“The Magic of Mr. Rossi” — RAI Television’s Video on Rossi and the E-Cat Now Translated into English

It didn’t take long for someone to translate the May 3 RAI television feature on Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat invention from the original Italian into English. The program shows a demonstration of the device, and  includes interviews with Rossi and some of his colleagues, including  physicists Sergio Focardi, Guiseppe Levi, Sven Kullander and Hanno Essen,   who discuss the E-Cat, how it works and how it has been developed.

A section of the video discusses Petrol Dragon, a former business of Rossi’s in which he attempted (and failed) to create a technology that could make oil from industrial waste.

The program also introduces officers of Defkalion Green Technologies, the Greek company who will be manufacturing E-Cats for public sale and at whose factory the first E-Cat power plant will be installed.

  • ege

    Being Italian and therefore knowing how things can go in Italy, I would suggest to take the section about Rossi’s past with some precaution.

    I mean, Rossi tells a different story in his website, so I would give him at least the benefit of the doubt. In Italy this kind of issues can get unbelievably complicated and unclear, especially when big interests are at stake.

  • Agree with ege.
    Rossi was producing fuel. To do so, he had the “Guardia di Finanza” out of his plant to take sample of the fuel and analyze it. For years it apparently worked without problems.
    Then, in Italy, they changed the laws about waste, and the stuff Rossi used became special or toxic waste needing special certification to handle and transform.
    His activity was regulated out of existence and he put in some impossible position.