Alexander Parkhomov Reports on Just-completed 225 Day Test

I have received the following report from Dr. Alexander Parkhomov.

I propose to acquaint visitors of with this information:

On May 23, 2018, the nickel-hydrogen reactor developed by A.Parkhomov, launched on October 10, 2017, was switched off at the experimental design laboratory “KIT”. Hydrogen-saturated nickel weighing 1.2 g was used as fuel. The completion of the work is associated with a gradual reduction of excess heat release as a result of exhaustion of the energy resource of fuel. The reactor operated continuously for 225 days, generating 4200 MJ of thermal energy in excess of the consumed electricity (2.2 MeV per nickel atom). The maximum power of heat release is 1400 W at 380 W consumption (COP = 3,7), average 575 W at 355 W consumption (COP = 1,6).

Best wishes,

I asked Alexander if we could expect a published paper in the future about this experiment. He responded:

“Now we are going to make analyzes of fuel and surrounding structural materials. I intend to report on the results to the 25th Russian conference on cold transmutation of nuclei in Sochi on October 1-8, 2018.”

  • BillH

    Where’s the telemetry? Where’s the video? Where’s the ongoing analysis? All these things are so easy to record nowadays that without them it’s hard to be anything but sceptical. Since AR’s Doral debacle the standard of proof must be much higher for any claim to be taken seriously.

    • Warthog

      We’re talking about Russia. Not so easy to do those kinds of things there.

  • Gerard McEk

    It is good to hear that Alexander Parkhomov continues to investigate LENR. I wonder if he uses just NiH or also additives like Li and it would be interesting to know at which temperature. Looking to the peak power calculated COP it seems that it is just based on the NiH reaction. He has a long way to go to reach the COP levels Andrea Rossi is saying to have. What was the COP based on E-out/E-in over this 225 days period?
    225 Days of excess heat is quite remarkable. It seems he is able to control the LENR process and I am sure he knows how to do that.
    Waiting for the details in October this year will feel like endless, but a proper analysis of the ash and other materials will be worth while to wait.

    • artefact

      See Bobs video “2 MeV”. Just Ni and H at 1700 C but probably also Boron from the reactor tube.

  • LION

    Very many congratulations to Dr. Alexander Parkhomov.
    Looking forward to reading the report- after the 25th Russian conference on cold transmutation of nuclei in Sochi on October 1-8, 2018.”

    I note this comment from sam • 4 days ago

    Andrea Rossi

    June 6, 2018 at 12:40 PM

    Jag Bara Undrar?:

    This is another important replication, generated by the very good work of Dr Parkomov. Thank you for the link,

    Warm Regards,


    Praise indeed from Andrea.
    I wish Alexander every success with his important work.

  • Bob Greenyer

    This is the entire subject of this video.

    • georgehants

      Bob, Lion, not being able to remember all I read on site, can you say if the work of Dr. Alexander Parkhomov. has practically aided MFMP et al in it’s experiments?
      Has he for example allowed analysis of past ash or will allow ash from this experiment.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Hi George,

        If you look at the video above and/or the presentation, you can see that he has allowed us his Nickel at Padua (that we distributed to 25+ labs) and that has been analysed extensively. He also provided us samples from previous reactor that we published analysis of on June 9th last year at Asti and which forms the basis for my analysis and hypothesis in the above presentation.

        Several labs already have the most important component and know-how to attempt replication. I discussed with several at ICCF-21.

        • georgehants

          Wonderful, much more helpful than Rossi then.
          Best to him.

        • HS61AF91

          I recall the videos with him and his translator daughter. If first impressions mean something, I immediately saw a honest and sincere person in Dr. Parkhomov. Glad that progress is springing up everywhere.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Let them think what they want.
      They’re run-of-the-mill academics.
      It’s their job to put the world to sleep.
      LENR was going nowhere until Rossi came on the scene.

    • gerold.s

      Congratulations to Dr. Parkhomov! If there would be a need from him to machine MACOR or BN for his reactor designs, we would be happy to help. Bob, you may forward my contact details.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Hi Gerold – will do, however, Macor not high enough temperature and BN – well, only diamond is harder, not sure that can be easily machined, it tends to be formed and sintered.

        • gerold.s

          Macor can handle approx. 1000C, probably not enough. There are several types of BN available, also machineable. I am currently investigating this.

          • Axil Axil

            LION has made a HUGE contribution to the open source LENR community by inventing the diamond based fuel production method. Once the ultra dense deuterium (UDD) is in hand, the entire toolkit of the LENR systems developer is opened and made available.

            With the UDD diapads or micro diamonds in hand, a very simple high temperature plasma based system can be built using a Boron Nitride tube with nickel electrodes at its ends and a diamond holder made from silicon carbide or boron nitride foam in the center of the tube.

            A DC current of a few thousands volts forms the plasma and activates the LENR reaction in the diamonds.

          • gerold.s

            If LION would need support with BN machining our offer would of course also apply for him.

          • LION

            Hi gerold.s
            THANKS for your kind offer, I will keep it in mind for the future.

          • gerold.s

            Hello LION, thanks for your interest. You may contact Bob for my contact details.

          • Bob Greenyer

            I’ll hook you guys up.

          • gerold.s

            Is Parkhomov using heat only to activate lenr reaction or is there an other method involved?

          • Axil Axil

            1700C or 2000K is infrared, so it’s only heat.


          • Bob Greenyer

            His control method was noisy in the past, so there maybe harmonic components, particularly at switching times – for the most part it is heat though to the best of my knowledge.

          • Piper

            Sintered boron nitride will have residual boric oxide (B203).

    • Axil Axil

      The treatment that Bob Greenyer received at this years ICCF is troubling. He was not permitted to present his opinions because his opinions are too extreme for the old school LENR gatekeepers to accept. These old guard still adhere to the ridiculous idea that the LENR reaction requires huge pressure and heat ala the H bomb to produce transmutation of elements.

      The old guard thinking is in lock step with their mortal critics. The people that are making progress in LENR systems development are not constrained by the deadly H Bomb fusion MEME. They don’t care about theory, they don’t have ideas, they just try things and if those things work they move forward unencumbered by dogmatic thinking.

      Open minded people and free thinkers are having a hard time working with the old guard. It looks like it is boiling down to the age old struggle between the liberals and the conservatives.

      Max Planck: “An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents: What does happen is that the opponents gradually die out.”

      • sam

        Good to see Bob did his own computer on chair presentations.
        The few that watched them at ICCF21 will have learned a lot.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Hi Axil,

        I would just like to clarify that I never sought a slot to talk, I was asked if I would be giving a talk by various people, when I said I could present Parkhomov data that I had only just been given authorisation to do so, I was told there were free slots and to go and talk to X,Y,Z. I did so, and was told that the slots had gone – a couple of more times I was told there were free slots after this and people were confused when I told them I had been told they were taken.

        I was allowed to present guerilla style in the poster room and was very happy to do so – It allowed free-flow of questions and all the time needed to present the data, though it was inefficient and only a fraction of the attendees got to hear what would seem, on the face of it, to be one of the most important results in LENR history. At the end of the conference I was apologised to that no proper slot could be found and asked if I would write a paper for the proceedings, I said that I have too much to get out the door to write a formal paper and thanked them for the request.

        There was a very packed schedule and it did become frustrating that questions could often not be asked of the speakers – when I wanted to ask a follow on question to Mike McKubre (to an answer he had given to a third party) about the isotope shifts he had observed in Palladium, more time was spent stopping me getting an answer than it would have taken to answer – in the end, off-line, Mike could not remember.

        It was an excellently organised conference in literally every respect.

        On another note, I will definitely publish O-Day when it is ready, this Parkhomov data is not O-Day. I do expect a lot of jittery people and some heads to explode after O-Day – perhaps they really will shun me after that – but I will not be deterred.

        • georgehants

          Keep going Bob, your experiences are unfortunately just the Norm in this crazy World. You will note the response to my report on the other page, from the American Psychologist, the flagship journal of the American Psychological Association on PSI, one of the most conservative of establishment journals, confirming it’s reality.
          No response, the World closes it’s mind.
          You know there are a few of us that have no fear of your work and look forward with great excitement to the possible additions to science and knowledge that you reveal.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Hi George,

            I have learned that the subject of giving me a slot was debated for some time before deciding against it. If Parkhomov’s ash again supports his observation (as it did when we tested ash from the 400MJ reactor last year), then those that decided this, chose to exclude an announcement of probably the biggest news in their history, they have to live with that shame. Ok – so I have said some things, that I stand by, that would make those averse to reputation risk (at least one in particular) run a mile – however, it would appear they consciously decided to shoot the messenger, which is sad. I see no point in Parkhomov attending another ICCF, which is appalling.

            After the back-chatter and character smearing I learned of at Asti that was levelled against me (you can work out at least one of the perpetrators by reading LENR-Forum, a man I genuinely feel sorry for – unless he is paid to do it), I really had to debate the value of my attending ICCF 21, I did, and I am very glad I did so, because I met a lot of people, many of them first comers that appreciated what the MFMP and I had to share and vice versa – these individuals are ready to dump what they think they know and are not stuck in some rut – they also, for the most part, are not held in dependency or an academic prison – these are those that gained the most and could see the wood for the trees.

            I genuinely think that after O-Day, it will be pointless me attending ICCFs – I will be a pariah amongst outcasts, so be it, I am not afraid of speaking about something based on evidence.

            Since you asked, thankyou.


          • georgehants

            Understand the struggle Bob, Donation done.

          • Bob Greenyer


          • Dan

            What happened to the well documented experiments on the MFMP website? They have been stagnant for years now and all I see is Bob posting online, traveling around and promising breakthroughs.

            I am happy to support experimenters, not sure I want to pay living costs for someone who is just a LENR evangelist at this point.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Perhaps you are unaware that yesterday we started NaI scintillation of a sample of ECCO fuel.

            At the conference, I shared ECCO, LION and other samples with experts in super conductivity, Tom Claytor, Max Formitchev-Zamilov and others. Arranged other sharing and collaboration – reminded those that we had previously sent Parkhomov Nickel to that they were in a position to replicate.

            I am working with the programmers of Parkhomov tables, discussing which experiments to run in California, the project is assisting LION with equipment. I am getting in a position to run experiments also and will return to Europe with our second Labjact T7-Pro, which Alan Goldwater is preparing to write open source code for graphing for.

            Last year Alan, Skip and I ran experiments in US, and Alan has run two this year. I then ran experiments in Hungary, Aura (for which a lot of code was developed and shared by Brian Albiston) which lead to the ‘CAB Story’, and experiments in India. I also ran a large volume of strange radiation experiments and analysed a lot of material in novel and accepted approaches both last year and this and shared the findings as I am continuing to do.

            I did experiments under very difficult circumstances, this year and last – data and findings are shared at


            It would be very convenient for me if all these experimenters lived in my city, but they don’t – perhaps you would like to be away from your family and do this work for no pay?

    • Axil Axil

      Did you ever get the opportunity to meet Paul Anderson from SAFIRE project?

      • Bob Greenyer

        I met two guys from SAFIRE, they had practically nothing to say/offer – I did ask in several ways.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      I think that the alphas generated from this boron reaction
      B(11) + H(1) > Be(8) + He(4) 8.59 MeV > 3 He(4)
      [like the alphas from the lithium reaction,
      Li(7) + H(1) > 2 He(4) 17.3 MeV]
      act like “cue balls” that initiate the nickel transmutations.

  • artefact

    Atom Ecology (Russ George):

    Proper Tools Often Lead To Amazing Scientific Discoveries

    “For a month I have been blessed with a cold fusion/lenr reactor on my lab bench that just won’t stop.”

  • So Parkhomov’s 4200 megajoules over 225 days is 19,440,000 seconds into 4,200,000,000 joules = 216.0493827 joule/seconds, aka watts, avgerage output. Rather consistent with results in hand, but where are Parkamov’s lovely gammas? For that matter where are Rossi’s lovely gammas? At the birth of the cold fusion age skeptical pundits of physics demanded to see the nuclear smoke from the purported nuclear fire, they stated simply – no nuclear smoke no nuclear energy!!! To anyone skilled in the art with real cold fusion/lenr in hand, the gammas are indisputedly and prominently present on demand and well correllated with the heat…. What gives with the pevasive failure to report on those vitally definitive and lovely gammas? The failure to show off the lovely gammas by those claiming these reactions to be in hand is either misdirection at a minimum, or something more nefarious. OK OK it could be mere incompetence, in keeping with my most important rule ‘never assign to conspiracy that which can be explained by stupidity.’ Gentlemen, no more bets or bluffs, put your cards on the table if you’ve got anything, and while you are at it roll up those sleeves.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Be nice Russ.

      Are you aware that the MFMP, in an experiment run by Mathieu Valat, saw gammas repeatedly in late 2013 in Celani cell IN BETWEEN excess heat when we had to re-pressurised the cell?

      Are you aware that in the live GS 5.2 experiment Run by Alan Goldwater and Skip, it would seem we saw a gamma burst seemingly BEFORE the onset of excess heat and not during the bulk of it?

      Are you aware that in GS 5.3, I witnessed a few thermal neutrons before any apparent excess heat.

      Are you aware that Parkhomov is retired and turned down unlimited funds to do this work in a way that is able to benefit the most people. When Parkhomov is already widely respected in Russian nuclear science for proving over a 3 DECADE long series of experiments that neutrino flux accelerates the decay rate of beta emitting isotopes – would you really expect him to want to say things that have no foundation right at the end of his life. In my experience, people become very honest as their window closes.

      • Yes, being neither a freshman nor amateur newbie myself, I am aware of all these blatantly obvious resonses. Noone of the claims mentioned show long term data, sorry but claims of mere momentary glimpses of passing chimera dosen’t cut it in the real world of science, indeed not even in the Harry Potter world of magical fiction. The presence of gammas in persistent abundance is the minimum price for admission to real world cold fusion.

        • georgehants

          russ, I am confused, in the comment below, artefact reports from your Website saying “For a month I have been blessed with a cold fusion/lenr reactor on my lab bench that just won’t stop.”
          What am I getting wrong please?

          • David_Kaiser_39

            You come straight to the point, George, do you?

        • causal observer

          Russ: Do you have a timeframe for publishing detailed “can’t miss” instructions for a widely performable experiment that irrefutably demonstrates gamma radiation from LENR-type reactions?

        • Bob Greenyer

          You are a special person Russ.

          Are you aware how long it take for a nuclear detonation? For it to grow to mammoth scales? Your logic would dismiss the presence of an H-bomb detonation that could be seen from 50 miles.

          In each case I gave, the experiments lasted at least a week – in the case of Celani cells, one replication took 3 days, since that is how long it took for the cells to de-gas. What is Russ’s acceptable valid duration for ‘admission to real world cold fusion’ is it the same time as an H-bomb detonation? Is it 1 day, is it 1 week or more – pray tell us oh wise one, what cuts it?

          Please share your background sample as well as your accumulated spectrum as others such as Piantelli and MFMP have done, so that we can understand the data that drives your rhetoric.

        • Bob Greenyer


          S.V.Adamenko started learning the Russian method of cold nuclear transmutation in 1958 and in the first six years of this century conducted perhaps the largest (by far) study in the history of LENR – 100s of successful experiments observing wide-scale transmutation, strange and other forms of radiation with net yield from all factors calculated to be 10,000 x more than the 300 Joule input – he believes that the process is nucleon reorganisation by way of electron-nucleus macro clusters. Given the violence of Adamenkos work, it is unsurprising that all forms of radiation are observed.

          K.R.Shoulders from 1981/2 – 2013 conducted the longest contiguous series of experiments that led to his understanding of EVOs, a ubiquitous structure in nature that could transmute and yield excess energy. His view was that nucleus could be re-organised. Shoulders could make emissions under certain conditions.

          Francesco Piantelli started his LENR research in late August 1989 having witnessed an extraordinary anomalous excess heat event in Ni + H system. He has worked with an intensity few can muster in this field. Following my sending him reaction tables based on his published theory, he replied to say that for many years he considers the process to be nucleon re-organisation. In certain experiments, Piantelli/Focardi observed emissions and in one experiment, their most energetic, they observed high neutron flux by way of gold foil and saturation of their 3he detectors – the claim of the cause for which we verified following testing of ash from both Suhas Ralkar and me356 last year, published as ‘CAB Story’. Given the neutron flux, standard decay reactions would lead to gammas.

          Alexander Parkhomov is a life-long nuclear scientist with some of the longest running nuclear transmutations studies ever conducted – his intense research over the past years have lead him to conclude that the process is fundamentally one of nucleon re-organisation. This encouraged him to produce data on nucleon transfer reactions with a net positive yield. I have seen Parkhomov use large sized pancake GMs for Gamma/beta and Indium foil for neutron detection by proxy – to date he has not seen anything significant during long periods of excess heat.

          Mahadevan Srinivasan, having self-admittedly sat on the story for around 2 decades to avoid reputation damage, published at ICCF-20 that a ferro-silicon maker in India had observed production of 4 tons of excess metal production per day for 11 weeks.

          This is standard George Ohsawa reactions, observed by MFMP last year, Dr. George Egely, Quantum Rabbit, John Bockris and many others, the reactions for which I have pubished here (by way of Denis Lamotte’s version of Parkhomov’s data:

          With this level of transmutation of 11 weeks, if this Low Energy Nuclear Reaction had been producing gammas, there would have been a very large death toll. It is clearly nucleon reorganisation with the products occupying less distortion of the physical vacuum than the feed-stock.

          I am of the view, and have been slowly making the case for, that the data I have seen in experiments over the last several years points to nuclear re-organisation. I am happy to stand alongside S.V.Adamenko, K.R.Shoulders, Prof. Francesco Piantelli and Dr. Alexander Parkhomov – like them, the MFMP has observed radiation, including strange radiation, across multiple systems – however, it is not the only signature of the process and it is not, as Dr. Srinivasan amply demonstrates omni-present in LENR experiments.

          • LION

            Hi BOB,
            I liked this response too from jedRothwell on LENR forum.


            Alan Smith wrote:

            The problem is it is seldom reported.

            Gamma radiation is seldom reported because it is seldom observed. Many researchers have set up gamma detectors, but only a handful reported gamma rays exceeding background, and only by a tiny margin. I would say most researchers I know always set up a detector for safety, even though they never see anything.

            I do not know why you and Russ George think that gamma rays are good evidence for cold fusion. As far as I know, they only accompany hot fusion.

            I am not saying you are not observing them, but it is not normal or expected.

            Alan Smith wrote:

            I could not agree more. No nuclear fire without nuclear smoke.

            Cold fusion has been observed thousands of times with sensitive gamma detectors present, yet there is no sign of gamma rays. Perhaps cold fusion always produces some form of “nuclear smoke.” I wouldn’t know about that. But I am sure it does not always produce gamma rays. Maybe it does sometimes, in some cases. It does not always produce neutrons, either. When it does, Ed Storms thinks those neutrons are probably fracto-fusion (hot fusion). It does not always produce tritium, but sometimes it does. So products can vary, probably depending on what is being fused (hydrogen, deuterium, or a mixture).

            The only thing we know for sure is that it produces anomalous heat, and that Pd-D cold fusion produces helium in the ratio of 24 MeV per helium atom.

            the link is:


            I say again:

            Congratulations to RUSS, ALAN and MARTIN, its Great the New Lab is producing Fruit. Every development to the field of LENR is to be welcomed.



            All the best to you all.

            I believe an inclusive view is both good and necessary, while accepting that in the end the cards will lie where they do.

            Wishing everyone all the best.

          • Bruce__H

            Hi LION,

            Do you intend to send a working version of a LION 2-type reactor to Alan Smith?

          • LION

            Hi Bruce__H,
            sorry it took a while to work out how you were doing that lower case dash!

            To the point—-YES.

            How soon? good question that.
            Answer = I truly don’t know exactly at this point in time.
            I would think before October, however in the meantime I will be returning Datalogger cards, some of which will be known before then.

            I did return a Datalogger card witha load of what I thought was very good data, however when Alan/ Martin looked at it 86 hours I believe was missing. Strange radiation interferring with electronics? I dont know.
            Alan and Martin (LFH) have kindly offered to upgrade my Datalogger, so after this next run it will be returned to them.
            Patience is needed, it will happen.

            Perhaps you would be kind enough to answer a question yourself. Are you conducting any LENR experiments and if so please will you post a link so that I can see.
            All the best.

          • Bruce__H

            Hi LION,

            Good news about sending a reactor! I am looking forward to the results.

            the I am not conducting any LENR experiments.

        • Omega Z

          Rossi “always” reports Gamma within the background range.

          However, if you look at the data from all his various tests, you will notice that all initial Gamma readings are on the low side of the background range. But when the E-cat is in operation, they are always on the high side of normal.

  • Bob Greenyer

    Hi Ken,

    We have been working with a guy in Canada on a suitable LOS platform for experiments and may switch to that in the near future, annoyingly that also integrated which is now discontinued in the way we used it. We are now wary of things that can be pulled – the version of drupal on QuantumHeat was broken on the old site and not ‘responsive’ (not working on mobiles)- upgrading it was not an option without breaking it – we tried, twice – so it was decided to leave it as is as an archive – we regularly refer to it.

    • ken

      Well that is news to me! I donated to MFMP and have never seen anything that says quantumheat is now an archive! The site worked fine for me as well.

      A few moments of time to update that site may save a lot of confusion. I cannot be the only one who thinks that MFMP stopped publishing experiments in 2016.

      I am sure Steemit is easier for you to use but at least quantumheat is your own domain and easier to find and remember. Steemit is an internet startup and they could go away just like Geocities did.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Hi Ken,

        I think your suggestion is a good one. I have just got back from ICCF-21, let me address that in coming days. Perhaps at least posting links to current materials would be helpful at the very least. I think the new platform will be very helpful – but again, like steemit, it is not fully within our control.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I have been told by a third party that visited during the experiment that the methodology for excess determination was robust. I will try to determine more information before Sochi.

  • georgehants

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    Read more

  • Bob Greenyer

    Using the Parkhomov data cascades reaction calculator made by Phillip Power with just H + Ni, Ga69 is the only isotope of Ga produced in the reaction as I had previously identified in Jan 2015.

    • Roger that, Bob. I’ve just now been tidying up the original version ( That produces a very detailed log and this can be used to debug the program but also provide a pretty good explanation of how it all works. Its the version I’d like you to check for yourself so you can be confident about it (and everyone else is likewise welcome to do this).

      But, yes, the Cascades2.php version that you’ve used above is more compact (and cuts down the full Reactions table) but I’ll be tidying that up also (and responding your feedback). Right now, though, its again late in NZ, so I’ll need to sign off for now (i.e. I’ll miss the opening World Cup match – Russia vs Saudi Arabia).

      I should add that Cascades.php above can now accept full SQL queries, which means you can now include both tables (Fusion and TwoToTwo). I’ll be adding that feature to Cascades2.php. Also note that you could try adding Boron to the Cascade Starting Query e.g:
      “select * from Fusion where E1 = ‘H’ and (E2 = ‘Ni’ or E2 = ‘B’)” (minus the double quotes)

      – I’ll be trying those more fancy SQL’s myself in the (Kiwi) morning. Bye for now.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Fantastic again!

        I have noticed that it will produce a reaction that is negated by a more favourable prior reaction say between 2:1 and 2:2 – and we need to weed those out which will clean up the results and avoid unnecessary branching.

        • georgehants

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        • OK, let’s think more about that issue but, meanwhile, I’ve run a tidied-up version of Cascades2.php with that Boron-including starting query – select * from Fusion where E1 = ‘H’ and (E2 = ‘Ni’ or E2 = ‘B’) – and you can click on the link below to see the results:

          – to my less expert eye, it really looks like Boron is, indeed, the “super-star” element!

          • Bob Greenyer

            Hi Phillip – great work again – and this is just the reactions over 2MeV

            Have you noticed that even under these circumstances (H + B + Ni) only 69Ga is produced, exactly the result we observed in the Parkhomov KV3 ash tested last year.

            I see that 90Sr is in the output – Parkhomov only meant to include the radioactive nuclides as inputs – since the theory goes that LENR does not like to produce radioactive outputs (though I have argued that in extreme situations it can, the Parkhomov reactors do not fit that extreme character). Can we have a switch for them to be considered or otherwise?

          • OK, I’ve verified that Sr90 is not found as an input in any of the three Parkhomov tables – Fission, Fusion and TwoToTwo (2-2).

            And that, you say, is because Alexander did not include them in the first place? And that would be because the excitation threshold would be higher than he and most replicators would produce?

            And it could also be argued that Sr90 shouldn’t appear in the outputs, again because the excitation threshold won’t be met? So, yes, I could add a simple-enough switch to ignore any output that includes Sr90 (and maybe others as well?). Is that what you are getting at?

          • Bob Greenyer

            Have a switch to ignore radioactive elements in an output.

          • OK, so that would specifically mean: Co60, Sr90, Cs137, Th232, U235, U238 and Pu239?

            – Actually I could generalise that by having the user fill in his own table of output-excluding elements. And a table of input-excluding ones also – if that makes logical or scientific sense. Easy to do from a programming standpoint – just confirm.

          • – Having thought a bit more, we’ll only need one nuclei exclusion list and it might typically be filled in thus: Co90, Sr90, Cs137 (i.e. a comma separated list of element names with just their A numbers – I can turn each into an E,A,Z set from there). Thus, if any is excluded from the output, it will automatically not be cycled back as a possible input candidate. Then, only nuclei effectively inputted by the Starting Query itself would escape a “red card”.

            – BUT once any such excluded nucleus turns up as output from a 2-2 reaction, I’d say we would need to red-card BOTH that nucleus AND the other output one – unless that “accomplice” got in via a previous “clean” reaction. What do you think?

          • Bob Greenyer

            For not make it a switch on the radioactive isotopes.

          • – you mean: “for NOW, make it ….”?

          • Bob Greenyer

            a switch to to turn toggle radioactive isotope inclusion.

          • – done – subject to the usual cross checking.

            Results of “select * from Fusion where E1 = ‘H’ and (E2 = ‘Ni’ or E2 = ‘B’) order by MeV desc” are below

            – no Sr90 nor any other rads that I’ve seen. Will try D – related.

          • Bob Greenyer

            Also, if you run the query with D

            ‘select * from Fusion where E1 = ‘D’ and (E2 = ‘Ni’ or E2 = ‘B’) order by MeV desc’

            (minus ‘)

            Again – Only 69Ga is synthesised of the isotopes of Ga

  • Bob Greenyer

    Dr. Alexander Parkhomov has provided some further key details about the 225 day test

    Excess was determined by comparing the relationship of
    A: reactor temperature producing excess heat and its electric power consumption
    B: reactor temperature after the it lost the ability to produce excess heat and its electric power consumption

    The tungsten heating wire was in a hydrogen atmosphere.

    The reactor was hermetically sealed after saturation of nickel with hydrogen.

    At first, the pressure inside the reactor was close to atmospheric, but during the first two months it gradually decreased to -0.8 bar, and at that level stabilized.

    I have asked follow on questions relating to TC number, type and placement

  • Bob Greenyer

    Alexander Pakhomov has added that he used two thermocouples in his 225 day experiment.

    One Type K on the surface of the outer tube and a W / WRe inside the fulled reactor tube near the core.

  • Bob Greenyer

    More detail from Alexander Parkhomov

    Only the outer tube was hermetically sealed. In the tube where the fuel was located, the gas can penetrate freely.

    When the reactor was operating, the temperature in the core reached 1800° C, so the fuel was in a molten state.

    To work in such conditions, a very heat-resistant material was needed, though no W tube was used, it is an idea that should be checked.

    The thermocouple was not in contact with the fuel. It was located between the tube containing the fuel and a tube on which the heater was coiled.

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