Rossi Open to Live Streaming Video of His E-Cat Technology

We’ve heard repeatedly from Andrea Rossi lately that there will be no more public tests or demonstration — he has said it takes to much time to put on, and it gives competitors opportunities to steal his technology. So it’s somewhat surprising the answer he gave to a question on his JONP site today:

Q: With all due Resepect

You need to set up 1 unit and run it 24 hours a day on video live stream.

(This is a simple thing and this is what the people want)

All else is mental masturbation

Rossi’s answer: Great idea, we will make it ( not the mental bricolage)

How much a live video demo of a constantly working E-Cat would convince people who are currently unsure about the E-Catis unclear. Certainly an Internet video does not amount to anything like an independently tested product in terms of verificaition — but in Rossi’s case, it may provide another piece of circumstantial evidence to help his sales and marketing efforts. Certainly there were many people disappointed that there was no live webcam of the October 28th demonstration, something Rossi had said would be available until the customer requested secrecy.

We’ll have to see now how Rossi plans to implement this “great idea.”

UPDATE: Rossi has answered another question on this topic in the same thread on the JONP:

Q: May I remember you this is not the first time you say “I’ll do a video live stream”?

A: You are right, but to do this we must wait to have the right Customer, who allows us to put his plant online. I will do it, as soon as I will have this chance.

UPDATE 2: Another comment on the same topic in the same thread:

Q: I think that it isn’t necessary putting the webcam on a sold plant, but only on one E-Cat module in your laboratory.

A: I cannot open a camera on our test room, because we make also confidential operations. Only a plant in regular operation in our Customers’ concerns is possible.

I suppose that many people will wonder whether Rossi could put a test E-Cat in a location separate from the other activities of the laboratory, but I expect Rossi won’t be wanting to put in his own time and resources to find an appropriate spot, get this all set up and monitor it 24/7. If the customer can do all that for him he saves himself lots of time and money.