Russian News Report: “Scientific Breakthrough: Cold Nuclear Synthesis Became Managed”

Scientific Breakthrough: Cold Fusion at room temperature became controllable

26 May 2018

Thanks to a Russian reader for sending information about an article published via the Regnum news agency titled “Scientific Breakthrough: Cold Nuclear Synthesis Became Managed”

Любое использование материалов допускается только при наличии гиперссылки на ИА REGNUM.

(Automatic translation)

A long-awaited scientific breakthrough has been made in Russian and world nuclear physics. For the first time, a controlled nuclear fusion reaction is realized at room temperature

In the laboratory, it was possible to start, regulate and stop the nuclear fusion reaction in deuterated polycrystalline titanium. This became possible only after the discovery of a new type of physical wave, the existence of which was predicted by the great Soviet physicist L.D. Landau in the 1930s of the last century and received experimental confirmation of Alla Kornilova a few years ago.

The final scientific publication on the results of the cycle of experiments is presented in the May issue of the ournal “Engineering Physics”:j

A.A. Kornilov and, V.I. Vysotsky, Yu.A. Sapozhnikov, I.E. Vlasova, SN Gaydamak, A.A. Novakova, V.M. Avdyukhina, I.S. Levin, M.V. Vysotsky, E.I. Khayit, N.Kh. Volkova. “The problem and realization of stable generation of alpha particles by deuterated titanium in a heat wave field”.

The text of the article can be downloaded here .


Любое использование материалов допускается только при наличии гиперссылки на ИА REGNUM.

Article in Russian:

Video interview with Alla Kornilova from 5 June 2018 in Russian:


At the end of the interview, Alla Kornilova says she thinks that we can expect a real commercial result, use of both large and small cold fusion reactors at the latest in 3 years. Because the vast amount of experience in the field of nuclear energy can be used, all technical problems have already been dealt with.

  • HS61AF91

    Another nail in the coffin of oil and gas energy production? Internet is indeed cross-fertilizing thought into actions. Don’t comprehend the particulars, but the trend is great in my opinion. There may be parallel commercialization, along with our good Doktor’s E-Cat iterations. Bravo to all.

    Google translation of the comment below the u-tube presentation:

    published on Jun 5, 2018

    Interview of Andrei Sverchkov, deputy editor-in-chief of the science of REGNUM, with the author of a series of major scientific discoveries of the turn of the century by nuclear physicist Alla Kornilova (MSU physics faculty) about a quarter-century scientific search and experimental production of a controlled nuclear fusion reaction.

    May 26, 2018, Moscow.

    Read more in the article BakuToday:
    https: // …

    Discoveries AA Kornilova: 1992 – the receipt of the reaction of nuclear fusion in a growing microbiological culture or an experimental proof of the existence of transmutation of chemical elements in living nature.

    Public lecture by Alla Kornilova “Alchemy at the stage of industrial introduction”).

    AA Kornilova, VI Visotsky. “Synthesis and transmutation of stable and radioactive isotopes in biological systems”. RENSIT, T.9, No. 1, P.52-64.

    2011 – The discovery of the “heat wave” – ​​a new type of physical wave, which was discovered with cavitation effects in various environments: in water, oil and plasma.

    Vysotsky VI, Kornilova AA, Vasilenko AO, Vysotsky MV, Hait EI, Volkova N.Kh. “Detection and investigation of anomalous (undamped) heat waves”. RENSIT, T.8, N2, P.196-206.
    • Vysotsky VI, Kornilova AA, Korneeva Yu.V., Crete TB. “Investigation of anomalous radiation and thermal phenomena during cavitation of a liquid stream 1. Anomalous effects in the generation of X-ray radiation stimulated by the process of cavitation of a liquid.” Engineering Physics, No. 2, 2016, P.33-45.

    Vysotsky VI, Kornilova AA, Vasilenko AO, Tomak VI, Korneeva Yu.V., Vysotsky MV “Investigation of anomalous radiation and thermal phenomena during the cavitation of a liquid stream. Part 2. Generation and investigation of undamped thermal waves generated during cavitation. ” Engineering Physics, №2, 2016, С.1-20.

    2012. – Experimental realization of ecologically pure nuclear reaction “B11 + p → 3He4 + ΔE”.

    2017 – obtaining a stable controlled reaction for the synthesis of deuterium nuclei in titanium at room temperature in the “thermal wave” field.

    A.A. Kornilov and, V.I. Vysotsky, Yu.A. Sapozhnikov, I.E. Vlasova, SN Gaydamak, A.A. Novakova, V.M. Avdyukhina, I.S. Levin, M.V. Vysotsky, E.I. Khayit, N.Kh. Volkova. “The problem and realization of stable generation of alpha particles by deuterated titanium in a heat wave field”. Engineering Physics, №5, 2018, С.3-12.

    • georgehants

      Morning HS61AF91, thank you for such an informative comment, do we know if in all these reports enough information is given for others to repeat their experiments.

      • HS61AF91

        hi Geo, unfortunately that is beyond my competency, however, I remain enthrauled by the activity increases relative to LENR, and its eventual saving ability for the human race. Tks for the inquiry.

  • georgehants


  • causal observer

    Does anyone know of online access to the Engineering Physics articles?
    Is this that journal?

    • Max Nozin

      Did you try Sci-hub ?

  • Frank Acland


  • Ged

    Interesting. Seems we are entering a new phase in the field. I see titanium coming back up again, which has been predicted to work since so many years ago.

    • Warthog

      I suspect that any material that forms hydrides is a candidate. I’m still hoping for a study using tungsten.

  • causal observer

    Seems to get down to the claims about “long-distant undamped thermal waves generated in pulse radiative processes”. That looks to me like the place to ask questions.

  • Gerard McEk

    Can anyone in the Russian community say who Alla Kornilova is. Is she a well known scientist? Does Alexander Parkhomov know her? She seems to do a lot of work in the LENR field.

    • causal observer
      • frank

        Amazing and interesting list of publications on this very topic…maybe she can help Rossi and Gullström to understand the reactions and theory behind the QX? 🙂

        • causal observer

          Yes, I was amazed myself. Sort of stunned actually. There seems to be a great deal of organized nano-energy phenomena going on in relatively easily accessible experimental conditions. Which means there could be a whole new layer of engineering that could come out of it. Yow!

          Kudos for Axil for bringing this layer to our attention, when I could not understand a single sentence that he was writing, and a whole space of possibilities for Bob G’s O Day perceptions, which I once feared were more grounded in neurology than physics.

          Re collaboration, given the rate of research in these areas, I’m thinking there’s a possibility that Rossi’s theoretical contributions won’t make much difference, unless they highlight specific ways to cause the LENR effect, a topic he seems un-eager to discuss.

        • causal observer

          We can always hope :-j

    • Max Nozin

      She is a respectived figure in Russian lenr circles. Parkhomov certainly met her many times during seminars at RUDN organized by Samsonenko. She works at Moscov State uni. And her most notorious work included bacterial transmutations. She works with Visotskiy of Kiev State Uni. At some point she was trying to replicate Koldamasov plasma device.
      Rumor says she was offered to head new research institute on lenr etc. In Russia but denied.

      • Gerard McEk

        Thanks Max

  • bob dash

    I’m wondering if titanium is more desirable than any other option? Actually what would be the most desirable elements in general?

    • Warthog

      IMO, “the” most desirable substrate is tungsten. Firstly because it allows an extremely high operating temperature. Secondly because it appears to have exhibited LENR in the SAFIRE experiments. Thirdly, Nobel laureate Irving Langmuir thought that he had seen “over unity” data in his hydrogen fill gas experiments with tungsten filaments at GE, but was convinced not to pursue it as “it had to be an artifact” by physicist Borne.

  • sam
  • sam

    Andrea Rossi

    June 6, 2018 at 12:40 PM

    Jag Bara Undrar?:

    This is another important replication, generated by the very good work of Dr Parkomov. Thank you for the link,

    Warm Regards,


  • Dan

    I think this is a link to the paper referred to in the article. It is in Russian except for a translated page including title, list of authors, and a brief summary
    which contains some new information.

  • Max Nozin

    And who doesn’t? You are over generalizing here.

  • Gerard McEk

    Very interesting Gannadiy. If I remember well, also other Russian/Ukrain scientists work on a bacteriological approach to reduce radiation.

  • causal observer

    Speculation: assume it’s true; how might it even be possible?

    Assuming there are no imps in the bacteria with floppy coned hats waving magic wands, there would need to be some little bio-nano mechanism for diddling the atoms.

    I know little about this, however, there are all kinds of little gizmos in cells that manipulate molecules.

    Could this type of biomechanochemical (yes, a real term) activity create nano-scenarios in which:
    > quantum tunneling through the column barrier could take place? i.e. hold the CE in a fixed state and push protons into it causing transmutation into BA?
    > other conditions in which nuclear reactions could be achieved?

    • causal observer

      Another question, again assuming this is real, is “What’s in it for the bugs?”
      Assume these are not genetically engineered organisms (which would require a very large addition layer of science on top of what these researchers claim).
      Why would a bacteria evolve the capability to transmute radioactive elements?
      Because doing so would release energy that the bacteria could use to power its biochemistry?
      Like some glow in the dark version of the bacteria that live in sulphurous, no oxygen, salt soaked environments?

      • Axil Axil

        “”Just as the pigment chlorophyll converts sunlight into chemical energy that allows green plants to live and grow,” so might melanin help fungi make use of ionizing radiation, said nuclear medicine specialist Ekaterina Dadachova at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

        The scientists experimented on three species of fungi. They consistently found that ionizing radiation significantly boosted the growth of fungi that contained melanin.

        “In general we think of radiation as something bad or harmful. Here we have a situation where these fungi appear to benefit, which is unexpected,” Casadevall told LiveScience.”

  • Andre Blum

    What stands out to me is the tone of the press release. They are not holding back. They are claiming victory like we have not seen anyone dare since Fleischmann and Pons.

    • Vinney

      They may be publishing this out of spite.
      Rossi has indicated Russia will not be involved in the initial rollout of the E-cat, in fact its been deliberately excluded because of its poor patent protection laws.
      Rossi keeps putting greater protection measures on his technology (central remote control, stringent contracts on usage, limited access to customise) and more recently a very limited and exclusive rollout.
      Well, now they are claiming success (with no recognised independent third-party verification) and industrialization in 3 years to become another first to market contender for a cold fusion device.
      It may just be strategic propaganda aimed directly at Leonardo Corporation, and it found its target by being printed here.

  • Alain Samoun

    “Alla Kornilova says she thinks that we can expect a real commercial result, use of both large and small cold fusion reactors at the latest in 3 years”
    If that’s realistic, what will happen in a country where oil and gas represent more than 60% of its export?

    • Max Nozin

      It will be the good thing. Money are driving them crazy as past few decades show. They are more cooperative when they need to borrow.

      • DrBob

        Please keep the hate for Europeans on a minimum -it’s offensive.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    The titanium nucleus, Ti of titanium deuteride, TiD2 absorbs its deuterons, D (as an even number of deuterons are involved in the Mitsubishi transmutations) to become chromium in an excited
    state, Cr*(that would contain far more energy than the 4-8 MeV needed for it to undergo alpha, He decay via tunneling).

    TiD2 > Cr*

    Cr* > Ti + He


    D2 > He + 24 MeV of kinetic energy NO GAMMA RAY!

    See also:

  • sam
    • Vinney

      Russia has 80+% of its technology edge emanating from defence related industries, at least the US is down to 60% thanks to the massive evaluations of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and LinkedIn, nearly all civilian applications.
      It is an economy firmly entrenched in the dark ages, let’s hope their enlightened authors get them out of this one.
      They are going to have to make massive leap forwards to get out of this quagmire.

  • This is good news to read as it conforms well with my findings of helium, aka alphas, in deuterated titanium in my sonofusion studies 20+ years ago. Those reactions were conducted at room temperature and slightly above but never above about 70 C. Clearly the reaction were nuclear as the heat and helium were roughly commensurate, some tens of watts heat for long periods of time. Today the utility of much higher temperature 200-1000 C makes such deuterated titanium cold fusion reactions far more potent and reliable. I agree with this Russian report that commercial applications ought to be in hand within 3 years.

    • f sedei

      Her public statement about the probability of commercial applications within 3 years is bold. But, it may be common thought or opinion of myself and many hopeful contributors to this column. Lts us hope it is true.

  • Warthog


    • He concealed battery in his multimeter – and unwillingly revealed it at the end of one his videos. Before he reuploaded it, I made a backup You cannot trust everything you see on the internet.

  • English and Czech Google automated translation of Kornilova’s article.

    • georgehants

      Zephir, good to see examples of the sickness of capitalism in all its stupid, wasteful, destructive forms.
      Thank you

      • Free market capitalism is theoretical but OK – but this is the result of corrupt state capitalism.

        • georgehants

          I know of no capitalism that is o.k. Facts everywhere show it is inefficient, corrupt, logically insane, without a system of complete caring and sharing where only those aiding society are better rewarded.
          No finance needed with unearned selfish wealth for wasters and every job lost a joyful bonus to society.

          The example you give above is clearly applicable to capitalism everywhere, leading in our case to hiding, delaying etc. Cold Fusion for the benefit of nobody except ridiculous financial reasons, for example to protect pointless jobs, WHY?

  • georgehants

    Canada ranks 37th on a list of 41 rich
    countries for children having access to enough nutritious food, and
    higher-than-average rates of child homicide and teen suicide also point
    to a need for action, a UNICEF report says.
    Over 22 per cent of Canadian children live in poverty and most issues
    related to kids showed no improvement or worsened during the last
    decade, said the 14th report from UNICEF on children’s well-being
    amongst wealthy countries.

    • Albert D. Kallal


      What a lame response – not a argument or logical response at all.

      You will have to define “poverty”. In terms of food, having a TV and having a phone and a computer, those living on welfare in Canada have far better standards of living then say people working at the turn of the last century. At the turn of the last century, life expectance was only 50 years. That means when you are 35, you only have 15 more years to live. Of course the rich and privileged lived much longer (because their bodies did not suffer wear and tear from hard labour). This also explains why women who were not married by 25 were considered “spinsters”. You can’t start having children at 35 when you only have 15 years left to live!

      Today, people on welfare in Canada have more goods, more food, more protein, more health care, and live FAR longer lifespans then middle class of just one century ago. In fact, if anything we find that the lower class is now the MOST overweight group of people. So they are overfed, and live FAR longer than middle class people of just 1 century ago.

      I find it laughable your lame attempt to point out issues of poverty in Canada. When is the last time a child in Canada has died due to lack of food? Let’s not be delusional and insane here.

      The ONLY countries that have children starving to death are those that have rejected free market systems. Venezuela looks like some future bombed out sci-fi movie in which the country was hit by some nuclear war. However, no war occurred, but the country was ravaged by socialism, and now we see people in rags pushing around shopping carts with a few plastic bottles of water – it looks VERY much like the movie “road warrior”.

      The only countries that have children starving to death are those that rejected free market systems.

      Just over a century ago, it was “common” to not even name your child for the first 6 months due to such a high mortality rate.

      And nothing you stated changes anything I stated here. My simple counter narrative was due to you attempting to “blame” the capitalise system for slowing down LENR – as I demonstrated, this is VERY far from the case.

      As I stated, what system are you suggesting that is better than the free market systems we have now? It is all smoke and mirrors on your part to point out income disparity in Canada, but THEN leave out the amazing increase in standards of living we see for even those at the bottom of the economic system.

      We see VAST increases in life expectancy – and this ONLY occurred among the most poor! (So they benefited from this massive increase in living standards the MOST).

      In fact due to the miracle of fossil fuels and capitalism, we find that the lower classes have moved from substance living to that of having more food and things that only the wealthy dreamed of 1 century ago. We see now that things are actually reversed (the lower you go down the income scale, the more overweight people are!!!). It used to be a status symbol to be fat, since it meant you were not starving, and likely did not have to work behind some smelly horse all day plowing a field else you starve to death.

      At the end of the day your blame on free market systems is wrong, misguided, and until you demonstrate a country with a different system that does not have children starving to death, then I am all ears. It easy to toss rocks at a system you don’t like, but you have to offer something better, and that you not done and have utter failed to demonstrate.

      You also failed to pin the tail on the donkey in terms of the capitalistic system being something that is stopping or hindering LENR – as I demonstrated, it is the exact opposite of your hollow claims.

      Try again, because none of your points make any sense, and the idea that children are starving to death in Canada is beyond laughable – the poor in Canada are better off than 90% of the rest of the world’s population. Life expectancy in Canada is now just over 80
      years!! In the past, you had to be a king, or some kind of very wealthy land Barron
      to live that long.

      If you have something better to offer then your bankrupt socialist ideas that have failed over and over, then I and everyone else here is all ears.

      Albert D. Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta Canada

      • georgehants

        Albert, I think you should take-up your argument with UNICEF and explain to them how you know they are wrong.
        Please put their reply to you on page.

        • Albert D. Kallal

          Did not challenge their findings. Simply quoted well known life expectancy numbers that are not in dispute. Nor is the mortality rate in regards to birth rate. The simple matter is children starving to death in Canada is beyond rare, and the poverty line today shows such people are better off then most everyone of just 1 century ago.
          You not made any kind of logical argument or response to my points – they still stand. But worse, you not offering a system that better then what the free market system has done for basic standards of living around the world.

          • georgehants

            So you have no interest in an improved system to bring the Canadian and Worlds children etc. into a better way of life then now.
            You do not think that the human race could devise a better system then today’s capitalism?
            A sad view I think, but your choice.

          • Albert D. Kallal

            >>So you have no interest in an improved system

            Of course I do – please don’t put words in my mouth – that is you being dishonest here.

            However, it is VERY clear the answer is not your bankrupt socialist system and agenda you constantly push here – we tried that system and it only results in children starving to death.

            >>You do not think that the human race could devise a better system then today’s capitalism?

            Maybe, maybe not. However, until someone comes up with a better system, it is beyond stupid and dishonest on your part to criticize free market systems when you don’t have anything better to offer. No one with a brain is going to reject something that feed the most people – yet that is EXACLTY what we see in nations with starving children. Why do they choose that road?

            You see, ONLY nations that have not adopted free market systems are the ones with starving children. So I would choose to save starving children to death with KNOWN solutions. I guess this begs the question why you would have children starve to death while you wait for some magic and unknown solution in the meantime?

            Why do you love seeing children starve to death? You have to explain that position of yours here?

            Do you really like starving children? Until such time something better system comes along, that is ZERO reason to have children starve to death around the world. EVERY single nation that adopted free market system also has all but eliminated children starving to death.

            I am going with something that is KNOWN to feed starving children, what are you offering here?

            It not like Apple or some corporation “owns” the rights to the free market system. All you have to do is adopt this system, and you reduce starvation levels to the LOWEST levels mankind has EVER seen in the history of the world.

            I most happy to look for something better – but I not found it. And if something better comes along, then sign me up! (what stupid person would reject a system that feeds people?).
            The REAL issue is however you wanting children to starve to death while you wait for some magic and unknown solution. The fact that you choose to have children starve to death while waiting for something better really shows your lack of moral values.

            It is any nations choice as to how they can feed the “most” people – waiting and talking and hoping for some magic solution in the meantime is beyond callus on your part.


            Albert D. Kallal
            Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • Gennadiy

    Albert, your post is inspired by the romance of early industrial capitalism.
    Today capitalism is financial. The usurers, with the help of the world financial system, won world domination, in pursuit of him, by the way, once accused Hitler.
    All these presidents Trump, Putin, Merkel, Macron, Trudeau are simply workers of the real of the world’s owners , usurers ….
    For example, Merkel welcomes the importation of African and Arab refugees who are destroying European culture, are not going to assimilate. These migrants raped hundreds of German women in Cologne, and the authorities pretend that this is normal. The main thing is to demonstrate tolerance …. 🙂
    Here, for usurers, LENR technology is simply not needed. The owners of money, bankers, do not need any progress, because this will help develop industrial capital, the enemy of bank capital. Bank capital is used to profit from printing money from the air and sucking money out of the real economy.
    The power of bankers is based on the control of hydrocarbon fields and their transportation routes. All payments for oil and gas are conducted not in national currencies, but only in dollars.
    If this does not happen, then the dollar will not be the world currency. And the power of bankers over the world will fall.

    Four American president, who went against the power of usurers, were killed ….
    You are mistaken, arguing that only private capital finances the research of LENR. Remember, Greg Goble article, which is posted on this site, which states that the US military conducted these LENR investigations since 1989 and continue to conduct them today. The US military does not care about the fact that Fleischman and Pons world community of physicists were persecuted …. 🙂
    In vain do you scold socialists. In the USSR, science was at the highest level. Science in Russia began to die with the advent of capitalism. By the way, the Communists first flew into space. And the communists of China allocated 121 million dollars for LENR.
    Mills, however, has funding from the US state, and not from private companies.
    Ok, remember the Manhattan project. The state allocated 24 billion dollars. And the project was headed not by a private firm, but by the US Army.
    Therefore, such global projects as LENR, should support the state.

    In the US, President Donald Trump appeared, who is trying to protect domestic industry. Let’s wish him good luck.
    Perhaps, with it there will be a breakthrough in LENR technology.

    And whatever you say about democracy, I’m sure if private owners achieve something, then the state will impose their own paw on them. And not even the state, but the owners of money …. 🙂
    This is a new energy.
    This is too much money …:)

    • Albert D. Kallal

      >>that the US military conducted these LENR investigations since 1989 and continue to conduct them today.

      I am not aware they are active researching LENR at this point in time. No question “some” research was occurring, but not aware that such activity is occurring. And this just really furthers my point that little if any funding is occurring from governments into LENR. And I would freely admit that MUCH of our basic research occurs at universities etc, and that is government money.

      What this means is that “very significant” amounts of research occurs with funding from governments – but NOT for LENR! – this makes my basic point stronger, not weaker.

      If you can point me to papers and research currently occurring for LENR by governments or military, I am all ears.

      >>Today capitalism is financial.
      No, not really. the financial systems are VERY corrupt and really amount to systems that rob and take away money by force. The idea that a corrupt and “wrong” approach to money has no more relation to capitalism then people in left leaning counties and right leaning countries both eat food.
      So that’s not capitalisms, but simply a rotten corrupt system (and one that is 100% supported and supported by corrupt governments – not the private sector). President Andrew Jackson moved the banks back from private hands to central government – it took 80 years for the banking cabal to take that system back (they bribed just about everyone in congress). Because governments support and control corrupt financial systems does not mean that is the fault of capitalism at all.
      I mean, the free trade experiment of the last 30+ years simply wiped out the middle class and ravaged our industrial base (all for no reason!!!). The idea that you don’t protect your family, your back yard, your house or your country from such nonsense is beyond silly – that just a issue of making bad decisions. No one is suggesting that you don’t do everything to protect a nations well being and toss one’s rights, sovereignty, and ship out all your wealth because some corporate cabal puts their needs above the nation is beyond silly. Bad policies has little to do with capitalisum.

      Albert D. Kallal
      Edmonton, Alberta

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