New Paper: “Summary of Research Results of Experiments on Anomalous Heat Generation in Nickel-Hydrogen Systems” (Songsheng Jiang)

I received today the following paper, titled “Summary of research results of experiments on anomalous heat generation in nickel-hydrogen systems” from Songsheng Jiang, a researcher at the Chinese Institute of Atomic Energy.

Here is the abstract of the paper:

This paper summarizes some of successful experiments by which excess heats were produced in nickel-hydrogen systems. The experiments were carried out at different laboratories by using different experimental devices and techniques in Italy, USA, Russian and China. In the most of the experiments the fuel was mixture of nickel powder and lithium aluminum hydride. Hydrogen is formed after decomposition of lithium aluminum hydride. The COP factors (ratio of sum of excess heat and input power to input power) are 1.2-2.7 normally, however,COP factors were estimated to be about 3.2-3.6 in the E-Cat test in 2014. The temperature in the reactors was about 1100-1400 0C.

Ni-H fusion reaction
  • AdrianAshfield

    The paper gives details of 12 experiments. Most were compared with a control run without fuel. Most had a COP <2
    The conclusion states that replications often failed and the whole process is still rather mysterious.

    • Brokeeper

      It is becoming clearer Rossi’s secret sauce may be the only way for complete success to modular LENR. Mills may eventually have another way to commercialization although now a bit cumbersome.