Rossi Open to Live Streaming Video of His E-Cat Technology

We’ve heard repeatedly from Andrea Rossi lately that there will be no more public tests or demonstration — he has said it takes to much time to put on, and it gives competitors opportunities to steal his technology. So it’s somewhat surprising the answer he gave to a question on his JONP site today:

Q: With all due Resepect

You need to set up 1 unit and run it 24 hours a day on video live stream.

(This is a simple thing and this is what the people want)

All else is mental masturbation

Rossi’s answer: Great idea, we will make it ( not the mental bricolage)

How much a live video demo of a constantly working E-Cat would convince people who are currently unsure about the E-Catis unclear. Certainly an Internet video does not amount to anything like an independently tested product in terms of verificaition — but in Rossi’s case, it may provide another piece of circumstantial evidence to help his sales and marketing efforts. Certainly there were many people disappointed that there was no live webcam of the October 28th demonstration, something Rossi had said would be available until the customer requested secrecy.

We’ll have to see now how Rossi plans to implement this “great idea.”

UPDATE: Rossi has answered another question on this topic in the same thread on the JONP:

Q: May I remember you this is not the first time you say “I’ll do a video live stream”?

A: You are right, but to do this we must wait to have the right Customer, who allows us to put his plant online. I will do it, as soon as I will have this chance.

UPDATE 2: Another comment on the same topic in the same thread:

Q: I think that it isn’t necessary putting the webcam on a sold plant, but only on one E-Cat module in your laboratory.

A: I cannot open a camera on our test room, because we make also confidential operations. Only a plant in regular operation in our Customers’ concerns is possible.

I suppose that many people will wonder whether Rossi could put a test E-Cat in a location separate from the other activities of the laboratory, but I expect Rossi won’t be wanting to put in his own time and resources to find an appropriate spot, get this all set up and monitor it 24/7. If the customer can do all that for him he saves himself lots of time and money.

  • fraudrossi


  • To be impredictible is a sine qua non conditiion for a
    genius, but not all impredictible humans are geniuses.
    The company that makes the first really convincing demo,
    Rossi’s or Defkalion- will win.

    • Steve Robb

      The company with the greatest sales wins economically the rest is showmanship.

  • alexvs

    A.R.: Great idea that has been proposed not less than 10,000 times.

  • daniel maris

    It would definitely help. I think it is something the mainstream media would relate to as well.

    I am pleased Rossi gave that commitment. It has to be said that he has a pretty good strike rate on doing what he said he would.

  • JK, the ultimate test is escrow account and renting device/selling the heat. If it is scam, then it is a scam just for fun of it. Then Rossi is a mad millionaire. Italians are fun-loving people, but not that loving!

  • lergrain

    The idea of a 24 h, 7 days permanent videostream of an E-CAT at work is THE way to finally silence all the critics. Ideally, well known fysicists warrant, and show, on the video, what measurements are done, and the measuring instruments are shown as well. The fysicists warrant that no extrenal energy source is connected (other than the ones needed to invoke the self-sustained reaction), and they warrant that the reactor is in self-sustaining mode. Energy in and produced caloric energy are contantly measured and shown. In addition, I recommend Mr. Rossi, to publish official steps to order 1 MW (or other type) E-CAT’s : price, delivery times, down-payment and final payment conditions, operating specs, installation guides, etc… Good luck !

    • GreenWin

      Much as we’d like to believe it, this will not silence critics. Critics Of LENR are the sycophants of combustion and fossil fuels; cowering in the depths of their cave, terrified of a new form of energy they don’t understand. Running a webcam on an e-cat will do little to calm these frightened bunnies.

      Fear of the new and inexplicable, is the way of the narrow-minded, immoveable in their ancient fortress of ignorance.

    • DavidenEspana

      The idea of a 24hr, 7 days a week permanent videostream of an electric kettle will not finally silence all the critics. Only independent testing of an e-cat beyond the manipulations of Signore Rossi will.

  • Alexander

    (round of applause)
    That’s the way that things like this must be done.
    As long as it is done in a clear way, no mess, just the ecat (or anything else), doing its thing in plain view, with several different camera angles, live streamed, then the only thing people can complain about is the possibility that the video is somehow being interfered with to hide wires etc. And that’s a pretty limp argument, video can be dissected by experts, and these days just hobbyists, quite quickly..
    I’m looking forward to seeing this happen.

  • Thomas

    And don’t forget to unplug the e-cat from the main power supply …

    I still don’t understand why Rossi didn’t do this in the 1MW-plant test …

    • Steve Robb

      The test was performed by the customer not Rossi.

      • DavidenEspana

        What customer? I see no customer. All I see is Rossi’s say so. Not good enough. Trust must be earned – Signore Rossi hasn’t done enough to earn mine yet.

    • Bjorn

      Every heat plant need some electric power for regulation and suply of water. What I know if you input 1 kW you get output power of 10-12 kW. It is not bad. It is more than what you get from geothermic plants, ex input 3 kW and output 7-8 kW.

  • silvio

    can someone post the link to the original conversation? I was not able to find about this on

    • admin

      Sorry — here’s the link — bottom of the page.

  • Steve Robb

    I am already 90% convinced but this streaming demo will not move me the final distance. I need to hear from a customer and see the machine that customer has and how it is being used, though I don’t need to see it in person it would be the icing on the cake to do so.

  • alexvs

    Hmmmm. I noticed that even believers were going on a bit dissaponited.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Sorry, but what does a video of a black box with some meters showing needle deflections prove? Meters can be jiggered.

    • admin

      Yes, a video could be rigged. But it doesn’t seem likely that a paying customer would fake a demo of a product they had bought. If it didn’t work they would be wanting their money back (actually, I don’t think they pay anything to Rossi unless the plant works according to the contractual specifications). I think a live webcam on a third party site would be very good advertising for Rossi. Now he has to make a sale to a customer who’d agree to this setup.

      • PersonFromPorlock

        But a paying customer can be faked, too. OK, GE or Siemens buys one and sets up the demo, that’s one thing: but if ‘the customer’ is some company with no history and no address except an e-mail one, that’s another – and a lot more Rossi-ish.

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  • Fly

    There are cretins, this a big scam


    • Tommy

      Haha, scam. No need to apologise, the cretin is you. I cannot wait to bathe in smug when my home is powered by cold fusion.

  • Im sorry, but talk about non-news

  • Pierre Bourassa

    A TEST for you Mr. Rossi.
    Since you have to built others 1 mw plans in containers, take one add pumps and small electric generator and place the container on a truck and place it in a city outside pool, heat the water and open the pool to general public all winter long.I am sure that one city will accomodate you and then these people will start to dream with you invention. The rest is ”Mental masturbation”.

    • RichyRoo

      I like this idea, very practical and difficult to refute.
      But I reckon Rossi doesnt care what anyone thinks unless they have 2million to spend on his device, which is perfectly rational.
      Also his iceberg strategy of 90% out of sight may have prevented him becomming a target of vested interests too early.

      • Pierre Bourassa

        Yes I am afraid of that too. In fact he is tip toeing to get to know enough but not seriously. His detractors do not exel in sciences but we do. In any ways I wish him luck and courage weather it is a scam or not.

    • morgan

      t would certainly put a new slant on the well known generator manufacturer ..Onan!

  • Robert Mockan

    All critics can be convinced in a few days, without Rossi revealing any secret production details.

    Take 2 samples of fuel from same batch. One gram of one sample is new. One gram of second sample is used.

    Mail the samples to a nuclear testing lab, that uses ICPMS and AMS (Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer, and Accelerator Mass Spectrometer). These instruments will determine the before use and after use elemental composition, the mass percentage of each element, and the elemental isotopic ratios.

    Publish the results.

    • Steve Robb

      I believe this was already done.

      • Robert Mockan

        No. A statement was made that nickel changed to copper. A lab report is going to have the number for 92 elements and a few hundred isotopes. When I made my own cold fusion cell using tin electrodes I said it generated excess heat. That means nothing. But even then (last century) I knew if I wanted to convince any person of anything I would need test reports using calibrated equipment at a materials testing facility. I did not do that because:
        A: I was not trying to sell anything.
        B: I was not trying to convince any other person of anything.
        C: I was not inclined to converse with people who were pathological skeptics.
        D: I knew if any other person was really interested in the technology they would research it themselves and build their own devices.

        By 1995 it was clear “cold fusion”, or LENR, as it became known later, is not some exotic rare phenomena. In fact, when you know what to look for, it is difficult NOT to have elemental transmutation when working with atomic hydrogen and metallic elements. The heat is a useful by-product.

  • M.Hat

    It’s a simple waiting game. When the “open to the Media customer” takes delivery of his 1MW Ecat, and the system is up and running and is producing the expected cheap energy in the advertised way, the wait will be over. However since the Rossi Ecat breakthrough–if it proves to be real, as I think it will be–would be the invention of the century, the impatience among the believers is understandable.

    • RichyRoo

      Pons and Fleishman should get a Nobel for Physics for their discovery.

  • Ron

    Say he did this an ran the e-cat on a webcam for a week or month.. how many would really be convinced by that? Meanwhile, if something went wrong with this test (as can often can be the case with prototype equipment) then it could hurt his sales prospects rather than help them. Once you make the sale further demos are as likly to hurt you as help you.

    The bottomline, it seems he only needs to convince the paying customers to succeed in his plan; convincing the world at large does not seem to be that high on his list. And the only thing that will really convince the general public anyway is independent testing (and probably multiple test at that to really convince the die hard skeptics) but that has its pitfalls as well.

    Of course all this can change if Defkalion starts putting on demos. Then he has competition and the demos can be commercials to buy Rossi vs buy Defkalion! So I guess we will see how all this plays out.

    • Sanjeev

      I agree totally. If I were Rossi, I wouldn’t set up this pony show, I’d simply find two or three trustworthy and reputed customers, who have a lot to lose, if their credibility vanishes, and point the people to them – “ask them if it works.”

      I can come up with a 1000 ways to fake the webcam or a video. A fake customer with a fake Ecat is all it takes. Webcams have an utterly poor video quality, which makes it very convenient.

      For skeptics, no its not going to convince them. Some fence sitters may fall into skeptic side instead (no serious business does such shows).

      Doubt is a virus, once it gets hold in mind, it cannot be removed. Even a dozen customers are also not going to convince skeptics. There is always a chance that they are getting paid to say things. If you go to astrology sites (or such), you will find many ‘satisfied customers’ of theirs.

      • Robert Horning

        “Doubt is a virus, once it gets hold in mind, it cannot be removed.”

        That isn’t quite true. There is a huge difference between a strong skeptic who has reasonable doubts but remains open minded and somebody who simply closes their minds to any other world view.

        I’m willing to consider that Rossi’s device might be the real thing, but so far all I’ve seen is a bunch of “dog and pony” shows that really aren’t very convincing at all, and certainly don’t amount to any sort of “scientific proof” that an open mind can accept.

        What really needs to happen is to have Rossi take one of his E-cat devices and hand it over to an independent testing laboratory. This is done for most consumer products, particularly powered equipment like radios and even automobiles. If the E-cat can’t stand up to that kind of hard review, it will never be permitted for sale in a 1st world country as a regular consumer device like Rossi claims he is trying to achieve anyway.

        While that isn’t perfect, it would help to dispel quite a bit of the skepticism and help remove the aura of vaporware that seems to be surrounding this device as well. That it will be seen as necessary by government regulators seems like one of those “killing two birds with one stone” kind of thing.

  • Lee L

    Look… hasn’t anyone heard of magnetic INDUCTION as in transformers etc…..

    A coil inside the ECAT and a coil inside a table .. both invisible but the table coil attached to a source of power.

    Rossi will be selling shares in his invisible secret any day now. Mark my words.

    • RichyRoo

      even simpler, just run a cable through the table into the underside of the e-cat, magicians do stuff like that.
      A video will prove nothing. Independent verification by physicists or engineers would be useful, but ultimately the market will determine if this thing is real or not, and it will be a year or so before we can be sure.

  • s

    My opinion is if someone has a technology that is easy to prove, but the proof is not done, then you can’t assume the technology is totally proven. The Ecat has been demonstrated to produce excess heat for short runs multiple times based on the information we have been given. So, if the data we have been given is accurate, the ecat seems to produce excess heat for short runs.

    It is obvious we have not been given a demonstration, and data from that demonstration, for a long convincing run of over 24 hours although there have been multiple opportunities since January to show the ecat running for over 24 hours. So, in my opinion only, I assume that it is intentional to not show the ecat work for more than 24 hours for negative reasons. My personal assumption from here on is that the ecat can’t produce excess heat with a COP of 6 for more than a few hours without shutting down or becoming unstable unless we are given a clear demonstration that it can. This is only my opinion so the rest of you can make up your own minds and put your names on list to buy ecats if you want.

    In terms of the other company Defkalion, I won’t believe they have a working cold fusion device until they give a demonstration. I also won’t believe they have a cold fusion device to meet the specifications they listed until they demonstrate it.

  • I’ll have to revise and add to my formula…

    Nickel + Hydrogen + Stupidity = Cold Fusion
    Cold Fusion + Fake Customer = Investors (corollary)
    Fake Customer + Web Cam = Real Live Proof

    • Wes

      Tisk, tisk. Such suspicion. You might have to invent a new “e-cat calculus.” Something to express the value of hope taken over an infinite number of demos.

  • RichyRoo

    A video proves nothing, you havent seen movies? The only thing which will prove this device is rigorous independent testing and verification or a few dozen heating various buildings around the world.
    I think Rossi is naturally reluctant to let anyone open his box, same as Coke is. Thats fair enough.
    So, to coin a pun, the proof of the e-cat is in the heating.

  • Sputnick

    It makes sense that Rossi prefer to have a customer demonstrating the live video.

    If he does it himself, he will be accused again by his detractors that the video proves nothing and that it could be fake.

  • Sanjeev

    Slides From Sept. 22 NASA LENR Innovation Forum Workshop

    New Energy Times obtained three of the slide presentations under a FOIA request!!!!

  • Dave

    A web cam video of a “working” E-Cat would prove nothing, just like all of his silly desktop demonstration videos proved nothing. We’re still relying on Rossi’s erroneous heat output calculations that assume all of the water is being converted to dry steam when that’s not the case.

    • Robert Horning

      I’d have to agree here. There isn’t even certainty that it could even be “live video” and could be looped in some way to appear working continuously but really doesn’t do anything at all.

      Has anybody seen the movie “Speed”? Watch it if you haven’t, as it is a good action flick anyway, but one of the plot points was to do just this kind of thing in an attempt to fool the “bad guys”.

  • David

    Read this (Rossi acts very strange!):

    One of the eye-witnesses, a former NASA staff member, saw problems from the moment they arrived there.

    “Rossi changed the game totally.” the witness said. “From the test plan, the device, everything. There was nothing there that we had agreed on. He had a 30 liter reservoir in there and he wouldn’t even let us see what was in the box or weigh the box.”

    The Sept. 5 demonstration was inconclusive; Rossi’s device sprang a leak. The Sept. 6 demonstration was inconclusive; there was no outflow of steam or water.

    On the second day, when the former NASA staff member asked Rossi if his device had an internal reservoir, Rossi became enraged. Quantum’s engineers left but NASA engineers offered to come back in a few days to give Rossi time to fix the flow. Rossi declined their offer. He said he was “too busy.”

    • I think Rossi needs anger management classes.

      From a different barrel, has anybody seen his wife? Is she young and hot? Supposedly he signed his Italian patent for this ecat over to her.

    • Sputnick

      Why is it a strange behavior?

      When I have important customers coming next month (Oct 28), I better be ready and focus on building the 1MW module. Not on proving anyone that the Earth is rotating around the sun.

      • Rossi’s customers are too embarrassed to admit that they bought the unit from him. Until he can prove that he has customers who admit to doing business with him he has no customers. He or the people behind his operation could just be bilking investors out of their money. This could very well be a Ponzi scheme. It has all of the classic ingredients. Part of the money investors inject could be used to set up manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts. This in turn will convince more and more investors to pack their money into the enterprise that looks to be more and more real on the surface. Doubting Thomases will face the wrath of Rossi’s temper tantrums.

        • Robert Mockan

          If it were self sustaining the remote diesel generators would have been monitored to show they did not supply any more power than needed to operate the system pumps and valves.
          A 1 to 6 power ratio is not self sustaining, nor is it possible to convert enough thermal power, at the stated temperature, to electricity to power the system.
          The test did not even show a net excess of power, since the net power overhead to operate the generators must include the efficiency of the generators, making the fossil fuel for them, and so on. I have to conclude if the buyer of the MW system thought it was a good deal, they would be singing from the roof tops. The secrecy is damaging to marketing, advertising, and public relations.

        • Steve Robb

          There are no investors, Rossi is self funded.

    • Wes

      If Bill Gates had said “I’m too busy” to IBM there would be no Microsoft. Only a mad man or a fraud would be “too busy” to form an alliance with NASA. That seems to cap it.

    • the snake

      Why is it that Rossi always needs to arrange what can be seen on his shows. He’s like Davide Copperfield. Maybe a Cold Fusion gig would be great with white tigers jumping out of e-cats.

    • Rogerborg

      No soup for you!

  • In good time, we are seeing the wonder of the networks, the Internet and communications in a resounding theme that has the scientific world in suspense. In good time we are encountering individuals with an altruistic sense of criticism of new knowledge.

    Indeed we note that, as humans we are tiny in a world full of unknowns and surprising findings. Already, many scientists such as Mike McKubre, as Dennis Bushnell, as Sven Kulander, as Robert Duncan and many other serious men of science have more clarity to the existing real progress can now be having in the Fusion Energy LENR or cold.

    From many parts of the world today, many follow closely every contribution you can give every leader in this field full of hope for mankind in terms of survival and better future. Notable is every report or newspaper article that is objective and clear, hidden letter or partners.

    Closely followed this story that many hope will be the answer to resolving the crossroads where the world is Quie and the next year 2012 will be a big change in energy for the world, real possibilities of lasting peace and thriving and vibrant democracies in the world.

    • Kim

      Thanks for writing This

      It is up to the people and
      we need to force this issue.


      • Pierre Bourassa

        do not worry thruth take care of itself.

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  • s

    How the situation develops with Massachusetts and MIT with respect to the Ecat should be a turning point in people’s belief as to whether or not it works as advertised. In my opinion, it is likely that Mass. and MIT will demand a demonstration that the Ecat can produce excess heat with a COP of 6 or greater for a period of more than 24hrs without any power cycles. It might be doubtful that Mass. and MIT would spend any time and money on the Ecat unless they are 100% sure it works as advertised.

    If this potential deal with Mass. and MIT falls through because the Ecat is not allowed to be tested for a long period of time, then a possible conclusion can be drawn. Perhaps the Ecat can only produce excess heat with a COP of 6 or greater for a few hours at a time before the reactor needs to be reworked/reconfigured. If this is the case, the Ecat would fall into the category of a “champion” prototype that might be too cost prohibitive to mass produce.

    I hope that my opinion is wrong and the Ecat can work for 6 months in a row without any power cycles right now. The fact remains that all Ecat demos where data has been released have only been for a few hours before shutdown. If the test plan from Mass. and MIT calls for a long duration test and the deal then falls apart, we should ask whether the Ecat, at the present level of development, is a viable long term energy solution.

    • Steve Robb

      The only thing a lab would need to see is an energy output greater than the energy input such that any chemical reaction could be ruled out. Even if it ran for only a brief time that would be significant as it would shatter their bias against cold fusion/LENR. The purpose of including MIT is to research the process so that a complete theory might be devised and so allow the next several steps to be taken and improve the process significantly in a rational manner. At present it appears that Rossi’s present device design cannot allow for much extension to a radically new, more efficient design.

  • I agree that Rossi might have needed (and still needs) some lessons in public relations, but i see it that way he simply didn’t care about it. At the end this just caused more and more skepticism.
    Something simple like demonstrating a very simple ecat powering a light or a Christmas tree whatever could have a BIG impact in terms of public acceptance and getting more people interesting in this technology. And its definitely more simple to do than making a whole 1KW plant..IMO

  • earthhydro

    The 60 minutes piece on fusion had a top scientist say that the reason he felt fleischman and pon were wrong is …they incorrectly measured the electrical input. that is insane. well as an avid hho cell maker, i have met several people that measured the average on the input and the peak on the output…but these guys are seasoned scientist that know how to measure. but would rossi settle for a billion from big oil to take this off the market and keep quiet? remember he is a genius. only an idiot would turn that down. if you are more altruistic than me then you would believe a lie? was jesus gullible? no. he aint got nuthin. thats a fact jack.

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