Alan Smith’s Ecalox Laboratory

Alan Smith of Looking for Heat has posted a walk-through tour of his Ecalox Laboratory that he has recently opened near London.

Alan is working with his colleague Russ George who is focusing on the LENR experiments while Alan is building a hydrogen catalysis system (you will see his “Big Momma” reactor in the video).

You will see in the video that there is LENR experimentation underway — this is their second attempt at a LION 2 replication. So far no results have been reported, but I hope we can get some information about it at some point.

Ecalox Laboratory Tour May 2018 from Alan Smith on Vimeo.

  • psi2u2

    Very nice, Alan!

  • sam

    I admire a person with a workshop especially if they work in it.
    I will be following with interest.

  • sam

    Vladimir Vysotskii on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast

    • Bruce Williams

      Sam,thanks for pointing this out, it is a very interesting article.

  • Gerard McEk

    I would wish that this lab was in my neighbourhood so I could join you in your relentles quest to LENR, Alan. I am sure I would be there quite often, if needed.

    • Alan Smith

      Hi Gerard. Anybody who finds themselves in Essex is welcome to come and visit. This is not Los Alamos.

      • Gerard McEk

        Thanks Alan!
        It will take a wile to convince my wife 😉

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