Rossi: New American Partner to Provide ‘Tremendous’ Boost to E-Cat Efficiency

Lots of people are wondering about what Andrea Rossi is up to these days, and how progress on the commercialization of the E-Cat is going. He frequently posts on his JONP blog, but usually his comments are short answers that provide not much new information. Yesterday he provided a bit more detail in one response to a poster who asked about putting E-Cats in series to allow for an infinite COP once the units can produce electricity. The poster had asked the questions in Italian, and Rossi starts out with a plea for readers to post in English.

I beg you to rewrite also in English your question, so that our Readers, mainly Anglophone, will understand what we say. I can give answers which translate the sense of the questions if the comments are short, otherwise in this period it is very hard for me because I have really not time. We are preparing the manufacturing of the million E-Cats, with the very high burden that it generates, we have to manufacture the 1 MW plants, all in the USA, while I have to fly across the World to prepare the network for the sales…please you translate, I answer, I promise.
Well, while writing this I understand that I am disappointing you, so now I answer translating for you, but in future, please, if the comments are more than 3 lines be kind, translate them in English.
1- Yes, it will be possible to power the drives of the E-Cat in series, to increase the efficiency, of course when we will able to produce efficiently elecric energy. But I want to say you one thing: today we met a Partner in the USA who will allow a tremendous increase of efficiency of the system. The beautiful of this Country is that when you wake up in the morning you never know what will happen new during the day.
2- the improvement of COP will make sense only if it will not jeopardize the competitivity, you are right. Thank you very much for your kind attention,(emphasis added)

The impression from these comments is that Rossi is very busy preparing for his E-Cat production and marketing system, and is still working on improving the engineering of his E-Cats, apparently looking for help from outside partners, and making new business relationships when it makes sense. He gets many suggestions on his site from readers about technologies that seem to be a good fit for the E-Cat, especially in helping with the production of electricity. Rossi is always glad to receive such ideas, but at this point is only interested in working, viable systems that are ready for commercialization now — not technology that is still in the development stages.

While Rossi’s remarks are always short on details, from what he says it appears that the march towards E-Cats in the marketplace continues apace.