Rossi: Customer Will Determine Rules of October 28th 1MW E-Cat Test

Anticipation is growing and expectations are high for the announced test of Andrea Rossi’s 1 MW E-Cat plant in Bologna on October 28th — except it seems that the plant is not Andrea Rossi’s. Rossi has said that the plant belongs to the unidentified US customer who will be present at the test in Italy.

When asked recently whether he would be making a 24 hour test of the plant, Rossi replied, “The rules of this preliminary test will be decided by the Customer.”

This statement of course brings up the question of who this customer is, and how they might they be inclined to handle the unveiling of their new power plant. Will they be open, and want to show off the full capabilities of this new machine they have bought, or will they be more secretive and cautions?

Until there is an official announcement of who the mystery customer is, there is going to be speculation about their identity. In my opinion, the biggest clue that we have so far is that the URL redirects to the web site of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a world leading venture capital company based in Silicon Valley who are actively investing in green tech companies and entrepreneurs. Over the years KPCB have been instrumental in supporting major new innovators such as Amazon, Sun Microsystems, AOL and Google.

UPDATE: A Facebook comment from a representative of KPCB denied they were involved with Rossi, saying in response to a query:

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Thanks for reaching out! We’re not an investor, nor are we affiliated with this company in any business capacity. For more on our portfolio companies, you can check out the KPCB website at

We may not know for sure until the last minute who the customer is. Perhaps the mystery customer reads the suggestions for the upcoming tests that are sent to Rossi’s web site, or on some of the other online venues where people are discussing the E-Cat. Let’s hope they are willing to let the world see what this invention is fully capable of.

Frank Acland

  • Hampus
    • Francesco CH

      If they do not emit an official statement this message means nothing.

      I bet they are the “customer”

  • Alexander

    Well, I’m someone who is not skeptical. I believe we can do almost if not everything that we can imagine doing.
    But even I am beginning to find this a bit tedious and unsatisfactory.
    A few hours testing is not sufficient to prove that the device works as claimed, and I am a bit baffled by the surge of praise and thanks that is being poured all over a man and a device which, quite frankly, has not been demonstrated properly yet.
    If it works, turn it on, let it run, and run, and run, without input from power source or people.
    If it doesn’t do that, it doesn’t work, and there is nothing to be expectant about.
    And now we are told that the ‘testing’ of the big version will be governed by some secret group who have apparently bought it.
    Something isn’t right with all this.
    I know this new energy revolution will happen, but will this e-cat be the one to kickstart the process?, I’m not too sure.
    I appreciate how hard it is to create new technologies in a world that positively tries to prevent it, I understand that it could be necessary to do things in a strange way to get around the ridiculous system we have allowed to develop around us, but I do not understand why a thorough lengthy testing wasn’t carried out for all to see.
    I’m not a scientist and maybe I’m missing the thing that makes the scientists that checked the e-cat so positive, maybe it’s not necessary to do a longer test to prove the point.
    But I would still carry out a long testing, minimum of 24hrs to demonstrate that it can work alone.
    I don’t know, I’m not going to disregard it yet, but I hope things are made a little more clear soon, and if this next testing is not what it needs to be to truly demonstrate the process to the world, then I’ll probably start to think that this is not what it is being made out to be.
    But these new, clean and limitless energy technologies will be known soon one way or another, so we can all still be positive about that, however the e-cat thing goes.

    • Francesco CH

      They are going to pay $15,000,000.00 for this 1MW plant: do they have AT LEAST the right to choose how the test on their own plant would have to be conducted?

      • Alexander

        Yes, of course, if they bought something, it is then up to them to do as they wish with it.
        But the fact still remains that, at least for me, the e-cat hasn’t been properly demonstrated to show that it can do what is meant to do.
        So what I’m saying is that I’d like it to be proven by Rossi first, then the testing by others would be irrelevant.
        Once the product is bought by a company/group, ‘testing’ should no longer be necessary, all this was meant to have been satisfactorily concluded before the sale of it.
        It’s a bit weird to send everyone’s attention after a company that has bought the product, to engage in further observation of testing.
        As I said, I’m not a scientist, so maybe it has been satisfactorily proven to those that matter, but if it’s not proven to me by way of demonstration, then, to me, it remains just a possibility, rather than a fact.

      • Abraham A

        Be that as it may – Don’t you think that it’s a little suspicious that something changes or is limited with every new test? First it was set in stone that by the end of october everything was out in the open and proven for the public to see. But instead, we’re now left with just more uncertaintly and half-hearted tests that do not really woo anyone but the most optimistic who have an unshakable blind faith in a positive outcome.

        It’s worth noting that all of these ‘irregularities’ have been predicted, and the red flags pointing to a scam have now turned into flashing red warning lights.

        I can’t stress enough how I hate for a person to raise so much hope in people, only to crush it with no regard for anyone but themselves. It litterally pains me.

        I hope I’m wrong about this, but I don’t see it. Check back here in a month and comment on how things fare then! Though I have a sneaking suspicion this will most likely be dragged out for a little while longer.

  • Ag


    – Where did you get the $15M price tag from?

  • Johannes Hagel

    Are we close to the point where a new and promising technology is bought up to let ist disappear in some drawers? Could that be the reason why an extensive public testing did not take place so far? So that later the argument “it has never been proven valid” can be used without provoking contradiction? If so, how can we counteract?

  • daniel maris

    Hi –

    I like the new format – more like a newspaper feel.

    Who is the mysterious “customer”? -I’ve no idea. But there is more than one way to be a customer I would suggest. It could be a prospective manufacturer perhaps?

    • admin

      Thanks, Daniel — the newspaper feel was what I was looking for. It allows for more information to be put in the same amount of space and makes it easier for people to scan articles.

      I think Rossi could use a partner who could mass produce his e-cats. Rossi has said thatt over the long run he’s trying to make his tech low cost through economies of scale. I think he’ll probably end up with multiple partners.

  • Jonathan

    keep in mind that the domain also pointed to at one point and that we can’t verify who bought the domain. my bet is that the e-cat domain is not owned by the rossi customer and instead just a joke.

    • did point to Exxon. However, Exxon was toying around with a technology that could have reasonably been abbreviated e-cat (equilibrium catalyst). Therefore Exxon likely paid good money for the e-cat name. Most likely, then, someone bought the e-cat name from Exxon. Folks don’t normally spend good money to promote unrelated companies as a joke.

      Though Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers says that Rossi is not one of their customers, this still suggests that they have interest in the e-cat. It would be wise of them to have interest in the e-cat as it is right up their alley.

    • Studious Citizen

      Or is owned by a squatter. Happens all the time. And people will camp out and watch for domains to come up for sale, and then snipe them before their original owner can renew them.

  • Stephen T.

    Defkalion have posted an open letter to Christos Stremenos on their forum.

    • Defkalion obviously wants to participate in the e-cat. I sincerely wish that their determination is rewarded. However, I am concerned that they regularly use a threatening tone in their language. I would think it better for them to stick extremely strongly to a conciliatory tone only. However, who am I to say, I am not a master negotiator, nor am I familiar with the cultural nuances of either Italy or Greece.

  • Wes

    This is a very positive development, IF the customer is willing to perform the test in public, AND in a way which removes questions. An investment company would likely take this approach in order to establish a marketing opportunity. An end-user might wish to perform private testing; public testing might offer no benefit.

    That we have an announced test date would seem to indicate Rossi is dealing with an investment entity, in which case we will have ample time to download and enjoy Frank’s exciting new book, “The Secret Power Beneath,” book one, while waiting for the October 28th demo. Frank may sell more copies of his books than J.K. Rowling by time the e-cat makes it’s way into the U.S. market, making Frank a happy man indeed.

    • admin

      LOL Wes — thanks for noticing! I’d be happy with just a couple of book sales by the 28th at this point!

      I had fun writing it, so that’s a reward in itself.

  • I hate to say it, but I expect that the 1mw plant will be delivered with zero fanfare. I bet that when the sale is closed we still won’t know who the customer is. (It is nice, however, that this contract continues to be active.) Marketers like to be in control of public announcements. Companies often want to be much farther ahead of the game than Rossi currently is before revealing a product to the world.

    • Sojourner Soo

      I understand that Ny Teknic and Forum has already been invited to the upcoming test. So, one must conclude that the results will be publicized, don’t you agree?

    • Francesco CH

      In this case it would be a extraordinary news anyway, because that money may allow Rossi to start a wide commercial enterprise based on the production and sell of the Energy Catalyzer

  • Gisli

    As I see it they want to be the first to know if this technology realy works and if it works they will pay 15 millions for the 1 MW station. Then they will sell oil futures short and also stocks in other green technology and oil companies before they tell the public about theyr findings. That is what I would do if I had irrefutable information about this technology. We will know if this works when these buyers want us to know. That is what I think.

    • I have commented the power of E-Cat change the world against economic meltdown and big environmental problems is related to the Rossis´s partner capabilities and his intentions. As, at first glance, big US companies are not interested in the plant (otherwise all test would be conducted in secret), US / Italy government neither (as we follow through NASA reports and others) so, the remaining options unfortunately are not very good. Someone may use this to force oil prices down affecting stock exchange for a while, as a game, and after huge profit, stop E-Cat ideia selling it to oil companies, it will be the end of LENR for more 22 years.
      Rossi: Forget money and open the solution for all world and you will be remembered for ever. If not, please, choose a responsible partner.

  • Paul F. Dietrichson

    What kind of deals are being made behind the scene here? The inventor of a (potentially) revolutionary technology can not determine the rules for the testing of his own invention?
    The whole scenario around the presentation of the e-cat is beginning to be rather frustrating. And yet, given the massive rejection by the scientific establishment, the enormous changes which this invention (again, if all goes well) will imply for all of us and, finally, the valiant fight by Mr. Rossi to stay in control of an almost uncontrollable process, let us approach the October 28 on a positive note: letting his customer take charge of the rules and scientific procedures of the testing will only add to their trustworthiness.
    Used the “advanced search” on the science page of the New York Times to see if their journalists covered the new invention. Andrea Rossi? Football player or movie star!

    • Studious Citizen

      The scientific community soundly rejected Einstein’s theory. In fact, it took several years before they had the opportunity to prove/disprove it (could only be done during a solar eclipse, looking at the lensing effect on starlight near the edge of the sun).

      The scientific community is merely a social mechanism. It is not a very good consultant for determining the validity of new theories and innovations. Only the scientific method can determine that.

      Remember, contrary to what has been a popular meme recently, science is not done by consensus.

  • RedRyder

    When I first starting reading on this some 18 months ago my first thought was;

    Ya right! when pigs can fly!

    In the beginning Rossi has stated that he wants this invention or Process for the masses. I strongly feel he has chosen the customer that will attest to this in the contract.

    I don’t know him have only read his comments.
    I do think he fully understands what is about to happen. He seems to care much about safety and getting one downsized for the home.

    It seems to be what keeps him up at night.
    Trying to choose the reasonable customer for production and new research to get it into the home. we shall see soon!

    Just might be possible that pigs can fly!???
    The world would be fun again!

  • I have commented the power of E-Cat change the world against economic meltdown and big environmental problems is related to the Rossis´s partner capabilities and his intentions. As, at first glance, big US companies are not interested in the plant (otherwise all test would be conducted in secret), US / Italy government neither (as we follow through NASA reports and others) so, the remaining options unfortunately are not very good. Someone may use this to force oil prices down affecting stock exchange for a while, as a game, and after huge profit, stop E-Cat ideia selling it to oil companies, it will be the end of LENR for more 22 years.
    Rossi: Forget money and open the solution for all world and you will be remembered for ever. If not, please, choose a responsible partner

  • RedRyder

    A spectacle is the perfect way to demonstrate or and sell something. The show should be run by the customer (new owner). If they prove to be somewhat large they could have the show of the century on their hands.

    Kinda like this:

    I had 500 each 24 inch 2 x 6 treated deck wood as waist on a project. I could not put them in a landfill didn’t seem right, so I put them next to the Road with a FREE sign on them. Not one person stopped to even look at the deck wood.

    So, the next day I posted a sign 25 cents each next to the large stack of wood, and they sold like popcorn.???

    Sometimes too good to be true can be twisted if taken as truth.

  • Brad Arnold

    I am having trouble understanding what the “customer” is getting from Rossi. Rossi already has a US licensee in AmpEnergyo, so did they lose the franchise? Understandably, Rossi wants some money to flow back to him, since he sold his house to finance this venture, and Defkalion stiffed him.

    Even more interesting, on Rossi’s blog he said he didn’t want the mass media to attend a demo, which may be sour grapes or a genuine wish to remain relatively low key. Sooner or later the sh*t is going to hit the fan – perhaps when (if) Defkalion starts selling units in the EU.

    According to the book “Secrets of E-Cat” there already exists a public design for 2x return using LENR Ni-H, so Rossi (or Defkalion) ought to be getting at least 6x. This is not enough for electricity generation, but at least for heating air and water.

    A lot of people who are eagerly following this saga will be very disappointed if the promised Oct 28 coming out party for the one mega watt E-Cat isn’t delivered as promised, or is unsuccessful. Frankly, I am much more interested in the 1000 US factories that are to be built by the “customer.”

    By the way, I doubt Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is the customer, as according to Rossi the US town they were to do the 28 Oct demo in would give the “customer’s” identity away (Seattle?).

    • “Rossi (or Defkalion) ought to be getting at least 6x.” In self-sustaining mode, the e-cat is effectively getting INFINITE energy increase. Its plenty enough to generate all the electricity you need.

      Further, steam generation can achieve better than 30% efficiency. So 3 times is enough for electricity generation.

  • RedRyder

    Not sure that is was possible to ship the plant to the USA, customs would would need to know how it worked.
    They would want to inspect the Nickel Powder the Hydrogen would need to be purchased here and then the Big one,

    They would want to know what the “Secret Spice”, (catalyst)consists of?

    That he won’t give that up yet.
    For the Spice is the Key to the e-cat.

    that I think is why the test will be done without crossing borders or going through Customs, just thinkin?

  • RedRyder

    Once the recipe for the Secret Spice is known,
    every Farmer with a Basic Physics background in the Northwoods will be building his own to heat the house and barn. Its just how its done.

    They may have trouble grinding the Nickel correctly but someone will mill in a basement or Barn eventually.

    Kinda Cool! “everyone will want the Spice”

    • Love it. You are right, there is nothing incredibly high-tech here. There is nothing that can’t be done in a well-equipped home workshop. After all, I see no evidence that Rossi has much more than a well equipped home workshop.

  • georgehants

    All the Defkelion events are another part to the Saga that will go into the final history and film, but hopefully will not in any way effect the demonstration of the 1mw. device on the 28th.
    Agreeing with everybody that the final outcome of the last test has not fully overcome possible objections, let us hope the 28th will be the last nail in the coffin of any indecision.

  • Kasper R

    Coincidence or Not ?

    It is interesting that they have choosed the 28 Oct as the test day of the 1MW plant. According to some people the real end of the Mayan Calender is 28 Oct-11, not 21 Dec-12. So then we will propably see an awakening of a new era at the end of the Mayan calender as the Mayans predicted and it will be the E-Cat era…

  • Giuseppe Cantelmo

    I have documented some (bibliography varies and “feel” of some personal research of important Italian research institutes) and I gained the conviction that there is something true, and that early work. I also invested money in stocks, the nickel should be the main fuel of this new form of energy (you never know ..)

  • John Stankowich

    The October 28 event is an acceptance test where the product under test must meet the customer expectations what ever they may be. The customer is paying, why not?

  • gparent

    A Whois search for says that the domain name was registered in 2004 and is valid through 2022. Whoever owns the domain does not want to be known, as the listed registrant is Domains By Proxy, a company that acts as a middle-man. As to where the domain points, a simple “http-equiv” command in the home page (or a DNS change) could take you to Exxon or KPCB or to the Vatican, any site that could confer credibility to the E-CAT. The fact that the domain was registered SEVEN YEARS AGO raises this question: if Rossi does not own the domain, then who else does and for what useful purpose?