Rossi Provides Details about E-Cat Licensees

Andrea Rossi provided more details about how his E-Cat distribution network is going to operate. The information provided seems to have been in response to a document posted on the new Energy Times blog which was apparently an invoice sent by Leonardo Corporation to the Australian organization Byron New Energy Charitable Trust for a license to be an E-Cat distributor.


Information regarding Leonardo Corporation’s Commercial License Policy:
Since some clown ( probably a “millionaire” clown, who has teamed up with a puppet snake) has put on the net an unvalid invoice from Leonardo Corporation, while our attorneys are working on the issue, I deem opportune to clarify the policy of Leonardo Corporation regarding the commercial licenses.
We give exclusive commercial licenses for limited territories. When the interested persons ask to us a commercial license to sell the E-Cats we make an offer. The price of the license depends on many factors, regarding the Territory. If the interested persons agree upon the text that we propose, we send a text of an agreement, which is obviously covered by NDA. The uncorrect persons do not respect the NDA and our attorneys take care of them. After the interested persons sign the agreement, we send an invoice, and the agreement is deemed valid only after the payment of the license fee is done within the term agreed. If the payment is not done, the agreement expires and that invoice for which the payment has not been made is compensated in the accounting by a credit memo.
When a Customer asks to buy a product of Leonardo Corp, he is addressed to the proper licensee.
All the persons interested to our commercial licenses can send the request and a description of their organization to:
[email protected]
I must add that practically all the world’s Territories have been already licensed. Soon we will organize a convention of all our Licensees, for the presentation of the E-Cat, in the final shape that will be marketed, and in that occasion we will give the full list of all our Licensees. The most important Territories in which we have not yet found the right licensee are:
1- Russia
2- Japan
We take this occasion to solicit the People interested to these territories to contact us. Attention: we give the licences only to Organizations which are settled inside the Territories for which they want to buy the license.
Warm Regards,
Andrea Rossi
CEO of Leonardo Corp.

It’s interesting to learn that the globe is almost fully covered by licensees — it sounds like there has been a lot of activity going on behind the scenes — Rossi says he likes to work in peace. Knowing Rossi’s desire for confidentiality, it would not be surprising that any meeting of licensees for the presentation of the E-Cat will be done in private also.

  • Robert Mockan

    As usual, I have issues with how Rossi is proceeding with marketing. LENR technology is paradigm changing, and conventional marketing is not going to work, in my opinion. What he should be doing is crowd funding, with profit sharing contracts to each individual who buys in. By boot strapping on his existing publicity, he could easily raise 100 million in **days** not months. The product should be **fuel**, with engineering designs for reactors being licensed. People need megawatts for their vehicles and dual purpose designs so you could simply use, for example, a steam generator from your car (perhaps being towed on a trailer behind the car), to power your house, or put it on your boat to power the engines, or ideally, use it to power your aircraft. Little hot water heaters? Bah! So waht is going to happen to all the carefully laid out plans to protect intellectual property, as if they will prevent any body from building their own megawatt reactors with fuel they make themselves if it is not being sold on the open market. Those plans will simply not work for a paradigm, revolutionary technology, like applied LENR. And we do not even need to go to the high temperature designs that can be used to power aerospace vehicles, to reveal the failings of any marketing plan that tries to integrate LENR technology into the conventional paradigms and world views.

    • Kim

      We just need 1 product to bring awareness
      to the mass psyche of people

      Just 1

      The we can all dream of the possibilities


    • Steve Robb

      By crowd funding are you suggesting selling small investors a share of Rossi’s pie? You should understand that this is a high risk investment especially as a market ready product has not yet been revealed. Your route is the route a scammer would take.

      • Robert Mockan

        Crowd funding is an alternative financing vehicle. I mention it because the method provides built in advertising due to the relative novelty. Also, doing a conventional IPO(initial public offering)involves legal complications, and involvement in conventional financing where many people get paid for “services” because of the way the system is set up. Like so much of “financing” and “legal assistance” it is bureaucracy that has become out-of-control, and largely make work for unneeded middle parties to profit.

    • sapain

      without ip protection what does one do.
      trade secret, rossi knows it is going to b reversed.
      viable options, be set up to out produce and price for as long as possible.
      having z units ready and the ability to produce fast and cheap.
      rossi is setting up shop in total silence and not leaving an easy trail to follow.
      the left hand doesn`t know what the right is doing.

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  • Kim

    What bothers me the most is that there does not
    seem to be any evidence for this factory
    that is to produce a million E-cats.

    A bill of materials for a million of anything
    would definitely show a logistic trail.

    Robots ? who provides
    Where are the employees (will need 100’s)
    ect…. ect… ect…


    • Sparks

      Yes, this has been one of my key points as well.

  • Mix

    Here we go. A lot of people asked how Rossi can profit on not working device. It appears he already sold some air without delivering a single working eCat.

    BLP, anyone? 🙂

    • Tom

      Not to the public. It’s not your money so you’ll have to take the investors word for it that they have trust invested in Rossi as well as money.

      If Rossi can trick big business corporations into handing over money for something that doesn’t work then good on him. Expose the stupidity in the stupidly rich.

      • Mix

        Unfortunately, it’s not as black and white. Look up blacklight power saga. If you think that scammers target big corps or reach tech investors, you might reconsider that. In blacklight power scam people who got scammed where small specialty stores owners, green technology enthusiasts, etc. Very regular folks, who usually invested their life savings and had no big expertise or legal recourse. The same licensing scheme was used then too.

  • Mix

    Also remarkable in my view that Leonardo corp invoice to Aussi investors number is 101, which may imply that at least another 100 invoices were issued for licenses to unknown investors / entities. $13M or more in funding… Here we go with old good licensing scam…

    • Ged

      Mix, as you still going on about that? Really? Honestly?

      If I write a document in your name and post it everywhere, will you assume it’s real and you simply sleep wrote it? How can you tell if something is fake? WORD ART for a title, inconsistant addresses, incorrectly made addresses, addresses that AREN’T EVEN FOR LEONARDO CORP’S OFFICE WHICH IS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE not “Beach Miami”, and a document that lacks all professional formatting… You’re really going to keep claiming that’s real?

      Rossi himself has denied its validity, and we have every bit of reason to believe him in this case. No one would send money to a company using WORD ART for their title and can’t even get their own address right, or even US address formatting right.

      Please, Mix, for your own sanity and everyone else’s, start using your head.

      • daniel maris

        But Rossi uses word art doesn’t he? Not a good argument.

        • Ged

          He does? That’s news to me. I suppose he also sells E-cat distribution licenses to Yoga Studios in Australia ;D

      • Mix


        Rossi said that invoice is “invalid”. He did not said it was fake. “Invalid” could just mean that it was not paid and therefore expired.
        Also, as to using your own head, try to think why Rossi immediately released information that he DO CHARGE licensing fees and ENTIRE WORLD (except Russia and Japan) has been already licensed out?
        This invoice publication forced him to release this information as before there was silence on that.
        So what if this particular invoice was not correct or valid or whatever, we know now that there were other invoices for sure.
        Rossi claimed for a year now that he used only his own money and it appeared to be 100% lie.
        Again, this does not prove or disprove eCat, but constitute as they say “questionable conduct”.

        • Ged

          Invalid and Fake are one in the same, especially with his command of English. I highly doubt he could be sophisticated enough to use our language in such a subtle way.

          Also, did you not notice that right beforehand that Defkalion announced its licensing system and ideas? Are you going to claim that’s because of Rossi’s invoice?

          And no, it isn’t 100% a lie. As up to the point where he stopped making that claim, it certainly seems true. He stopped saying that -before the 1 MW plant test-, by the way. So as soon as he made the 1 MW plant and supposedly sold it, he was no longer financing with just his own money. Therein, your criticisms are completely invalid (fake if you will 😀 ).

        • Ged

          You still haven’t explained why the invoice was addressed to a yoga studio, or how the redacted box sections could not fit the TD Bank swift number (which is public knowledge and needs no redaction), nor an account number.

        • Ged

          Also, explain the file meta data:


          The file was made 4 days ago, not on January 27 as the file name implies. It was also made on the WEST COAST, in Pacific Standard Time. Rossi is on the east coast, as are the messed up addresses on the invoice.

          It was also made with Adobe 8 (an old version, strangely), and is not a scanned document (obviously, but meta data also proves that).

          Care to explain that?

          • Ged

            Huh, this forum actually notices XMP tags. It should have been CreateDate in front of that day and time. The doc was then modified a minute later, and has not been touched since.

    • Ged

      I should also point out the address to the Bryon New Energy Charity fund in Australia, is actually a -Yoga Studio-, which holds dance and Yoga classes.

      • Stefan

        No surprise! The skeptics are going nuts…

    • Ged

      I will make one concession. If this was a real invoice, sent to a Yoga studio, then I would think Rossi’s people are incredibly incompetent and that this would have to be a scam.

      But one more point. Those supposedly redacted “Swift Code” and “Account #” boxes are far too small to be real, and there is no text beneath the boxes (nor would they be of equal size in a real thing). The swift code for instance used by TD Bank is 11 letters long. It happens to be TDOMCATTTOR for money coming from outside the US.

      • Ged

        Oh yes, not only does that not fit in that little box, but that swift code also should not have been redacted, as it’s public knowledge ;).

    • Colin Connaughton

      I recall that when Hitler started the Nazi Party the membership card numbers started with number 100 or similar to give that very impression.

      I see 2 posts already with ‘may imply’ and ‘there is the possibility’. A lot of speculation going on!

      I believe that when Hitler started the Nazi party in the membership card numbers began with no. 100 or some other largish number to give that very same impression.

      I see a few posts with ‘may imply’ and ‘

      • Colin Connaughton

        Sorry for the repetition. Trouble with keyboard.

      • Steve Robb

        Thanks for finally making the connection between Hitler and Rossi. I knew it was just a matter of time.

        • psi

          You mean they’re not incredibly similar? 🙂

    • Greg

      He clearly says that the invoice is not valid and his lawyers are sorting it out… So obviously there will be discrepancies on the document as it did not indeed originate from the Leonardo Corp.

      Half of the people who comment on these posts do not seem to read the actual posts in their entirety, but instead seek some sort of gratification by immediately being nay-sayers with no prior knowledge.

      • Joe

        The fact some may nay-say or believe in Rossi 1000% does not change the state of the e-cat being real or fraud.

        Why would he pay a lawyer to sort out a fake invoice?

        • Ged

          Because invoice fraud is a potentially serious matter. It could mean someone is mascarading as him trying to get money (notice the address at the top of that invoice is to a condo in “BEACH MIAMI”, I mean, Miami Beach, and not Leonardo Corp); or more likely trying to slander and damage his business.

          You should check the document’s meta data, under properties. Though the file name implies it was made on January 27, the actual file was created 2012-02-13T19:17:49-08:00. Notice that -8 time zone is PST, the west coast. Rossi is on the east coast. It was also apparently created with Adobe 8; it is not a scanned document.

          Meta data alone proves it is fake, and made by someone over on the west.

  • morse

    What we need is prove of a working e-cat before people will get interested.
    Anyway it is time for a new poll 🙂

    1. LENR is real but no working product is available
    2. Rossi’s e-cat is the real thing
    3. Defkalion’s hyperion is for real
    4. Rossi is pulling a scam
    5. Defkalion is pulling a scam

    So, what do you think? 🙂

    • Ged

      If Rossi is scamming those people with licenses for a fake product, the full force of the law will be brought upon him and his corporation, not to mention each individual lawsuit that will result.

      Heck, those people will probably make money back when all is said and done if that’s the case!

      • Paul Richards

        I made the point several days ago, that scammers have there front end well sorted. If we look at the way Rossi’s endeavour has unfolded he has tackled it like a typical engineer, poor website, no pro PR, poorly dressed and no sense of aesthetic.

        All the scammers I have ever seen go as far as this do a far better job of the front end.

        • Joe

          Yes, his shabby presentation could only mean his e-cat is real since past scammers are traditionally more polished.

      • Mix

        Yeah, legal recourse worked well for blacklight power licenses owners. Even without reading Rossi license, I can tell you that should you purchase one Rossi will not be liable to you in any way, shape or form and you exclusively will take on all risks associated with the project.

      • dashmatrix

        You fools keep saying “scamming these people”. These licenses are in the 45 million Euro ballpark. A- these aren’t ‘people’ they are global corporations and VC groups. B- no CORPORATION is going to write a check without solid proof that it works and exists so just relax, and quit wasting your time arguing about it. Save up your lunch money for 24 months and if its real order one and enjoy being off the grid, if it’s a fake payoff you online porn and cheetos debt.

        • dashmatrix

          P.S… you do realize that when these DO come out, 5 years from now when everybody has one, this page will still be up, and people will be coming on here saying “wow look how stupid people are.”

    • Thomas Ammons

      Unfortunately 1. I want to see LENR research continue but fear it will be swamped out by the likelyhood of 4 and 5.

    • Tom

      1 is 100% true. 2 is looking very likely to me. 3 probably goes hand in hand with 2. 4 and 5 are just as likely but still only speculation.

  • Paul Stout

    Just because we have not seen any conclusive tests does not mean that the investors have not seen them.

    From a business point of view, Rossi is better off convincing his investors that he has the real thing and letting the rest of the world still think that it is a fraud.

    There is a possiblity that Rossi did just enough public tests to get investors interested enough to ask for their own private and more conclusive tests.

    The investors are better off if they keep their investments close to their chest to keep the competition in the dard as much as possible.

    • Josh

      Still, you’d expect some external evidence for the allegedly ongoing operation.

      You can’t hide such a massive production (1M units) with that much people involved.

      • Ged

        Probably is no one’s looked. We really need a detective on our side to trace the trails. I don’t live over there, or I’d drive around myself and investigate.

    • Joe

      Just because we have not seen his investors does not mean Rossi made them up.
      In business it is always better to convince investors while letting the public think you are producing a fraudulent product as this will make them want to buy it even more.

      • Josh


  • Ron

    Paul, I agree with what you saod. Comnvincing the average internet surfer e0cat is real my not only be of little value at present to Rossi but may be actually counter productive for him to achieve his ends, for convincing us can be deferred until due time. Meanwhile who he needs to convince is his paying customers and invesors, and they in all likelihood have seen more evidence tahn what has been presented to the rest of us at large.

  • John

    Surely if there’s a viable technology here then there’s a way of managing the I.P while providing enough evidence/information to validate the claims you make.

    I’ve posted once before about my frustrations over the hype/spin/ham-fisted piecemeal ECAT “PR” nightmare – sorry – strategy. Dear God nothing has changed. Scratch that, it’s just got worse because now it’s descending into soap opera. Can’t you see this is undermining what brand credibility you have? I really hope that I’ll be eating my words in 16 months time and we’re all basking in the reflected light bouncing off Rossi’s head while he sips Campari’s in Portofino. But it’s all looking a bit crap really isn’t it?

    Dick Smith (Another Aussi) is actually a pretty straight up fellow. A skeptic but that’s ok. It’s healthy. He’s just done what I would have done if I had the money which is say: “Prove it”

    So go on then.

    Prove it. release something… ANYTHING… that quells the skeptics and provides enough information and evidence to arrive at some valid conclusions. As a consolation I might accept a thoughtful explanation from Rossi explaining why it is that the ECAT technology has been represented so badly to date.

    This site and ROSSI’S own website are ECAT PR disasters. Portals designed to build interest in speculative technology and generate sales. Sort of all well and good – ie: slightly scammy but given what Rossi’s proposing not entirely unexpected. However you’ve made a DEAL with the public – I should know because I work in the business – and I’m telling you you’re squandering the interest and enthusiasm of people who want to believe. Christ knows what anyone from reputable business thinks. But you must have the worlds best sales team working for you is all I can say.

    These forums are starting to attract the tinfoil hat brigade and angry people with agendas. If in the next few weeks I dropped by and found someone saying blunt razors placed under small Pyramids miraculously got sharper I wouldn’t be surprised. Hey I lived through the ’70’s. I remember the craziness! It’s starting to feel a little similar here in ECAT World.

    Anyway put up or shut up time is now long overdue.

    • Robert Mockan

      What! You mean you do not believe in pyramid power!
      Too much mind control obviously. Here is the cure.

      Seriously John you may need to lighten up. The field of “cold fusion” has been attacked so many times over the years no body really gives a shit any more about the critics or the skeptics. Certainly Rossi doesn’t!

      Besides, the number of people who visit these forums is small.

    • Steve Robb

      So what is wrong with having a site that gathers together all the treads in one spot? Perhaps you are upset that there is a cross section of people here proffering an opinion which like their vote cancels out your vote. If you believe someone is wearing a tinfoil hat just have a laugh or gently correct them. But whatever you do it well and better than they.

  • Dave

    So you pay Rossi to license technology for which there is no evidence that it actually works?

    “There is a sucker born every minute.” – P.T. Barnum.

    • dashmatrix

      he isn’t selling licenses to retired school bus drivers in Florida you knudnick. He’s licensing to manufacturers. These aren’t 100K licensing fees, your talking 100 million up front with royalties on sales. You people are all retarded. These are major appliance and manufacturing corporations and they are not into freely and openly discussing product roadmaps just because the flamers on the web don’t believe. Who cares if you believe or not imbecile. In 24 months when your waiting in line at Lowes to put your order in you’ll know it was real and when you write the check for it you’ll think “man… these guys really had their crap together”. He’s already got competition. this isn’t going to be like going out and getting a flying car, this will be like buying a HVAC for your home. Every home will have one, and 30 cents of every dollar will land in Rossi’s pocket. If it’s a scam the guy will never see a penny and he’ll be in a body bag. Corporations don’t lay out 100 million dollars without doing their homework tool, and don’t think some corporation wouldn’t disappear him if he turned out to be pulling a Madoff.

  • dashmatrix

    Doubters will always exist. Who cares. The secrecy is totally understandable. The man is trying to cash in on a lifetime of work. Nobody ever questions the logic behind Apple’s veil of secrecy covering all their product development projects. It’s completely understandable, and anyone who still thinks it’s nuts ought to go read up on Preston Tucker, or Robert Kearns. If this is a Scam it sure ain’t a long con, and the risks are pretty darn high. If it’s a con his marks are multi billion dollar manufacturing companies. In 12 months he’d either have a product or wind up in the east river. You don’t scam Russian businesses and Saudi’s out of millions. He said he had everything but Russia and Japan. He’ll have a product or he will be a dead man. It’s not like he’s kept his identity secret.

  • Gonzo

    Only Rossi makes statements about who buys what. So what is real in that department? Where are the buyers releasing statements and starting web sites?
    The money is all back door. The technology is back door.