Rossi Says His Group is Preparing for Legal Action Against Libelers

Andrea Rossi today posted on his blog his most detailed comment yet about the legal strategies he is preparing to deal with those who he calls puppets, snakes and clowns.

We know perfectly who some puppeteers are: our intelligence system is working together with the Law Firm we have engaged for this issue. We are collecting and analyzing every single phrase the Puppets, Snakes (and Clowns) are publishing in paper press and in Internet. We prefer not to sue puppets and puppeteers ( and Clowns) so far because we will be stronger when our working plants will be public: at that point we will give to the Court all the necessary evidence to win both on criminal and in civilistic fields this battle. For now we are just preparing all the necessary publications, comments, evidence, documents, addresses, etc, etc. I start the battles when I am sure to win. So far they had the sensation that our Group can be libelled for free: it is not so. All the proceeds that we will earn from these trials will be donated to families we have already selected that need money to cure the cancer of their children.
If you are interested to this issue or have information for us, please contact

From what he says here, not only is Rossi’s group preparing to defend its intellectual property it feels has been violated (something he has often talked about), they plan to sue for libel against those he considers to be publishing falsehoods. With all negative the stuff that has been posted all over the web about Rossi, they could be very busy if they are going to carry out this action to the maximum extent.

  • Hampus

    This is Rossi saying Defkalion(and maybe others) have something.

    • Jimr

      Orgs/people whom are commenting about him and his products not to his suiting. He hasn’t a snowballs chance in you know where of winning any lawsuit under those terms.

  • Jimr

    Some how First sentence lost.
    I don’t believe it has anything to do with Defkalion. It is about Orgs/people whom are ——

  • Would someone please send Rossi a link to my play: Waiting for E-Cat

    I can’t send him a link after he banned me.

    Thanks much

    P.S. He hasn’t a chance of a snow ball in hell of winning any such suit.

    • Allen McCloud

      Since hell is imaginary I can imagine a snowball there. Wait, so he has a chance?

  • I especially like how things still do not translate: “to cure the cancer of their children.”

    Puppets, and snakes and clowns, Oh my!

  • Martin

    Sounds like a severe case of paranoia to me.

    • dragon

      Even if I hope Rossi has something (and I might be hugely wrong), it still looks like a case of severe paranoia for Rossi.

      I mean this guy instead of working on his mankind-changing devise is putting resources for some kind of Secret Police action?????!!!!!?????? WTF?

      I will not be surprised if next PR phrase that will come out of his mouth will be “I am Napoleon”, or “I am God”!

  • jack

    Fighting puppets, clowns and snakes and saving the children at the same time.

    Oh great Rozzi, may the powers of Ecatz be with you.

  • hydroman

    Threatening lawsuits is common among fraudsters.
    Many times they do it right on a blog like this.
    All he needs to do is produce a device.
    If he really has a device why would he worry about critics on the internet?
    At any time Rossi could shut up his critics.
    Just trot out one workable Ecat for someone to test!

    • jim p

      You’ve said it all. Lawsuit threats are usually last-gasp efforts at keeping the pretense of legitimacy going. I’d be so so so happy if Rossi really had something, and I really hoped he did, but at this point… it’s impossible that he couldn’t make a debunker-proof demonstration. What? You talk with testers to see what they need, you set it up that way, you turn on the machine, you leave the room, you let them measure. Put a lock on the box and they can’t steal the secret sauce. Lawsuit threats, to me, are the final, sad, sign that this dream was just a dream, and no more.

  • Lu

    This is just bluster on Rossi’s part. Perhaps he’s feeling the heat or launching a pre-emptive attack. He will never go to court because he will have to disclose the truth and he won’t do that no matter which side the E-Cat falls on.

  • Good grief!

    Should be

    Never a dull day on this forum.

  • Filip

    Puppets, snakes and clowns?
    ….It’s the MUPPETSHOW!!!

    • Maurizio

      oh made my day!!!

  • Zalomi

    Well ,our world today is filled of Devils in the form of human being.

  • Kim


  • Anonymous source from DGT sent me an email confirming that they apologize to Rossi for calling him a “one man band”. Call off the dogs Rossi!

  • skeptic

    I am really happy Rossi finds time for this.
    He could do away with all the negative PR if he just showed a working e-cat.
    But instead, he chooses to throw in an idle threat.
    How about it, Rossi? Am I on your shortlist too? For asking a convincing demo?

    • daniel maris

      It’s not funny and it’s not clever…

      He really shouldn’t have threatened free speech, just makes people more sceptical and ill disposed to him.

      If he shows he has a real product he will have won the debate and all the purveyors of insult will be crushed and humiliated. What better outcome could he want for?

      • Brad Arnold

        Free speech doesn’t give the person the right to slander or libel. Besides, it seems like there is a deliberate campaign to discredit Rossi: suppose he is legitimate and waiting for patient protection – such a campaign could have the effect of prejudicing people before he looks for start up capital. Remember, he gave a number of successful demonstrations that convinced a lot of people before Rossi’s detractors started throwing a lot of loose accusations around.

        • Stephen

          He made no convincing demonstration, in my opinion. He just created a gossip around his story…

          Surely it is not because of “detractors” that people started to doubt about him. Remember that he could truely demonstrate he has something at any time with zero risks for his famous secrets. I will tell you more: I hope he does that… but I am very confident he won’t.

        • dsm


          Re “deliberate campaign” – doesn’t it strike you as relevant that Rossi started the whole publicity show by claiming he had a working eCat – he got us all slavering at the mouth (I sure was) and clamoring for information and an opportunity to confirm his claims, then have worked us up he walks away from *all* offers to certify the device.

          You have to reach a point where you say Rossi has a ‘deliberate campaign’ to avoid any proofs and all the while he is accepting funds from investors (at this time we know he has sold the right to resell his home eCats).

          I know of one investor who went to Miami, when he asked Rossi if he could see the plant (after putting up a 6 figure investment) Rossi said no “for security reasons” – that is bizarre (why the person paid over I’ll never understand)


  • Alexvs

    Those who do not believe will be anihilated. Rossi is bordering paranoia.
    Blogmates, this is not serious at all.
    Take it easy and smile.

  • Alexvs

    Excluded “Rossi has discovered a new way to make useful energy” as totally false, it would rather difficult for me to decide what to vote.

  • Zalomi

    Don’t wonder if you those Devils on the seen ,Devils are always there.
    Here is a Demon in Cairo,Egypt:

  • kirk

    It’s one thing to say the e-cat is unproven by independent third parties but another to say it must be a fraud that would probably be libel

    • sapain

      by making the statement of ecat manufacturing plants r now being set up and is being done in the usa, then claiming that ecats r not being manufactured in the usa, has discredited any claims of libel against anyone.

  • Singh

    Rossi had earlier said (few months ago), DGT could not have an ecat, as he had never given them an ecat. So even if DGT has one, it can prove based on Rossi’s statement, that they invented the Hyperion on their own. Their COP is 20plus, whereas Rossi is at 6.
    Rossi should have licensed the technology rather than building it ground up.

    • Brad Arnold

      Huh? Just because Rossi hasn’t never “given” them an ecat, and DGT (arguably) improved the COP to 20, that doesn’t mean that DGT didn’t copy Rossi’s secret Italian sauce receipy. I mean on the leaders there even admitted that their company found out Rossi’s secret from a university test that was unknow to Rossi. Besides, don’t you think Rossi tried to patient his invention? He succeeded in Italy, and it is pending in Greece. Also, he was working with Defkalion, but they (arguably) stiffed Rossi, so he left. Sorry Singh but you are way off base here.

      • Brad Arnold

        Sorry, I meant Rossi’s LENR patient is pending world-wide and in the US.

        • dsm

          Hmmm AFAIKT Rossi’s worldwide patents thus far have all been rejected. But I do think he filed yet again

          Do you have a link to any Rossi patent filed for international approval (not US) that he applied for after the 1st 2 rejections ?

          I’ll try to locate them but if you know what they are it would help



  • Stephen

    What? Snakes, clowns… and no punishment for the flying pigs?! Such an injustice 🙂 … no discriminations in the circus, please!

    What to say: let us hope AR and/or Defkalion will demonstrate skeptics are dead wrong… he has my blessing!

    • dsm

      Hope being the operative word as that is all there is 🙁

      Cheers DSM

  • Sparks

    The dude is losing it. If I were on the verge of the greatest invention in centuries, I would NOT be lurking on websites and blogs, worrying about detractors and negative statements of people who couldn’t possibly know what I’m doing, because I’ve kept the details secret! This is not a good sign at all, regarding the viability of Rossi’s enterprise. Oops, I’d better get ready to dodge that subpoena now!

    • vbasic

      I agree. If I’m on the verge of one of the biggest inventions of the century, I would not care about other peoples opinion. I’d be 24 hours a day, at the labs, at the factory. This would be the worst time to be in the court system or even worried about legal matters.
      Just make and sell your e-cat.

    • sapain

      yep, after proving ecat, rossi just has to smile and rake in all the dough. point made.

  • Brad Arnold

    Although the hurtle is very high, I wish Rossi the best of luck – perhaps even the threat of lawsuits will deter the worst and most blantant from their campaign to discredit Rossi. Best of all: Krivit ought to be saving all that money he is earning from his almost 200 dollars per book on LENR he wrote. Did you see the title of his latest article? “Proof of Rossi’s Deception.” To be fair, either he is correct or incorrect (I’d bet a substancial amount of money on the former).

    • dsm

      Over time (and having once called Krivit ‘dysfunctional’) I have sadly concluded that despite his abrasive style, Krivit is the only one among us who clearly sees what is going on and has documented it more accurately that anyone else anywhere.

      I don’t know if he can improve his public image, but his details are proving again and again to be closer to the mark in almost all the cases he goes after.

      At first I didn’t want it to be this way, but there comes a point where we have to give credit where credit is due.


      • Blake

        Are you kidding?

        The guy can’t even read a graph properly.

        You are kidding right?

        • dsm

          Are you pointing to some proof he can’t read a graph ?

          To be fair, I doubt that Krivit gets everything 100% but over time he has proved to be more right than anyone else.

          Thus far Krivit seems to have pinpointed exactly where in time Rossi fiddled the tests filmed by Matts Lewin of NyTechnik.

          Again I would rather it weren’t so but until Rossi gets 1 device certified as being what he claims it is, Krivit appears to be the more honest of the pair.


          • Blake

            He’s had a bad reputation since 2008 as a spin doctor. He just writes hit pieces on everything he doesn’t agree with.

            And here’s that proof he can’t read a graph:


          • dsm

            that link shows he made an error on that incident. it is not realistic to claim that everything he interprets is wrong.


        • Stephen

          I think Krivit is far better than 99% of the people involved in this business… and I respect his work.

          I don’t know if he can read a graph (can you? based on what do you state that?) but in my view his reasoning on LERNs, eCat, etc… makes a lot of sense, in general.

          Now I will shock you: I think he is an honest person, differently from others 😉

          • I think Krivit is a scatter brain and that birds of a feather flock together.

          • Blake

            He’s not any better than Rossi.

            He sells books on cold fusion that use a particular theory. If anyone has something that uses a different method his books have less value.

            I don’t need to read graphs but I would expect a cold fusion reporter that sells a few books on cold fusion to be able to read a freaking graph.

          • dsm


            making generalize insults tells us nothing


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  • Petrol

    Sounds like a good idea actually. If Rossi expects to have any hope of winning he will at the very least need to show his devices actually work. The truth is an absolute defense to libel.

  • dsm

    Rossi seems to have a challenge.

    Dick Smith has publicly said Rossi is perpetrating a scam. Rossi called Dick Smith a clown.

    Will Rossi try to sue Dick Smith ? – he can’t do it as long as he won’t have his eCat certified.

    Catch22 for AR


    • dsm

      PS Once Rossi gets his eCat certified (which he won’t) then Dick Smith would stop accusing him of perpetrating a scam & thus Rossi would then have nothing to sue for.


      • Pimp

        That’s not true. Rossi could still sue Dickhead Smith for calling Rossi a fraud before Dickhead Smith had good reason to believe that Rossi is a fraud. Even in the United States, where the libel laws are weak, you still only need to prove “reckless disregard for the truth.” If Rossi does turn out to be the real deal it will not be difficult to prove that Dickhead Smith showed a reckless disregard for the truth.

        • dsm

          But how can Rossi sue Dick Smith if he can’t prove his device works ???

          If Rossi has no proofs he is open to the accusation.

          If Rossi has a proof then from that date on any accusations of fraud can be sue as libel.

          Claiming Smith can be sued for reckless disregard for the truth is very naive because Smith could sue Rossi for the same and Smith has Rossi’s own provably false remarks as evidence.


          • Pimp

            Because Smith is the one asserting fraud, not Rossi. Smith has to prove it. Smith puts the burden on himself when he asserts fraud. That is how the libel laws work – especially under libel per se, which Rossi will probably try to sue under.

          • sapain

            whomever files the charges is the one who has burden of proof. smith isn`t filing, just making a statement. rossi is claiming to file, if he does he has the burden of proof. with his (rossi) inconsistances and misthruths, his actions have given cause to smith`s actions.
            only statements after the ecat is proven will rossi have a case, but only for actions made after the time of ecat proven.

          • Pimp

            Sorry, saipan, but I REALLY think that you’re wrong about this. The burden is on the defense in libel per se cases.

        • Stephen


          • Pimp

            What’s so hilarious?

          • Stephen

            …that AR is able to convince somebody he’s a victim…

            I confess I have some (scary) admiration for the guy, he’s fascinating in a way…

          • Pimp

            He IS a victim. I mean, you might not like everything that he has done, but there clearly have been people who have said things about him that they should not have said. Look, if Rossi said things that he should not have said, then he should be punished. If Rossi’s enemies said things that they should not have said (and I think that they have) then they should be punished. I don’t really have a stake in all of this – other than to see people get punished for saying things that they should not have said.

          • Stephen

            Fair enough… indeed as I said I think DS was going too far and was even unreasonable in his behavior. In fact I think he just messed up: he was of no help in understanding the truth.

            All this story is so boringly unreasonable, from all the sides…

  • Kim


    Real Tire of it.


    • Kim

      Tired of it

  • Pimp

    AWESOME!!! Go get ’em, Rossi.

  • Tom

    So Rossi will have a monopoly on all things LENR? I don’t support that one bit. Even if he is giving the dough to poor sick little children.

  • Brad Jones

    Excellent – Its about time – Rossi also has rights and the slander by Krivet and the oil Mafia was just ridiculous, now Rossi will teach them that they can not say what they want, why do you think Defkalion
    went dark.

  • sapain

    rossi needs to prove ecat before he can sue anyone for defamation of character, even then he doesn`t have a case.
    alot of his statements have been inconsistant, his own action have given rise to sceptism. in other words, the malace against him was caused by his own actions of mistruth and confussion. ie- to prove malace, one has to prove that the other party deliberately set out to cause harm for no apparent reason. rossi provoke the malice by mistruths of his own statements and actions.
    fraud-the intentional deceit of a person/s for direct or indirect personal gain.
    bad idea to be threating people with criminal and civil actions especially when u r intentionally causing the action.

  • dsm

    And as long as Rossi collects investment and fails to show he has what he claims he CANT prove he is not committing fraud. Fact is Rossi wont and cant sue Smith unless Rossi proves that he has what he says in which case the matter is resolved unless Smith still claims Rossi is a fraud.


    • Pimp

      Didn’t I just dispel this? It is not up to Rossi to prove that he is not committing fraud. It is up to Smith – the one who made the claim of fraud – to prove that Rossi is committing fraud. This is how it is in libel per se cases. This is true even in the United States – probably the country with the weakest libel laws of all. I hold to this until someone can show me that I am wrong.

      • Stephen

        I think DS was pretty imprudent on the other side… he must be a strange kind and to be honest I did not like his ways at all. I can agree on this.

        However it is really hard to defend AR. In my view, he’s clearly the origin of his credibility problems, which he could solve in 24h sharp, at any time, with zero risks for his secrets. I think any barely reasonable person will see that immediately. Plus he was the one condemned by Courts (a number of) for a similar business in the past. That is fact.

        However, it is clear that facts are not very interesting for some people…

        • Pimp

          Ummm…from what I hear, he was later acquitted. I disagree that Rossi can easily solve this with zero risk of his secrets being outed. I am a reasonable person. That being said, I do agree that Rossi can be hard to defend, though maybe for other reasons.

          • Tom

            The only reason he is hard to defend is that he is seemingly going against everybody. Whether it’s the non-believers of LENR (who seem to have disappeared. I could drown in my own smug), the countless empty accusations of fraud, the energy companies. None have put up a real fight as yet, but apparently Rossi is armed and loaded (he must have some big time benefactors, Obama for sure).

            Something that benefits each and everybody should be given and embraced by everybody… Oh yeah, the world turns the other way, doesn’t it?

          • Pimp

            Yep, Tom. I’m thinking more along the lines of some of the stuff that you’re saying. I agree.

  • Lagwin

    The longer he takes to actually prove that the E-Cat works the more damage it dose him particularly with some of the statements he has made, i started off undecided but hopeful that it was real but several of his statements make me think it’s not though i’m still on the fence.

  • Paolo

    This blog it’s alla about what Rossi says, never what Rossi do.

    Too much words, very few facts.

  • John

    My Scam detector just increased it’s readout by about 10 percent. Just show up a prototype already. A working one.

  • OnTheWaterfront

    Ro$$i has retained the services of the law firm Dewey, Cheetem, & Howe. The only clowns involved here are Rossi and anybody who believes (Mats Lewen for one) him. And the only snake I have seen is that black hose he makes steam come out of.

  • Let one or two fully independant testing teams with one basic unit to test it “as they like” , signor Rossi.( if they promise not to open it, of course). It will be cheaper and more convincting !

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  • daniel maris

    From the Oracle:

    Dear Greg Leonard:
    My robotized line is already in construction, but not in operation.
    The 1 MW plants are made under a different concept, therefore the robotized line is not useful for them
    Thank you for your kind attention,
    Warm Regards,

    • jacob

      please AR don’t worry about the competition there
      will be enough for you to do .
      there will be already be much pressure from big oil
      energy to try to suppress this technology ,universities have gotten so much money from the
      Rockefeller foundation as endowment money ,the universities do not want to bite the hands that feed them ,the news networks hands are tied because they can not go against the accepted science,free energy was stopped a hundred years
      ago ,with drawing support from Nikola Tesla ,

      learn from history and support Defkalion by letting them do their own thing

      AR you still will be making enough money ,free
      energy belongs to each person on planet earth
      so please do not fight your fellow man .

      each and every person on this planet has the right
      to free energy technology

      I like you Mr Rossi ,keep up the good work

      • Kim

        Thanks for saying these words, I
        Hope Dr Andrea Rossi reads them.

        I’m Tired of all the silly games, its
        the same emotional B.S Money,Power,Control,
        Ego…. ad naseum…

        Mankind is left out and people are starving
        and holding their breath…

        Come Fourth with it, Andrea Rossi do the
        right thing… you will be remembered in
        history and be showered with things 1000’s
        of times better than money.


        • Rick


          This is ridiculous. Pleas to Mr Rossi? Not only is it absurd to believe he has anything substantial, but to believe that if he did he should not worry about making a killing off of it because “everyone on the planet has the right to free energy technology” ??

          I do not even mean to inflame but neither Rossi nor Defkalion have shown anything enough to move any logical observer from the position of having no reason to believe they have created commercial LENR. Pandering to Mr. Rossi seems naive and embarrassing.

          I pray I get sued for this so my Lawyer can get some work on his plate.

          G’Day Indeed

          • jacob

            rick don’t worry LENR works to well, thats all

  • Pimp

    Okay, since there has been some discussion about the nature of the libel and slander laws in these comments I would like to offer some quotations as evidence. From the Bolen Report:

    “Now it is time for a laugh at attorney Michael K. Botts, Esq’s response. Botts actually reverted back to a silly claim made by Barrett, and the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) in a series of cases in California where the NCAHF said that ‘You are guilty until you prove yourself innocent…’

    The Judge in one of those cases, the NCAHF v King Bio case, wrote ‘Furthermore, the Court notes that the logical end-point of Plaintiff’s burden-shifting argument would be to permit anyone with the requisite filing fee to walk into any court in any state in the Union and file a lawsuit against any business, casting the burden on that defendant to prove that it was not violating the law. Such an approach, this Court finds, would itself be unfair.'”

    Also, in a lawsuit against Stephen Barrett, who is associated with the same sleazy pseudoskeptic movement as Dickhead Smith, DDI lawyers filed papers with the court saying:

    “Mr. Botts was asked whether he really expected Mr. Levens to send him ‘proof that DDI did not commit fraud or conspire with nonstandard doctors to trick grieving parents into chelating their autistic children,’ as opposed to expecting Defendants to present proof that Plaintiff did. Mr. Botts, displaying no recognition of the FACT that THE BURDEN OF PROOF IS ON THE DEFENSE in a case of slander, answered in the affirmative.”

    I added some emphasis. Here is the link:'s-Data-v-Barrett/settlementscreeching.htm

    Now, Tim Bolen, the guy who runs the Bolen Report, may not be a classically-trained lawyer, but it is his job to know about this sort of thing. I believe that Bolen is telling the truth about all of this, but if you people think that he is wrong then you are welcome to look up these legal documents yourselves and report any errors that you may find. I believe that, if these quotations are being reported properly (and I think that they are), the message is clear: the burden of proof is on the defense in libel cases.

    • sapain

      plaintiff vs defendant.
      judge-rules on weighed factual evidence that is presented.

      plaintiff always files first. ie. statement of claim.
      with filing, evidence of action is submitted, plaintiff is supplying proof and has meet burden of proof. without some sort of proof it will not make it to the court room.
      defendant receives notice by court and has a set time line to reply. defendant submits their defence to plaintiff`s claim and/or presents counterclaim/s.
      court sets date for hearing (forum) of evidence.
      judge listens to evidence, weighes the evidence and makes ruling.
      this is the bases of all legal forums.
      no one is filing actions against rossi.
      rossi is stating, going to file a claim against varies parties that have caused harm to him, and claimed what harms have been committed and who made (created) the harm.
      rossi`s statement has started the clock of statute of limitations, he verbally gave notice of intent to file.
      rossi now has to file in a limited time frame dependant on territory of court.
      rossi files a claim, in his claim he must submit all facts to the claim about the claim.
      rossi has to claim what was said, why it was said and show proof the statements and/or actions were wrong and the extent of the harm caused to him as evidence.
      rossi is obiligated to present all facts, pictures of maufacturing plant/s, dates and places of manufacturing, evidence of a working ecat, etc. (if it hits the court room he had better have a working ecat for the judge or jury), in his statement of claim.
      once in the court room, rossi has to also show proof that his actions did not contribute to the actions/harm against him. ie. he did not make conflicting statements about his ecat factory. those conflicting statements, plus other conflicting statements have given rise to the harm against him. in other words, was rossi responsible for the actions towards him and he, himself is the cause of the actions.

      the defendant just has to prove one (in this case there r multiple) inaccurate statement rossi made along with his past character to justify their actions against rossi and put the burden of responsibility on rossi.

      if the court finds rossi responsible for the actions against him then is claim will be dismissed whether or not he has a working ecat.
      in other words, u can`t keep pushing someone and not expect them to react. various parties have asked by various method to show proof, rossi has maintained secretcy, committed misstatements and other things, he alone is responsible for the actions.

      once an ecat is proven, any actions of harm against rossi after the proof of ecat will be successful in a law suit.

      anyone stating that the ecat is not true has claimed rossi a liar, calling someome who is promoting a thing a liar, is automatically claimed as committing fraud, whether stating the word fraud or not.

      • Pimp

        Yeah, I agree with most of what you put up there. I will agree that Rossi has to prove that certain factual statements were made that Rossi believes are not true – it should not be too difficult as these statements, themselves, do not seem to be in dispute. However, once those statements are proven to have been made then the burden lies on the people who made the statement of fraud to prove that the statement of fraud is accurate. I disagree that Rossi’s unwillingness to offer some kind of proof to the general public means that Rossi is responsible for other people calling him a fraud. As far as I know, his only responsibility to prove anything is to the people who are involved financially.

        • sapain

          u r subjecting two forums into one.
          accussation of fraud leading to libel, defimation of character etc.-civil.
          civil- seeking financial damage recovery.
          if in a court, if it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that rossi caused the action (accused of fraud), then rossi cannot gain or recover a loss or potential loss.

          if someone pushes another and another reacts back, another is not responsible since they acted in self preservation of self or mayb protecting others indirectly. had someone not pushed another, the action of another would not have happen, hence responsiblity of action.

          had rossi openly demoed the ecat instead of hiding and using mistruth, the accusations of fraud would not have happened.
          had rossi demoed the ecat and proven it so, any accussations of fraud after the fact would win with no contest.

          people accussing rossi of fraud r acting in self preservation and the preservation of others. people have asked politely of comfirmation and rossi refuses to give it and lied in the process.

          • Pimp

            I don’t know what to say other than I think that is a bad analogy. I will repeat that Rossi has no obligation to prove to you or anybody else (unless you’re financially involved) that the E-cat works. His unwillingness to prove that his E-cat works is not, all by itself, good evidence of fraud. Therefore, if you call him a fraud based on such reasoning and you hurt his reputation and cause him damages you are guilty of libel. In some countries and situations you would be guilty of libel even without hurting Rossi’s reputation or causing damages. If you believe that this is all false then I guess we will have to wait and see how it all plays out in court.

  • Kim

    Now we are going backwards (digressing) pushing

    into the realm of litigation, its non productive!

    Its reeks moral stagnation and all that is rotten
    in humanity.

    Its a sign of that ego is in control and no
    good will come of it.

    Do that which is proper for once!

    Andrea Rossi do the
    right thing…

    You will be remembered in
    history and be showered with things 1000′s
    of times better than money or pride.

    What the hell is it with Humanity???????????


  • Francesco CH

    Very interesting things at the University of Bologna are going on…

    • Lu

      We’re all ears….

      • Francesco CH

        As I have already wrote:

        Krivit wrote that UNIBO terminated its relationship with Rossi, I said that it was not true, and I confirm it is not true. And you, too, are going to discover it is not true.

        • Francesco CH

          As I have already written… SORRY

          • Lu

            Thanks. Sounds like good news.

  • NH

    From the JOPN:

    Andrea Rossi
    March 28th, 2012 at 9:04 AM
    To the Readers:
    I received some worried comments from our Readers regarding the fact that the Patent Law in Italy demands that the object of the patent is manufactured and sold within 4 years from the application. We have totally no problem about this issue: we have already manufactured the E-Cats, and we have officially registered sales contracts, both things made well before such term, which would expire on April 9th. By the way, the law is different, as my Attorney explained well to me: what the law demands is not that the apparatus is manufactured ad sold, but that the apparatus has been actually made. Nevertheless, we manufactured, sold made .
    Warm Regards,

  • Leonard Stengel

    Mr Garino

    Any chance that you could make a more formal announcement on this? I think many here have been waiting for independent confirmation, or at least support, for the Hyperion, but unfortunately a post cannot be considered more than just a rumor.

    If you do not wish to involve mainstream media just yet, may I suggest getting in touch with Ruby Carat from

    Either way, thank you very much.

    • artefact

      Admin is doing it. One mail is enough.
      Just saying..

      • artefact

        ahh wrong reply button 😉

  • Dave

    This last thing Rossi wants to do is file a civil lawsuit against anybody over his E-Cat. That would open him up to the discovery process. The truth is an absolute defense to any libel suit. All the defendant would have to do is file a motion asking the court to force Rossi to allow an independent 3rd party test of his E-Cat.

    Rossi, if your E-Cat wasn’t a scam/hoax you wouldn’t be worried about what people are saying about it on the Internet. You would be making billions of dollars from it right now. Where is the evidence that it works? There isn’t any because it doesn’t work. All of the evidence points to it being a fake.

    Do you want to sue me for saying this? Fine. Let me know and I’ll give you my name and address for the process server.

  • hydroman

    isn’t it libel to call someone a snake or a clown?
    Puppeteer is maybe ok.

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