“Do We Really Want the New Fire?” MFMP Live Hangout Now on Air

UPDATE (July 13, 2017)

The live hangout is now streaming — see the links below. I have had a bit of heads up about the topics of this meeting and it should be quite interesting. Some important issues connected with the MFMP are to be discussed.


Bob Greenyer has informed us that on July 13 (Thursday) there will be a live Hangout on Youtube sponsored by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial The subject will be: “Do we really want the New Fire?”

The MFMP has been planning for some time to carry out testing of the claimed “Free Energy” device called ECCO, developed by Indian researcher Suhas Ralkar. I haven’t heard yet just when this testing is supposed to take place, but I am sure that topic will be addressed in the hangout tomorrow.

The timing of the event will be at 3:00 p.m. US Eastern time. So far there is no URL provided but I will post it here as soon as it is available.

Bob tells me the event will be recorded for later viewing.

  • Mats002

    By the way: go and see the latest Spiderman movie at a theater – they never mention CF/LENR but it IS in the movie and will give you a feeling for it. All tech can be used for good or bad purposes but nothing is worse than what we already have: the atomic bomb.

  • georgehants

    As it has now been confirmed to me that there is a recipe available for others to copy from start to finish, achieving a Cold Fusion Cop above one, I think it would be a great idea to have a topic page with this recipe to publicise and allow others to forward the Research.
    That I think is what we are all here for.

    • Monty

      Do you have any details?

      • georgehants

        Monty, unfortunately not, I have been told from various sources that such a recipe is freely available for anybody to replicate, but have not seen the report containing such full and complete details.
        I am hoping now that the people informing me that this report exists will kindly put it up on page.

        • Is this what you’re getting at, MFMP’s published recipe?


          • Frank Acland
          • That’s not a “recipe freely available for anybody to immediately replicate”.

          • georgehants

            Kevmo, thank you, if that recipe contained all exact amounts of ingredients and full instructions how to prepare them and equipment for a replication then yes.
            Any replication instructions must contain everything with no further trial and error by the experimenter.
            If MFMP have those details and publish then it would seem the problem of Cold Fusion replication by others is solved and we should be getting reports of replication and improvement daily.
            Many thanks for link.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Removing radiographic plates for developing

    In the dark (really black) room removing 400 ASA film that has been ‘exposed’ to LENR reactors, fuel or ash.


  • Bob Greenyer

    ECCO – Radiographic plate developing and feature identification


    • Axil Axil

      MFMP has visualized the LENR active polariton activated nano and miroparticles that are the active agents in the LENR reaction. These particles that are usually found in LENR reaction ash are nano and micro wire that have a cover of surface plasmon polaritons that are activated into magnon soliton Bose condinsate by the Kerr effect. As MFMP has done, it is possible using film to characterize these particles in terms of their mass, energy content, magnetic field character and polarity(monopole) and strength, as well as entanglement.

      These particles could be comprised of ultra dense water (water crystals) as in cavitation

      Ultra dense hydrogen (deutrium) and lithium as in the Pd/D reaction

      Silver nanowire as in the SunCell

      or copper metallic nanowire as in the Proton 21 reaction.



      for the highly advanced analysis of these particles performed by Keith Fredericks

  • Mats002

    Vote for betting $1000 (or other amount) to acquire Suhas tech – if test is positive in a few days at:

  • kasom

    Hey, where is the beef?
    I found it inconclusive at best, pls. give us a summary, we already knew MFMP needs more money…

  • Bob Greenyer

    Yes – and we intend to try to answer that.

    • You should address the discussion about Gamma rays found at MFMP in 2013 and then dropped due to personal circumstances.


      • Ged

        Was there more to address? That dataset was analyzed as far as possible. There really isn’t much that can be done till a more reliable system is devised to give more experimental flexibility.

        • They never updated their blog, just dropped the line of inquiry without telling us anything one way or the other. There is still some good data to chase down, especially since Biberian replicated it within 48 hours.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Please see my answer to your original request above.

          • Thanks for your response. I updated the pertinent section of the MFMP blog.


            Can you go into what determines which thing MFMP will be testing, the priority? It seems to me MFMP was one inch away from a gamma related breakout 4 years ago ago and then started looking down rabbit holes. Was it unexciting for others besides Matthieu?

          • Bob Greenyer

            All the equipment was with Mathieu.

          • Seems like that would have made a real good place to focus MFMP’s fundraising efforts.

            As your supporters, how can we determine if any of the things MFMP is doing right now is as close to generating the scientific proof of LENR that this gamma ray thing was 4 years ago?

          • Bob Greenyer

            A lot did go there.

            Alan has confirmed that he would like to run the Celani like wire in the Piantelli – like apparatus looking for photos.

            Some time in September, and funded by the last wonderful response, we will have a NOVA reactor built and ours to keep. If it performs as claimed – we should be able to repeatably demonstrate transmutation in minutes and if necessary, we can do a tour to sceptic universities with it.

            Of course, it may not work. Nothing is guaranteed, if only it were.

          • The key is for you to have your own equipment rather than to travel to someone else’s site to verify results, it would seem.

          • Bob Greenyer

            The beauty of NOVA is that it is self contained and only the choice of analysis is needed.

            The main consumable is the quartz resonators.

          • This is the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, right? Did Martin publish results using quartz?

          • Bob Greenyer

            For many scientists, the various claims made in this field are unconscionable because they are impossible in their minds. NOVA, if it worked, would relieve them of that affliction. The rest would follow.

          • Best of luck, then. That is what MFMP needs is a straightforward open test that “relieves them of that affliction”.

          • Bob Greenyer


            One thing is for certain, many people know a lot more about what may be going on than 5 years ago – in all senses of the sentence. I know I have learned a thing or two.

      • Bob Greenyer

        We are a group of individual researchers. Mathieu Valat observed that and 24 hours after we reported it, it was replicated by Jean Paul Biberian.

        Mathieu Valats brother’s company that built industrial plant for Oil and Gas in North Africa and who provided a lab to Mathieu, failed. In the process of trying to save that company, Mathieu was unable to volunteer. He subsequently had to move into engineering consultancy to support his family. We are reliant on Francesco Celani to produce wires, which have a shelf life, and Celani has moved on from the technique to produce the wires that caused that effect – so we are stuck.

        That being said, we are currently in the process of working on a similar type of experiment proposed by Jones Beene and based on like observations by Piantelli and being actioned by Alan Goldwater. In this case, whilst the H2 splitting catalyst is still the group 10 element Ni, the group 11 element is not copper as in Celanis Consantan, but Silver. Instead of relying on a leaky cell and re-filling it with H2 after a number of days, the cell will have continuous flow from our H2 generator (as was claimed that Piantelli did) and we will be looking for photons. This is, in effect, a more continuous analogue of the ‘gamma’ experiment that does not require a particular claimant to produce the feed stock. We could additionally try to run it with thermal cycled constantan as a more direct comparison to the Celani wire findings.

        You can see details about the on-going experiment here:


        • Thanks. I think it was Focardi who identified Rossi’s initial contribution to the field was to use an H2->H1 splitting catalyst that generated much bigger and faster results than they had been used to.

  • Bob Greenyer

    We have pledges of $28,000 in the first 12 hours, nearly 10% of the goal, several others have said they could either put up more bridge financing or put up an amount contingent on either more clarity or some encouraging initial data.

    Also, important we have 5 people put their names forward for purchasing and testing prototype research reactors and yet more putting their name forward for a final product should it come to that.


    I have arranged a meeting for Tuesday evening with a person I have known for around a decade that lives in Mumbai and has experience in real estate and Indian contract law.