E-Cat SKL Power Output is ’70-80% Electricity’, Testing by ‘Well Known World Institution’ Comes Next

We know that Andrea Rossi’s recent goal has been to be able to produce not only heat, but electricity with the E-Cat SK Leonardo. And on Saturday he claimed that “we got more electric energy that the electric energy necessary to make the Cat work.”

Since he posted the initial statement he has given a little more information about this. He was asked what percentage of the output power of the E-Cat SKL was electricity. He replied “Most of the production is electricity. 70-80%.”

Beyond that, he hasn’t provided many more details about the test. When he was asked about the weight and size of the E-Cat SKL, and about the amount of power produced he replied, “the data of the Ecat SK leonardo will be published after the tests of an independent party.”

And regarding this independent party he wrote, “These data will not be given by me, but by an independent well known and recognized in all the world institution at the end of a series of independent tests.”

So after nearly nine years since Rossi and Focardi first went public with the E-Cat, we are back into the familiar situation of waiting for further information.

UPDATE: This comment was posted by Rossi on the JONP:

Andrea Rossi
November 25, 2019 at 9:46 AM
Within the end January we will make the presentation together with them
Warm Regards,