Rossi Says His Group is Preparing for Legal Action Against Libelers

Andrea Rossi today posted on his blog his most detailed comment yet about the legal strategies he is preparing to deal with those who he calls puppets, snakes and clowns.

We know perfectly who some puppeteers are: our intelligence system is working together with the Law Firm we have engaged for this issue. We are collecting and analyzing every single phrase the Puppets, Snakes (and Clowns) are publishing in paper press and in Internet. We prefer not to sue puppets and puppeteers ( and Clowns) so far because we will be stronger when our working plants will be public: at that point we will give to the Court all the necessary evidence to win both on criminal and in civilistic fields this battle. For now we are just preparing all the necessary publications, comments, evidence, documents, addresses, etc, etc. I start the battles when I am sure to win. So far they had the sensation that our Group can be libelled for free: it is not so. All the proceeds that we will earn from these trials will be donated to families we have already selected that need money to cure the cancer of their children.
If you are interested to this issue or have information for us, please contact
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From what he says here, not only is Rossi’s group preparing to defend its intellectual property it feels has been violated (something he has often talked about), they plan to sue for libel against those he considers to be publishing falsehoods. With all negative the stuff that has been posted all over the web about Rossi, they could be very busy if they are going to carry out this action to the maximum extent.