Defkalion States Market Entry In 2012 With Scalable Hyperions Up to 5 MW

In a New Years Day post on their forum, Defkalion Green Technologies revealed some more details about their plans for the launch of their Hyperion reactors.

The 45kW multi-reactor Hyperion’s geometry and functionality allow us to fit 115 rack mounted of such units within a 20ft typical cargo container, leaving enough space for the heat management systems and the external heat exchangers as well as the room needed for inspection/maintenance/recharge. That is a 5175 kW (thermal) unit scalable from 5kW to 5,175MW* for industrial applications, not a one-megawatt device.

The range of the MW Hyperion products will appear in the Greek market first, following the 45kW Hyperion licence and entry in the market within 2012.

Happy new year to you and to all our forum members and guests

(*) arithmetic notation following the European/Greek system. 5,175 MW is 5MW and 175kW.

DGT seem eager to show that the company has a product that will far surpass in power density and output the 1 MW unit that Andrea Rossi is marketing that fits inside a similar-sized shipping container. They, like Rossi, are looking at entry into the market in 2012 following approval of product license which could set up an interesting competitive situation.

It should be noted, however, that unlike Rossi’s E-Cat, we have yet to see any video of a Hyperion device in action, or a report from a third party that has seen or tested a working Hyperion which leaves open the possibility that despite their claims, DGT may not be as far along in product development as Rossi — and indeed that they may not yet have a working product. Until there is more in the way of confirming evidence there will still be some question marks, for some people at least, regarding Defkalion’s public pronouncements.

  • daniel maris

    Get on and do it Dekaflion – stop making meaningless announcements.

    • clovis

      Mr. rossi says that they don’t know how.
      They have his machine but don’t know how to make it work, smile.

  • David

    I’m also going to release a secret device that produces 500mW!!! Do you believe me? Or do you believe Defkalion?

    This is just boast.

    • Erik Ykema

      500 milli Watts (mW) should be possible…

  • Paul

    Defkalion has yet to do the first demo, so it is difficult to believe they have anything, unlike Rossi who has had many Demos. Should be interesting in 2012.

    • Alain

      what you can see is that they hacve competent engineer addressing all engineering problems around the product.

      I see 3 possibilities :
      – they have good engineer who are designing a marketable product with LENR.
      – they have good engineer who are preparing to design a marketable product with LENR, but are waiting for a working kernel which they more or less know the behavior, waiting for a dicovery or partnership… by the way they break stupidly with rossi
      – they have good engineer who they have paid to simulate good job, to ask good question, to address real-life problems, so they can pretend to have a workable product to make a big fraud

      the first case is the only reasonable according to my opinion, but you can believe in 9/11 conspiracy and Defkalion Big Scam if you like movie plot like Ocean 11.

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  • Peter

    -known physics- and a childrens question:

    what makes things go round?

    well, up to now Physics falls short to explain
    “what makes the world go round” – from protons to stellar objects –
    at HERMES they found that gluons (virtual particles!) are responsible for most of the energy necessary to support the proton spin. Nothing turns by itself – otherwise it would be a perpetuum mobile – yet in physics we have the -intrinsic angular momentum-
    HERMES experiments proved this expression to be wrong.

    In my opinion physics has not solved a lot of natures miracles – there is a lot more to be detected.

    Just think of “known physics” hundred years ago – and in hundred years from now!

    Due to the fact that they know very little, they can explain very little 🙂


    • georgehants

      Good stuff Peter, when science realises and admits we know almost nothing then Enlightenment can begin.
      The Wonders are just waiting for the right minds.
      Open, searching, honest minds.
      Cold Fusion is just a clue to what may lay in store for science to discover.
      These discoveries will not be made by closed minds.

      • Mondo

        Till now, We have to admit that we still haven’t seen that technology working WITHOUT ANY DOUBTS. I do believe that cold fusion is a reality, but I am not sure Rossi or Defkalion already have a working device. That’s what make them very secretive. I know a big industrial that is in contact with one of those two players (Rossi and Defkalion, I can’t reveal). He already hasn’t seen anything concrete. When he will, I would post just the information that IT IS or IT ISN’T working…

        • KallyKangaroo

          And why, may I ask, should we believe you? 🙂

    • Robert Horning

      You are trying to prove a negative, which is part of the problem. Most of what you have posted here amounts to “we don’t know much, therefore we don’t know anything.”

      This also misses completely what science really is, and how it works. The sad thing is that this whole diatribe ignores that physics is one of the best predictive sciences that there is, with the ability to literally predict where the planets will be in the sky in 100 million years and even having a pretty good idea where all of the stars that we see in the sky will look like too. Hint on that one BTW: it won’t look like anything we see today.

      The problem with the E-cat is that the scientific principle hasn’t even been attempted on whatever it is that is going on. Until the would-be promoters of this technology get that firmly into their heads, this attempt at debunking science as a whole is simply a futile attempt to demonstrate ignorance. It doesn’t even work very well for that either.

      There are a number of real issues that need to be explained by E-cats, and until a serious study happens with the technology and concepts there is legitimate reason to even think that the whole thing is a fraud. Understanding how it works also helps in terms of knowing how to modify the design, how to improve upon the design, or even to understand why it doesn’t work sometimes when other times it will.

      BTW, stuff like the Earth does turn around because of energy imparted upon it early on with its creation. It isn’t constant though, and in fact the Earth is slowing down a little bit every day. But don’t take my word for it…. find out for yourself. Do the measurements and find out by how much. You don’t have to “trust” somebody else for those answers, you can find them for yourself.

      Unfortunately, it is the “trust me” attitude that Andrea Rossi (and now Defkalion) is trying to do when they announce they have some amazing technological breakthrough for which there is no current scientific explanation for how it works. That is what doesn’t sit right with either me or many critics.

      • georgehants

        Robert Horning,Your idea of predicting star and planet positions completely ignores chaos theory that you will find guarantee nothing can be predicted with any certainty.
        Nobody tries to take away what science knows and many great scientists have given the basis that science now exploits.
        Saying some good work is done does not excuse the terrible lack of research in areas clearly unknown and feared by science.
        If science had not debunked and distorted the clear evidence of Cold Fusion 23 years ago then it may now have a theory.
        People should be ashamed of the failures and putting right the faults, (closed-minds, arrogant, conservative, administrations.) not
        trying to defend a failed system.

        • it is not a question of DEBUNKING cold fusion

          my reply is this “if cold fusion HAD worked 23 years ago”


          feared by science?

          have you ever turned on a computer
          or used a laser pointer listened to a radio, saw the results of atomic bombs,used a gps device or an i phone or a cell phone etc ad infinitum

          science is a failed system?
          do you live in a cave warmed by a fire?
          do you know what fire is?

          • Alain

            this remark is naive.
            it is also the symptom of todays problems with science. theory work so well that we refuse facts is theory don’t exists.

            we still wait high temperature superconductivity.

            also the good reason not to have good theory is that it is a banned scientific domain, and all the best scientist flee that domain.
            moreover since the peer/pal review refuse LENR without any analyze (not so true there ARE peer reviewed article that SPAWAR published or cite)…

            not surprising if you know how real science is, far from the theory of popper.
            especially modern science, and physics today. budget and politic is very important in that domain, much more that 100 years ago.

            it is not the only case of dysfunctional science…

        • Dave

          georgehants you’re just another ignorant “truther.” Nobody distorted any cold fusion evidence. Scientists all over the world tried to replicate those cold fusion experiments, but failed. That’s the truth.

          Science is based on peer-reviewed evidence and reproducible results, not faith. Cold fusion doesn’t work just because you want to believe it does. I want it to work too, but I know the difference between fantasy and reality.

          • Alain

            the facts is that, since the first reclication experiments, some reproduced and some not.
            good science would say it is interesting, and there is something to see.

            in fact what SPAWAR says is that it was not replicated for some now well known reasons (and it is normal in a new domain that you fail to reproduce because of unknown parameter).

            now experiments are sure replicated with Pd+D.
            Ni+H seems also sure, if you eliminate the alien conspiracy.

            the only reason of skepticism is a mediatic ban, followed by coward science administration (those who closed SPAWAR research despites results) and coward politicians.
            business and finance are victims of that ban, otherwise they would follow and critic at the same time.

            what surprise me in that domain is the naiveness of talkers here… nobody here seems to understand what is real science, real business, real politic… how old are you ? 13?

            It is funny to hear people critic defkalion saying they show nothing. for me, as engineer, they show much more than Rossi. Rossi however show me that he is not a good engineer, nor a good boss, but a good heroic inventor, fighting the cowardliness of establishment…

            now don’t expect public proofs, until all is OK at defkalion, that is business.
            Rossi is enough non-professional to have made public show, moreover badly… coherent with his personality.

            for now defkalion is totally on the predicted path.

            Rossi too if you acknowledge his weakness.
            I won’t be surprised that his announces are dummy, despite the reactor work, with the help of real engineers like NI and “the client” (and Defkalion).

            science is a hobby. engineering is a job.
            business is a fight.

          • georgehants

            Jed Rothwell
            There is some additional technical information about the MIT data in this paper by Miles and Fleischmann, starting on p. 21:


            On p. 23, there is an analysis by me. I showed that the data was manually manipulated by a human being, not a computer. This can be proved from the published version of the graph alone, without seeing the original data.

            I do not think the excess heat shown in the original data is significant. I expect it was instrument noise. However, there is no doubt it was deliberately erased from the published version.

          • Alain

            @Dave refering @georgehants
            yes, this is the conviction of Eugene Malowe, in his book and this report
            see page 12 for the trick.

            for the reasons of various failure SPAWAR conference on LENR explains the various cause of bad reproduction.

            by the way, it is straneg that when some reproduce and some other don’t, those that don’t succeed accuse the other of failure, and not the opposite…
            true especially with those cooking-like technology…

            skepticism was scientific. ban was stupid.

        • bongo

          I never understand this “areas feared by science” view point that people have.

          Research institutions IMO tend to hunt down new discoveries quite intently even if their research is quite controversial.
          There are also quite a few laws restricting research because of the lengths people are willing to go to for a new discovery.

          Everyone wants to make a name for themselves.

          • Alain

            not if the media treat the domain of being fraud and non-science…

            no surprise. are you so innocent?

            organization can be plain stupid when individual are prevented to take risk.

            if you know the reason of German atomic bomb failure, it is typically because of similar reason.

            and I repeat, it is not the only case of group stupidity in science. past and present.

  • David Linebarger

    I don’t think there will be any real competition for a long time in the LENR market. The market is just too big.


  • Luca Salvarani

    Competition is always welcome but those greek charlatans absolutely not! A free advice for this sort of so called “company” defkalion: change market! for example focus on selling Moond land… By the way: 20 March 2012! Take not of this date for Greece and you’ll see what will happen…

    • phil

      March 20th?
      gooi het in de groep!

  • georgehants

    From E-CAT = Rossi Cold Fusion.
    Perhaps 23 years to late is better than nothing.

    A leading American physicist has come out and asked for a national cold fusion research effort in the USA. Dr. Robert Duncan, Vice Chancellor of Research at the University of Missouri told The Columbia Daily Tribune newspaper that he thinks Low Energy Nuclear Reaction claims like those made by Andrea Rossi deserve investigation by the US government.
    Duncan said a national research program to look into cold fusion and its merits is needed. He told Daily Tribune reporter Janese Silvey that he is in the early stages of drafting a proposal for such a program. Duncan’s program would involve federal grants to university researchers working on LENR.
    Robert Duncan Courtesy University of Missouri
    Such research is needed because cold fusion is poorly understood and scientists don’t really know what causes it, Duncan said. He also noted that nobody seems to know how the excess heat in devices like Rossi’s e-cat is created. Such knowledge would be necessary to engineer large systems powered by LENR devices, Duncan added. He also believes that physicists need to reevaluate their opinion of Cold Fusion.
    Interestingly enough Duncan predicted that there will be more inventors like Rossi producing results nobody understands. The article also quoted Steven Krivit who said the process was already understood.
    Duncan is a very distinguished scientist he is a fellow and a lifetime member of the American Physical Society. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Doctorate in Physics from the University of California-Santa Barbara. Duncan would be well qualified to head up research into LENR because he is a recognized expert in low temperature physics.
    In his career Duncan has been director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, a fundamental physics researcher for NASA, a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of New Mexico and a visiting member of the Physics Faculty at the California Institute of Technology. Dr. Duncan has also consulted with industry, he helped found three companies dealing with alternative energy and minimally invasive cancer diagnostics and surgery.

  • georgehants

    Reply from Rosie’s page, NI could easily deny this statement and if they do not then for all reasonable arguments the E-CAT is proven, except it’s capabilities

    Andrea Rossi
    January 3rd, 2012 at 4:43 AM

    Dear Pietro F.:
    No, the Customer, National Instruments and us are still working on the re-engineering of all the control systems. The partnership with National Instruments is revolutionizing and tremendously improving our plants, and this work is also useful for the domestic E-Cats, which will have the same control system. We are really learning.
    Warm Regards,

  • arian

    Andrea Rossi
    January 3rd, 2012 at 4:43 AM

    Dear Pietro F.:
    No, the Customer, National Instruments and us are still working on the re-engineering of all the control systems. The partnership with National Instruments is revolutionizing and tremendously improving our plants, and this work is also useful for the domestic E-Cats, which will have the same control system. We are really learning.
    Warm Regards,

  • Martin6078

    Rossi/ Defkalion = Microsoft/ Apple

    • nima

      you are wrong Rossi/ Defkalion =Apple/ Microsoft 🙂

  • arian

    rossi interview on Ca$h Flow radio show

    “We have already started the sales of the industrial plants of 1MW, but now focusing on the household, we have to resolve the issue of certifications, and we are working on those, and we are organizing the production.

    The target price will be between $1000-$1500 US for an E-Cat with a power between 10-20 kilowatts. Such an E-Cat is able to give the thermal energy and air conditioning for an average family house.

    With this price, in a few months the E-Cat is paid back, and the expected life of an E-Cat is around 30 years.”

    Mr. Rossi responded to a question about home units saying distribution to the public of household units is expected to begin “in autumn of 2012” adding that “We are in talks with Home Depot for the diffusion”.

  • georgehants

    From Business Line

    Cold is back as hot topic on the non-conventional energy front.
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    Italian scientist Andrea Rossi’s device E-Cat (short for energy catalyser) cold fusion is gaining attention.
    Chennai, Jan. 3:

    Will an entirely new source of non-conventional energy come into the market this year? It looks likely.

    Twenty-three years after experiments made by British scientists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons briefly raised the hopes of the world, ‘cold fusion’ – the holy grail of energy science – seems to be coming back.

    It is basic physics that nuclei of two atoms could be made to fuse, a process that releases enormous amount of energy. This happens all the time in the Sun, but to replicate that on the ground was regarded as practically impossible, and given up.

    Back in 1989, when the two scientists announced that they had produced more energy than they put into in an experiment that involved heavy water and palladium, a wave of excitement rose the world over. But since the experiments suffered from “irreproducibility” they were discarded and the two scientists had to face a lot of flak.

    Ever since, the world has been cold towards ‘cold fusion’, or nuclear fusion at room temperatures. Last week, Nobel laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, in a speech in Chennai — in the context of making a point that science is not infallible, but is self-correcting — described the Fleishmann-Pons fiasco, and this was reported in Business Line.

    Another Nobel laureate, Prof Brian Josephson, who received the Nobel in 1973 in Physics, responded to the report in an e-mail to Business Line, saying: “The ‘self-correcting processes of science’ ultimately confirmed the initial controversial claims, even though publicists, who were able to get the ear of the scientific community with their rhetoric, claimed on the basis of poorly conducted experiments that failed, that there was no effect.”

    Clearly, ‘cold fusion’ has its supporters.
    e-cat device

    In the last few months, an Italian scientist Andrea Rossi has been making news in the Western media, with a fist-sized instrument that produces more energy than it consumes.

    He calls the device E-Cat, short for energy catalyser. It works by pushing in hot hydrogen into nickel, transmuting it into copper and, in the process, releasing energy. The reaction happens in the presence of a catalyst, which is Rossi’s secret. Such processes are known by the acronym LENR, for Low Energy Nuclear Reaction.

    At present, E-Cat only produces heat, but Rossi is working on additions to the device to make it produce electricity. The E-Cat is today being offered for $2,000 a kilowatt, which is pretty costly. However, it is expected that the prices would fall drastically.

    But of more immediate importance than the device itself is the scientific breakthrough that it probably heralds.

    Rossi has received acres of Press, mostly — but not all — favourable. It did not help matters that Rossi once previously claimed to be able to produce oil from organic waste, but ended up in jail — though not for fraud, but for flouting environment laws and tax evasion.

    Rossi has so far not yielded to requests for scientific scrutiny of the E-Cat on the grounds that he has not got a patent as yet. His concern is understandable because even as he began marketing the E-Cat, a Greek company called Defkalion Energy, Rossi’s former partner, has launched an identical product.

    Despite his background and the natural scepticism associated with the enormity of the scientific significance of the product, the E-Cat cold fusion is gaining attention.

    A section of the media has commented that Rossi has shown no sign of being a fraudster — has sought no funding, and is selling his 1 MW scale equipment only to large customers — those who typically enter into a deal with a battery of good lawyers and who will first check out the product before paying. It is said that an arm of the US Government is his first customer, which, if true, will make cold fusion pretty hot in the years to come.

  • Steve Robb

    Defkalion has nothing.

  • twmemphis

    I have invented a machine that can print cash!

    You may not open the machine, you may not know how it works, but everybody can try it. You will see that it is only connected to power and does not need anything else, not even paper.

    See how I installed lots of them at your local bank next door. Try them!

    I now collect orders from private people. Send $10000 to my account and as soon as I have collected 10000 orders with the money received I will begin to produce and deliver!

    Any doubts left???

  • redjujube

    Another site with a hundred posts from people who think they’re the only expert on the topic and running everybody else down. Yer all nuts.

    Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux once said, “Talk is cheap. Show me the code.” Same idea applies here. It doesn’t matter if Rossi or the Greeks mastered cold fusion or not. The only thing investors wanna know is if the device will produce the power they claim it will produce for as many years as they claim and with negligible refueling costs (it might need to be recharged with hydrogen and/or nickel, I don’t know).

    There! That’s the only intelligent thing that can be said about this whole affair, enough said, now go back to whacking off to porn like you usually do.

  • skeptic

    ‘Defkalion’ does not even exist.
    Please, go ahead, google it. And try to find out what it did before Rossi came along.
    It came into existence when Rossi needed a fake company.
    It’s part of his scam.
    But don’t believe me. Google Defkalion yourself and find a reference that’s not about an e-cat. Go on, try!

    • sceptomenos

      i did, and you are wrong . it does exist and they are inviting independent parties for the next 2 months to prove out their technology. Why don’t you visit and test it out. i guess that would’t make you a sceptic any longer.