Rossi: ‘Substantial Progress’ Made on Certification

This just posted by Andrea Rossi about the status of safety certification approval from Underwriters Laboratories.

The certification process is going on. By the way, yesterday I spent all the day with the certification engineers and we made substantial progress. In this very moment I am working at my desk to make the paper work they asked me yesterday. It will take all today (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday), just to give you an idea of our endeavours on this issue.
Warm Regards,

Safety certification is essential for Rossi’s plans to introduce his low-price E-Cats to the mass market. We won’t see domestic E-Cats without it, so it’s expected that Rossi will do whatever needs to be done to get that process complete. I was a little surprised to hear Rossi report that he was personally spending time with the certification engineers — I guess I didn’t realize that the process could be so hands-on with the applicants. Anyway, it’s interesting to hear a little bit about the details of the process.

In another comment Rossi remarked on some plans for the industrial application of his technology:

I want to add that we are setting up a division to produce and sell thermal energy, in future electric energy. We are in contact with Companies selling thermal energy to put our plants adjacent to their network to produce energy, inject it in their grid.

Rossi has often said that he thinks his E-Cat technology will be integrated with other sources of energy, and this idea seems to indicate that he plans to operate in cooperation with other energy providers. That would be an interesting alliance.

  • Guru

    Rossi not wrote at which model they doing stunning certification progress. Large 1MW e-cat in 20 feet container or 1MW e-cat in 10 feet container or home e-cat which is planned for next winter or 16 month.

    • tim

      WOW!very intriguing idea i think it might work!

  • If everyone is being held up by the various patent offices refusing to accept cold fusion patents couldn’t anybody start a multi billion dollar lawsuit against them.

    Maybe I myself could start such a claim. What is to stop anybody from starting into the LENR field. No product has ever been publicly verified.

    Seriously though. If the patent office is holding back an industry that really would be worth multi billions of dollars annually……

    Sue the patent office..

    • alex

      I’m down, tell me where to sign.

    • Len R

      No product has ever been publicly verified because there are no products. Patenting something that doesn’t work won’t get you anywhere.

      • Observer

        Well, and what is the patent application number?
        I.e., is there any evidence that a patent has been applied for?

  • Ramo

    “In this very moment I am working at my desk to make the paper work they asked me yesterday”.
    Yeah, he’s making the paperwork with his left hand and posting on JONP with the right one at the same time. What an efficiency!

    • jabba

      Hey, it seems he fixed his caps lock issues. Now that is what I call substantial progress.

  • Lets hope Rossi sells these plants to green
    investors not just the big guy utilities.

    Currently conventional power boilers are sold
    to the utilities (by manufacturers for example Babcock and Wilcox, ABB or Foster Wheeler) directly.

    Solar and wind are sometimes operated by smaller groups of investors but are given access to the
    main utilities power grid.

    • Observer

      The only problem is that Rossi says that there’s no way currently to produce electricity. He’s proposing to see on heat generation equipment [which still hasn’t been shown to work].

      What would a small investor do with just a heat generator? [assuming it worked].

  • sapain

    i have been asking myself lately, is lenr an attack against solar by way of deception to achieve delay in buying and implementing solar.

    for $2500 a person can supply 4.2kwhrs/day average.
    for $3500 a person can have a fuel free electric vehicle. this is at today`s prices.

    solar became patent free around 2008.
    fraudulent morgage crisis was initiated a few yrs prior and activiated meltdown in 2008, causing a financial shock, wiping aout equity and creating indebtness. delaying solar for yrs.
    credit cards were given out like candy and put people into perpetual indebtness. delaying solar purchase for yrs. effectly taking away the purchasing power of the average person.
    prices for today`s solar r not widely advertized. nore is the true cost ($1/watt manufacturing cost) and ability of solar. delaying solar.
    hot fusion to gooble up billions from solar.
    1989-proposed new energy source-lenr. to conter solar discovery.
    2011-new energy source reemerging-lenr. delaying solar by the promise of a better energy source and deverting attention from solar.
    2000-2012-telecomunication goobled all the silicon, telecomunication keeps creating new products to use and consume silicon.
    big money doesn`t want solar, it`s a free enrgy device, leading to the spiral down of cost.

    with 3-5kw on every roof and concentrators for industry will provide ample energy. hydro electric, wind and ocean energy along with good storage will balance intermittant light for solar. energy conservation for low light days.
    is the public being conned away from solar again.

    • Ramo

      LENR as a means to suppress solar energy? Rossi in the pocket of oil barons? Very creative. You should write sci-fi.

      • sapain

        solar is a free energy device. once u buy the device, it will convert light into electricity to b used and last a very long time-50+yrs, very cheap once mass manufacturing really kicks in and can b recycled.
        everyone has stated what free energy would do. it will reverse the financial system.

        solar is approaching the tipping point, cost of production is less than utility.

        how is free energy stopped. create a financial melt down, make people believe there is something better or worse-conflict. all slowing the progress of free energy.
        financial meltdown-solar is slowed by 10+yrs. conflict-solar is slowed by 10+ yrs. better device-investors hesitate causing slowdown.
        who gains by a slowdown of solar output. oil, private bankers,energy monopolies, resource extraction, car manufactors, monopolized farming to name a few.
        who gains by an increased output. the average person. no more utility bills, no more fuel costs for personal transportation, inflation on those two r wiped out.

        solar is now effectively free. $2500 for a 1kw system that will produce 7kwhrs/day aver. how about 2 yrs from now when the same costs $1200 and people don`t need utility companies and become the producers.

        austarity is happening big time in europe and other places. put people to work producing solar. why is money going to the bankers and not job creation like solar for electricial production, food production, transportation. those out of work, homeless people don`t c it as sci fi, they`re getting ready for a conflict.

        how about iran, want to stop nuclear, go to the countries iran is supplying electricity and oil. set up solar cell production, problem solved-no need for nuclear or oil. oops, can`t have that, can`t make money from oil or nuclear when everyone has solar. isn`t that what india and china r doing now.
        better yet, go to iran and offer to set up solar manufacturing on the gegawatt scale if they give up nuclear. it would b alot cheaper than a conflict and save alot of lives and show the truth about weapons production.

        world wide solar implemenation will create energy self sufficiency and elites don`t make money off of self sufficency. i`m energy self sufficent and they don`t get anything from me.

        why hasn`t someone taken a lenr device in the last 21 yrs(even a working lab demo) and gone to time square and say look.

        how many people have stop thinking about getting solar on the promise of lenr. how many people r so in debt they can`t afford $2500 for solar, how many people out there r discouraging people from buying solar for one reason or another. why r western nations so indebted and to whom. the tax payers r being forced to pay big bucks for a long time to whom.

        • Observer

          You’ve got to be kidding.
          There are 0.0 people who have delayed getting a solar energy system due to the vague promise of Rossi’s device.

          • sapain

            actually i`ve read a few comments of people thinking about whether or not to go solar and wait for lern. that`s a hesitatation.

    • The public isn’t being conned away from solar. The military is. The big problem with solar is if you let your batteries fall below 50% capacity they get damaged. A propane fuel cell like the one made by protonex, link below, could kick in on those rare days when a user exceeds battery capacity. This type of unit is not available to the public. The military is worried that remote Taliban outposts will be able to be powered off-grid using these devices.

      • tim

        I have 2 active military family members and they explained a whole lot of the military now realise the terrorists r the global banking elites. And they all question 911. thats one of the reasons they support Ron paul.and the more i listen to them the more i realise the terrorists r not in the middle east There in our government.

      • sapain

        grid tied inverters will zero out battery drain. battery drain will happen during black outs. day time solar will charge during black outs, energy conservation during blackouts will keep batteries healthy.

        off grid.
        i don`t use a refridgerator. they r pointless in the winter and i freeze water in an insulated tank for the summer. night time radiant loss for cooling effect works wonders. i use an insulated chest cooler, refridgerators r energy guzzlers, everytime u open that door, u give the utility company $. cooling system of fridges r place in a closed area, traping heat and lowering their effeciency. very bad design, designed to consume alot of energy.
        hydrogen gas storage in a tractor tube/s supplies cooking and heating.
        power requirements-25w/hr for lighting, 125w/hr for intertainment. 600w mircowave oven gives me 60 cups of coffee, or 30 hot meals.
        84w/hr for water pump.
        thermal solar for hot water, hydrogen from storage to heat if needed. i use maybe 2kwhrs per day (night time) and produce 4.5kwhrs/day. after battery bank is top off i use power tools, hydrogen production for storage, etc.
        i have 625w solar voltaic and a 600w wind mill, batteries never go below 50%.
        solar is totally amazing if u learn to live in harmony with it.

    • Bruno

      A fuel free electric vehicle for $3500? Please be specific and provide a link.

      • sapain

        electric trike called the dragon, made in china cost me, $2700. adapting a 180w solar panel to it, inverter $50, panel $500,small battery for buffer $30.
        solar panel will have a tracker. tracker-4 post with ball sockets, posts will be telescopic. simple pole adjustment to change panel orientation. ball sockets r attached to panel and post. simple.
        might get fancy and add reflectioners to the sides of panels, to get energy gain while parked.
        when not using, grid tie it into home base by way of outside plug.

        speed is only 30km/hr, but that`s 15x faster than walking. will be able to pack 100lb loads.
        drive to work, it will produce power, charge will u work, and produce power on the way home. during heavy cloudy days, charge at work.

        • PersonFromPorlock

          “speed is only 30km/hr, but that`s 15x faster than walking.”

          Nobody walks 2 km/hr except fatties pushing their shopping cart down the center of the supermarket aisle!

          • Geoff

            Yeah but can you maintain a higher walking speed carrying 100 lbs of weight?

          • sapain

            i`m more than a half a century old. after walking a good distance, i like to take a rest. i`m in no hurry. can`t go the distance and pace of my youth.
            i know many people that have aliments that can`t walk fast, but still take pride in themselves for even walking at that pace.
            take the context of the thought, it is that which is meaningful.

        • This guy Sapain is a dude!

          Americans should be learning from him.
          When the oil stops flowing, ad the power goes out, you will all wanna be round his house having a hot meal!

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  • sven

    Well, it’s actually quite common that even in simple safety and EMI testing of equipments, the development engineers are involved. This is not like a “blind science study” but more of a cooperation between the test-house and the producer to test safety and functionality and possible fix immediately the issues that come up. If it’s that hard with standard equipments using designed according to predefined standards I can easily imagine that with a technology nobody quite understands and with no standards in place, a lot of questions arise that need to be explained by the inventor and evaluated by the test-house.

  • Re: “Companies selling thermal energy to put our plants adjacent to their network to produce energy, inject it in their grid.”

    Great idea!
    That’s definitely going to speed up the process.

    Especially for the likes of geothermal stations where the geothermal steam volumes are dwindling.

    They have the expensive steam to electricity generators ready for action.

  • Rogerborg

    Just so we’re all clear, Underwriters Laboratories certification means the sweet sum of nothing and squat.

    UL certification is neither necessary nor sufficient for sellings products in Europe. Rossi needs EN marking, plus (for domestic installation) individual approval from national safety and standards bodies.

    Why he’s wasting his time and money on UL is beyond me.

    • psi

      um, he wants to sell in the United States? Is that possible? Nah….

  • Gregoryyc

    Finally !!!

    Dr. Rossi got the taste of attitudes from USA… No UL sticker for a 100 years or so. Or unless he gets rid of substantial power elites in the country…which is not gonna happen. So finally he got wise. and took MY ADVICE !! Took to setting up not 1 but 2 factories offshore. But all in Europe… my friend, why ??? He’s gonna miss the boat on the rest of the world !!!

    • We would like to believe in Mr. Rossi and his E-cat, but it is becoming harder every day to believe his claims.

      We got a copy of the report from the Florida Health Department when they investigated his “operation” in Miami…