New Interview With Andrea Rossi by Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now

Kudos to Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now for travelling to Florida to conduct an interview with Andrea Rossi in his corporate office. It’s always interesting to see and hear Rossi talking his technology, and in this interview there is some interesting information discussed, particularly when he discusses the role that the nickle powder plays in the reaction. Normally Rossi declines to talk about anything that goes on inside the reactor, but in this interview he gets into a little more detail than usual about the inner workings of the E-Cat.

Rossi also explains that in the quest to produce efficient electricity, so far the maximum stable temperature he has managed to get is around 200 C from an E-Cat. The Siemens turbine that he has mentioned is able to generate electricity at around 30 per cent efficiency from a steam temperature of 251 C, and so Rossi says there is still some work to do reach that goal.

Other topics discussed include:

  • The reasons for the differences in cost between the cost per kW between the domestic and industrial E-Cats
  • Why Rossi will not reveal the location of his US production facility (even ‘under torture’)
  • The process of getting safety certification for the E-Cat in the US and other countries.

The full 30 minute video clip can be seen here.

  • Roger Bird

    I am the first poster again; insomnia has it’s advantages.

    Even though I am sick and tired of hot air and want to see something real, like independent confirmation, units sold, etc., I thought that it was an excellent interview. I really want a (working) e-cat so that I can start saving money, and hot air somewhere else (as opposed to hot air coming from my furnace) isn’t doing me any good. But it was an excellent interview anyway.

  • Francesco CH

    If this does really work, electricity production is a problem that can be considered as solved:

    • dragon

      That mini-turbine looks amazing. I am sure that in time some form of LENR device can power the turbine with steam and then, sky is the limit for decentralized energy.

    • Allen Perry

      I sent the link to Rossi.

      • Thomas

        I guess, the turbine is also a hoax like Rossi’s ecat 🙂

      • Great! Rossi needs to implement this little turbine rather than the 15Mw Siemens thing.

    • Sebastian

      This turbine had been proposed to Rossi already almost a year ago.
      Rossi only wants technically mature turbines (like the ones by Siemens (no “a” in there, admin!). GreenTurbine is still in development.

      • Luca Salvarani

        Maybe in this time they could have developed a final product… Callimg them is for free…

      • Joe

        Rossi cant allow himself to be associated with a fly by night operation like GreenTurbine. Only well known names like Siemens can add to his own status and legitimacy.

        Respectability and legitimacy thru association is the only way to go.

        • Alert The Authorities

          Using Rossi and “fly by night” in the same sentence is not something an Ecat supporter-shill ought to do. Google is not Rossi’s friend.

    • QC-JYM

      Talkin’ about turbine, how ’bout that one!

    • EduardoRG

      Hey That turbine LOOKS GREAT !!!!

  • enlightment

    Now Rossi says again that heat comes from thermalization of gamma rays by the lead.
    Not to long ago it was claimed no radiation would be produced.
    The question now is, where (single or multiple) is the heat generated and in what manner and up to what degree (heat and percentage wise)!

    • Ged

      No radiation will be produced OUTSIDE the device. Two centimeters of lead are enough to block the energy of gamma rays proposed for the LENR reactions (if produced no more than at a modest density). Most of the heat is generated without producing gamma rays according to some theoretical models of the nuclear pathways.

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  • sapain

    graphene and carbon nanotube r stepping into the spotlight for solar electrical generation.
    graphene can use all wave lengths.
    another clean energy converter approaches.

    • Ged

      The more sunlight you grab and convert, the more you steal from Earth’s biosphere. Solar’s energy density is terrible, I showed you that, as the Sun does not strike the Earth per square meter with that much power. Solar is great in a few places, and any advances are good, but it cannot meet the world’s energy needs.

      Maybe if we lived on Venus.

      • Allen

        Yes it can!

      • sapain

        u showed me nothing. i pay no utilities. i am not controlled by corperated energy, r u.
        mars rover-cell % is around 40%.
        graphene has the potential of 50%+.
        solar panels on roof tops, overhead road structures and trackers do not affect biosphere. get a grip and do some reading. u talk like ur an oil junkie, that loves to c coal fired plants and nuclear plants. how many acreas does a coal fire plant use and what about the acid rains they produce.
        for every 500-1000 MW of solar produced, 1 coal fired plant disappears.
        be part of the solution and not part of the problem.
        solar captures energy, the energy is converted to electrical then to thermal.
        6g of silicon/watt x 8hr/day aver. (tracker) x365days/yrs x 65 million yrs.
        solar has no problem HELPING the world`s energy needs to get rid of coal, nuclear and oil.
        if u have 50-50 light to cloud, u`ll have no problem with solar. u must live in an area of perpetual cloud cover.

        • George Jambor

          Must be Pittsburgh !!!!

        • I’m sorry, but I have seen you use the number “65 million years” in the past in your analysis. Is that the life you have chosen for a solar array? If so, please get real. It always boils down to economics and at present we have behaved in a highly disingenuous manner by not accounting for things such as the cost of pumping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere or the cost of disposing of nuclear waste while you are apparently of the opinion that one good lie deserves another. Good luck with making progress with that kind of attitude.

          • sapain

            one good lie deserves another, interesting.

            why don`t u speak the truth.

            silicon is elemental and can only be distroyed by transmutation. solar energy from the sun will never transmutate silicon.
            once silicon is freed from say quartz and purified, how long would it remain this way. silicon in lattice form will last indefinitely. solar energy does not have the energy to break the lattice bonds. chemical attack is possible, but silicon cells have a protective surface coating like aluninium, anti-reflective coatings r put on cells to increase gain, when this coating is deteriorated it cause the loss of power, which is loss through increased reflection, just add a new coat every 25-50yrs. the dopants in the cells r elemental, solar energy won`t transmute them, so do the dopants migrate out of the solar cell, no, solar energy won`t break the lattice bonds. overheating will distroy the circuitry, but that`s abuse.
            can it be recycled and reused,yes, the only way silicon can be distroyed is by transmutation. so 65 million yrs is an understatement, it`s life span is basically infinite and power out defined by life span of the sun, estimated to be 65 billion yrs.

            the manufacturers say solar loses 10% after 25yrs, so 10%of 300watts is 30 watts giving u 270watts for another 25yrs, then 10% of 270watts is 27watt loss, giving u 243 watts. give me something that still produces 243watts from 300watt source after 50yrs and i`ll use it every time, especially if it`s for free by tax deduction.
            solar cell output is defined to light intensity. the move light the more power output. clouds affecting solar gain, buy a few extra panels.
            night time need for energy-east to west coast time differential 3hrs. east coast transfers to west coast in the morning, west coast transfers to east coast in the evening, same with middle. 3hr gain.
            in 50 yrs everyone will be solarized.

            economic mentallity is a farce and an excuss. solar right now is one of the biggest job producers, 6% last yr in the us.
            now that patent r invalid, prices r dropping fast.
            patents slowed solar down by price control. 8yrs ago, silicon cells were $10/watt, today $2.67, next yr. probably $2.25/watt.
            cost of refined and purified silicon has dropped from $400/lb to $50/lb, why, patents for silicon purification r now invalid and no liciences r needed. it`s a free for all.
            why is coal, oil and nuclear going up in price while solar is going down in leaps and bounds.

            why is economics a farce, simple-u buy a 300w panel for $800. u say that`s expensive, i say really, how can it be expensive when it`s free. how is it free, nothing is free. i say, it simple, the solar panel can be used as a tax write off up to 100%. u can either give ur 20-30% income tax to a politican or to a group helping to clean this planet up.

            so why r u not explaining to people to use tax deductions to purchase solar and gain it for free. i have and do every chance i get.
            it boils down to education which i try to do. the farce is investing in an finite energy system to make a fast buck at the expense of others. instead of a infinite source.

            so steve, u tell me to get real, let`s here from u how long a silicon cell will last until it doesn`t produce usable power.

        • Ged

          A -fixed- solar panel is at most good for 35 or so years. A solar panel is not only made out of silicon, it is doped with phosphorus and conductive heavy metals, then has a layer of productive glass put on top. Anything that collects on the glass (dust) degrades the quality of the cell, and the degrading of the metal interconnects and phosphorus doping also makes the cell lose efficiency.

          Also, I’ve shown you that the Sun itself does not provide more than 1 kW per square meter to the earth, at very maximum, and the average is only 400 W per square meter. And this is ONLY during the day! A solar panel cannot produce more energy than the Sun has to provide. I’ve shown you the calculations, nuclear is 16 times more energy efficient per unit area (and doubly more efficient in cost) than a solar panel.

          And yes, it affects the biosphere. Any solar radiation you absorb is radiation that plants cannot absorb. Conservation of energy, my friend.

          Finally, solar panels used in SPACE like on the Mars rovers, ISS, and satellites are made from Gallium Arsenide multijunctures, NOT silicon! That is one seriously toxic material, and extremely hazardous to the environment. Silicon is not remotely efficient enough for space exploration or to power any space vessel.

          Also, solar panels are extremely toxic to produce. Did you know that “solar panel production creates many of the same toxic byproducts as those found in semiconductor production, including silicon tetrachloride, dusts, and greenhouse gases like sulfur hexafluoride. These byproducts aren’t anything to scoff at— silicon tetrachloride, for example, makes land unsuitable for growing crops. And for each ton of polysilicon produced, four tons of silicon tetrachloride are generated.”

          Not so pretty now.

          • sapain

            ur agruements r totally irrational and illogical, again.
            u have more dangerous and toxic chemicals in ur home, more children die from chems in the homes, 0 from solar. they have shut down 6 coal plants in ontario because the exhaust was causing alot of health problems. how many people die from monoxide in their cars and homes per year. 0 from solar. after the japan incident, countries r shutting down nuclear, the ones fighting it r the ones making billions from profits. maybe u think it`s okay to radiate 314km2 for a 1000 yrs,but i don`t.
            u think someone is going to run around and dump tetrachlorides on farm land.
            the gulf oil spill killed millions upon millions of living creaturs and screwed up the gulf and atlantic ocean currents, were is ur complaint of this.
            tamed fusion by way of lenr is not here yet, maybe in 2yrs, maybe in 100yrs. i`m not one to sit around waiting, i use what is now available to help keep this planet healthy.
            u get no gases from a solar cell, u get no chemical leeching, there is no radiation.
            quartz is grounded, then melted, carbon arc to seperate o2 from silicon and attach o2 to carbon, forming carbon monoxide and/or dioxide, both gases r captured. another way is to use h2 to capture o2 to form water (future production method when energy prices go down). boron and phosperous r common dopants, but then again the moler concentratation in a cell is mirco. germanium and arsenic r another two common dopants, arsenic is found in some water wells.
            once the dopant is added it doesn`t leech out. it`s added in a protected closed enviroment. phospherous, well break a florecient light bulb or hey, light a match and breath the gases. solar cells r a good mehtod to lock up arsenic.
            thin film production uses chloride and florides, these chemicals r recovered and reused in an enclosed system.
            again u talk of light intensity as a down fall.
            as for dust, get some water and clean them, rain does a good job, but if ur really lazy, get some titanium oxide to do the work for u.
            yes u get deterioration of circuitry, add anti-oxidants to ur connections. circuit deterioration ie. the silver branch connectors, well if they succumb to light in 30-50yrs, it will cost $20 to replace.
            ur first paragraph prooves u have never dealt with solar and have not researched the field of solar. dust does not degrade a solar cells, it affects the amount of light hitting the cell.
            study light refraction and reflection. what angle does light reflect. u have direct gain, perpendicular, then u have gain through ground reflection. i love snow, it gives me quite a bit of extra light, have u heard of snow blindness. in the spring summer and fall u get ground reflection, add this gain. also there is solar lensing, it`s when the sun is at the cloud`s edge, it magnifies the light and increases power output.

            dopants r added in part per million (forget the ratio but it`s minute)

            my questions to u is this, why r u against an energy capture source that will produce unlimited clean energy, both electrical and thermal, and why r u discouraging the use of solar.

          • sapain

            also, u want to get to space, replace a megawatt hydroplant with solar, use the hydroelectric plant to power an electric rail gun to produce high velocity and then a propellant boost at high altitude. yes, they r working on rail gun launchers now.
            propulsion for space travel, out of our league right now.
            but here is an idea, create a magnetic field around the craft using solar, then let charged particles from the sun push it along, or rotating magnetic fields to capture charged particles, redirect them into a confined area exiting in the oposite direction.
            temperatures in space create a good medium for high temperature superconductors that would produces their own magnetic fields.

      • David

        Tell that to my solar panals. I’m generating about 45 kWh’s a day and this is just march. By july that will be near 60kWh’s for a single family home…
        Solar works, its just really expensive.

        • KuhnKat


          have you ever been downtown in a large city with stacked apartments 30-100+ stories high?? In the shadow of the buildings the canyons are cooler as the buildings block the sun. No comparison to your single family dwelling at all. Much more of the population of the earth is in no tech to high tech tha in single family. So, you say roof solar panels. Near the equator this is good as the sun intercepted by the panels is good and reduces the air conditioning required, BUT, just how many square feet of panels are needed for each apartment in these highrises??? Not only would you need to cover all buildings, you would need to cover all roadways. This would prevent any vegetation from growing and increase the use of electricity for basic lighting and more so in the winter for heating. Nope, you simply can’t make that tradeoff. You still need more area than the city itself and you are displacing vegetation to do it!! If you put the arrays in deserts you will then have very large line losses. I live in Southern California and even here the only thing that makes Solar economical are the subsidies and forced power purchase by the power companies!!

          You are an unrealistic dreamer. There is not even 365×12 power to be had here. Even considering massive arrays world wide you will still have over half the arrays producing little with the sun down or low on the horizon. Then there is weather… 60% of the earth is covered by clouds 365×24!!! Just because there are a few ideal areas y’all try and pretend that it will work everywhere. Pretty poor extrapolation boy. Then there is the job of keeping the arrays clean. Ever wonder how much water or solvent and TIME it will take to clean thousand of square miles of arrays?? Yeah, we could put a lot of people to work there!!!

          How often do you clean your array or do you just let the power drop off and use line power??

          • Allen

            An area the size of North Dakota plugged into an optimized world grid would produce all of the world’s energy needs with the latest solar technology.

          • dragon

            That means you lose north Dakota. Not acceptable. We need something that lets North Dakota to their people.

            Something like LENR.

          • Ged

            And for a 16th of that area, we could power the world with nuclear power. Both cheaper, less dangerous to the environment (I doubt you know what goes into the making of a solar panel), and far more cost effective per megawatt ($65 for nuclear versus $200+ for solar!).

            You people need to wake up. 45 kWh isn’t that much, even 60 kWh. A 1 kW PSU in a computer will eat up more than that, and you only produce that much during the day when the incidence of the sun is at a favorable angle. Modern technology’s energy demands far outstrip the small power per square meter that the sun provides, even at its theoretical maximum.

            Also, you people should see this:

            Yet another solar company is going belly up, even with the government heavily subsidizing it. That tells you something very important: solar is unsustainable.

            Also, a solar panel’s effective life span is 20 through 25 years, only.

          • sapain

            the boys in the labs r deveoping a glass imbedded solar cell, these sky high buildings using them, ausome.
            also, the shadow zone is dependant on height, width and solar transit, depending on structures u will only lose a few hrs of light to outlaying buildings. solar will spread the living zone away from city cores.
            lots of tall buildings in europe r adding solar panels to their walls, excellent surface medium for solar. just have to watch out for crazy people in airplanes.
            canyons to produce cooling in the concrete jungle is good for the city dwellers.
            solar farms will drive the cost of electricty down for city folk, as will grid tied systems, no problem.
            i live in the land of ice and snow and have no problem with solar. any place on the planet can utilize solar. artic has the midnight sun, just have to be smart and figure out good long term storage.

        • sapain

          david, don`t know ur situation but i`ll try and b helpful. if u and ur family say started baking cookies and selling them and claimed the use of solar to help produce ur cookies, ur solar system becomes a tax deduction. u can get paid back quicker by claiming self employment and get a tax return or by lowering ur net taxable earnings, it`s what the big boys do. let ur income tax pay for the system.
          do some reading on the tax law to figure out the best way for ur situation.
          u never know, u could become the next king of cookies useing solar.

  • RobertM

    Can rossi show a working prototype first?

    • dragon

      That’s the Billion $ question.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      He has shown “working prototype(s)” eight (8) times! What he will not do, and agree with him, he will not disclose intellectual property secrets until our unbelievably slow and bureaucratic Patent office starts granting patents for LENR. Is it patent office bureaucracy or the Oil, coal, gas financial lobby at work?

      • daniel maris

        The US Patent office has granted a patent to NASA for LENR.

        • tom h

          And?? NASA’s government owned and the government is just a puppet for the powers that be(oi industry, banks etc).

          Obviously there be granted a patent but rossi? I doubt it

          • daniel maris

            Re-read Bernie’s post. He didn’t specify Rossi – he simply referred to LENR patents.

        • Camilo

          To be precise, it is a patent for “Method for Producing Heavy Electrons”. The acronym LENR is not mentioned in the patent not even once.
          The Technology Gateway video, however, does refer to LENR.

        • From everything I’ve read, Rossi’s primary interaction has been with the European Patent office, not the US office.

      • Bruno

        The inner workings of the ecat do not need to be divulged in order to run a truly unbiased validation test. The “reactor” core would not need to be opened, just weighed. Then it’s a simple matter of running a tes, measuring water flow in and the increase in temperature. Run the water fast enough so that none of it boils in order to avoid questions of steam quality. Run the test long enough to discount any possibility of stored chemical energy. The bottom line is that Rossi has done everything and anything to avoid a fair test.

        • RobertM

          Yes, a 3 day weighted test with measureable power output and steam verification would be all the proof the world needs.

          I would go there and watch the thing for 3 days without sleeping just to be a witness.

          • Alert The Authorities

            Ecat test results must remain as fuzzy and out of focus as 70’s porn. First rule of ecatshillery.

    • I got a prototype for you, right here…

  • atanguy

    Is the choice of the musicians’ names that is accompanying this interview an accident? 😉

  • atanguy

    Ponzi, your name says everything: ‘Cold Fusion Now’ could not have chosen a better person to interview an Italian…

    • Looks like my stuff was erased … again! Oh well.

      • Paul Richards

        Charles – considering you are standing on the side of neo liberal energy cartels why are you surprised?

      • Joe

        Energy may become free but freedom of expression will always be subject to approval and perhaps a small fee.

      • The easiest way to not get zapped is to start your own blog.

      • Alert The Authorities

        They are always trying to suppress the good news about the E-cat. I bet your post was intercepted by homeland security and diverted off into the same bunker where they keep the dead alien babies. We could have all the free power we wanted if they would just use the technology they got from the martians, but keep that on the downlow. I think people might be following me and my computer crashed last week, so that pretty much confirms my suspicions.

  • dan

    Rossi comes across well in this interview.

    • It is interesting how when after a long period of time reading the posts from the patho-skeptics about Rossi, I then am given a chance to hear from the man himself, I find such a contrast between the raving lunatic they portray and the rational, humorous, and somewhat self-effacing person Rossi seems to be.

      • Rogerborg

        Can you imagine a successful con man who doesn’t come across as urbane and reasonable?

        Judge him by what he’s actually produced, i.e. nothing.

        • Roger Bird

          Rogerborg, although we are probably miles apart on LENR and Rossi, I have to agree with you. I doubt if a successful con man or woman was ever a bumbling, socially awkward goof. The ONE and ONLY proof is the physical, independently confirmed goods. Rossi’s social skills and seeming urbane-ness are actually sort of counter indicative.

      • daniel maris

        I certainly see none of the classic signs of lying that you can usually spot – such as hands to ears or nose, rapid blinking, verbal slips. Neither does he show the sort of extreme control of face and body that people who can lie convincingly (Derren Brown types) normally show.

        That’s why I have always felt if he is not telling the truth it is because he is deluding himself as well as others i.e. he sincerely believes he has a good working device.

        This story is fascinating on so many levels, whether it is genuine or not.

  • Buying an 1MW plant seems to be a lot more economic than what we are spending money on.

    They would sell like hot cakes if there is one in visible operation supplying power to lower the risk perception of a purchase since it is on the market now.

  • Robert Mockan

    One of the main reasons I believe Rossi has the real deal is because of what has been happening since I posted on my blog site that I was making a video that will demonstrate how to make the nickel fuel, and demonstrate many LENR devices I’ve worked with over the years.

    When I ordered the necessary chemicals, that when mixed produce the proper size nickel nano-particles with lattice surface defects that enhance the LENR effect, several events happened.

    1. The account I use to pay for my research materials was frozen.
    2. The account number was used (by person or persons unknown) to steal all the funds in my account.
    3. Credit card services cancelled the stolen number and I requested a new number be issued, but since I had made several purchases just before the theft, I was forced to contact them and pay by check.
    4. The laboratory supply house that I have ordered from before, and always shipped the next day, did notify me they received my order, but then … nothing. As of now, a month after placing the order for the chemicals, they have not responded to any of my inquiries about the status of the order. I had other laboratory equipment on order from them, also nothing about that.
    5. The work shop where I do research that I rent in an industrial park was vandalized. It contains irreplaceable equipment for experiments, but has no value to any common thief.
    6. I have definitely been under surveillance while driving about town to buy materials. Same people, same vehicles following, and at the purchase counter some one always watching what i was buying.
    7. My computer system has been going down every few days. I use it for research and communications, and when it stops functioning it happens in such a way that the the operating system can not be restored. Only by reformatting the hard disk and reloading the entire operating system can I get it working again.
    This takes a half day every time.
    The cyber attacks are penetrating multiple shields, virus protection software, and firewalls.
    8. Many of the video clips that were in process of editing have been destroyed, since they were in the computer.

    It would seem that as long as you do not try to make the fuel, or build advanced LENR devices to generate power, you can say and think anything you want. But try to do something, and make a video showing how it is done, you will be targeted.

    So, all I have to say about Rossi is…

    Good luck Rossi! (Because you are going to need it!)

    • Robert Mockan

      By the way, I have said before that if Rossi was topped for any reason, me and thousands of others who can, will spread the information about how to make the fuel to every body in the world.

      I’ve decided that even if Rossi is not stopped, I’m going to continue, and WILL provide the information about the LENR fuel in a video, with an E-book, and hard copy book, to EVERY BODY IN THE WORLD.

      • McGyver

        Why making announcements ?
        Why not just doing it and then talk later ?

        • Robert Mockan

          Because all approaches are being taken to put the LENR subject into peoples faces. This time it is not going to be buried again for another 20 years.

      • Karl

        What you say is strongly indicating that LENR is for real. Quire horrifying for you! The confusing situation in the Rossi case might be that he is under protection of the strong forces he cooperates with, like his first customer et al. Most states the US, EU and China and virtually all individuals anywhere, have surely a lot to gain if LENR will be taken serious. I agree with you and believe that irrespective how many scientists – researchers that are threatened and humiliated the genie is out of the bottle and it will be impossible to stop LENR any longer.

      • Rogerborg

        OMG OMG I can’t wait, can’t I send you some money for your Secret Sauce Recipe Book right away?

        Could you give me a freebie though: how many snakes will I have to squeeze to get enough oil for a domestic heating unit?

    • alex

      You can get your research done, but you will have to travel abroad to do so. Leave Uncle Sam behind you and complete your research in South America.

    • alex

      So if youre now a threat to national security, what makes Rossi so special. Its almost like they know Rossi is no threat. Probably why he has is operations in secret somewhere’s else.

    • Karl

      Btw. the kind of harassing situation you have been under, when did it happen? Recently, over a long period?

      • Robert Mockan

        Since I ordered specific chemicals Feb 24, to “make a fuel” video clip for use in a You Tube video that I mention here Jan 31,
        It is one of many clips being editied, but the only one showing specifically making nickel nano-particle fuel procedure.

        • Andrew Macleod

          Your title might have something to do with it.
          “open source nuclear fuel”

    • Tom

      Although I don’t want to imply Rossi would do that sort of thing, the situation you’re in sounds as though it would benefit Leonardo Corporation, keeping their secrets safe. I doubt Rossi has that kind of resources but Obama could already have his hand in the LENR pie.

      In any case, it is certainly in favour of LENR being the real deal.

    • daniel maris

      Hmmm…I’d like to say you are being paranoid, but it ain’t necessarily so!

      I am sure chemical suppliers (quite rightly, given the terrorist threat) all have direct links to FBI (or equivalent) and other authorities and that the communication is two way. It’s not impossible government agencies are showing an interest in who is interested in this technology.

      • Karl

        It such case the question is what kind of governments? I guess you mean oil or gas rich states. There are quite a number of such states including oil and gas companies which may also be severely hearted by a real LENR on the market. I do not think it is in us government interest to seriously delay or stop actions in LENR because us is so dependent of purchasing these natural resources from various states. I do not think that at least there is no interest for us (at least any more) irrespective its tight currency and oil correlation. Should that be the case I would be surprised. On the contrary the “Putins” of this would have a lot too loose. Perhaps this is why Rossi survive under the protection of navy warships.

      • Robert Mockan

        In the world today some corporations involving energy are as powerful as some governments, and have more to lose if LENR technology ever reaches markets. Governments would be interested, but I am more inclined to think corporations would have more to lose, and might take action against any body planning to use the social media to publicize LENR details.

        • Matt S

          Robert, keep up the good work and don’t let the b’stards grind you down.

          A fear I have is that they (the control freaks) whoever ‘they’ are will allow an LENR device to be released into the public eventually but will untraceably sabotage devices before they get popular and will ensure that enough newsworthy damage is done so that ‘they’ can heavily legislate against LENR and keep their precious control intact.. Just a possible scenario to keep in mind should that day come. It must be a big worry for anyone now working in this field of study, hence most of the cloak and dagger that we will see from the main participants as well as the misinformation.

    • Sparks

      Holy crap! Are you in the US? It may be that, while your activities are very well-intentioned (cheap energy, yes!), your purchases may be fitting a “profile” that would make the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) nervous. I could easily imagine them thinking you are trying to build a WMD. So it may not be so much that LENR is feared, as perhaps the gov’t fears you will be the next “terrorist” headline. Just a possibility. I have no idea how one would go about clearing up such a misunderstanding with the government.

      • Daniel M. Basso

        I am pretty much ignorant of chemistry and explosives, but I really doubt any of this stuff can be used to manufacture bombs. Hydrogen is probably the most dangerous element involved, but hardly able to do any “mass destruction”.

        • Sparks

          Yes, I am inclined to agree with you, but also don’t know this for certain. BUT, my point is … the goons (er, I mean, “field agents”) working for law enforcement or the DHS are unlikely to make fine distinctions. I could easily imagine that they monitor for unusual or suspicious purchases from chemical supply houses, and step up “surveillance” activities (such as those used on Mr. Mockan) when they see one. They will be trying to prevent another Timothy McVey type blast, for example, i.e., not just WMDs.

    • joe

      Did you think it was opec goons or cia spooks under orders from big oil that was behind the obvious sabotage?

    • Dsm


      An interesting story.

      For my part, I hosted Dick Smith’s 1 $mill LENR offer then a few days later the sub domain was hacked and pointed to a bogus calif cleaning service. So we purchase 4 new domains and pointed them to our InternetAge website then set it up as the Dick Smith offer site. Within 24 hrs the index.html file got reverted back to our original Internetage index.html. Then I changed the site password to a more complex one & did a couple of login / logout cycles then restored the index.html back to the Dick Smith offer. Then next day could no longer log in.

      I had filed a service req with the service provider asking them to fix the DNS hack and to explain how someone who is not an employee could get into it. They have declined to provide an answer but moved all to new servers with higher security.

      They had no logical explanation for the index.html change nor the password failing.

      For the pst few days all has been ok. &.

      So am sympathizing with what you are going through. It sure can be intimidating.


      • Matt S

        DSM, Did you put the site up as .htm only or was the site using an sql dbase running through .php? If it was the former the security on that is far lower than running it through a more secure sql dbase through php, although it is not entirely hack resistant, it is far better than running the site as html only. Running the site through .php would give you far greater protection using the correct levels of backend security it can offer.

  • Sanjeev
    • McGyver

      After watching the video it’s hard to believe (almost impossible) this thing is not true.
      Good for me – I’m back in the believers zone.
      But be it this or that – what’s really astonishing is the aggressive and excessive way, the “non-believers” are flooding the bloggosphere.
      Is this all organized ?

      • jack

        Watching Rossi talking makes you hard to believe (almost impossible) this thing is not true?

        Good for Rossi I guess. He would make a great cult leader.

        • Rogerborg

          Ridiculous, nobody who seems that reasonable and charismatic could ever be a successful con man.

      • Skeptic

        You or I can watch a video of two people talking about goblins, the structure of their society and their dietary needs.
        That does not make them real.

        The video gives you a certain feeling about the e-cat (which was the intended effect).

        Very important is what the video is NOT about: it’s not about demonstrations, it’s not about independent verification.

        • Darren

          Goblins aren’t real? 🙁

      • Bruno

        No amount of talking or explaining on Rossi’s part is convincing. We have long since moved beyond the talk phase. The only things that would convince any reasonable skeptic are: 1) an unbiased test, run and controlled by a competent and recognized third party or 2) a recognized customer stepping forward and saying saying “yes, we have an ecat and it works” or 3) ecats being sold on the open market. Anything short of that is just “Rossi said this and Rossi said that”.

        • I wholeheartedly disagree, Bruno. In my opinion its only the latter scenario that will convince. Some will not be convinced until their neighbor has purchased one, and has it working.

          • Andrew Macleod

            Even that might not convince some.

  • daniel maris

    For those who have heard the Krivit version of Rossi’s involvement with the DOD on the Thermocoupler contract, take a read of this, the Army Corps of Engineers report on the Rossi thermocoupler devices.

    What a different story from the Gospel According to Krivit!

    It confirms that UNH tests did take place. It makes clear that the key problem was scaling up. It’s clear from the report that this was an investigative contract. There seems to be no criticism of Rossi I could find – rather a respectful appreciation of his efforts. It seems that the Army thought the contract worthwhile in identifying the challenges and the ways forward.

    Reading this report confirmed me in my view that we shouldn’t rush to judgement.

    Possibly Rossi scammed the army – but this independent army report certainly doesn’t say so.

    I really recommend the sceptics read this.

    • clovis

      this is undeniable, U.S. army, has this thing and did all sorts of test,. –wow. didn’t read it all but i read enough, –smile

      • daniel maris

        It wasn’t the E cat in case you think it was. This refers to an earlier invention of Rossi’s.

        • It refers to earlier work done by Rossi which is used as proof that he is a scammer.

          • daniel maris

            And yet when you read the report, you find the Army Corps have no criticism of his work, make no allegations of fraud. The subsequent testing of Rossi’s company’s wafers (for the thermocouples) is said to deliver energy in the “optimistic” range. Moreover, it is clear that ROssi was not – as the Krivit Gang – like to imply working by himself. He/his company were working closely with another company: Concurrent Technologies Corporation who still seem active on the scene.

            Far from the Army Corps blaming Rossi for a complete disaster they went on to hire him for another contract in 2006 working on biomass, once again with Concurrent Technologies Corporation.

    • daniel maris

      Another way the Krivit Gang try and distort this episode is to give the impression that Rossi was working in complete isolation.

      However the report makes clear LTI were working with Concurrent Technologies Corporation – a company that seems to be still v. active.

      From the report:

      “Teaming with Concurrent Technologies
      Corporation (CTC), LTI has secured
      DOD funding to identify and
      quantify applications and develop a
      model TE device for electrical generation
      and industrial process applications.”

      “From these data, the percentage
      of heat available to TE devices
      was calculated using figures established
      in a previous report for the
      DOE’s OIT (CTC & LTI 1999).”

      Moreover they continued to work together for the Army Corps of Engineers – in 2006:

      Interestingly three members of staff for LTI are mentioned and they seem to work out of three separate offices across the USA.

      Again, this is not the impression given by the Krivitists.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Very interesting! It seems Rossi did what he was hired to do. I think Krivit is doing what he was hired to do. Anyone who claims to spend $50k investigating someone just to try and save some “poor” investors money is full of chit.

  • Guru

    Rossi don’t understand difference between 33% and 30%.
    Rossi is thinking that 30% efficiency for Siemens turbine is the same as 33%.

    Rossi is thinking that 30% from 45 MW of thermal energy is 15 MW of electricity.

    Rossi don’t ubderstand that he need 50 MW of thermal energy for 30% efficient turbine for 15 MW electric output.

    And this “engineer” is CEO of future 1 million “non-reactors” production facility.

    • Roberto

      Rossi doesn’t understand difference between 33% and 30%?


      This is a scoop!

    • EnergyGuy

      You’re making a mountain out of a molehill. I see you’re desperate to impune Rossi as fraudulent by picking on something,in this instance, as irrelevant as the difference between 30% and 33%. I suggest that Rossi knew the difference,didn’t have time to think about the precision of his statement, and used “30%” ,instead of the correct version,”33%”, merely to demonstrate his point. Why grasp at straws the way you did? Those of us with a decent head on our shoulders knew what he meant.

  • Steve Ledvina

    I am an MSPE in Illinois. I am a registored electrical engineer in the state of Illinois with a masters degree in neuclear Physics. I was always taught that things fiss and fuse to iron. Therefore how can a nickel derivitive fuse from a higher atomic weight to iron it has to fiss. This is what I was taught. Please explain.

    Steve Ledvina MSPE