Rossi: New American Partner to Provide ‘Tremendous’ Boost to E-Cat Efficiency

Lots of people are wondering about what Andrea Rossi is up to these days, and how progress on the commercialization of the E-Cat is going. He frequently posts on his JONP blog, but usually his comments are short answers that provide not much new information. Yesterday he provided a bit more detail in one response to a poster who asked about putting E-Cats in series to allow for an infinite COP once the units can produce electricity. The poster had asked the questions in Italian, and Rossi starts out with a plea for readers to post in English.

I beg you to rewrite also in English your question, so that our Readers, mainly Anglophone, will understand what we say. I can give answers which translate the sense of the questions if the comments are short, otherwise in this period it is very hard for me because I have really not time. We are preparing the manufacturing of the million E-Cats, with the very high burden that it generates, we have to manufacture the 1 MW plants, all in the USA, while I have to fly across the World to prepare the network for the sales…please you translate, I answer, I promise.
Well, while writing this I understand that I am disappointing you, so now I answer translating for you, but in future, please, if the comments are more than 3 lines be kind, translate them in English.
1- Yes, it will be possible to power the drives of the E-Cat in series, to increase the efficiency, of course when we will able to produce efficiently elecric energy. But I want to say you one thing: today we met a Partner in the USA who will allow a tremendous increase of efficiency of the system. The beautiful of this Country is that when you wake up in the morning you never know what will happen new during the day.
2- the improvement of COP will make sense only if it will not jeopardize the competitivity, you are right. Thank you very much for your kind attention,(emphasis added)

The impression from these comments is that Rossi is very busy preparing for his E-Cat production and marketing system, and is still working on improving the engineering of his E-Cats, apparently looking for help from outside partners, and making new business relationships when it makes sense. He gets many suggestions on his site from readers about technologies that seem to be a good fit for the E-Cat, especially in helping with the production of electricity. Rossi is always glad to receive such ideas, but at this point is only interested in working, viable systems that are ready for commercialization now — not technology that is still in the development stages.

While Rossi’s remarks are always short on details, from what he says it appears that the march towards E-Cats in the marketplace continues apace.

  • daniel maris

    Well all just words I suppose…until we have something more solid,I guess it’s of interest but not much more.

    Was he referring to NI? I hope so. Since the sudden appearance of a mystery enhancer will increase scepticism rather than lessen it,given he has already priced on the basis of an existing COP.

  • Wow

    So he is producing one million units while tremendously improving them.
    Does this mean the e-cat’s design is changing? How can that be if it’s supposed to be in production?

    However, we’re still waiting for just one (1) e-cat.

    Surely, if Rossi is producing one million of them, he has a prototype of the final device ready.
    Too bad he’s too busy to show it to anybody.

    • Joe Taylor

      He never said he is producing a million. He is getting ready. The location still has not been determined yet. He did discuss it last week in NE US.

    • Steve Robb

      Rossi is talking of having the capacity to produce at a rate of one-million by the end of this year or at the latest June 2013. He never said he would produce one million this year. He would probably need to have a design for a home product (hope it is a space heater) by the fall of this year in order to start production at the end of this year otherwise shift that by six months.

    • GreenWin

      Um, how often have you seen a development prototype of an iPhone?? Never?? Why?? Steve Jobs is a fraud? No. Pragmatic businessmen don’t tip their product hand til they are in market. Is this really hard to understand? Or have we not studied human behavior enough?

      • Sparks

        Yeah, but Apple doesn’t open a blog talking about the product they are working on either (iPhone, Apple TV, etc.). Apple severely censures employees who leak new product development efforts to the press. So why is Rossi tipping HIS supposed product on multiple blogs?

  • Luca Salvarani

    My question is a bit more complicated: I have translated it (sorry for some stupid errors but was very very late…) so you can fully understand my point of view, expecially no need for electric power and the idea of stable reaction without the burden of speeding and slowing it down because you can sell surplus of warm to the grid after electric conversion on the opposite without this conversion you would waste that surplus and so the need to regulate the reaction… so less operative cost and greater efficiency thanks to a more stable reaction.

  • Peter G

    This is great news and Dr Rossi took on all the skeptics single handily .. and is winning every day, everyone said it could be done and he is proving them all wrong, we sit back and watch another arrow go into the dragon with Rossi as the archer.

  • Bruno

    And the name of the new US partner that he met today……..? If he plans on beginning production THIS YEAR, then he must have a working prototype of some sort. Also, he must have a final design (or very close to final design) model if he has submitted one to Underwriters Laboratory (which he claims to have done). If this is the case, certainly one teensy weensy device could be made available for a public test. Just wondering….. I hope that we get some closure on this soon, because I’m getty antsy.

  • morse

    This e-cat story is more addictive than a reality show on TV 🙂

    • Hilarious! So true!

      I check news once or twice daily.

      • moellerplusecat

        Hah! I thought I was the only one…I find myself glued to this site now every morning like it was the front page of the New York Times!

        It is TOP NOTCH excitement at the moment, regardless of actual outcome. The tickets are cheap too. REAL cheap…lol

    • John

      Hehe, indeed. Even if you don’t belive a word, it’s so thrilling to see what happens next.

      • Colin Connaughton

        I agree with you guys. It is good fun. I’m a sceptic but it is amusing how it all goes and I believe it will be until the end.

    • Robert Mockan

      A reality show with a pump-and-dump plot? Never fly, who would advertise on it?

      • GreenWin

        Pump and Dump?? Ain’t that Wall Street?? Who here is selling stock… besides guys in classic fission and that black hole called “Hot Fusion??”

        I tune in every day just so I don’t miss the comic relief like the Smith and Bryce Austr alians!! Hilarity reigns!!

        • Robert Mockan

          It IS associated with stocks, but the concept need not have a direct line to “pumping” stock value to suck in investors then “dumping” at the higher price. It can also work with ideas, and any other commodity that can be “pumped” in perceived value to increase all kinds of revenue streams, then to “dump” it (that might mean simply to say a mistake was made). I’m not suggesting Rossi is a con man, playing a scam on unsuspecting marks, far from it. But there have been plenty of insinuations by others that is exactly what he is doing. I do not believe it, but if “advertisers” thought a reality show was a con, would they want to be associated with the program? I think not.

    • Roger Bird

      Yes! Unfortunately the only boobs here are the people that we disagree with. (:->)

    • Dave

      morse, yes. It’s like a slow motion train wreck. I’m just following the story waiting for the day that the hoax is revealed.

  • Rui Ribeiro

    When things get a bit doll, a new promise. This is becoming a trend… but, being a believer, here is my real comment:

    As long as I understand there is a prototype, but it is still in secret. The prototype works, but it isn’t in its final form. Rossi seems to be using a production technique very similar to automotive industry.

    Usually they prepare the factory for “anything” under a general conception to build a car, you know… to assemble the chassis, the engine, cluch, the body and interiors. In order for this to work many sub-lines must be prepared and integrated to a final highly efficient massive assembly.

    No one makes a assembly line to a specific car, they do it to a “generic” car. Assembly lines live for many years just with minor changes to produce completly new models (or sub versions of models).

    It is possible Rossi is preparing such line. If he is doing this it I can accept that an assembly line for a “generic” e-cat can be done at the same time as adjusting improvments on the prototype.

    • John

      Hmm. That is not quite true. Assembly lines for cars are built for a very specific model, and can be re-used only for very similar modifications of that model. The tools and the order of operations is just too different to build a completely different model, especially in heavily automized environments such as car factories.

  • Dr. No

    I would like to buy a single E-Cat now. Just one. For a company, no certifications needed.

    Specification/datasheet, appnotes and safety instructions can be written in Notepad in Rossinglish language. If necessary, scan of hand drawn pictures can be added.

    I do not need any sensors and control system by Rossi or NI, this all I have or can simply get.

    Just one E-Cat which will work with COP > 4 for at least 1 week.

    Just one.

    • Robert Mockan

      I’ll go one better on that. I would like to buy one single power stick, for an E-Cat. No! Make that, I would like to buy one GRAM of E-Cat fuel. Forget that! I would like to buy one MILLIGRAM of E-Cat fuel waste product, after the fuel has been used.
      Uh, I’ll make it simple. I would like to buy a COPY of the UL application form that was filled out when the product under test was submitted. I would like to buy even a copy of the fuel MSDS that must exist, if the E-Cat for testing was submitted to UL.

      • Dr. No

        Try to buy anything you want.

        I would like to buy one E-Cat reactor. And I can sign NDA declaring that I will not to reverse engineer it. Even Rossi can send bodyguards to ensure that I or anybody other will not reverse engineer it.

        • Roberto

          How can you peer-review under NDA? If you cannot disclose you cannot prove. You can have mesurements that others will say you had by the use of a hidden conventional power source.

          • Dr. No

            I do not need or make any peer-review. I just want to check if and how it really works.

          • Roberto

            Dr. No: “I just want to check if and how it really works”.

            Just for yourself?

        • Robert Mockan

          If you had an E-Cat, you would probably be offered 10 times what you paid for it. And if you did not go for that, it would probably be stolen within the week.
          Rossi is behaving exactly like someone who has a revolutionary product, that might change the world for the better if it can be marketed. Rossi has said several times before that people are trying to steal it. Your chances of buying one before he is ready to sell anything are about par with winning the lottery, in my opinion.

        • Tom Krieg

          Check with MIT. They will even teach you the theory behind their working model.

          Their is no compelling reason for Rossi to show anyone his device. I hope he keeps everyone guessing until he launches. He worked for his discoveries. You have to do the same thing.

    • Roberto

      I believe that IF things are true, then it is reasonable that AR wants the diclosure to happen after the planned time to market, and if he had now sold one prototype, this could damage the business regardless of its actual COP.

    • Roger Bird

      Please, Dr. No and the rest of you debunkers, check out this site:

      And then run over to Berkeley and Menlo Park and inform them that what they are doing is a waste of time because it does not work.

      • Robert Mockan

        Brillouin Energy is using a large electron current per unit cross section of metal lattice, such that the skin effect also gives rise to surface plasmons that are the basis for the Widom Larsen hypothesis. Their phase 2 reactor needs $6 million funding just to obtain the data needed to increase the power output and determine if they can “close the loop”, and generate enough reactor power to power the system. What is not on their web site is that the Hot Fusion people tried using large current pulses in hydrogen loaded wires many years ago and found the process did not “break even”, besides destroying the apparatus every time it ran due to the magnetic field effects and current induced thermal effects on the wire(s). Just one of the more than hundred alternative attempts at commercial fusion that have been tried before. Even the studies of reaction products by Brillouin reveal they have not yet proven the nuclear pathway being hypothesized to release energy is the correct one. I agree their work is interesting, but a small conventional enriched uranium fission reactor the size of a 5 gallon paint can is a hard product to beat, no matter how you look at it, when it can generate megawatts of power for many years at high temperature. None of the LANR or BLP devices, including the Brillouin work, approaches the capability.

      • Robert Mockan

        Almost forgot the point of my adjacent comment. Skeptics are not skeptical based on their understanding of science. And the skepticism is not based on LANR being an alternate energy source or even unproven.
        People (all people) tend to believe what “authority” tells them, a product of conditioning from a very early age. LANR will not be “real” for them until the government says it is all right to believe in it.

        • jetmech

          I am a skeptic and i believe in lenr canr cf! Do i believe anyone has a commercial device – no. Does Rossi have a lenr lanr device? I do not know. Would i cautioin you NOT to believe he does? NO. I have my opinion and my reasons. However none of us has access to a Rossi Ecat I have no evidence for or against to burden you with.

        • GreenWin

          Robert, you’re living in the past. Years ago it took guvm’nt approval for people to buy into an idea. Today guvm’nt must compete with a far larger and faster system – a system typified by social networking with 700 Million active accounts. That’s TWICE the population of the entire United States. A viral news item, rumor, underground announcement etc, can unleash 200M responses in a week.

          Recently the US legislation called SOPA to restrict internet access, was DECIMATED overnight by 15M angry letters and emails to Congress. The bill was DEAD in 24 hours. Guvm’nt is a pipsqueak in the face of this kind of social action.

          The game has changed. It is the people’s world. Those who oppose the people will be run out on a nail… or worse.

          • Robert Mockan

            Losing SOPA was no skin off the back of the insane oligarchy, so the Congress critters decided not to rock their boat in an election year. They will be back! If people suddenly decide to destroy the insane oligarchy and implement a sound monetary system, then I’ll rethink my opinion about the conditioning process imposed upon people to make them believe their rights come from the state. And about new technology? The bastards have a documented track record particularly in the energy field of not just delaying progress, but burying new discoveries along with the inventors. It can be a people’s world, but the real test will come when directly confronting and trying to stop the insane oligarchs agenda of global domination of debt slaves they created.

  • Robert Mockan

    There is a Google service called “Google translate”.
    Knowing people use it to translate even entire web sites if need be, from any language to any language. It takes less time to use than me typing this comment. Funny that Rossi does not at least mention it.

    • Luca Salvarani

      At least for italian-english translations it doesn’t work well, expecially for long and articulated speechs.

      • Luca Salvarani

        Speeches.. sorry!

    • Ged

      I’m sorry, but Google translate is anything but accurate. The more technical, or lingoistic the speech, the more inaccurate Google translate becomes. You can’t remotely trust it, or any computerized translate service. Seriously, don’t you remember all the boohah that went on over the italian articles on the E-cat, and that letter to Defkalion, and how badly mistranslated Google made it in English? We saw sites with threads of people trying to decipher the actual meanings, or properly retranslate it. We don’t need misinformation spread by translation services; as no computer on this planet can truly understand natural language.

      I think it’s good Rossi asked that people translate their own writing, into the language franca of the day (English). It keeps the discussion directly open to a much wider audience.

      • Robert Mockan

        Looks like the responders about Google translator are correct. Just read a whole bunch of articles BY Google about what is wrong with their translator and how they plan to fix it. Thanks for the heads up.

    • I use Google translate all the time. I agree that it isn’t great with Italian. ‘Seems much better with Swedish. However, with a little flexible thinking, I most usually get the jist of even Italian posts and comments.

  • evleer

    A lot of people seem to argue like this: since there is no consensus among scientists about whether LENR is real, and the theory behind it is lacking, all claims made by Rossi and others cannot be anything but nonsense.

    However, they seem to forget that throughout history, major technological advances have be made, purely based on trial and error.

    Or does anyone believe that the first people to mix iron with chromium or carbon had solid scientific evidence to support their actions? And yet, they managed to manufacture tools with improved properties in terms of strength and sensitivity to corrosion.

    It is likewise possible that Rossi, first by trying to reproduce promising LENR experiments done by others, later by mixing other materials in the reaction, accidently hit the jackpot.

    So, rather than judging now, I keep a close eye on developments. And with the timetables, outlined by Rossi and Defkalion, we will learn soon enough whether the E-Cat is the paradigm changing breakthrough we all hope it is.

    • Roger Bird

      evleer, what a right-on and polite post. This is roughly how I look at it, but you said it better. Thank you.

  • Joseph Fine

    I told my township I ordered an E-Cat and asked for permission to install it in my house. Of course, It is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Without a hydrogen tank, and lack of radioactivity (20 minutes after shutdown), I probably will get some permit with some comment like, “if we don’t know how it works, how do we know it won’t do something bad.” Maybe it will make too much copper?

    • HanzJager

      Install first, tell them what you did later if needed. That’s my plan (assuming it works). 😉

    • Roger Bird

      My plan would be to install first and don’t tell them squat.

      Perhaps in a few years when you have save thousands of dollars with no problems whatsoever, then you can tell them.

      • timycelyn

        A good plan – I’m with you Roger on that one! 😉

        • GreenWin

          Excellent decision timycelyn.

      • Bob

        My guess is they will come poking around when they see everyones utility bills dropping.

  • Isn’t Mr. Rossi hinting at bigger efficiency of transforming produced heat into electricity?

    This article targets efficiency on COP but wasn’t this already potential infinite when eCat runs in self sustained mode?!

    • Luca Salvarani

      NO! Because to get self-sustained mode you need electric power imput before to start the reaction and after some time you need further little to mantain/control the reaction! You can’t ignore that necessary imput simply because you must pay for that electric imput….so we haven’t an infinite COP right now! By the way reading some sites (for example Passerini’s one) seems that e-cat COP is AT LEAST 6 but effective COP could be higher! You could have an “overall” much more higher COP only with selfproduced electric power (2nd generation e-cat)! At least this is what I have understood so far. This is the real sense of my question.

      • Omega Z


        Rossi has stated several times that it is guaranteed 6. No More. No Less

        Early on he did achieve much higher COP, but it becomes unstable & shuts down.
        He also stated that even with electrical generation the COP would remain 6, but the way it was stated was you would get the electricity as a bonus. This doesn’t make sense & could just be a bad interpretation as English isn’t his native language. I think this leads to the confusion in many of his statements.

        I think once these are up & going, they will increase the COP as they learn more about controlling it, But Rossi hasn’t said so. He’s been pretty insistent on a COP of 6. Doubt he’ll say otherwise until he knows they can.

  • Marius

    “But I want to say you one thing: today we met a Partner in the USA who will allow a tremendous increase of efficiency of the system.”
    For some reason it made me think of this:

    Somebody suggested this for him a while ago.
    Could possibly make the ecat independent of power(less flowpump/electronics) after the initial startup.

    • Scott H

      Rossi not using a hydrogen bottle I think is do to the use of a strip of metal hydride embedded in the kernel.

  • Omega Z

    Assume for a minute the E-cat Works.
    Rossi provides a demonstration that leaves no doubt.

    Now a Big Corp like G.E. who has Major Political connections & Billions to invest Develop their Own E-cat in a matter of months. They could create roadblocks or delays to Rossi’s plans & have their product on the Market either before or at about the same time as Rossi if not stop him completely.

    Now they go to the Big Box stores to distribute their E-cat. Even if Rossi gets his E-cat to market at the same time, The Big Box Store will promote the G.E. model & tell you all the down sides to the Rossi model even if the products are equivalent. They’ll tell you how G.E. has been in the power Generation business for decades etc.

    Why would they Promote G.E. over Rossi if the products are Equal or even if the Rossi version is better.
    The G.E. model costs $5000. The Rossi model $500
    Say the Vendor gets 50% of the price. Which would you promote.

    To us consumers, there’s little difference in the performance of an Intel or AMD processor, but Intel has a vast majority of the Market because the Vendors promote it over the AMD. It has a larger markup/Profit margin.

    With E-cats, with the Rossi’s of the world eventually out of the way, The big boys will price the cost an maintaining of these products to the point where you’ll see little or no difference in what your Utilities cost you today. Kind of like the Energy Efficient Bulbs. Most of what you save in electric costs just get transferred to the manufacturer in the cost of the bulbs.

    The worst thing Rossi could do, would be to show noncontroversial proof that it works at this time thus giving the Big Boys a heads up.

    Understand that even being First to market doesn’t Guarantee Rossi’s plan survival, but it helps. Most products on the market today weren’t survived by their Creators. I do believe Rossi to be a little Altruistic. I have no problems with a guy making $40 dollars a year off me if he’s saving me $1000 or more every year. It’s a Win Win.

    If I were Rossi & had a working product, I would do pretty much what he is doing. In the end if it works & he can deliver within a reasonable time frame(within 6 to 12 months) of what he claims then all will be forgiven.

    • Tom Krieg


      • Jack

        Seems like they go kind of stealth and they know why however they cannot stop Rossi talking like a fool. They do not care they ar in a rus. There must be several large companies involved already and they know they must keep shut up otherwise big oil will go after them, bombing Iran or whatever to stop it and bias it. I sense kind of singularity peaking with the news quantity coming from various sources and that indicates it is true.

    • Omega Z

      For the Believers of the E-cat.

      This is not a cure all. At this time it’s a souped up water heater. And though Rossi tells a rosy picture of Plug & Play,( He’s an Engineer) For the average person not so much. A replacement Fuel modual you just plug in. You’d be shocked how many people have paid me good money just to replace an air filter in their H/C systems.

      Many of the scenarios people seem to believe, unplug from the grid, power their Car’s Etc. These things may come to pass, but it will be years, maybe decades before this happens & becomes the norm.

      If I was new to this subject & read some of this stuff, I would be extremely skeptical & unlike some who belittle you for believing, I would just move on.
      Some of your expectations at this time are not yet warranted. In fact it provides fuel to the skeptics. It falls under to good to be true. Cure everything at once.

      Keeping it in perspective (A souped up Water Heater) is much more believable. Speculating that other advances may lead to cures for everything else is OK, but other technological advances will be required. Primarily, the efficiencies in converting heat to electricity. Presently about 35%.

      There’s many problems to be overcome. Just scaling up E-cats isn’t the answer. Scaling up just increases the price of the product & the cost of the recharge(More Fuel). You could end up with costs the eat up all the savings. Possible more.

      Example: To replace the Grid connection requires you to allow for maximum demand. That’s every conceivable electrical device in your home being used at any given moment. At the present this would require possibly a 150Kwh(That’s 50K electric) E-cat running all out 24/7. That’s because they can’t provide instant ramp up. 1 hour for a 10K E-cat to ramp up, probably several hours for a 150K E-cat. The alternative at this time would be having all the homes on a given block integrated to lower the peak demand average & this could even lead to problems. Maybe in time this short coming will be addressed.

      When everything is kept in perspective, the E-cat is much more believable. It’s a water heater and will remain a water heater. All other possibilities will require additional components. I WISH one of theses E-cat sites would do an article & explain all these details to both the Believers & Skeptics.

      I believe it would reduce some of the outlandish things spewed by both sides. But maybe not. Some of the skeptics are just Trolls. Some are skeptics because of unfounded claims by believers, most just passing on what someone else posted. Somethings attributed to what Rossi said, but actually didn’t. Google translate doesn’t help & sometimes Rossi doesn’t explain things very well. English is not his native language. He uses it because it’s spoken by the majority of readers.

      On a final note: This is going to play out over 6 to 18 months. Real or Not. Twas the Night before Christmas…

      This will seem like the longest night ever waiting to see if you get the gift you wanted. And many will be disappointed in the short term even if it’s real. It’s a water heater.

      • Tom Krieg

        I disagree.
        There need not be an hour long ramp up for this device at my house. Maybe you will require one but, not me.


        I will be turning on my unit in the fall and leave it running at 100% output for 6 to 9 months. What I don’t use for heat, I will use for hot water. 4,200 sq ft of house gives me plenty of opportunity to shunt the water to 4 zones in the house.

        Alternately, I could heat my sidewalks as a dump zone. Then again, I could pump electricy back into the grid when the generator becomes avail able or even, gosh, use the power for my house. All for the price of a few values and relays.

        My return on investment would be awesome.

        But, you thought of that right.

        Let’s get practical here.

        Be patient.

        • GreenWin

          Tom is absolutely right. Ramp time need only be once a year if that. Yeah, at first it’s a water heater. Buy the genset module, you get 7kWh electric plus heat AND hot water.

          Guys, this is NOT rocket science. There are a dozen micro-CHP devices on the market including big trade items from Honda that do all this home heat and power. Only difference is they rely on Natural Gas for fuel. Rossi/LANR devices replace combustion with a nuclear reaction that costs fractional pennies on the kWh. Again, it’s not rocket science. Only rocket scientists (and ITER geeks) wish it was.

        • Omega Z

          Many things will be possible in time but as of now they aren’t.
          Power feedback to Utilities is limited.

          There’s only 4 or 6 States that require utilities to buy back power from Individuals. In other States, it’s left to the power companies discretion. Even in the States where it’s required, there are several exceptions. The Biggest is if their running at Base Power Level, however that would seldom happen.

          They pay the lowest rate they would purchase from their mainstream suppliers per Kwh. Considering the conversion efficiency of heat/electric, About 1/3rd you would do good to brake even. A 10Kw E-cat would produce about 3Kw Electric. Maybe enough to run a small cloths dryer. Many draw about 5Kw.

          You can’t just hookup to your Main box & feed power back. It has to run through an entirely different System & a separate Meter with an interrupter all at your expense. Several thousand dollars. It’s a safety thing. The don’t like having their linemen Light-up on what should be a dead line. It will also have to kick out your generator or it can be damaged. If your generating electricity it has to go somewhere.

          The Power companies adjust the generating capacity constantly & they have a plus or minus range to play with. Your appliances are designed for this. 110 plus or minus 10 variance.

          Electricity you draw will be charged at existing rates including taxes. About 12 cents per Kwh where I live. I would only receive about 5 or 6 cents per Kwh for what I feed back.

          You stated you had a 4200 sq. ft. home. If you live in colder parts of the Country, You’ll need probably 4 10Kw E-cats.

          Rossi say’s 1 will handle a 1000 sq. ft. home, but the BTU conversion says it will have problems keeping up if temps reached single digits.

          Rossi speaks as an engineer when he says plug & play. The average person will have to hire Electricians & plumbers to get these installed. The final cost will be much higher & require much more in materials.

          That said, They will still pay for themselves many times over in 20 or 30 years, before needing replaced. I would buy 1 in a minute if they were available. I have the expertise to install my own, but then you have a lot of materials you have to purchase.

          Just so you know. My posting isn’t meant to discourage people. It was meant to explain that it’s not that simple & not everything will happen fast. I’m afraid many will be disappointed by excessive expectations.

          In case you missed it, Rossi has said they will have a thermostat of sorts, so firing it up for heat & hot water will be self controlling. The problem of Ramping up only comes into play if your trying to generate electricity on demand.

          • david

            I just installed a large solar array on my home and this seems accurrate to me. Edison has full control of the lines and will only allow so many users to funnel energy back in. something like 2.5% max. If the power goes down the Ecat would ave to shut down as well. That is true. Then there are the inverters. Those are very expensive as are battery systems. There is a lot more to running your home on an Ecat then Rossi has spoken about.

          • Tom Krieg

            As an electrical engineer I understand the limitations and complexity of selling back power to the grid when and if you can do business with the power company. Your right, at this time the regulation do not facilitate this activity, however, it is going to be a couple of years before we have this capability and by then, based on the progress on this front, there is a good chance the positions on small scale generation of power will find a favorable environment.

            I am surprised you know my house so well. 1. My house was constructed as an all electric house with outstanding insulation, 2. It as been upgraded to natural gas and has a computer controlled four zone system which I have no intent of disabling. The ECATwill be an augmentation system. I will activate the system in the fall and turn it off in the spring. In the evening, it will heat up my hot water as I don’t heat the house at night. The existing computer control will anticipate when the heat is required to warm up the house an adjust the time to activate the heat. The secondary heating circuit for the natural gas furnace will make up the shortfall in the heat. It is a sophisticated system and I have little to do to integrate the ECAT.

            But, you must have known that.

            Therefore, I will be running the ECAT at 100% all the time and getting a great return on investment. Maybe I will get more of them when the get the electrical generation part worked out. By then, maybe regulation may change and I can sell power.

            I have found you can’t put today’s constraints on tomorrows technologies.

          • Tom Krieg


            I live on the South shore of Lake Superior and we heat 9 months out of the year. It gets cold up here. I have 150 miles of water in front of the house and I have recorded every year winds to 100 mph.

            So, the house is quite, energy efficent but, anything I can do to cut down costs pays back fast.

            We don’t heat all the house all the time. Only that which we use. Therefore, we have plenty of “dump zones”.

      • Tom Krieg

        It need not take decades.

        Steve jobs creations are more complex, and I bet none took more then 18 months — tops.

        • Omega Z

          You would need to build 3 Million a day for about 5 years to fill the demand & that’s only for personal use. You’ll need an equivalent capacity plus for industrial & business use. They use about 60% of the Energy in the World.

          About a 150 Million homes in the U.S. alone & Rossi is talking about a Million per year at this time.

          The 10Kw E-cats won’t even provide all the electric by itself, so you ether need to drastically increase the E-cats capacity or daisy chain them many times over. That’s just the E-cats without the add-on electrical components.

          This is why I say it will probably take at least a couple decades. Also a couple thousand Manufacturing plants.

          If they create 1 that can be installed in cars, tack on another 120 Million+ in the States & more manufacturing plants. It’s sheer numbers. As individuals we have a tendency to only see our own little part of the world.

          • Tom Krieg

            Maybe the Chinese can pump them out at a high volume. No matter what limitation we have here.

            Should we give up and say we can’t do it?

            Why not think of a way we could do it.

          • Tom Krieg

            Don’t get development confused with production.

    • Jim

      “The G.E. model costs $5000. The Rossi model $500
      Say the Vendor gets 50% of the price. Which would you promote.”

      I’d promote the $500 version, because I can sell a hell of a lot more of them and make more profit overall. Why? Because the store across the street will sell the GE version for $4500 to steal your sales. Then the guy across town will sell them for $4000. Pretty soon you’ll be selling them for 10% over cost and realize that you make more selling the e-cat.

      Also, as a homeowner, I’m not willing to spend $5000 at the urging of a salesman, not if there is a version for $500. If he tells me that it’s crap, I’ll just go elsewhere or research it myself.

      • Luca Salvarani

        It’s not always so simple! For example a lot of people buy music or expensive book or software instead of download them (or even better ones such as open source softwares) for free from the net. For istance here in Italy very few people use open source softwares or even streaming of movies….

      • Omega Z


        I’d go elsewhere also, but it’s amazing how many wouldn’t. There’s also a Hugh number of people who believe you get what you pay for, as in more expensive automatically means better.

    • Joe


      There are a great many specific and measurable reasons for Intel’s dominance over AMD.

      If I were Rossi & were irrational and likely a fraud I would do pretty much what he is doing.

      History is not on the side of the true believers. This field may progress more if there were a few less true believers and a few more testable repeatable positive results instead of a great many successes only 1 guy in the world can replicate.

    • Dave

      Omega Z, that’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen posted on the Internet, and that’s saying something.

      If Rossi hasn’t wanted the world to know the E-Cat works(it actually doesn’t), why has he done all of those public desktop demonstrations on video? Why did he have a public demonstration on video of his 1MW plant? Why does he continually give interviews and post answers to questions on his web site? Obviously his strategy hasn’t been to lay low.

      The correct course for Rossi if he really did have a working E-Cat would be to first have it verified by multiple independent 3rd party researchers. At that point the whole world would know it works, so he would get billions(at least) of dollars in government grants to develop the E-Cat tech into working products, and he would be able to get a patent on it.

      • Omega Z


        People always say the Oil companies are always trying to stop innovation. They don’t care what they sell you. It’s all money, whether it’s oil, wind or solar.

        The Governments of the World on the other hand including the U.S. do care. They Own or Control 90%+ of the Worlds Oil. The Oil companies get about 10% off the top for recovery & processing.
        The Federal Government gets leasing fees whether a tract produces oil or not. The Fed gets 18 cents on every Gallon of Gas. The States collect 40 to 50 cents per gallon Tax. Exxon released paper showing they made 7 cents per gallon after all costs & Wages.
        Who has the real conflict of Interest on LENR.

        The Governments own Agencies NASA & others have shown proof for over 20 years that there is a LENR affect or what ever you call it. But the Grants don’t come to develop it. In Fact if it becomes publicly known that agencies are doing research on LENR it has a tendency to be shut down. Thanks to Rossi, the cat may now be out of the Bag.

        Rossi’s Patent has been shelved & is not even being considered at this time. WHY? Because they are trying to hold it up or slow it down for as long as possible.

        The route Rossi is taking is the only one they have left him with. Otherwise the power will stay in the hands of those who have it. The Government & Big Corporations.

        There’s also the Big Picture most aren’t aware of. Wealth redistribution from wealthy Countries to the poor Countries.

        The U.S. for Example. Do you think the American tax payer would stand for our Government Distributing 300 to 400 Billion a year to the Saudi’s, Iraqi’s, Venezuela, Mexico and many others. Were a generous Country, But not that generous.

        By holding back U.S. production as much as possible through Laws & Regulations, we have to import this oil & the money flows to these countries without anyone getting a say or vote.

        In the end, we can only hope Rossi gets this going & provides it cheap. You can bet if the Big Boys jump in & take over the price will be much higher. There of the Opinion of a $1000 a Kwh production capacity as cheap & is by present generating capacity. That’s 10 grand for an E-cat.

        • Tom Krieg

          Good point.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Agree, as I have been saying all long, Mr. Rossi, to hell with “demonstrations” build E-Cats

  • Andrew Dardry

    IF you read Rossi’s post I think he said he has made new partners with a view to progress on the electrical generation side, not the e-cat.

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  • OK, now digest this to translate as NASA Publicly Reveals COLD FUSION renamed as LENR by ROSSI et al. and building upon Pons & Fleischman’s 1989 discovery. THIS IS ONE GIANT STEP FORWARD FOR PEOPLEKIND and the END OF DIRTY OILY SLIMLY OIL AND DIRTY ENERGY GUYS.. The Planet sighs relief, I say if true, for this endorsement NASA’s patent and those who invented it should be the wealthiest people on the planet and NASA can fly to Pluto for all I care. As was stated in an earlier Press Release, NASA Engineers already claimed LENR “a game changer” for Mankind. Now, how to stop dirty oily politics from suppressing it further as it was invented in 89. Invest in Palladium and ROSSI.

  • Summation of this threads hilarious comments in no particular order:

    1. The worst thing Rossi could do, would be to show noncontroversial proof that it works at this time.

    Ok, that one probably does belong at the top of the list. LOL.

    2. ‘Twas the Night before Christmas…

    Indeed, and the beauty of waiting on a functional Rossi e-cat is that it will always be the Night before Christmas.

    3. So he is producing one million units while tremendously improving them.

    I suspect the author might have meant simultaneously in lieu of tremendously, but that’s a minor quibble. Duh. And at the same time his hands are busy building and improving the meeleons and meeleons of imaginary existing ecats, he is using his toes to respond to every other offbeat commenter that happens upon his blog, not to mention the time it takes monitoring his extremely high tech pre-order system. The man is an amazing genius of creative energy and power. Prima facie. Additional questions (and preorders) should be directed to his [email protected] email address. I predict the demise of Amazon online ordering system once they get a chance to see the work Rossi is doing in advancing THAT field.

    4. ….the sudden appearance of a mystery enhancer will increase scepticism rather than lessen it

    Did I mention that Rossi is a genius? He will simultaneously deliver on all of his fanciful ecat claims just as soon as he sets a new record in the field of increasing human skepticism. is always looking for a new TOP FIVE list and Rossi is gunning for Top Five Crazy Inventions that Actually Turned out to Work. Rossi is thinking so far ahead of the rest of you it’s…..uh….embarrassing.

    5. Rossi is talking of having…….

    Would you expect him to remain mute? Of course he talking. He’s talking out so many orifices at the same time it would be almost impossible not to hear him. Was that a burp, a fart, or did Rossi actually make another bold proclamation? New day? Must be a new proclamation….but then again…what is THAT smell?

    6. Too bad he’s too busy to show it to anybody.

    You aren’t suppose to notice that. You are suppose to notice that he has shown SOMETHING, just not IT.

    Unfortunately, nobody has asked me where the mystery ‘sauce’ for the magic e-cat comes from. I have it on VERY firm evidence that it is located near Bagdad, just slightly east, south and west from there.


    • timycelyn

      This is heavy duty, long life, industrial grade DRIVEL.

      Tim, if you have nothing useful to say, SAY NOTHING.

      Now you enjoy….

  • Roberto Nolè

    Un post per tutto lo staff, sono venuto a conoscenza delle ” Celle di Peltier “, credete che possono essere utili a risolvere il problema di trasformazione del calore in elettricità?. Grandi saluti, per ciò che mi riguarda siete degli eroi, continuate così e avrete sempre il nostro appoggio.

  • Brad Arnold

    I am having a hard time understanding:

    while Rossi has successfully done away with the hydrogen tank under pressure connected to the reaction chamber by incorporating a hydrogen source inside the chamber, appearently an innovation Defkalion hasn’t incorporated in their LENR generator yet.

    On the other hand, Defkalion has spread out the LENR reaction inside the reaction chamber, thus increasing the heat generatored (and also the COP presumably), Rossi has yet to do incorporate than innovation in his e-cats.

    Frankly, I wonder how much of this is psychological warfare between companies. I want better COP & no hydrogen cylinder under pressure (and I want it NOW).

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