USA Launch for the E-Cat Scheduled, While Defkalion Hopes to Reconcile With Rossi

There has been lots of comment and speculation over the last few days regarding the Andrea Rossi, Defkalion Green Technologies and the E-Cat.

Andrea Rossi made a further statement yesterday in response to all the questions that he has been receiving which appears to be his last public comment on the topic.  Here are some excerpts”

I repeat that the reason of the split from Defkalion has been only and exclusively financial . . .

I always said that we would have been ready for the market from November only with the 1 MW plants, while for the small units more time was necessary, for many issues . . .

In fact, we will start in October our 1 MW plant, and we will be ready to sell such plants from November, as I always said, while we will be ready for the small plants in due time. . .

[Defkalion] repeatedly and publicly that they were ready to invest hundreds od millions of Euros. I had no reason not to believe them. . . The problem emerged when, after we waited until the maximum possible term, we demanded that the financial duties be respected. At that point it emerged that the financial resources were not enough to go on. This is the sole real problem.  . .

I have already perfectly in schedule my 1 MW plant . . . , there have not been problems of delivery . . .

Of course, since they have not respected what due, I did not give them any confidential information regarding the inside of the reactors.

From Rossi’s point of view, the whole situation boils down to an inability on Defkalion’s part to meet their contractual obligation. And Defkalion are not publicly disputing anything that Rossi says — their position is that they want to continue to work with Rossi.  Alexandros Xanthoulis, President of Defkalion Green Technologies mad the following statement on the Ny Teknik web site.

“We believe we have a project. We continue the project. We still have a lot of trust in Mr Rossi. We believe in the technology. But as you understand we are receiving a lot of pressure, also Rossi is receiving a lot of pressure internationally. And we believe that Rossi is more vulnerable than us to pressure. This will be fixed I believe.”

So the way things stand at the moment it seems that there will be a public launch of Rossi’s 1MW power plant in the last week of October somewhere in the USA. Rossi commented that he would not say where the demonstration would take place because if he mentioned the city, “you could understand immediately who is the Partner, and we are bound not to reveal it until the test day.”

In many ways it should make things  easier for Rossi to have an American launch of his technology since his factory is in Florida. Transporting his power plant overseas would certainly be  complicated and there would be more opportunity for damage to his equipment during shipping.

With the kind of technology that Rossi is promising, the stakes are very high. This episode is indicative of the tensions that are to be expected before any major product launch, but particularly one that could be as revolutionary as the E-Cat. It would not be surprising if there are more twists and turns in this story, and it will certainly be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks as we approach “E-Day.”