

          me356 is a god fearing Christian. He will recognise what I say as the truth – I have been in the wilderness for 25years

          The Indian gave me some of his latest fuel for me to give to me356 to test.

          We can build and test a new Egely reactor with the Indian – I think India is a good place since they are more spiritually in tune.

          • artefact

            Titanium 🙂

          • Bob Greenyer

            sounds cool eh?

          • artefact

            more like … hot 🙂

          • Bob Greenyer

            yoooo – the Indians technology is like a buffet of LENR technologies – he has a formidable mind.

          • Why even bother with Indian fuel in a me356 reactor? He’s already getting COP 10 (he says). Just measure that.

            Seems fuel designed for one reactor should not be just plopped into a different one. That’s how things go boom.

          • Bob Greenyer

            It is a gift from the Indian – he can choose to run it or not – we will test whatever he puts forward.

            You last point is a good one.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Flash before planes hit. This stored EVO charge when combined with MW, allowed the plane to cut like a butter knife


    • Josh G

      Bob, you have to be very, very careful in using filmed footage from 9/11 for evidence. There is a wealth of evidence that the footage is unreliable in the extreme, and I can point you to some sources if you’re interested.

  • Bob Greenyer

    This one is a conspiracy medley! The CIA are cleaver with their put downs but they got complacent all they need is a time distortion field to fix their errors.

    All across Alaska, Magnetometers were detecting changes in the Earths gravitational field in sync with 9/11 attacks.

    HAARP is in Alaska


    HAARP was turned on in 1999 for the first time. It is TESLA tech.

    The British sold 58% of its gold reserves between July 1999 and March 2002.

    • TomR

      Thank you Bob Greenyer for having the courage to post this. May God bless you and protect you in this endeavor.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Thank you TomR – believe me, this was the hardest choice of my life to go public. In my AMA I will explain how my whole life has led to (RedPill) – that is when I knew it could only be the truth.

    • Ged

      I cannot tell you much, or speak on these things, but I can tell you while there are many Redpills that are real and breakdown many prevailing narratives folks in power like to have the people follow for convenience, there are also “Redpills” that are intentional disinformation to throw people off the trail of what matters. Spooks spend a great deal of effort creating things like that, as obfuscation and half truths are a marvellous weapon. It takes a lot of work to sift out what is pertinent from the intentional flak.

      The USA is currently in a Cold Civil War since November, but it doesn’t stop there. Factions of the FBI are currently going after parts of the CIA, but these growing fights mean that the sheer volume of disinfo flooding the world is exploding almost as fast as the growing levels of insanity inducing rhetoric. Pay attention to what is happening in France with Le Pen, as well as Germany’s growing push for EU controlled joint military units (which of course will be under the control of Germany like the rest of the EU effectively is), and the absurd buildup of NATO and US forces along the weakly defended Russian border instigated by the EU and former US administration (even going so far as getting Norway to break its 1945 treaty with Russia about not allowing foreign troops to station on its border with Russia–and now the US has 700 Marines there). The world is being set up, but we are fighting it.

      It’s a time of chaos, so be careful. Projects like MFMP exploring LENR will become ever more important as these behind the scenes wars begin spilling more into the open and disrupting economies (e.g. the flow of oil and power generation that currently relies on it, which is essential for modern society). We need you guys there, and doing your great science, now as much as ever. Science and its methodical philosophy are essential, as LENR G has pointed out–lest everything becomes moot in the confusion of disaster.

      So please, be careful about exploring too deep too fast. Honeypots abound, and if you look into hidden matters, those behind them will be looking back at you.

      In the end though, things will work out, as long as we don’t worry too much and just keep up the fight.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Measured Ged, a good way of rationalising it.

        Remember – I have had Piantelli screaming in my face for 4 hours telling me the world does not deserve this technology. He knows it. He saw it. People have secret lab locations not for fun but for a reason. You are seeing the smallest fraction of why I know this to be real.

        We’re lighting the New Fire together – and we need to stick together, I have seen people get attracted by the money and they diversions, they have tried that on me, several times but I saw it for what it was – it has drained me.

        If we do not do it this time, they cycle will repeat. We have the means – the internet allowed us to come together. Now this is easy to paint as crazy talk – because that is so leftfield to grasp.

        What did people expect, free energy with no weapons made from it?

        Go look at the phrase “The meek shall inherit the earth” this does NOT mean that those that are quiet and subservient and downtrodden and subjugated, will inherit the earth – it mean this:

        “Those that have great power, but CHOOSE not to use it, will inherit the earth”

        this is the time for choice, we need to convince those people that are acting to use the weapon again in a bigger way, to not do it and seek redemption. Then we can use the New Fire for good, not evil ends.

        We need to stop the cycle.

        • Josh G

          Bob, I appreciate that you are fighting the good fight. And you might very well be right about EVO’s and Judy Wood and weaponization. In fact I suspect you are right. But it seems to me based on what you wrote is that you have only recently fallen down the rabbit hole in a big way. You’ve woken up and you want to share what you’ve learned. I think that’s great and I completely understand where you’re coming from. But be careful. GED’s advice is golden:

          “there are also “Redpills” that are intentional disinformation to throw people off the trail of what matters. Spooks spend a great deal of effort creating things like that, as obfuscation and half truths are a marvellous weapon. It takes a lot of work to sift out what is pertinent from the intentional flak.” (Though I do not agree with his endorsement of zerohedge and Trump.)

          You need to consider the very real possibility that some of the realizations you’re making right now are based on things you’ve learned that are in fact deliberate deception or disinfo put in place to misdirect you and others like you.

          And you also should consider that you yourself are the victim of a deliberate disinfo campaign, given your position with MFMP. Just because something sounds revelatory and subversive doesn’t make it true. Just because it seems like they’re hiding something, doesn’t mean they didn’t plant it there in the first place and then try to make it seem like they’re covering it up.

          TPTB are masters of deception. They’ve layered lies on top of lies on top of lies. The rabbit hole is dark and deep and full of twists and turns and false leads and dead ends. You need to feel your way around the rabbit hole awhile before you can plant your feet firmly on the ground.

        • Bob Tivnan

          Since you have quoted Jesus “the meek shall inherit the earth“ I will offer the Christian interpretation of meekness from Phillipians2: 6-8. [Jesus], being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death—even death on a cross!” Being “in the very nature God,” Jesus had the right to do whatever He wanted, but, for our sake, He submitted to “death on a cross.” That is the ultimate in meekness.

    • Omega Z

      As of a couple years ago, HAARP has been decommissioned. There was a small window of opportunity provided for the private sector to arrange a transfer of these facilities to the private sector or a part there of for R&D purposes. With a lack of interest in these facilities, they will be razed and the land will be returned to it’s natural environmental state.

  • atanguy

    Frank: Is that April first? A bit early, but with what’s going on in this thread. Nothing will surprise me…

    • Bob Greenyer

      You know I like to joke.

      If I was trying to be funny – this would not be the approach I’d take. I tried to make the serious nature clear in my first, *deliberately* intense video.

  • Bob Greenyer

    It is molten metal bolt charged with EVOs, gold is the most stable charge storage.

    EVOs conduct just like regular electrons

    The only thing more conductive than gold is aluminium – and the Twin towers was clad in it.


    This is the meaning of

    “Money is the root of all evil”

    the best metals for EVO storage have been used for currencies.

    • Axil Axil

      The Twin towers discharge does not have to be intensional. It could be a static discharge from a plane with a high electrostatic charge accumulated on it surface and that charge went to ground when the plane got close enough to the building.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Good try

        It was intentional

      • Adrian

        Axil, really? The charge was just the right amount for both WTC1 & 2? And it somehow zapped WTC7 too? Right.

  • georgehants

    Morning Bob, take your time and let the story flow out, you have clearly encountered something life-changing to yourself, that you feel must be revealed.
    Be very careful, you have many friends on this site who are naturally concerned for you.
    My spiritual prayers are as always with you and everybody.

    • Bob Greenyer

      I am following the path of least resistance.

      Thanks for your prayers.

  • Max Temple

    Questions for Bob Greenyer to answer here or in the AMA:

    1) Are you suggesting that a muon does indeed have an internal structure and is really composed of multiple electrons and IS a charged cluster? If not, what’s the difference?

    2) You mention an atom hydrogen atom (proton and electron) being ionized via the addition of a charged cluster or EVO that takes the role of an electron but provides a greater negative charge allowing for penetration into nickel’s orbitals.

    a) Has this phenomenon of EVO capture by a hydrogen atom ever been specifically mentioned before by Ken Shoulders or other researchers?

    b) Compared to a typical negatively charged atomic hydrogen ion, how long would such an ionized form of hydrogen, with a captured EVO, exist? Would it be more or less stable?

    c) Would such an EVO containing atomic hydrogen atom resist recombination to H2 or would it be more prone to recombination?

    d) Could such a form of EVO ionized hydrogen still transform into ultra dense states of matter under high pressures inside lattice defects?

    3) You mention the vaporization and ionization of lithium. Are you suggesting that the lithium captures an EVO as well during the ionization process?

    a) Would the lithium atom remain ionized with the EVO after cooling back into a liquid state?

    b) How would such a lithium atom with an EVO be more prone to nuclear reactions or enhance the Rossi Effect?

    4) Would you please tell us what you know about Me356’s system that he said was producing a COP of at least ten and up to forty?

    a) You mentioned that system is just using nickel and hydrogen. Is he using lithium in any form whatsoever – including wire in this specific system?

    b) What form of nickel is he using: powder or wire?

    c) What details of his fuel pre-processing has he shared with you?

    d) On LENR Forums he showed pictures of a reactor during stimulation by somehow changing the signal fed into the resistive heating element and another image of after the signal had been cut off. Can you tell us the details of the “special” excitation signal he adding?

    e) If you are not sure what additional signal he was feeding the resistor, for the sake of the LENR community and upcoming replication efforts that are being planned will you please ask him for the details?

    5) Focardi and Piantelli produced reasonable excess heat and a COP of 2 with only nickel and hydrogen with no special stimulation in the form of radio or microwave frequencies to produce EVOs. They were able to predict the excess heat by observing the quantity and rate of hydrogen absorption after carefully preparing their fuel. It seems logical that with an enhanced total surface area (which could be a hundred times greater when using micron sized powder instead of wire) this effect should be magnified by many times. And with the application of ordinary atomic hydrogen or negatively charged atomic hydrogen ions (only single electrons with no EVOs captured), the absorption rate should increase. Doesn’t it seem logical that although EVOs are obviously “real” and do exist that nickel-hydrogen cold fusion can happen without their presence?

    • Josh G

      If you want to understand what a muon is, read here: http://milesmathis.com/meson.html

      I believe this is likely what the EVOs are and stable for the reason described here.

  • Andre Blum

    Questions for Bob Greenyer to answer here or in the AMA:

    1) Are you communicating all of this on behalf of the MFMP project, or as an individual? Or is there no difference?

    2) What do other MFMP “members” think of your latest theories? Is your credibility within the group (Alan, Matthieu, etc, not to mention Celani, Piantelli) intact, and are they willing to cooperate on further experiments to help prove your theories?

    I remember the launch of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project very vividly, with video posts of so many scientists (McKubre, Rothwell) from the field endorsing it. They, and also us, donors and commenters, have tied their name to the project and you are now taking it in the direction of 9/11 conspiracies and levitation.

    As an MFMP donor, I would like to know the answer to these questions, as I think you are now claiming deep understanding and reproducibility of LENR, as a converged result of all your investigations and experiments, many of which were done under the MFMP umbrella and financing.

  • Josh G

    Yeah, he can be very taciturn to the point of rudeness when it comes to e-mail. He gets a ton of it. I have also pointed him toward GUTCP, but I actually think it’s the other way around: Miles can explain Mills’s findings much better. As much as Mills talks about having a theory of ‘classical physics’ his work is still very heuristic and so not really classical. See here for what I mean by that:

    Miles’s theory explains why G (the gravitational constant) has the value it does (along with Planck’s constant, the fine structure constant and a bunch of others), what causes gravity, why photons travel at c, why light is quantized, why E=mc2, where permittivity come from, why the mass of the electron is about 1820 times less than the mass of a proton, where magnetism comes from and how it works mechanically, where mass comes from, and on and on.

    He has applied his theory to a wide range of phenomena, including offering elegant and compelling solutions to the mysteries of dark matter, superconductivity, wave-particle duality, quantum entanglement, the double-slit experiment, the Proton Radius Puzzle, the Vacuum Catastrophe, the Pioneer anomaly and the Casimir effect, as well as explaining beta decay, neutrinos, nuclear magnetic resonance, Brownian motion, ice ages, the tides, the Meissner effect, major solar anomalies, celestial mechanics, etc.

  • Stephen

    Well I would say that what ever we believe the situation in the past or today, these discussions are very important warnings about the potential missuse of this kind of technology by organizations if allowed to in the future.

    To stand up and reflect on the potential uses misuses of the technology at any level now could be the most important thing we can do.

    Openness and the courage to say what you understand and fear even if you might be wrong are important aspects of this process. They are especially important when they lead to insight even if the understanding changes or the ideas need modifying.

    In the past we had similar fears about the missuse of information and media. And thanks to people such as George Orwell and other forward thinkers who considered these points, we were better prepared for and understood the risks better when the Information Age started especially the Internet. Imagine how that could have been misused if we remained ignorant of the risks.

    It seems the next age could well be a new energy one. We need to consider it with equal and more care.

    New ages like this touch far more than the technology they also touch culture the art the people the way we think about the world and even our spiritual beliefs and understanding. We need to care about those too. It may sound strange when someone mentions them but it’s always part of how we are and what we need to consider so lets respect that.

    I think when you see a really advanced technology like this and start to understand how it might all work it touches such fundamental things that you really start to feel drawn to its fundamental beauty and consistency and wonder about what it all means and where it comes from. These types of things would definitely make me reflect on my spirituality or fundemental life values what ever my beliefs.

    • artefact

      Good post.
      Im impressed by Bobs courage and I’m willing to take the ride he has prepared
      and then see when all is on the table if I want/can adopt it to my thinking.
      I don’t want to dismiss anything in the beginning because he has made a plan (chess)
      how to transfer his message. An early dismissal based on only part of his message
      would be premature IMO.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Please hear the words attributed to Tesla’s feelings at the start of the first **StarDust** video

  • Bob Greenyer

    Ok – had excellent lunch with my friend here. At lunch a guy walked over – he was in his seventies.

    My friend introduced him as the former head of Titanium mining in India – he held onto my hand and smiled – Titanium is the current main EVO store in the Indians technology.

    I will have a sleep, then go and meet all my old friends here. The internet at this location should be good enough for the AMA so collect all your questions together. I will start by describing a few things you don’t know about me and that I have only just realised the significance of.

    Video uploading is going slowly.

    This all happened so fast – I discussed it with Ryan as we are preparing a working group to test me356 – I had discussed some of the earlier stuff with Alan and Brian Albiston. Brian was absolutely key, thankyou Brian. Sorry there was no time to discuss it with anyone else, it was an epiphany – I would have to share my whole life to discuss it effectively and I felt I had to get the info out. Situation and understanding was moving fast and I was in transit – I am exactly like Kenneth Shoulders, in that I do my best thinking in the zone between being asleep and awake.

    Because of the expected reactions of people that would inevitably think I was nuts I did two things

    1. Seperated out the story and bridged.
    2. Prepared certain people calmly with a backup plan
    3. Deliberately made a crazy, lost it sounding video to help people that do not know me to dismiss me.

    I am not nuts (but, I know, all crazies say that) I can however see how certain people in this world believe they are untouchable.

    I may go dark for a week after the AMA and enjoy a week off with my family – After all, I am in “God’s own Country”

    • Dods

      Ok I think I got whats going on Bob is nuts obviously 😉

      • Bob Greenyer

        hehe… hmm, Keralan cashews… I have my snack selected this evening.

        Love you Dods (not carnally of course, even though you bought me underwear when I needed it most)

    • Curbina

      Bob, as for sounding nuts, have To tell you got many of us scared, I’m not unfamiliar with most of the issues you have brought up in your late series of videos, but the sense of urgency and the ominous tone made one fear you had lost your marbles. Glad To see it was intentional.

      • Bob Greenyer

        well – the acts that have been perpetrated with the tech are real, people can deal with that in their own ways. I on the other hand are the happiest and most at peace in my life so far.

    • So, you pretended this whole conspiracy 9/11 & CIA story?

      • Bob Greenyer

        No, not at all – 9/11 was done deliberately

        conspiracy is a CIA term programmed into the masses to engender instant rejection of the information on to which its was cast – it was used so much as they tried to cover up their great lies that when the brown-stoning evidence started to reveal itself, they then invented the equivalent disparaging term “Fake News”, but that has severely backfired as people are waking up. This is all “don’t look there, look over here” propaganda.

        I had a choice, to give the same message in a calm tone or an intense tone. I figured I’d have a better chance of ‘flying under the radar’ by taking the latter approach. This would give me time to get the main parts of the message out. It also demonstrates amply how shock does not lead to rational assessment by the on-looker – I am not mad, I merely recognise the enormity of what I am saying and expressed accordingly – but you see I love and am loved, so I have nothing to worry about – I, being my spirit, not this temporary flesh and blood vessel that I inhabit.

        • Frost*

          Bob, do you intend to write a book about all of your theories? Because to me it looks like you are laying the ground work for a new career a’la Graham Hancock. Stick to the science m8.

          • Bob Greenyer

            This is new (actually ancient) science

          • Bob Greenyer

            You know, I’d really like to grow mushrooms for a living like my father – I got all the spore plugs, but was so stuck with volunteer work I may have missed the opportunity to get it started this year.

    • Max Temple

      Bob, please remember to ask Me356 for me about the signal he feeds his resistors to dissociate H2 into H1. We need to know details such as AC/DC, frequency, waveforms, voltages, etc. I’ve tried to contribute to your effort to spread info about EVOs, and I’d appreciate this small favor in return. It is not just for me but for the whole community.

      • Bob Greenyer

        This will not be a problem. Thank you for your contribution

  • Stephen

    A few quick questions about the EVO technology that maybe Axil or someone can answer ?

    1. Do EVO’s need a transition metal to form?

    2. Does an EVO have any particle such as a nano metal crystal in its belly? Or is it made purely of “electrons” in some state.

    3. Are they the same as plasmons or fundamentally different in nature due to entanglement etc?

    4. What happens when am EVO encounters a free proton?

    4.1 does the proton destroy the EVO?
    4.2 does the proton strip an electron from the EVO and if so what is the impact on the EVO state?
    4.3 does the EVO absorb the proton into its center?
    4.4 or are both the proton and EVO left unaffected?

  • Jas

    I remember a while back on Ecatworld I suggested that the Quark X because of its dimensions could be used as a bullet. To be fired from a gun. My post was met with quite a hostile reaction. I just listened to Bob’s Breaking file on Soundcloud. My suggestion doesnt sound so ridiculous now.

  • In addition to gravity you must add extremely intense heat and fire.

    Half of each tower was basically incinerated by a jet-fuel fire. The rest of it had hot metal (etc.) fall on top of it and bury it in the collapse. Much mass went straight up into the air in the form of smoke.

    The nearby area was affected by falling, wicked hot debris.

    Let me ask this, if an EVO ray was supposed to have damaged cars on the ground blocks away why wasn’t anything else on the ground damaged? Why only cars and other things in the path of falling debris?

  • AbyssUK

    “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
    “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
    “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
    “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

    • Bob Greenyer


      Of course, LSD/Psylicybin is a fast way to the knowledge – but you see into the spirit realm both good and bad and leave yourself open to possession. This is why the orders use it in ritual. They use opiates and Narcotics to lead the spirit into temptation and away from loving. That is why they had to take Afganistan.

      I had a guest stay with me, he said his friend in US was serving in Afganistan and watched them load heroin onto US transporter planes.

  • artefact

    Bob Greenyer:

    Knowledge of the Ancients


  • Max Temple

    Bob’s not crazy.

    EVO’s are a real phenomenon with possible many subtle variations: charged clusters, condensed plasmoids, surface plasmons, bright modes, dark modes, etc. The existence of this phenomenon is rock solid and established. If properly harnessed, these charged clusters could be used for many amazing technologies.

    My difference of opinion with Bob Greenyer on this issue is only one of degrees. He views EVOs as being the primary or even sole mechanism behind many of the phenomena that are discussed on cutting edge boards about LENR, free energy, gravity control, EM Drives, etc. I feel that while EVOs may very well be involved in some of these technologies to varying degrees, it is far too early to claim that EVOs are driving force that make them all possible. Additionally, there could be multiple phenomena involved at the same time. Take for example LENR. His theory about atomic hydrogen capturing an EVO to become ionized to an extreme extent that can catalyze reactions with metals such as nickel is certainly possible. However, I’m convinced two things are true: Focardi/Piantelli proved LENR in NiH system can work without an obvious source of ions and that with an enhanced surface area their excess heat effect would have been increased dramatically. So I think it is likely that while EVOs may sometimes be captured by some H1 atoms that only a certain percentage of H1 atoms become ionized by EVOs compared to being ionized by single electrons. Having atomic hydrogen present is the key to boosting LENR to very high levels — even if the capture of EVOs by H1 could produce possibly more powerful and stranger effects such as Fulvio’s creatures of light.

    When it comes to Sept. 11 there were many anomalies that have never been officially explained. What we do know for a fact is the towers and building seven did not fall down normally. They collapsed at free fall speed downwards against the structural resistance of the steel frame. This must have been due to controlled deomolition with planted explosives OR something really exotic like Bob Greenyer is telling us about. However, planted explosives (even thermite) in the building would not account for cars melting and warping while papers around them remained unburnt. There were all sorts of oddities that defy any explanation. HIs suggestion of EVOs is certainly plausible.

    Bob Greenyer is presenting all of this information in the best way he knows how. Perhaps I would have distributed the information differently, but we all have our own styles. Also, I’m focused very narrowly on Rossi Effect replications. Once we have ONE truly anomalous technology completely understood so anyone can replicate, people’s minds will open to all sorts of new ideas and concepts.

    If we agree or disagree with his tactics or methods, Bob followed his heart and conscience while providing this information. I commend him for trying to do what he thought was right and moral despite the controversy it would produce.

    • Frost*

      The EVO thing i can stand but the conspiracy theory clap trap has no place in this debate.

      • Bicke Dutte

        If you don’t like it, don’ read it?

  • Bob Greenyer

    You can join me on the AMA

    My family are 15 hours flight away – tonight I’m hanging out with friends.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Damned if I did, Damned if I didn’t.

    I chose the former and I stand by it.

  • Frank Acland

    Posters, please remember that ECW is primarily a site for discussions around the subject LENR and although we do get off topic sometimes, I don’t want us to get too far off.

    Specifically, in the commenting guidelines –http://www.e-catworld.com/posting-rules/ — here is one of the commenting guidelines about posts subject to moderation: “Comments arguing for or against political ideologies, parties, or candidates” and “Comments arguing for or against religious beliefs or practices”

    Religion and politics are topics that come up incidentally, but ECW is not to become a platform for posters to promote religious or political vewpoints, so please let’s stick to that.

    Also, I know there has been intense debate over the years in various venues regarding what happened on 9/11, but that’s a debate that I want to keep off this site. It’s not something that is subject to experimentation or replication.

    • Dr. Mike

      Well said!
      Dr. Mike

      • Bob Greenyer

        How did the persecution of Pons and Fleischmann present itself from their peers?

        • Dr. Mike

          Pons and Fleischmann presented experimental results that were not accepted by many of their peers because those peers were not able to duplicate their results, primarily because Pons and Fleischmann did not know at the time they first presented their results what conditions were required to get those results. Fortunately, Pons and Fleischmann (and others) continued their work until they did understand the conditions required to achieve excess heat in their devices. To compare their situation to the one you now face is ridiculous. Hopefully your ideas on LENR theory will be examined by the scientific community independently from your religious and political thoughts.
          Dr. Mike

        • nietsnie

          Ridiculous for you to hide behind Pons and Fleischmann, Bob. They presented a flawed methodology for real science. You are hawking a personal belief system in vaguely scientific-looking clothing, hiding behind flashlight-in-front-of-the-face theatrics and either-you-believe-me-or-you’re-not-worthy dismissals. Not the same. And you have contaminated the good name of this site, and LENR generally, to do it.

          • Dr. Mike

            Better said than my comment below- we were typing at the same time. (Interesting we both came up with the word “ridiculous”.)
            Dr. Mike

          • nietsnie

            It pains me because I have admired his work with the MFMP *precisely* because they never make conclusions without absolute proof. They have been tireless proponents of the scientific method. To spend all of that hard-earned, and deserved, cachet on this ramble is hard for me to comprehend.

          • Max Temple

            Hello Bob,

            Where will the AMA be held? On the YouTube channel? You have my list of questions I sent you. The one about Me356 is the most important to me by far. If you need to give him a ring to get the details about his H2 splitting input frequency/waveform, I humbly request on bended knee for you to do so. That information could be used immediately by replicators around the world. I know without proper fuel processing it may not be as effective, but it would give the replicating community an extremely useful tool!

            Thanks again for standing up for your beliefs.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I know he reads here – so maybe he will pass it on

            AMA on YT

            I am going to sleep now. I hope the timezone is good for you.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I have only made the conclusion that Dr Judy Wood is correct in that scientific observations by John Hutchinson – which were replicated over decades, explains all the anomalies in the towers demise and that Kennith Shoulders can explain JH. This the led me to KS saying how LENR works without showing how EVOs are made most effectively and stored – but I have already studied LENR for over 4 years and so I knew which claims were supposed to make the best results and guess what – the best claimed chemical elements would allow for the best EVO production.

          • nietsnie

            As you know, just because something *seems* that it could provide explanation for a result is not proof that it does. So, you have a theory – not a proof. Nothing wrong with theories. There are lots of them. But you are not proposing them as your theory – and that goes against your previous, and admirable, rigor.

            And those things you mention above are only the tip of the iceberg compared to the other things you have claimed (which I won’t go into in deference to Frank). You have provided no proof for any of them either.

          • Axil Axil

            The proof of the theory is here.

            Initiation of nuclear reactions under laser irradiation of Au nanoparticles in the presence of Thorium aqua-ions A.V. Simakin and G.A. Shafeev


            Laser excitation of gold nanoparticles is the method that Surface Plasmon Polaritons are produced. Bob G calls these SPPs -> EVO.

            It is all standard science.




          • Dr. Mike

            I certainly agree,

          • Bob Greenyer

            You have a point on the belief system

            I don’t recall ever saying anyone was not worthy

            Have you got a better explanation for LENR?

          • nietsnie



            I suppose you may quibble with my assignment of ‘worthy’ to it, but this is the sort of quote I was referring to:



            I do not have ANY explanation for LENR. I think there are interesting theories, but none are proven so far as I know. There are even some that I would like to experiment on myself when I have the new environment to do it in.

            But, that’s the point. YOU don’t have any explanation for LENR either. Only your pet theory. And, at the very best, you have hijacked the site to get attention for it. You didn’t need to do that. You could have simply said you had a theory and hoped to convince people – same as everyone else around here with a theory. Or (alternately) you could have proven that your theory was correct (admittedly – harder) and published.

            Instead, you have associated the site, MFMP, and LENR in general with your fictional crackpot character and belief system. What will happen the next time you call wolf?

    • Bob Greenyer

      Frank I love you to bits. It is impossible for me to engage on that restriction in this matter – they are intrinsically linked.

      I will be able to respond on Steemit, Twitter and YT during the AMA. I will address questions posted here.

  • Bob Greenyer

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d77278ba6be6b0164e9ef2787adf9fd6e9d0940224403ef49a9e210cc597464d.png Since this is the biggest LENR experiment ever, which was replicated on the same day it does not break Franks guidelines. Here are two pieces of actual data that are present in LENR research and 9/11 – production of tritium and use of MW to stimulate the effects.

    NIST results 11 days after 9/11

    Tritium : 50 X background

    In a LENR experiment that would be considered a good result.

    People in floors above the plane (no fuel) hanging out of windows and taking their clothes off, reason, get away from the MW / wet clothing interaction.


    Piantelli adds MW to his patent last year, Egely and Peery has it as their main input etc etc.

  • One Opinion

    “We have agreement to test me356 and Suhas – both black box and more.” -Bob Greenyer-

    Open science is good. Keep up your best.

    The un-provable metaphysics, however, fall into the category of fantasy. Nothing wrong with a philosophy of love and hope for a spiritual utopia, mind you. Speaking with certainty about life continuing on another frequency and such just sounds delusional to we unenlightened.

    • Bob Greenyer

      So it is ok to talk about it being unconnected, that stays, including statements that I am delusional – but to talk about it being connected, well – that is sensor worthy?

      Since you are allowed to say it is unconnected, I’d like to express my free speech and agree with Kenneth Shoulders in his last interview with John Hutchinson – that their is a connection.

  • LENR certainly can lead to a social revolution where people ‘consciously awaken’ but before that there needs to be easily replicable technology.

    Saying there is easily replicable new energy technologies is not the same thing as proving it to others so I think it’s important to put the horse in front of the carriage.

    While we are touching down on many interesting topics, and if we are going to be serious about it, every topic belongs in it’s certain place. We are all free to think and do whatever we want, but we also have a responsibility, towards each other and towards a common goal. When what we say and do affects other peoples we should really consider the smartest way, time and place to say and do these things.

    • Bob Greenyer

      I tried to break it bit by bit, adding videos by the key players and spending many hours on transcripts. I did my best.

  • James Rice

    My brother was bipolar and eventually committed suicide. Thus I’m familiar with manic depression and I agree completely that Mr. Greenyer is showing strong manic symptoms.

  • Adam

    Good luck Bob. You have been involved in a cutting edge and grueling quest to explain and quantify the LENR. While this is important, you also must make sure to take care of your own self.
    Please watch this -if you can; there is a big point to the knowledge in this video:

    • Thomas Baccei

      Question for Bob Greenyer. Bob, can you please answer here or in the AMA. In documents from Shoulders and others discussing various properties of EVO’s, they are often called “entities”. Your discussions warn about being taken over, or destroyed if your heart is not pure. In various places EVO’s are said to “decide” things. Does all of this tell us that EVO’s are, in fact, sentient and aware?

      For the record: I’m happy to have taken the “Redpill” but am just as skeptical of it’s reality as I am of the “Bluepill” or No Pill At All.

      So herein you have described a phenomenon which, by most standards, would take humanity from our humble mud beginnings, and virtually overnight create the possibility of having essentially god-like powers and abilities. Sadly, however, it is easily made into a weapon of almost limitless evil: the power to pervert and destroy all that we have ever built, dreamed of, or loved. And, if the answer to my question above is as I expect it to be, are our first contact with an intelligence which is not human. Hints of interaction with alternate universes is also everywhere. Clearly not all of these entities and alternative universes are our friends and benefactors.

      So my final question is: How could you, or anyone, question the necessity of completely, totally and for ever stifling and banning this Pandora’s Box? I, for one, will take our humble progress and pray that in a thousand years, no a million years, we have evolved to the point where not only “leaders” can handle this force safely, but every single living human, to the last individual can safely be trusted with this knowledge.

      Stop it, while you still can!

      • Axil Axil

        These EVO are another name for a well studied quasiparticle that is defined in nanoplasmonics, the surface plasmon polariton (SPP) There is nothing spiritual about them. All the theory about them are in place in professional science. Bit all the dots between many of the fields of science must be connected to get to LENR.

        SPP produce monopole magnetism which is what disrupts nuclear matter.

        • Bob Greenyer

          ok, Kenneth Shoulders saw the connection – I did independently. I can’t talk about it here.

      • Bob Greenyer

        The people must recognise that it has already been here, in this epoc, for at least 70 years.

        Bad people have it under their control and we can either choose to let things happen to us or push back. It is not about if this is going to get into the wrong hands – it already is and we have been asleep in the back of the car.

        We have to see a problem first before we can deal with it. LENR has to be used with respect, Piantelli made this very clear – had I not already seen unequivocal evidence of its use – then I might have chosen a different path – but we have to stop it being abused (the reasons why I will be censored for expressing).

        HAARP needs to be shut down – do we really rely on “knowing what happens in the upper atmosphere” or some such platitude that is given for its existence?

        • meagain

          The HAARP array has now been reproduced a number of times across the world. Whatever the real purpose(s) of these installations (which are not of course anything to do with their stated purposes) they will not be closed down now. Let us just hope that their real purpose is acceptable.

          • Bob Greenyer


        • Thomas Baccei

          Thanks for that clarification. So do we seek to defeat this cabal by putting the lid back on Pandora’s Box, or by getting the information out to everyone so that we can “fight back?” Clearly you have somehow been convinced this “dark” side is in charge, and among other things was responsible for melting down the WTC. Further, you have come to believe that the only decision is to open the Box once and for all time so that the “light” polarity of humanity has a chance.
          When Neo took the Redpill, he experienced things that shattered his Bluepill reality. Your Bluepill reality has clearly been shattered. Can you, and will you offer the rest of us real experiences (science) which validates the Redpill truth? Otherwise we are asked to believe based on simple faith in your arguments and exhibits, and (take this the right way) you are no J.C.

          • Bob Greenyer

            The phrases are already in the literature. “You cannot put the genie back in the bottle”

            Very specific days in my life were training for the presentation in Mumbai – I had those specific days so that I could see the truth.

            I will walk you through how I could recognise the truth.

        • Bob, can you explain how HAARP differs from, say the million Watt shortwave transmitters the VOA used to run from a few locations in the US?

          Or, how about the large number of 50,000 Watt AM broadcast transmitters that operate around the clock from all over the US (not to mention the plethora of lower powered AM transmitters operating around the US for around 100 years now)? And remember, peak power from an AM transmitter is 4x the carrier power so those 50 kW xmtrs are actually 200 kW peak power xmtrs.

          Or how about the numerous FM and TV transmitters rated at 20 kW ERP and above that have been on the air for 60 to 70 years now? How do these differ from HAARP?

          I’m just looking for some tie-ins to ‘technology’ that has operated uneventfully (radio frequency transmissions) and on a wide scale for all these many years.

    • Frost*

      Good video. Everyone on this forum should watch this. It describes exactly what is going on in this thread atm.

      • Adam Lepczak

        This is not to say that Bob’s findings are bogus. Its not that at all. However, too much of a good thing at once can be harmful. We have to wake up but we have to do it in a “safe” fashion. Also, we are just humans. We are limited by our physiology.

  • Axil Axil

    In Leonid Urutskoev’s experiments, one more indicator that these micro balls of lightning are ANALOG black holes (dark mode polaritons) is seen as a result of their very long lifetimes. This lifetime is longer than the time it takes to dry the residue from the exploding foil experiment and expose the dusty residue on a photographic film for 24 hours.

    The lifetime of these solitons is at least a few days. As a rule of thumb, the time it takes a black hole to evaporate is proportional to the cube of its energy/mass. For example, a black hole that contains 10 times more energy then a smaller one would live 1000 times longer than that smaller one. A soliton containing high energy would last a very long time indeed. These solitons could be dangerous since they can pass though a reactor containment as if it was not there.


    It is possible to calculate the lifetime of these solitons if they are black holes. We might be able to see some light coming from the soliton as it gets to the end of its evaporation phase and explodes.

    If they do live for a long time, they can be magnetically extracted in a fuel preprocessing operation and used as LENR fuel.

    There is a good chance that the exploding foil experiment is a form of cavitation. What was observed on the photographic plate might have been what LeClair produces in his cavitation experiments.

  • Adam Lepczak

    Sorry to spam and hijack the discussion a little bit:
    Everyone please watch this – this contains the information that all of us will be able to use; its about the ways to deal with new information in your life:
    https://youtu.be/cl2GGLELkv4; well worth your time. Best to view in entirely but good stuff happens at 5:20

    • Bob Greenyer

      Good video

  • Axil Axil

    It is a matter of method. I have been explaining this stuff for years and I got no traction, but Mr. Greenyer’s method sure has raised interest in the LENR theory material. Since he is not anonymous, he needs to protect himself by acting crazy.

  • Bob Greenyer
    • artefact

      If 3 at night is good, then yes 🙂
      But i can watch the recording.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Damn – you must be in Asia – sorry.

        • artefact

          ~london time zone. No problem.

          • Bob Greenyer

            you man, you are funny

  • Axil Axil

    Mark LeClair has remarked about the extreme problems that he has had with his dealing with the U.S. govenment. LeClair believes that the U.S. govenment has blocked him at every turn. I have not heard about anything that LeClair has done for the last few years. LeClair’s work is compatible with the theory that BoB G has recently discovered.


    • Bob Greenyer

      I have not seen this – thanks. I am going to sleep Axil – can you reach out to LeClaire and see if he is willing to take part.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I never claimed I was P&F, I asked about how the persecution of them presented itself from their peers.

  • The American Government did not murder 3000 of its own people by recruiting foreign terrorists and zapping buildings with an exotic death ray.

  • radvar

    The human mind is hardwired to seek power. We need it to survive and prosper, and it is built into primate evolution.

    Unfortunately, when you add together monkey brains, human imagination and technological innovation the seeking of power can lead to a very unhealthy combination of mass delusion, demagoguery and weapons of mass destruction.

    While it is important to be alert for game-changers, anytime anyone makes claims about extraordinary power of any kind…ANY kind…it is equally important to question what psychological or material benefit they personally stand to gain from such claims.

    “Still waiting for my cup of tea.”

    • Ophelia Rump

      A hot cup would be lovely right about now.

      The service seems exceptionally slow, surely it will be worth the wait.

  • sam

    Thanks for your wisdom Frank.

  • The important and crucial aspect of Bob’s collection of controversial hypotheses is the LENR effect in itself. As I like to point out–physics/nature doesn’t pay attention to people’s games or efforts to hide the truth. It just couldn’t care less.
    Once high COP LENR is proven publicly in conclusive and repeatable experiments, it cannot be killed with propaganda. The rest of what Bob suggests can then be investigated and evaluated in the light of this.
    That’s the difference between politics and physics.

    • Bruce__H

      I think you should say

      IF “…high COP LENR is proven publicly …”


      “ONCE high COP LENR is proven publicly…”

      Assuming the truth of what what you want to prove before you actually prove it is exactly how science gets turned into politics. This whole site suffers terribly from this psychological flaw.

      • Right Bruce_H. Obviously it’s also IF.

  • Axil Axil

    I can see why the nuclear powers would want to stop LENR. LENR is a prodigious generator of muons. It would be possible to place a satellite into orbit with a LENR source of muons that could be concentrated into a beam and projected onto the ascending warhead in the boost phase. The muon beam would catalyze fusion in the structure of the warhead as well as inside the plutonium pit itself. These muons would produce enough neutrons to prematurely start a chain reaction in the warhead thus exploding the warhead over the territory of the aggressor nation.

    Muons cannot be easily shielded at least by anything that can be boosted into space. LENR can produce the ultimate defensive nuclear weapon.

    • atanguy

      “I also believe that high flux muon generation that powerful LENR reactors are probably producing can cause health problems and these muons are near impossible to shield against.”
      Would it be possible that the low energy muons acting on the ferritin in brain or hemoglobin explain some of the confusion that we see in this thread and even some hallucinations of group of people around Fukushima and Tchernobyl?

      • Axil Axil

        On the LENR forum. we had a very long conversation with EROS who was a replicator concerned with the effects that his reactor were having on his brain. I judge EROS to have borderline schizophrenia. He spent a month in the hospital after a long experimental effort next to his reaction. Lookup EROS posts on the LENR forum. EROS provided good data on muon detection.

        LENR produces ionization.

        ME356 does remote experimentation so he still has clear thinking.

        • Rene

          Where is the evidence for that claim? Did EROS ever add a muon detector. Did me356 (I would imagine he did, since he was quite concerned). It would be great to see that data.

          • Axil Axil

            EROS discovered when he shielded his reactor with iron and lead, the gamma count went up on the outside of that shielding. He then shielded the window on his gamma detector with copper and saw an increase in gamma.

            The absorption of muons in uranium is 10,000,000 times higher then for hydrogen. Heavy elements cause muons to react vigorously.


            Total nuclear capture rates for negative muons.


          • Bob Greenyer

            He had no Muon detector – but he is running his reactors conservatively, so should be safe.

      • Axil Axil

        Here is a post by EROS

        Can we talk about Holmlid?
        Sep 14th 2016

        gameover wrote:

        It seems that there is a certain number of papers describing the effects that ionizing radiation can have on mental health. The titles may offer a hint for further search into the subject.
        Tying this again to Holmlid and the possible muon emission (in a hopeful attempt to bring the discussion back in-topic) this makes doubly
        important to assess whether a previously unnoticed ionizing radiation emission (i.e. muons or other exotic particles) is generated in working
        LENR systems.

        Amazing what intensity they take idea grow crops in manure and get golden showers 😉

        Most paywalled, .mil link dosn’t open here.

        “Cognitive, psychological and psychiatric effects of ionizing radiation exposure.”


        “The psychological effects of ionizing radiation”



        Display Less

        From abstracts, second link is typical “truth” what they offer you in doctotr/hospital if you say that you maybe have got radiation from lenr reactor. If you deny to accept doctor opinion they are very will to give some injections. I avoided injections (in that time) because I said I have not observer any ionization radiation with my geiger and sure I have got heat radiation from reactor.

        First link is connected one which abstract show radiation aging/altzheimer posibility in mouse brains:

      • Rene

        I recall MFMP are adding muon detectors to their experiments to determine how much, if any.

    • Omega Z

      ->”prematurely start a chain reaction in the warhead thus exploding the warhead over the territory of the aggressor nation.”

      Interesting. 7 years ago on a Navy research publication site, it was stated that they had developed the technology to destroy a nuclear armed ICBM at any point after launch in 2 ways. 1) Obliterate or 2) Detonate. It also stated it would only require 5 years to deploy the technology. As well it said the web site would probably go dark for obvious reasons. A couple months later when I checked it again. Sure enough. The site no longer existed.

      Note this was a web site that published occasional updates on the military laser projects.

      • Bob Greenyer

        If you see something – off-line it.

        I off-lined everything significant. I expect the Hutchinson and shoulders videos to come down – it is why I made transcripts and embedded them in the blockchain on steemit

  • Bob Tivnan

    Interesting research development from Rice University.

    “Scientists offer a glimpse into a possible new path toward the production of energy through nuclear fusion in a new report.”


    Doesn’t look like LENR. More like a new approach to muon-catalyzed fusion.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Setting up AMA now

    • Husky

      I am ready 😀

      • Bob Greenyer

        Having to verify google account

        • Bob Greenyer

          Damn – need a phone number and it will not accept skype – sorry about this.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Here is the hangout link

    Send me your google ID (via twitter) if you want to be inside

    • Husky

      there is a chat in youtube itself – do you see the messages?

  • Bob Greenyer

    (RedPill) AMA – lifting the veil – seeing the future


    • Husky

      you can pop out the chat window in youtube

    • Husky
    • Stephen

      Well that was quite some AMA. Bob after everything these past years you certainly deserve some time off to relax. You are in a very special place to do that. Some 20 or 30 years ago I went to a country not far away little to the north of you with the same open and listening mind that and had much the same experience of synchronicity and awareness as you. It was a special time for me too.

      Be free and open to experience there and allow yourself to let go of strong hurts concerns and worries for a few days and just enjoy your self with your family.

      EV + Love = Evolve 😉

      • Bob Greenyer

        hehe – thanks Stephen.

  • Axil Axil

    Many experimenters in the LENR field invent their own names for the things that they find in their research. Examples are EVO, poly neutrons, Erzions, ball lightning, exotic neutral particles, and many others. The problem with making up these names for these things is that you can’t look them up in the scientific literature and see what they are all about. Without the proper name, you cannot look up the equations that describe their behavior. It is not just semantics. Not using the proper scientific name for LENR processes only leads to confusion.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      True. Concerning “EVO” in particular, I’m sceptical about the vacuum part: why vacuum, since in LENR the environment is solid state. Would be enough to have some exotic object that has existence only inside solid matrix. Potentially would also need less new physics that way. Possibly even none.

      • Bob Greenyer

        It comes from [structure of the physical] vacuum – not sure you actually need a macro scale vacuum. On some scale there is always vacuum since the cosmic lattice is such a fine structure.

        The videos from Hutchinson clearly show it is a bulk effect with say 2 inch bars bending. This means it must be throughout the material. Given that shoulders specifically says this

        “See and EVO is a cluster it’s a way of thinking of it, of electrons, and you know, in physics as well, you can get; cooper pairs, Muons (207 × electron), Tauons (3477.48 × electron)… they are all just clusters of electrons of a larger size – but heck, they rarely go above 100s and I see them into the billions worth – no trouble at all. So I am working with a WAY upscale class of guys.”


        “they are stable unless I intentionally blow them up”

        “They can be just about anywhere, it is handy for me because I can analyse them in a vacuum – they can exist in a solid”

        • Axil Axil

          Here is a video that explains what polaritons are


          • Bob Greenyer

            Yeh – seen that before.

        • Pekka Janhunen

          Sorry but this text is too obscure for me to say anything.

  • Richard Hill

    What is an EVO?

    • Axil Axil
      • Bob Greenyer

        SPPs cannot be stored in an atom.

        How exactly would you get enough surface on monoatomic hydrogen to get SPPs? (Genuine question)

        • Axil Axil

          Ken Shoulders said:

          “I have seen a 5 and 20 um one and my present job is to get them bigger and bigger and bigger”

          “U have been able to use these little biddy machines I make to get them up to 100um so far.”

          KS “they are stable unless I intentionally blow them up”

          SPPs are balls of light (Ball lightning) that are entangled with electrons that are still vibrating in a electric dipole.

          The Surface Plasmon Polariton(SPP) is the key to LENR. The SPP forms a polariton condinsate through FANO interference which forces the waveforms of all the polaritons in the whispering gallery waveform to the same common energy level and shape. A common waveform for the polarion aggregation is thus formed as all the waveform fluctuations in the polaritons are suppressed. Being a Bose Einstein Condensate (BEC), all the SPPs will enter a state of coherence through EMF sharing in aggregation as a result of energy loss through dispersion.

          Random EMF pumping goes into the SPP and coherent EMF comes out as dispersion.

          There is a simple concept at play here. If we fill a glass with water and ice, given enough time, the water will reach a constant temperature. Entropy is always maximized at equilibrium. The same is true with EMF confined in a cavity. The EMF will reach the wame wavelength.

          The FANO resonance mechanism is not temperature sensitive and the SPP will also form a BEC regardless of the temperature of the system.

          SPPs will form on the surface of transition metal nanoparticles. Ultra dense hydrogen (USD) is a secondary power amplification mechanism what supports SPP aggregate condinsation. Being an optimum crystal configuration for SPP amplification, the SPP on the surface of the UDH will form a BEC whose anapole magnetic component are all focused to the head of the UDH nanoparticle as witnessed by the superconductivity of the UDH.


          • Bob Greenyer

            Whatever the mechanism, or form if the are equivalent in charge and capability – then one might choose the easiest name. SPP just doesn’t cut it for me as a name. Charge Clusters is generic and says kind of what it is.

          • Axil Axil

            There is 100,000 articles on SPPs in nanoplasmonics with all kinds of info, It is a shame not to reference all that stuff. Ken Shoulders was not the only guy who was working on these things. 1000 others have been too and have made a lot of progress.

          • Bob Greenyer

            did they also work on disintegration of metals and all the other weird stuff?

          • Axil Axil

            The disintegration of metal comes from the monopole magnetic field produced by the SPPs.

            John Hutchinson produces monopole magnetism somehow using microwaves which produces nucleon decay resulting in kaon, pion and muon production as per Holmlid.

          • Bob Greenyer

            well – we don’t want that!

          • Axil Axil

            In LENR you will alway get that. That is where the energy comes from.

  • Hillary

    I have been watching the ava for some time and reading the comments (for the last years). Obviously Bob has gone mental from the Indian curry or whatever… 9/11 evo’s, cutting rock for pyramids, resetting the earth. Please come on.
    Bob or Rossi or all the other money sucking fools, just put up a video showing you cutting rock for pyramids with a EVO laser or set up a decent laboratory with some of the followers of this site invited with decent measuring equipment and prove the damn thing.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Its AMA

      Wow, another hit peace from the newbie with a blocked profile.

      Another character assassination. You don’t like what LENR can do – why are you here?

      Kenneth Shoulders showed that EVOs cut through ceramics as if they were not there in the same way that ball lightening does – yes it may be hard for you to understand but that does not make it untrue.

      I love Curry – but the presentation was done essentially before I got to India.

      Instead of making straw men and ordering me to go do that – such that if I didn’t the facts of the things you can see by other suddenly become invalid. How about you ask sensible questions on areas of delivering the technology for me to answer.

      How exactly am I money sucking fool?

      I will publish my last 3 years accounts if you will – whoever you are, now there is a challenge. Actually, I’ll do it anyway.

      • artefact

        “showed that EVOs cut through ceramics”
        Did you see the video from Russ some years ago when he tried to replicate Papp. He had a spark plug in a glas container and one time a “particle” flu through the glas as if it was not there.

        • Axil Axil

          I posted on that and said the same thing.

          • artefact

            Great 🙂

          • Bob Greenyer

            there you go.

            George Egely has said he will share his ball lightening aftermath photos, will have plenty of material to cross reference.

  • Hillary
    • Bob Greenyer

      I see some plastic phones – plastic does not conduct EVOs – so they would survive, just like the paper did (through a fire no less, that took down the building, gotta get me some of that paper)

  • Rene

    Frank, censoring my question without even bothering to ask me about it quite unbecoming. Contact me soonest. Thank you.

  • georgehants

    Morning Bob hope you are well, looking forward to all your information, remember that dumb science cannot even replicate a complicated crop-circle under controlled conditions and many other clear anomalies, they just cover-up by laughing and go hide under the kitchen table.
    If you are just having a personnel experience then that is o.k. too, it is a difficult World.

  • Max Temple

    Message for Bob Greener,

    I’ve listened to your long AMA and I appreciate all you’ve shared. If you could contact Me356 today and ask for the frequency/waveforms he is using through his resistors to produce atomic hydrogen and then share that in the video you may make later today that would be awesome. I humbly ask you to attempt to acquire that information. Thank you.

    • Bob Greenyer

      He is not prepared to share that at this time.

      The sequence will be (as of now):

      1. When he is ready (soon I hope) we verify.
      2. If valid, then much wider verification
      3. Release.

      Ultimately it has to be a single pure act from him, he cannot be forced to do it. He reads here, so if there is something more he chooses me to share, then so be it.

  • Dodger

    Bob is talking about dark forces which try to stop LENR research, while the same dark forces support DoD and others to do public LENR basic research.

    A bit contradicting heh??

    The whole behaviour of Bob Greenyer looks like HE(!!) is the one who’s trying to disturb LENR research by pushing the LENR field back into the esoteric, conspiracy, idiot, … edge of fringe science.

    Thank you Bob for destroying the last bit of credibility the field has gained by the year-long hard work of several individuals!!

    • Bob Greenyer

      Character attack. You did not have to listen. Are you seriously expecting to make people believe that the USPTO and broader scientific / research community have been behind LENR? Care to give a reason why SPAWAR was shut down?

      I expect they’ll be a whole load of hit pieces like this – but I am ready for it.

      The first thing people do is make bombs from new energy – what I did is make it clear that that is not going to be a selling point – since it has already been done. Therefore, it is only the peaceful stuff left. I am interested in the peaceful stuff – never been a fan of dying.

      Did you actually listen to the presentation?

      Take out the bits you disapprove of you know, the stuff people have opinions about and you have clear direction on how to deliver the effect. The fact is science is not about opinion, it works the way it works and in the case of Pons and Fleischmann – their science was crushed by a vote – and the same people are attacking another scientist that is touching on the most egregious use of the technology in living memory. Why is that?

      I gave a precise choice of elements with justification which is consistent with both theory and the embodiments that show the greatest results. A combination claimed to work that matches this guidance was unexpectedly demonstrated within 24 hours. Ways for stimulating it etc.

      It’s almost as if people don’t want LENR, they want NEVER – and a whole industry based around not delivering.

      You may think that real information will take things backwards, personally, I think a little consistent clarity is better – those that listen will go forward.

      By progress in the last year, do you mean successive co-opting, diversion, distraction and destruction of players?

  • Bob Greenyer

    You really think if I prove it your mind would change – it has already been done by others, if their results are not enough for you then nothing that I could do on a shoe string would be.

    2005 Adamenko’s patent.

    Production of 62Ni from two copper electrodes (long before Lugano)

    Production of high proportion of gold in collector grains

    2016 Egely’s reactor.

    Production of gold (unknown amount and unknown fuel but suspected to contain copper)

    Since you mentioned 9/11

    Care to explain how the stone facade of an adjacent building completely dissapears without any rubble?

    I can explain it and it is the same thing that could cut rock. Look at Kenneth Shoulders micrographs of EVOs boring clean through Alumina – seemingly with the alumina dissapearing. Egely has said he would share images showing ball lightening damage when he gets back to Europe.

    Care to explain how the new steels put in to repair an adjacent building rusted many times faster than science would determine?

    I can explain it, it is simple, the higher charged EVOs in place of the electrons cause faster oxidation.

    Rossi got snookered – he has to find a way around.

    Thanks for your advice on “just prove it”, but prove what exactly?

  • Bob Greenyer

    How very CIA _Jim, combining the word “late” passive threat with “conspiracy theory” derogatory term,

    How do you use rational argument to

    1. explain clean circular holes in 1 pane of 2 panes of double glazed windows in and adjacent building.

    2. Cars that have metal that is folded (which I know doesn’t happen) through ‘claimed’ fires when there is un-burned fabric?

    3. How do you explain the disappearance of a whole rock facade of an adjacent building – no rubble!

    4. How do explain the disappearance of 1000s ceramic toilet fittings

    5. How do you explain 50X tritium levels

    6. What excuse do you give for bringing in what looks like soil, scraping it around and then removing it again?

    I can explain all of these things – and the explanation is NOT a kerosene fire – I KNOW what they can do.

    I don’t expect an answer.

    • Stephen

      I appreciate you have some other angles on this I try to keep in open mind.

      But I do wonder could LENR and EVO’s be triggered by the collision like this if we consider the materials end energies present during and after the collision.

      I guess there have not been too many high energy impacts between two large metal objects like this. Would sufficient hydrogen be released and not burnt due to oxygen starvation to hydrogenate the metal in this extreme environment to potentially generate large EVOs?

      I wonder if similar effects were observed with the Russian Meteor a few years back.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Ok, perhaps you missed my explanation – it is in the (Redpill) audio – will be clearer when you see my hand waving video version if I can ever get it uploaded – this feels like a third world country here sometimes.

        EVO charge shot from bottom of plane – best way to store large EVO charge stably is in Gold – bolt hits aluminium cladding on tower – and like a light switch the EVOs propagate into the structure. With the right microwave planar spread – that particular part of the metal structure turns to jelly as Hutchinson demonstrated 100s times. Plane is not in field (Just projecting it) and maybe coated with non-conductive paint, and so can cut through like a butter knife.

  • Bob Greenyer

    That’s funny – made me laugh!

  • Kim G Patterson

    I actually did listen.

    The meek shall inherit the earth.

    Bobs discourse was spot on.


    • Bob Greenyer

      Thanks Kim

  • Bob Greenyer

    I did not predict this with Clairvoyance. This will be made to happen. Look at the narrative – preparing the minds for acceptance.


    • Kim G Patterson

      I understood every word you said on your red pill ama,
      and the implications there of.

      We need concensus to hold our realities, you have mine.


      • Bob Greenyer

        Thanks Kim – and well done, a lot of drivvel to listen through – as a tip, I tend to listen to youtube at double speed.

        As I have always said – I don’t care if I am wrong, I only care if I am right.

    • invient

      Bob, given the pyramidal shape of stibine, would it act as a concentrator or dissipator for EVOs?

      Second, do you think Konstantin Meyl’s ideas give the theoretical basis for EVOs? I have yet read the books from him that I have, but now want to start reading ken shoulders work… is Meyl still a relevant avenue to study?

      Thanks, keep your “will to power”… I’ve only recently found my passion for an unrelated area of study, and no ones opinion on the matter will change my aim.

  • Stephen


    Well normally I like to look at what can be explained with old physics but I’m definetly not against new discoveries and ideas either. I have to say I do find EVO’s very intriguing even if I’m not sure yet about all the implications. When I first came here Axil drew my attention to similar Ideas about plasmons and entanglement which were always interesting… Even more so now I guess. EVO’s seem to be much more intriguing than I ever expected.

    I have often wondered whether locality can tell us something about fundamental particles. And if the differences between them could be explained by geometry if locality is taken into account. Could there be one kind of fundamental entity dominated by and generated In a local frame of reference but influenced by resonance interactions in the external frame. I would think it much easier for space to make one kind of particle in some local frame than many types.

    If you think of a particle as a spinning object it has an axis in one direction a rotational plane orthogonal to the axis. I suppose there would be 3 stable orthaganal states in the local frame of reference. Perhaps certain axis require higher energies relative to the external field or resonant environment to form.

    I wonder if you look at the rules of 3 in the standard model especially regarding leptons and quark families in the standard model. If the can be explained by geometry differences between a fundemental particles local frame and the external frame llike that? And bosons effectively be an expression of transitions and rotations in thos frames as energy is added of removed.

    Well that’s all speculative and undoubtably increadibly naive to a theoretical particle physicist. But the potential for a relationship between rules of 3 in the standard model with 3 dimensions of space have always intrigued me. And now I learn about EVOs well I just wonder what it could all mean

  • sam

    Hi Bob
    Can you expand on your videos.
    This is a comment from first video
    What is this doing?What are you showing?What is the significance?





    • Bob Greenyer

      When I have had a rest – and uploaded all the videos for this, I will write a more detailed Steemit article with all videos. I am just revealing the vids as they get published.

  • radvar

    Talk is cheap and Bob G has produced a lot of it.

    Despite all the effort Bob has poured into this somehow he had not found the time to produce a compact written synopsis with references that can be questioned and defended point by point.

    Almost as if he were avoiding a direct rational review of what he is claiming.

    Bob defends his own position by saying people have not listened carefully to his (self-admittedly rambling) videos and audios (which no I have not, it’s too painful…the long dramatic pauses in particular). The conspiracy theories are wholly unnecessary and substantiate nothing because they cannot be substantiated. The predictions of disaster are another form of adrenalinated attention grabbing.

    And then when people point out these concerns he complains about character attacks.

    Where have we seen this pattern of behavior before, recently?

    The illusion of power is extremely seductive. Weak minds regularly succumb to it. Thus the state of the world.

    Honestly, at this point I’m concerned for Bob’s well-being.

    And despite that, I would very much like to see that written synopsis.

    • SG

      Bob is kind of free-wheeling it as he goes, and laying all of his thoughts out into the open. We don’t have to agree with everything. What is important is that he has thrown himself into the mix of it, and plans on doing two black box tests with me356’s and “Echo’s” systems. If Bob can be a catalyst for those efforts, we will all gain something of tremendous knowledge-value.

      • Bob Greenyer

        You understand it SG – I find that if I don’t note it down, I have to re-think it later and might miss something. What is happening is everyone that CHOOSES to can interact with the process.

        I encourage people to not agree – I said it at the start of the AMA. But really, just saying ‘conspiracy theory’ doesn’t constitute an argument – I have given specific Tesla/Hutchinson/Shoulders explanations for the massive amounts of anomalies in that replicated event – yet to see anyone provide adequate alternatives.

        I’m with Dr Judy Wood – 30X published, she didn’t get it all the way – but maybe she new the reality after all – she has met Hutchinson.

        I tried to meet/speek to Puthoff/Little (worked with Shoulders since 1980 on EVOs) – Got response from Earthtech and an introduction, then nothing – told me what I needed to know.

        • Mike

          Bob – How do you square the circle when you say ” I’ve provided specific Hutchinson explanations” when his “work” has never been reproduced by anyone, anywhere……ever…

          And PS – The dustification of the spire on 9/11 never happened. You just got fixated on a specific viewing angle that provides the illusion it turns to dust.

          • Bob Greenyer

            A small and partial summary from Dr. Judy Wood

            ## John Hutchinson

            Breakthrough with anti-gravity Field and disruption in metals ~ lévitation of objects, transmutation in metals. First material testing results of metal samples indicate that In the disruption process, the energy required to produce effects was at least one billion times greater than the 4,000 Watt input used. The results are known as the Hutchison Effect by the scientific community.

            Start of U.S. Government interest. Demonstration of Hutchison Effect to U.S. Army Intelligence, and the Los Alamos Laboratory. Demonstration videotaped by these and other U.S. scientists. Metal samples taken for laboratory analysis. Test results were not released.

            Canadian Scientific and Technical Intelligence Agency investigates Hutchison Effect. Further testing, leading to greater mastery of effect. North American and European laboratories indicate same results of atomic changes in samples.
700 demonstrations in 16 years.

            Invited by European scientists to Austria and Germany. During 2-year period, new discoveries in subatomic physics and in elimination of radioactivity.

            TVASAHI interview aired April 6, 1993 in Japan.
            Japanese book about Hutchison Effect published by Nobuo Yokoyama,as part of Tokyo Free Energy Project.
            Studies in theoretical physics of combining subatomic physics with space, time and energy.
            Model of Gravity Propulsion developed.

            Premises were raided by the local New Westminster Police Department and other people with them photographed things in Hutchison’s apartment during the raid.

            Jim Cherry of “World Wireless Productions” (for Miramax motion pictures) witnessed the effect of the floor of Hutchison’s apartment starting to buckle or roll. This event was also recorded on video. Jim Cherry was with a team that included a News Week reporter and one from TIME Magazine.

            In the period 2004-2005, Bruce Burgess of Blue Book Films worked on another film project with Hutchison.
            Also in the period 2004-2005, Hutchison made attempts to retrieve copies of official reports about his experiments through FOIA requests in Canada and the USA, but nothing of value was released to him.
            Between June 2004 and April 2005, Hutchison experienced a significant increase in enquiries from a number of organizations such as NASA, the Pentagon and from SAIC. Some of them requested he send videos.
            Lama Lee, who lived quite close to Hutchison, reported to news crews about metal ornaments “dissolving” in her apartment, near the time he had done some of his experiments.
            Mayor M. Wright of New Westminster visited Hutchison’s apartment because he said he had gotten reports of concrete breaking or cracking and citizens being in distress, apparently following some of Hutchison’s experiments.
            April 2005, Hutchison spoke on Art Bell’s US “Coast to Coast” radio show and discussed the likelihood of the replication of his technology by other groups within the military.

            In 2006 a group from National Geographic TV filmed odd vibrations and fires during Hutchison’s experiments.
            Also near that time, Nancy O’ Donnell a TV director and others from Chinese TV saw and/or filmed melting rubber and steel during Hutchison’s experiments.
            In 2006 several other groups filmed effects on Redbull cans and other effects on a toy ship. These effects included “lightning bolts” and water foaming.
            Again in 2006, videos of Hutchison’s experiments were shown to 400 staff officers at the Pentagon and it received standing ovation.

    • Bob Greenyer

      You can play youtube at 200% – then you can use 50% the time I gave to take.

      Radvar – it is so much work / references and I sketched it out in the AMA – of course, I could have gone to ground for 2-3 months – done all of that work for free (even cheaper than the talking – which you got for free) and then gone public – however that would mean anyone that might get something from it wouldn’t for 3 months – if that is 1000 people, then 3000 man months may be wasted.

      Perhaps, rather than complaining you didn’t get everything handed on a plate, you could transcribe points you think others would find useful – or go and look up the key references and alert others where to find them.

      I believe in getting it all out whilst it is fresh in my head and you practically got it real time – you got that process live, you are not forced to watch it. You can not watch it and wait for someone to make it easy for you.

      I posted many of the key papers and video links and an archive of most of the Kenneth Shoulders papers before hand. I did this so that people that cared could get up to speed – did you read them?

      Family chillin before sleepin, perhaps whilst I am taking a rest, you can do a synopsis, or find 11 people to take a 30 min segment each.

      • Adrian

        Bob, would it be possible for you to create an index to some of the key points, in the description of the video? People could then jump straight to these. Maybe someone can make up a list of these points and give you the timestamps.

      • radvar

        It is well known that the initial insights of science are often intuitive. However, the followups that last are all analyzable in terms of common-sense causes and effects.

        Human understanding is top down from big pieces to smaller ones. It always starts with and builds on a high level outline.

        If you cannot compose a synopsis and post it on G-Apps within a few hours then I don’t believe you understand it yourself.

        • Axil Axil

          I have offered Keith Fredericks an explanation for the tachyon like particles that he was seeing in his research. This explanation covers much of what Bob G is expressing.


          I would be glad to back up this explanation with the hundreds of references that I have collected over the years. Also look at the ideas of Keith Fredericks which supports and adds depth to what Bob G is saying.

          Feel free to ask questions, others will benefit from a give and take.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Thanks axil

          • radvar


            On or about [date], Bob became aware of through [how] information via [media / experience / communication] about phenomena that he believes could be transformative in the fields of

            The particular features of this phenomena that caught Bob’s interest are

            The key parts of these phenomena that appear to defy mainstream scientific explanation are:

            The primary reasons that Bob believes these phenomena deserve credence are:

            The specific evidence that the above parts of the phenomena should be given credence are:

            The main scientific theories that in Bob’s view these phenomena belong to are:

            The critical factors in how these phenomena may be explained by the theories are can be found in the [subordinate theories/branches] that are documented in
            i.c …
            ii.c …
            iii.c …

            The key relationships that in Bob’s view link these elements together are

            The areas that require additional exploration and explanation are:

            Again, if it takes more than a hour or two to write those things down, and (I propose) post them here, then I have difficulty believing that this subject matter is reflective of reality.

            I believe that most people, including myself, would have a great deal of tolerance for incompletenesses, approximations or errors in a first draft.

          • Axil Axil

            The subject of LENR is very complicated and multileveled. LENR deals with revolutionary science and the nature of the way the fundamental forces of space/time work as a replacement of supersymmetry.

            We really should start out at the beginning.

            The true nature of space/time is the base level of the theory of LENR. We should start there. To prepare yourself, understand how gravity is emergent from quantum entanglement. This also shows how the strong and the weak force are emergent by entanglement.

            The growing acceptance of Erik Verlinde’s work indicates to me a turning away from the particle based paradigm that has fixated physics and cosmology for so long. It is being more widely recognized that quantum entanglement forms the basis of reality and that the nature of space/time emerges from it. Like gravity, even the other previously considered fundamental forces of nature emerge from the properties of entanglement. This includes not only gravity but also the strong and weak forces which will be found to also emerge from entanglement.

            By manipulating entanglement, engineering may open up new vistas of nuclear force control. The field that is emerging to do this engineering is called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).

            Bye bye supersymmetry.

            For background, see how gravity is affected by adiabatic reaction force. the same is true for the strong and the weak force.

            see as a primer:


          • radvar

            I appreciate that this may be very interesting and very applicable. However, as I mentioned. effective functional understanding is top down analytic. You cannot teach trigonometry to people who don’t know geometry. I’d like to see Bob’s material start with Level 1 and 2, for which I provided a framework, above. Without that, there is no context in which to connect your contribution to Bob’s claims.

          • Axil Axil

            The central concept in LENR is entanglement. The increase or decrease of entanglement is what effects the change in the power of the strong and the weak force. There has long been a school of theory in LENR that postulated that quantum condinsation and/or superconductive nature of space/time is the causal factor is the LENR reaction



            Dr. Giuliano Preparata was among the first to point out this connection. Dr Kim’s theories also centered around condinsation as a cause for LENR.

            The EVO or more properly named polariton produces both monopole magnetic flux lines and quantum condinsation. The EVO is just one of many mechanisms that provide this causative reaction in the pantheon of LENR mechanisms.

            The problem with LENR theory is that it is do multifaceted that it becomes confusing in it complexity. For example, their is a class of magnets that produce LENR effects.

            The link I gave you to Keith Fredericks webpage concentrates on ultra dense hydrogen and the polariton that Keith is interested in.

          • radvar

            Perhaps, however, again, no help for Bob.

          • Axil Axil

            regarding: “I’m still surprised that most commentators are unable to address the relativistic aspects of the em-drive.”

            The EMDrive also is an application of the Adiabatic reaction force. Microwaves decrease condinsation of the virtual particles in space time and therefore produce an Adiabatic reaction force as explained by Verlinda. This is the same mechanism that produces increased gravity force as seen in unexpected increases in galaxy rotation.

          • radvar

            I appreciate that you have your own theory, however, again, I’m surprised that you do not even comment on Shawyer’s explanation, which relies on special relativity. Occam’s razor says it produces a much simpler explanation.

          • Bob Greenyer

            No problem, I am having a chillout for now – actually, if you bothered to look at the materials and sites that I posted and referred to, then you wouldn’t need to be spoon fed so much.

            At least Axil and Ged and Max Temple others are thinking rather than demanding something for nothing.

            But, I set out to prove LENR and then educate on it – a coalition of the not-compromised or vested interested or scared is obviously the way to go.

            But seriously, 1 hour to prove LENR to everybody’s satisfaction?? Such a straw man… Some people take 2 hours to switch on in the morning!

        • Gerard McEk

          Maybe I have missed something in the AMA, but I did not see a clear recipe for LENR. I do believe LENR can be dangerous and as long as there is no good theory we should be very cautious with it. Muons, tachions, or EVO’s can be propelled away without noticing if we are not aware that we have to look for those. I have doubts that a microwave can initiate the fusion in a EVO soaked metal, maybe a (green or blue) laser can.
          To prove the connection with 9/11 will be hard and the story about the world of the spirits, will be impossible. It would have been better that you would not had shared that part openly, Bob!

          • Axil Axil

            A EVO produces monopole magnetism which converts protons and neutrons into mesons. Anything that produces anisometric magnetic flux lines will produce matter disruption.

            The reason to bring up the characteristics of magnetic field lines is not to engineer a LENR system based on magnets, but to reduce the variables in the LENR theory to the bare minimum as exemplified by the Cravens ball reactor which uses only a SrCo5 anisotropic magnet(powder), charcoal and deuterium. With all the theoretical underbrush removed, it seems to be possible to penetrate the LENR reaction to its core…that core being magnetic effects on the nucleus of the atom.

            The reaction in the golden ball does not require shock, pressure change, EMF stimulation and the other dozens of reaction complications that confuse the LENR reaction issue. There is a simple reductionist experimental process that can allow for an amateur scientist to penetrate deeply into the mysteries of LENR with simple equipment and the proper use of reductionist logic.

            The Cravens golden ball has fascinated me as a theoretical outlier but as the simplest LENR reactor, and the most fundamental.

            With the underpinning of the Cravens golden ball theory in hand; all other LENR theory can be analyzed under its revelations.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Have to discount the Deuterium / Protium exchange reaction in that one though.

            Given that Stoyan Sarg describes his anti-gravity as made possible by first getting the 1H into its rydberg state (and thus expressing 630X) magnetism – it is entirely plausible that Cravens could be LENR.

            Also, remember the head of Skunkworks demonstrating Anti-Gravity with Neodymium magnets in a softball sized rock

          • AdrianAshfield

            I don’t think he was head of Skunk Works. He was an engineer working for Lockheed. Look up his bio.
            Please give a link to your blog/entry on Steemit. I don’t see a search function there to find it.

          • georgehants

            Senior Scientist for top US military contractors reveals exotic energy and transportation technology – Key point partial transcript

          • Bob Greenyer

            Hi Gerrard.

            If you accept that it is all based on electrons or more specifically some kind of concentration of them – then everything makes sense. All of the best working technology embodiments make sense with their claimed choices. I actually shared all the key information before (Redpill) and (Redpill) AMA in the form of element tables with animation or overlay to draw attention.

            The AMA was more to lay out how I could recognise the biggest experiment (till that date) conducted with the technology and then to walk through the implications – answering questions. There are so many different segments of different patents and articles involved. I have a photographic memory (about things I care about) and so I don’t have a problem seeing all these things in context. It is a large body of work to break it down to the bare essentials with enough corroborating evidence so that we don’t keep hearing the mantra “proove it” or “Conspiracy Theory” or “your mad”. All you need to know is in the papers I have published or linked to. In fact, other than storage of EVOs much of what is needed to generate massive energy concentration is embodied in the way HAARP works.

            Frank has asked me to take discussion of (RedPill) off ECW, so I will over the next week(s) write a detailed Steemit and all discussion will take place there. It is his site and I respect his decision.

          • Dodger

            Thank you Frank!
            Let’s keep ECW clean from this.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Ok Dodger, pretty obvious who you and Hillary are with your hidden accounts – you think you’re so smart – however, I am not into Doxxing. You may have intimidated Frank, but you wont intimidate me.

            Why don’t you and Hillary show proof of who you are – instead of just revealing your motives through your FUD and Ad hominems.

          • georgehants

            Morning Bob, please put up here a link to follow your work, not Facebook, You Tube etc. but a normal Website.
            It seems there may already be pressure on ECW to back away from your science.
            Many thanks.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Hi Georgehants

            It will be on Steemit – it is a normal website with blogging function – but the good thing is, that it is in the block chain – so that articles and comments / discussion can never be sensored – unlike here – to paint a narrative.

            I have had reasonable comments sensored – yet shills with closed accounts get their personal attacks left standing.

          • georgehants

            Bob as Adrian asks below how do we find t,your page on Steemit

          • artefact

            You can google steemit homosymbion. Cant put a link right now.

          • Frank Acland

            I have decided to close this thread. I would encourage anyone who wants to continue discussion of the RedPill subject to go to this site which is dedicated to the subject.


          • Josh G

            Bob, look at what I found: a paper on Shoulders’ EVOs from 2014 by none other than Miles Mathis. He talks about how they relate to his charge field:



            I will e-mail him to ask if he ever wrote any more papers on Shoulders’ work as he said he would at the end of that paper.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Thanks JoshG – I will take a look. Practically speaking, just like with Axil’s referencing SPP, there is no real need for confusing the issue with tangential descriptions of the same phenomenon – what is important is establishing what are optimal conditions for generation and maintenance of the EVOs

      • William D. Fleming

        Bob, I have followed your efforts with admiration to this point and will continue to do so. Though I have weak credentials and only a tenuous understanding of most of what is posted here, I am keenly interested in the field of LENR. My data plan doesn’t allow many videos but there is nothing that I have read about your productions that diminishes my respect for you in the least.

        Sir Arthur Eddington:

        The universe is of the nature of a thought or sensation in a universal Mind… To put the conclusion crudely — the stuff of the world is mind-stuff.

        We are no longer tempted to condemn the spiritual aspects of our nature as illusory because of their lack of concreteness.

        The scientific answer is relevant so far as concerns the sense-impressions… For the rest the human spirit must turn to the unseen world to which it itself belongs.

        • Bob Greenyer

          Thanks. I will flesh out the skeleton as time and energy permits.

      • radvar

        You speak of cost as if this were some sort of economic transaction. From the number of posts I would say that the time you have put into your recordings has been repaid several fold by people reviewing them.

        What is it that you are trying to accomplish? To simply gain attention, or to convey understanding?

        I provided a structure. All you have to do is fill in the content, even roughly, and the value of your time and effort will be multipled by an order of magnitude.

        The key variable, of course, is the initial value.

        • Bob Greenyer

          I will – but Radvar, seeing the event for what it truly was, was a little traumatic, plus I had to travel, make presentation, make a complete set of new channels so that I did not tar the rest of the MFMP with my choice to go public. Plan roll out of information + contingencies and back-ups and ensure that everyone had the key information available to them up-front.

    • Dodger

      Thank you @radvar!
      I agree 100% of your post.

      Bob’s state is concerning.
      Either he has a serious mental problem or he had this ideas all the time and only waited to go public with them until he has earned enough trust and credibility of our community.

      • Bob Greenyer

        That is slander – I would sue you for that if you would be so kind as have the guts to reveal yourself. Why does Frank allow this kind of personal attack and sensor hard facts?

        Everyone in the MFMP would testify that I did not have these views even 1 month ago. A house is not finished until the last roof tile is on.

        Typical CIA tactics – don’t you get board of playing the same old lines? Guess you’ll be interrupting me in my next presentation and calling me nuts.

      • Jas

        I have been following this Red Pill story over the last few days. I have watched all of Bob’s videos. I think I now understand what Bob is trying to tell us. It doesnt make me a crazy person. I stopped watchin TV a long time ago. So I am not drip fed the reality that I am supposed to believe in. I have not trashd my house or burnt my belongings. I have not pulled out my hair and smeared faeces the walls. Life goes on as normal. To the ouside world everyone of us here is a crazy. Remember that. You believe in excess energy from devices that most people would call Psuedoscience.

  • Zephir

    I don’t know in what Bob exactly got into, but his claims are more
    harmful for the credibility of LENR than the “evil elites” he is
    accusing to exectly doing this.

  • James Thomas

    “Conspiracy theories are the favored tools of the weak-minded.”

    In my own experience I have found just the opposite to be true.
    It takes little if any thought to unquestionably accept an official narrative as being the facts without ever questioning or investigating significantly further. It’s intellectually lazy to simply follow the herd and remain in our comfort zone. Investigation into critical areas ignored by mass media and officials often turns what was comfortably simple and elementary into something uncomfortably deep and complicated.
    I found (and I believe that most others find) that looking seriously into relevant and controversial “conspiracy theories” is in no way a weak-minded endeavor, but rather a very intellectual and emotionally challenging process; A demanding effort that takes courage, time and considerable thought and pondering. It requires a burning desire to want to know the truth, and the willingness to be labeled a fool, and have your heart broken as the comfortable rug of “reality” is pulled out from under you.
    Weak-minded people, don’t go there. Here be dragons.

  • Bob Greenyer

    And what would you have us do?

    He has family engagements in March – so not possible then. We are planning around the CMNS conference in Italy.

  • Bob Greenyer


  • wpj

    Saw the first video and decided to stick to the beer.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Probably best. I’ve got a few for later in the fridge. Staying at my friends house on top of a dormant volcano they own.

      • wpj

        As they would say in Postman Pat – “He’s so DRAM-ATTIC” (need a Welsh lilt for it to work)

  • Dr.Mike

    After watching your video and reviewing others comments, I believe that you did a very poor job of explaining your theory, especially in having bits and pieces scattered
    over a greater than 5.5 hour talk and referencing other patents and work without explaining how they were applicable to LENR and existing LENR devices. In particular, you mentioned Adamenko’s patent, but neglected to explain how conditions within a LENR device can duplicate those described within his patent (very high energy and extremely short pulses of electrons). Also, how do the conditions within a LENR device fit the requirements specified within Ken Shoulder’s patent for the formation of EVO’s?

    Another issue with your presentation is its general tone. While it is acceptable to be excited that you think you now have an understanding of LENR, the tone of your presentation seemed to be that you now know everything, when in reality, all you have is an unproven theory. Your presentation would have been much more effective if you would have just presented a clear and concise theory and suggested some means of testing that theory. Why don’t you ask some of your close friends what they think of your recent videos? I believe their feedback would be valuable to you.

    While any new theory could be rejected if assumptions behind the theory are known to be flawed, there really isn’t enough experimental data on LENR to reject or accept
    any theory, including yours. Likewise, for a theory on LENR to be accepted by the scientific community the experimental evidence must show both that one theory is correct and that other theories are excluded. We are surely a number of years away from gathering the required experimental evidence to verify a LENR theory.

    Although I personally can’t agree or disagree with your theory since there is no experimental evidence to support or reject your theory, there was one point (and I think only one) that I happen to agree with you. That is, I believe it would best to develop a device that will only put out excess heat when some additional small amount of “extra energy” is continuously supplied. A feedback loop should adjust some parameter of the “extra energy”, such as amplitude, frequency, or pulse rate, to control the device’s output. The device would automatically shut down if this feedback loop is broken and/or if the “extra energy” is turned off.

    I have a few recommendations that you might want to consider:
    1. For any future talk take ten minutes or so to prepare an outline, then discuss that outline at the beginning of your talk so that interested persons can listen to those portions in which they are interested without having to listen to those parts in which they are not.
    2. Explain your theory in a written format (a Power Point type description would be
    satisfactory to start as long as it was well referenced). It certainly would be good to explain the physics behind the mechanisms that are making LENR work. Just referencing various patents does not explain how those patents are applicable to LENR devices.
    3. Now that you have a theory, explain why past MFMP experiments failed to produce the desired results, and explain how those experiments need to be modified to get the excess heat that you were looking for in the original experiment.
    4. Re-run at least a subset of previous MFMP experiments to show that the knowledge
    of your theory can enable positive results in the old experiments.
    5. Replicate LENR devices that have already been granted patents, for example, Rossi’s
    patent #9,115,913 B1 issued August 25, 2015.
    6.Run experiments that will demonstrate your theory at the exclusion of other theories. For these results to be meaningful you should be able to predict the results of these experiments prior to running them.
    6.Document the results of all experiments whether they produced the desired results
    or not. Perhaps someone reviewing the documented results of failed experiments will offer suggestions that will greatly help future experimentation.
    7.Based on your theory, predict what is needed to enhance LENR devices. Then build those devices to show that through the knowledge of your theory, a better device can be built.

    One problem that I see with future MFMP work is that you now have a very vested interest in proving that your theory is correct, rather than determining whether or not it
    is correct. Will the results of experiments that don’t support your theory be buried by MFMP? I sincerely hope not!
    Dr. Mike

  • Timar

    Please excuse me when I have to use definite and thus offensive words here, but I really can’t watch this any longer. I begg you all: Stop taking this (RedPill) paranoia seriously!

    In addition to the “theories” brought forth in his videos, Bob made
    several other claims on this forum, including the allusion that the
    Evil Powers, manifested in the Clinton Foundation, have caused the earthquake in Haiti and financially profited from it. Those Powers can and do cause earthquakes and floods “at the flick of a switch”
    and they do so to “harvest a big booty of poor unrepentant souls”
    because, as we know from his video, they feed on souls that are unable
    to love. The original version of that comment also contained a claim
    that they are about to destroy the whole state of Ohio via a massiv
    flood or earthquake, but Bob later removed that part. Recently, he
    implicitly accused a critical commenter on E-Cat-World to be Bill Clinton, and that he and Hillary go after him.

    Come one, could it possibily get any more obvious than this?
    Instead of developing co-psychosis – which many commenters here in a disturbingly uncritical affinity to paranoina currently
    seem to do – and starting to seriously discuss the somewhat less
    outlandish parts of those schizoid delusions, people should accept that
    Bob is suffering from a serious medical condition and confront him with this grim reality instead of acknowledging his delusions and thereby irresponsibly fueling his psychosis.

    Bob, please forgive me! My words that are certainly hurtful to you. Believe me that I honestly don’t write this with the intention to hurt, but to help you!

    Frank, you should not allow this to continue in this form! Bob needs professional help. The affirmation he currently receives on this forum is only further worsening his condition!

    • radvar


      Yes, Ken Shoulders has done some interesting work, which seems fully legitimate, well summarized here: http://www.rexresearch.com/ev/ev.htm.

      And yes, genius and madness often go hand in hand.

      But Bob is exhibiting what is at best an immature overexcitement at potentials, and at worst what you describe above.

      The first step to restoration of health is to admit that you have a problem.

      Unless Bob is willing to acknowledge the possibility of being at least somewhat delusional then I agree with your post that Frank is doing Bob and the community a disservice by maintaining this thread.

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