Useful Energy from the Zero-Point Field (Patent Application)

Thanks to Domenico Canino for sharing the following patent application published in August 2023. The author is David Brian Clemens of Westcliffe Colorado.

“Method and apparatus that uses pulsed, counter-rotating plasmas to extract useful energy from the zero-point field and/or to modify or nullify the forces of gravity and inertia, or the properties of mass”

The patent application can be read here:

The abstract of this patent explains that the Casimir force can provide energy by itself, but only in very small quantities, which are not sufficient for practical purposes. Clemens states:

“The method and apparatus described here uses counter-rotating mercury based plasmas pulsed with a high frequency, high voltage discharge to create a coherence with the zero-point field, allowing for unlimited extraction of ZPE, which may ultimately replace polluting fossil fuel derived energy.”

Later on in the patent he explains that once the plasmas are established they can be surrounded with coils to harvest the electromagnetic energy. He also states that very high levels of static charge can be converted into electrical current using “standard electrical engineering principles.”