Smart Scarecrow Show Interview with Andrea Rossi.

Tribute to Martin Fleischmann by Barry Simon.

Cold Fusion device at M.I.T.. Barry Simon visits Dr. Peter Hagelstein at MIT to see the NANOR Cold Fusion device

October 6th 2011 Demonstration in Bologna, Italy. Video with highlights of the demo along with interviews with Rossi, Roland Pettersson and Mats Lewan.

Low Energy Nuclear Revolution. A review of cold fusion/LENR research from Pons/Fleischmann to the present which includes interviews with Guiseppe Levi, Sergio Focardi, Christos Stremmenos, among others. Produced by Phizero, directed by Manuel Zani.

Andrea Rossi Explains His Energy Catalyzer — Video made by Steve Krivit who visited Rossi in Bologna in June 2011

The Magic of Mr. Rossi — Video produced by Italian TV channel RAI which covers the history of Andrea Rossi and the development of the E-Cat.