Triangle Business Journal: Tom Darden Not Giving up on Cold Fusion following Settlement with Rossi

Here is a tweet from Lauren Ohnesorge, writer for the Triangle Business Journal regarding an article she has written regarding the Rossi-IH settlement. It sounds like she has interviewed Tom Darden, but ufortunately for us, the article is only available to paid subscribers.

  • Jag Kaurah

    1. Darden has been close up with LENR for quite some time, forced to think clearly due to several events, so he must be convinced it works.

    2. He must also be convinced that Rossi is not the only one who has what it takes

    • Cuco

      +1, i think the only reason for not pay the 89m and keep the ecat license is just that for some reason 4y later, in his opinion, is not worth it anymore.

      Common sense points to another better technology.

      Probably Darden already owns it.

      • Jag Kaurah

        It feels like all groups involved in this filed are in high fervent and moving quickly to practical solutions, Rossi with his E-Cat QX and others with theirs in secrecy.

        Hopefully, soon a series of them will break out into the open – impending storm warnings!!

      • Michael W Wolf

        Daren owns nothing. IH wants to invest in a working lenr tech. All they can do is throw money at what they think is promising. Rossi was their best chance. They are done. We won’t hear of anything major coming from them. But my guess is when the tech does become commercialized, they’ll try to be in on the bottom floor. After all, that is all they do. Scientifically, I think their team is useless. They’re investors. Nothing more.

        • Also my view.

        • Vinney

          I am starting to think Rossi’s best route to market is to supply power ‘direct’ into the grid.
          His reply to Tom Conover regarding ‘industrialisation’ recently indicates initial development of bespoke units for the power and industrial heat use.
          Surely, with so many energy sources available now supplying even small amounts into the grid ie: solar and wind turbines, there are now very few barriers to supplying power directly into the grid.
          Ideal locations are next to large industrial users in his native Italy ( which has some of the highest energy prices in Europe) but even North America which has the added advantage of cheap gas, which can be used to raise the operational efficiency of the Carnot cycle.
          Given the nominated energy density and campactness of the E-cat technology, the land requirements are small.
          The extra measure of radiation shielding and constant monitoring should appease surrounding industrial customers.
          This will quickly build his capital, enable the further development of the technology in controlled and secure environments he still demands.
          And also earn his deserved Nobel prize for his efforts, sooner rather than later.

          • Omega Z

            “supply power ‘direct’ into the grid.”

            A power plant is MUCH more then an assembly of QX’s. Privately building power plants would be cost prohibitive. He would only be able to build very small plants that would take years to pay back. At his age, he would be lucky to get just 1 built.

          • LCD

            It could work as a demo to the world but the problem is he’s more interested in the next version of his product than in a product.

            This likely means he has no product outside of a giant unreliable lab experiment.

            If he wanted to make money off of this he needs to license the tech in exchange for stock and then let that multiply his reward and reduce his risk.

  • sam
  • AdrianAshfield

    It looks like Ni/H systems produce a COP ~ 1.3. Ni/LAH/H systems COP 2 -3. With Titanium possibly COP 6 but with the risk of producing neutrons.
    We don’t know what Rossi had in the 250 kW E-Cats and there were possibly control problems. Rossi seems convinced the E-Cat QX is a better solution, but Darden doesn’t know the details and probably doubts Rossi would tell him.
    I think there is now no doubt that LENR works but the problem of high COP and reliability are still mysterious.
    Looking forward to Rossi’s October demo.

  • Frank Acland

    Here’s a quote from Tom Darden as provided by Abd Lomax here:

    “They dropped everything – very interesting,” Cherokee Investment Partners CEO Tom Darden says of the plaintiffs Tuesday. “Right as the case was beginning, they said they’d walk away; we said fine.”

  • Quote from Darden in the article:

    “There are a couple of them that we’re pretty definitive about not pursuing anymore and that was one of them,” Darden adds. “But we still have at least half a dozen we’re still pretty seriously interested in.”

    Darden says he doesn’t plan to release any details on those projects until they’ve shown “very, very, very confirmed success.”


    “That’s our goal – to seek the truth,” he says. “Part of it is to prove what doesn’t work.”