There Will be 7-Day Notice of the E-Cat/EV Demonstration Date

Here is a question and answer today from the Journal of Nuclear Physics that gives some information regarding the scheduling of the E-Cat EV demonstration

September 15, 2023 at 5:45 AM
Why don’t you communicare the date of the EV test ?

Andrea Rossi
September 15, 2023 at 5:58 AM
We cannot give the date yet because it is possible that the present date will be delayed for meteorological or technological issues: both these issues will be well known only 7 days before the scheduled date; this is also why we suggested to all the persons that will attend the test not to buy unrefundable flight tickets or hotel reservations,
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A few days ago Andrea Rossi wrote that he was 80 per cent sure that the E-Cat EV demonstration would go ahead as scheduled. Obviously that leaves room for delay, and today he gives a caution to persons who have been invited to attend, not to book reservations that cannot be refunded.

I would suppose as the time approaches to unveil the E-Cat EV, Rossi and his team are becoming more nervous. If the E-Cat powered car were to fail on the day then it would be a major embarrassment and setback for his work, so I suppose they want to be as sure as they can that everything will go well before the make an announcemnent of the date.