USA Launch for the E-Cat Scheduled, While Defkalion Hopes to Reconcile With Rossi

There has been lots of comment and speculation over the last few days regarding the Andrea Rossi, Defkalion Green Technologies and the E-Cat.

Andrea Rossi made a further statement yesterday in response to all the questions that he has been receiving which appears to be his last public comment on the topic.  Here are some excerpts”

I repeat that the reason of the split from Defkalion has been only and exclusively financial . . .

I always said that we would have been ready for the market from November only with the 1 MW plants, while for the small units more time was necessary, for many issues . . .

In fact, we will start in October our 1 MW plant, and we will be ready to sell such plants from November, as I always said, while we will be ready for the small plants in due time. . .

[Defkalion] repeatedly and publicly that they were ready to invest hundreds od millions of Euros. I had no reason not to believe them. . . The problem emerged when, after we waited until the maximum possible term, we demanded that the financial duties be respected. At that point it emerged that the financial resources were not enough to go on. This is the sole real problem.  . .

I have already perfectly in schedule my 1 MW plant . . . , there have not been problems of delivery . . .

Of course, since they have not respected what due, I did not give them any confidential information regarding the inside of the reactors.

From Rossi’s point of view, the whole situation boils down to an inability on Defkalion’s part to meet their contractual obligation. And Defkalion are not publicly disputing anything that Rossi says — their position is that they want to continue to work with Rossi.  Alexandros Xanthoulis, President of Defkalion Green Technologies mad the following statement on the Ny Teknik web site.

“We believe we have a project. We continue the project. We still have a lot of trust in Mr Rossi. We believe in the technology. But as you understand we are receiving a lot of pressure, also Rossi is receiving a lot of pressure internationally. And we believe that Rossi is more vulnerable than us to pressure. This will be fixed I believe.”

So the way things stand at the moment it seems that there will be a public launch of Rossi’s 1MW power plant in the last week of October somewhere in the USA. Rossi commented that he would not say where the demonstration would take place because if he mentioned the city, “you could understand immediately who is the Partner, and we are bound not to reveal it until the test day.”

In many ways it should make things  easier for Rossi to have an American launch of his technology since his factory is in Florida. Transporting his power plant overseas would certainly be  complicated and there would be more opportunity for damage to his equipment during shipping.

With the kind of technology that Rossi is promising, the stakes are very high. This episode is indicative of the tensions that are to be expected before any major product launch, but particularly one that could be as revolutionary as the E-Cat. It would not be surprising if there are more twists and turns in this story, and it will certainly be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks as we approach “E-Day.”

  • DaveK

    Cape Canaveral Florida?

  • Waiting

    They say the problem is a lack of funding. That would be easy to fix, if this were real. Just let the two universities test e-cats in their own labs, as he promised, using experiments designed to rule out fraud. Rossi could even be present, to ensure they don’t open it up and find the secret. If this were done, then most people would be convinced, and there would be no shortage of investors begging for the chance to invest.

    But that can’t be done if this is a scam. Hence the funding problems.

    If this were legit, he could solve all his problems in a day. But he won’t.

    So far, he’s perfectly following the script I described earlier. The 1 MW plant will have a demo right on schedule, because no one can pick up a multi-ton container and look underneath for cheating power inputs. But the sale of small e-cats is being delayed, because these would be the first e-cats that an independent party can test. Just as I predicted, he’ll never allow a test that can tell whether this is a scam.

    • twmemphis

      Waiting: Yes, exactly, I agree 100%.
      Just people like Georgehants make me really crazy…they are a bit like the members of the “Jehova’s Witness” group and fight forthe E-Cat as if it was their private little baby which nobody may touch or talk negative about.
      The E-Cat eventually might be working and maybe it even produces a good amount of output energy, but we must all together push Rossi to prove it instead of praising him like “the new god of free energy”.
      First prove it, then trust it!

      Let’s be realistic:
      If the invention really outputs the amount of energy that Rossi claims, he would be so proud of it that he would not fear anybody measuring the results with own instruments.

      But playing the games he plays of just showing “See here, steam is coming out” without any measurement of the output is totally unprofessional.

      Jed Rothwell was invited before to see the E-Cat. He wanted to bring his own measurement-instruments, but Rossi refused, so he cancelled his visit as it makes no sense for him. Read here:[email protected]/msg49765.html
      and here[email protected]/msg49725.html

  • stupend0us

    After all, Rossi was the one claiming he will not get any money from the customer (as describing Defkalion) before the plant is operational. Now what goes wrong, only the two parties know.
    Given the past of Mr. Rossi with all these plants of him that failed in Italy along with his tax problems, I don’t believe anymore of what he says unless he proves it solid. After all it seemed to me that he was throwing figures (costs, power etc) randomly, which could be confusion or fraud oriented.
    Rossi once more time you seem to dissapoint people

  • Francesco CH


    It is not money it strict sense, it is “contractual obligations”.

    For example, if Defkalion egaged to buy three factories where building the series production of the Energy Catalyzer but Defkalion did not buy them, then they did not respect their “contractual obligations”.

  • stupend0us

    @Francesco CH

    I can understand what you are saying. Somehow there are so many dark corners on the whole story. I am greek and I happen to know or have investigated the background from many of the BOD of Defcalion. They are not “businessmen” but well reputated members, I mean well known and respectfull.
    So I conlcude that they wouldnt try to scam Rossi, they might had financing problems (banks in greece and cyprus have become way too tight) or faced other problems but they are not the ones would just find a poor scientist and rip him off. So my question is, what went wrong, history shall tell.

    Unfortunately I have a feeling that since Defkalion has already machines to be regulated by greek authorities (which on the top level are highly proffesional and equipped with everything you can imagine e.g. ) will move on production and be a large legal battler.

  • Brad Arnold

    Here is a great video of Dr. Brian Josephson, winner of the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics touting the Rossi E-Cat:
    In other words, if you think it is fraud, think again, because TEAMS OF EXPERTS have evaluated the E-Cat, and there is NO WAY such a small space can generate that amount of energy over that amount of time without it being either nuclear, so some kind of new source of energy.
    Now, as far as Defkalion is concerned, the current news is that Greek authorities are currently evaluating a number of units, and that evaluation process is costing millions of dollars. It is said that Defkalion surpassed Rossi months ago…in other words, Rossi might have a competitor. No wonder they want to stay on good terms with him, since they already have everything they want from him but his patent application.
    I am excited that Rossi has come home to America and is being backed by a US corporate gorilla. A thousand factories across the US producing and marketing 1 megawatt E-Cats will be a real boost to the US in economic terms and help with moral and prestige at a time when America can really use the shot in the arm.

  • Francesco CH


    Ok, but the statement released by Defkalion is clear: they talk about external pressures, both financial and economic.

    Their statement sounds a bit “conspirative” to me… Therefore I guess: “does the explosion of the electricity factory in Cyprus have something to do with that?”

  • georgehants

    Is there any reason not to believe the statement by by Christos Stremmenos, all that matters in this saga is that Cold Fusion is practical and the faster it is put to use to help the World the better.
    Anybody hoping Rossi fails or the E-cat does not work just to satisfy their negative Egos or their fear of progress or any other reason, is a very SAD person.

    • twmemphis

      Georgehants, you still did not understand it.
      Nobody HOPES that Rossi fails!
      But we do not trust his words, we want him to prove it.

      It is not normal that a scientist tries to avoid in any possible way that his invention is being tested externally. If the E-Cat works and produces the promised output, why does he not do output measurements?
      He invited Jed Rothwell to see and test the E-Cat, but when Jed Rothwell said he would bring his own measurement instruments to measure the steam, Rossi says “NO, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED”. What does Rossi have to hide and why?

      If the E-Cat really worked, Rossi would win lots of benefits, respect, reputation by such test. He obviously had the time for the test and the visit, but he does not want anybody to measure the output. Isn’t this strange?

      Rossi has a lot to lose. He has a criminal history which means that he – more than any other scientist – has to prove his results to the world.

      Sure, he can do that by “releasing the 1MW plant”, but why so late? What should be the reason? Does he like/enjoy the fact that so many people are sceptic?

  • Stupend0us

    @Francesco CH

    Well to tell you the truth, immediately when the explosion in Cyprus happened I thought of that might be a warning sign to them.
    But then, this will lead us to a territory that is fictional and definitely illusional e.g. When the downgrade of the credibility of US happened ?. 5th of August, the days Rossi has announced that he will move the plant to the US, but might this be a warning to USA ? Things are rough but who knows..

  • lars

    I like the name for the day when it will be tested by specialist. The E-day 

  • Rick Gresham

    I think all agree, it should be easy for Rossi to validate his claims beyond question and what we’ve seen so far defies honest explanation. Still, there is reason for hope if most what we’re told is mostly true.

    I’m missing something somewhere. Why do some believe Defkalion has developed their own devices. Did I miss a posting somewhere? Is there anything stated by the principals or anyone else to lend credence to that story?

    One megawatt thermal will toast your buns, for sure, but in the scheme of things, it isn’t very large. I need 10 MWth for drying sawdust for a project – Rossi says come back in November. A “typical” (550 MWe, 40% efficiency) coal fired power plant will need aournd 1,375 MWth to replace the boiler if I did the arithmetic right.

    Anyone heard anything from Piantelli’s Nichenergy?

    If anyone has knowledge of another supplier of LENR that could be shipping product in the next 12-18 months, I’d sure like to chat with them:
    rickgresham at comcast dot net.

  • Vril 2000

    Rossi is a total scam. Any serious power station based on that technology would need serious planning,engineering, testing and involvement of many developers for the various parts. So, if Rossi says (again) he will come up with a commercial product or something that would be an advanced prototype within a months or two of time, he disqualifies himself again for lack of honesty and sense for reality.

  • Rick Gresham

    I’m really not interested in becoming Rossi’s shill and what you say has some truth in it but I’m not sure I’ve seen Rossi claiming he’ll replace the boiler at any power plants any time soon. The only thing I remember seeing is something about preheating boiler feedwater. It’s disingenuous at best to advertise claims Rossi never made then denigrate him for not delivering on them.

    If the E-Cat has no emissions, emits no radiation, produces no radioactive waste, leaves no hazardous solid wastes then it seems unlikley EPA or NRC will be able to tie it up in endless reviews. FERC may have some authority to review technology going into public utility power plants but I’d be surprised to hear there’s anything in their regs they could use to forestall its deployment as a preheater and that’s a pretty low risk undertaking for a power plant.

    I’m of the opinion that as soon as Rossi or Piantelli or one of a dozen other teams around the world demonstrates LENR at commercial temperatures, every company and every country will be forced to adopt it as rapidly as manufacturing and engineering allow. If China develops energy at a half cent per kWh and the rest of the world insists on paying four and a half cents per kWh because LENR can’t possibly be real, how long do you think we can compete in global markets? Where will investment dollars flow?

    Is Rossi for real? I dunno, I sure hope so. Is LENR for real? Sure seems to be. Is it going to change the world? I don’t see how any one could stop it.

  • Stupend0us

    I’ve been reading all these days the “thriller” between Rossi and Defkalion and I’ve just came up with an idea which it sound like in the sphere of the conspiracy theory but I would like to know how it sounds to you:

    “What if Defkalion and Rossi didn’t break up, but Defkalion is the rabbit for the beginning of the hunting period?. What if Rossi does’nt want the big boyz (coil, nucs, oil etc) be after him but after Defkalion ? And somehow he withdraws and let’s them hit the first ball of the start of the game ?”

    Just a small conspiracy thought of an old Greek guy 😉