Fast Facts about Ampenergo, US Company Will Partner With Andrea Rossi to Commercialize E-Cat Technology

Here are some key facts about Ampenergo , the private US company that has signed an agreement with Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation to commercialize his E-Cat technology, gathered from the recent NyTeknik interview with Craig Cassarino, Vice President of Ampenergo.

  • Ampenergo will be selling E-Cat licenses and  products, and in return will receive a portion of the royalties therefrom.
  • Ampenergo has paid Leonardo Corporation an undisclosed amount of money as part of their agreement with Rossi.
  • Ampenergo is searching for new funding sources and is in conversation “with several large companies, some investment companies, because it’s not just a technology, we’re creating an industry here … There’s never enough money to make everything happen.”
  • The first products are projected to be available by late fall of this year or early next year. The first product is likely to be a 1 MW plant for heating or power generation.
  • Initially, the first E-Cat products would be manufactured by Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation.
  • Ampenergo will not initially be marketing home heating installations
  • Ampenergo will be seeking to partner with the “right” companies as they attempt to combine technologies to find the best ways to proliferate E-Cat technology.

So Andrea Rossi’s commercialization strategy is beginning to take shape. We now have two separate companies, Defkalion in Greece and Ampenergo in the US who are positioning themselves to take the E-Cat and run with it once the technology is officially launched. It appears that both companies are brand new and are feeling their way with this new technology. In uncharted waters it’s important to have smart and effective navigators who can negotiate the difficulties that will surely come up. It will be interesting to watch these two companies and see how they handle this potentially world-changing technology.

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  • Where these people in the DOE and DOD when G. H. Bush was president or later on in the Clinton government? its know that thee were dissidents in both the DOE and DOD at the time of the DOE report. Are these those dissidents? Or are they the ones who tried to take Cold fusion to the Clinton/ Gore white-house and were rebuffed?

  • Can’t wait to see the results !!

  • Rockyspoon

    Defkalion is a consortium of all the power-generating companies in both Greece and Italy and has all the political support it needs–even from all the political parties of both countries because they see this as their economic salvation.

    The US, on the other hand, has always been adverse to anything to do with cold fusion since the hot fusion physicists have control of the money spigot. It will take big changes in their perception to acknowledge something they’ve fought against for decades; many egotistical reputations are at stake. Government officials, prompted by such vested interests, could make utilization of this technology very difficult.

    On the other hand, I’d say the chances of Defkalion getting into production are very good, and one of their primary customers just might be Japan, since they’d be crazy to replace the Fukishima plant with an equivalent fision version. I believe the rest of the world will embrace this new technology faster than the US, much to their benefit and the consternation of those of us living in the US. But that’s what we get when we allow politics to overshadow technological innovation.

    • admin

      Not sure about Defkalion including Italian power companies. Rossi has said rather pointedly that it will be years before he puts E-Cats in Italy. OTH Rossi loves the USA (he’s a resident I believe) and has said he wants to pay back to America in return for the rebirth he has been given there by providing energy and jobs. Just my take on it.

      • Rockyspoon

        I believe you’re right about Defkalion not including the Italian power companies. My mistake. I get the feeling the Greeks are more supportive than the Italians in this enterprise–perhaps past business difficulties with the Italian government has caused Rossi to shy away from them, which is understandable.

  • Ruxpin

    For all the good I wish to this technology and for the promise it holds, I can’t believe a final mass market product could be delayed in a particular country… and if Rossi’s reason to hold back in Italy are the ones Rockyspoon posted, well, I would really do the opposite, given the entrenchment the actual political class has with big oil and russian gas…
    I’m really looking forward to a partial or total energy independence for my house and for a cheap way to recharge my (future) full electric car… and E-cat could well be a big part of the answer… but I live in Milan (Italy)!

    • admin

      I wonder if Rossi is banned from doing business in Italy for a period of time as a result of falling foul of the law in his past.

      • Steve Robb

        No, he probably doesn’t want to become entangled with the Mafia.

  • georgehants

    Posted this morning in the Journal of Nuclear Physics.

    Wladimir Guglinski
    May 19th, 2011 at 8:52 AM

    Dr. Pietro Cambi
    The confirmation of Rossi’s technology by an university was important one year ago, so that to show to investors that Rossi’s technology really works. That’s why the confirmation by the Bologna University was crucial.
    As the E-Cat is already going on the market, it means that it’s working. So there is no need any confirmation by any university.

    There is in general a belief that something can work only when it is confirmed by an university. The scientific community used along the 20th Century such belief in order to fool the people, by convincing them that many experiments which defy the prevailing theories cannot be taking seriously in consideration because they had no confirmation by universities.
    But the own universities refused to repeat the experiments.
    By this way they have created a vicious circle:
    – all the peer review journals refuse to publish the paper describing the experiment, because it violates some principles of current theories.
    – all the universities refuse to repeat the experiment, because it was not published in any peer review journal
    – so the experiment cannot be taken seriously, because it was not published in any peer review journal, it was not replicated by any university, and so its results were not confirmed.

    Tesla’s inventions in the field of free energy are an example.

    It seems such conspiracy of the academics against the scientific method will end in 2012.

    I think a very fair report on the state of current academic “science”

    • made the discovery related to thermonuclear fusion in the Sun. Explanatory comments can be found at and at It is the nature of solar nuclear fusion seen from a new perspective. The proposed invention is “Method of Controlled Nuclear Fusion and Controlled Thermonuclear Reactor for Controlled Nuclear Fusion”, patent pending No. 2005123095/06(026016). The said discovery offers answers to all theoretical challenges of thermonuclear fusion in the Sun, and – which is more important – technical solution to design of controlled thermonuclear reactor capable of running for a long time. Owing to this discovery even TOKAMAKs could be operable soon, provided they are supplemented with apparatus maintaining the necessary physical conditions for controlled nuclear fusion.

  • Simon

    Does somebody know about any sold industrial Energy Catalyzer?


    • David

      @Simon – “Does somebody know about any sold industrial Energy Catalyzer? ” There aren’t any. The first ‘commercial’ installation will be the 1Mw plant at Defkallion in Greece, which supposedly will be operational in October- November this year. This will be composed of 100+ (different numbers have been quoted) e-cats operating in parallel. Defkalion is the company funded by a group of anonymous investors which has the worldwide rights (barring the USA) to produce/market/licence the production of e-cats. The e-cats which will form this 1Mw plant are being produced, supposedly, at some undisclosed location in the USA.

  • Patrick Johnson

    If this is a scam, I really
    hope not, it’s a very sophisticated and well prepared scam.

    Could be that all these
    months of demos only serve as the buildup for the Greece plant, which Andrea Rossi
    says: “will be the definitive proof”.

    But that’s when the real
    scam will occur. The 1MW plant will just function with concealed external power
    as long as its serves as the magnet for multimillion dollar pre-contracts that
    Rossi and his Greek partners will make for other site construction allover the World. Then they will
    simply disappear from face of the world.

    • rustyfox13

      i just hope that Ampenergo makes the E-CATS available to all of us , and not deny us this life changing technology, like they did with teslas.

    • Steve Robb

      Just how does one go about disappearing from the face of the world? Especially when one wishes to enjoy ill gotten gain? Do you move to the Antarctic or the Moon?

  • Rick Gresham

    For background on Rossi, Leonardo Technologies and Ampenergo read Craig Cassarino inteview:

    They go way back – 1996.

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