Rossi on 600 Degrees Celsius E-Cat: “Yes, it Works”

When I have Andrea Rossi previously regarding the heat he was able to achieve with the new and improved E-Cat configuration, he cautiously declined to name a temperature. Last week, Brian Josephson reported that the temperature was 600 degrees C, and yesterday, Rossi made a public statement about it:

“Today, Saturday May 19th,right now, 6.10 p.m. in Miami, I am working at 600 Celsius with the new E-Cat”

One reader responded, “If it were positive we dance with only one foot for the joy”, to which Rossi replied, “Dance on 2 feet, because you will have to dance a lot. Yes, it works.”

When I interviewed Rossi last week he was reluctant to make definitive statements about the success of this stability at high heat, saying that the data was not fully processed and he would not confirm the effect firmly. Now he seems more comfortable in making the affirmation. 600 degrees C takes the E-Cat to levels where it can produce the superheated steam used in conventional electrical generation — and into other realms were high temperatures are needed.

  • Per

    🙂 I wonder how long time it takes to implement a Stirling engine and make it feedback to the E-cat for selfsustained mode.

    • David SAuter

      Sterling engines have the highest theoretical efficiency but I’d look more at something like a Cyclone as the engineering’s already done.

      If you can get 10:1 on the heat energy from input you can attach an existing waste heat engine from Cyclone and it will go self-sustaining.

      • I’m pretty sure that Rossi said some time ago on his blog that he is aware of the Cyclone engine. I’m too idle to try to find the reference I’m afraid. Some otherwise wasted heat could be recovered in a pressurised boiler feed heat exchanger, to help the overall efficiency.

      • Unfortunately, Cyclone Power does not have a steam engine in production. Rossi, however, has been looking at steam turbines, the same kind as are used in coal fired, gas fired, and nuclear fission powered plants. They are industrial sized, but very efficient. They usually operate around the 500c range.

        • The obvious initial market for Rossi would seem to be multi-MW skid mounted boilers in various sizes, designed to be directly hooked up to existing turbine generator sets in gas, coal and oil fired power stations. Many modern-built power stations, particularly gas fired, incorporate off-the-shelf boilers from a handful of manufacturers, that could potentially be replaced by suitably specified alternatives without too many problems.

          Nuclear power stations are walking dead though. Due to the highly integrated designs, unique operating characteristics and the presence of fission reactors that would have to cool radiologically for several years prior to removal, conversion would not be a practical proposition.

        • Steve Ross

          Cyclone Engine .. from Pompano Beach, Florida – unfortunately is publicly traded and no one has ever seen a product from them to date, I live in the same city, over the years they have made many claims and nothing has ever came of any one of them, eCat will have to go with a Sterling Engine for now.

          • Omega Z


            There is a scroll compressor generator that someone is working on that may work for future versions of the E-cat. I’ll see if I can locate it & post, If not here & now, possibly later. Depends on how long it takes me to find it again.

            It’s basically a re-engineered/modified refrigeration compressor I believe used in a reversed operation. Their considered noisy & are used in many central air conditioners & heat pumps.

            Their being designed for low heat for waste heat recovery in the range of a couple hundred degrees. Even burning wood in a barrel.

            I made note of it, because I figured it highly unlikely that an E-cat running 500 to 600`C would ever be certified for home use.

            It may be possible to get an E-cat certified at some point in the future running at 200`C to 290`C.(392`F/554`F)

            I base that optimism on the fact the Gas & electric ovens are presently UL certified in the home which presently operate at 550`F when operated on the broiler setting.

            As I said, their considered noisy, but in this type of configuration that may be nullified. If not, it doesn’t take that much to make a dampener.

            Final note: If I remember right, it’s not all that big, A complete setup would be about the size of a small central air condenser unit. About 4x4x4 foot including the E-cat.

          • GreenWin

            Omega might want to consider the home SOFC-based micro Combined Heat and Power units in test markets now. SOFC operates nominally at 600C and there are several designs in Europe and Japan.


            The Japanese are far ahead in this technology simply because they need it more than others. The ENE-FARM product is at work in test communities across Japan. They are sponsored by Tokyo Gas Co – since their SOFCs burn NG.


            Rossi’s development path need only cross these CHP efforts in distributed and district energy production. It’s a reasonable blueprint for home CHP/LENR rollout.

      • GreenWin

        Here is a NASA designed “free-piston” Sterling with heated cylinder at 777C and cooled end at 250C. It is plausible to adapt this for home use although the specs indicate a 5 year lifespan at continuous output of 10kWh.

        BTW, this is a project from NASA GRC – home of several LENR experiments.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    If this pans out, then Rossi should enjoy huge
    market retrofitting coal powered electric plants.

  • Technically speaking, any water vapor above 100 C at 1 atmosphere pressure is called super heated steam but we understand you to mean that percentage of the thermal energy that can be extracted as useful work increases as the temperature rises and 600 C is very, very good. I just hope this improvement also comes with control over the process.

  • Jason

    Many very good sterling engines already exist. Most are used in luxury yachts and large mobile homes but mass production of that technology would bring down the price.

  • andreiko

    Wie nog twijfelt aan de e-cat heeft er belang bij om te twijfelen en dat zijn er velen.Er is wel een dreiging van CO2 tekort maar ja dat zien we dan welweer.

    • jacob

      goedso hoor

    • de^mol

      No problem. We can just continue with some fossil fuels aside cold fusion energy. If 80% is used by cold fusion energy and the rest by fossil fuels, fossil fuels will be cheap as well, and good for some CO2 production.

  • Lu

    It may work but how well? Remember last year Rossi claimed the E-Cat worked but since then we are hearing about instability etc. Ditto for Defkalion. Until Rossi releases a product or allows independent testing we will not really know how well things work (if at all).

    • Omega Z


      Rossi has said stability issues were still a problem above 200`C.

      He’s saying now that they may have overcome that problem, but says their still testing to be sure.

      • Lu

        During the 1M demo the rumor was they had to leave the building because of stability issues yet Rossi had said that the 1M plant “should be stable.” With Rossi you never know what he says because he either skirts the issue or his English is poor. When he says it works, what does that really mean? Just a few days ago it was in test mode for a month and now suddenly it works?

  • R.Elcox

    If this can be demonstrated, i.e. 600 degree steam produced reliably, then owners of coal mines will instantly lose billions of dollars in the value of their stocks. They can be expected to try to prevent it from happening.

    • Coal mines, oil wells, oil tanker ships, oil and gas terminals and pipelines, refineries, gas wells and ‘frackers’, oil shale mines, nuclear power stations, hot fusion facilities …

      Few people will ever have had so many enemies, with so much money at their disposal, so many puppets available to do their bidding, and so very little to stop them using as many of these assets as it takes.

      • jacob

        then there is a good reason to disguise locations of future factories

      • timycelyn

        Indeed. Long may he – for reasons of either deliberate policy or just being Rossi as seems probable – continue to cultivate the cranky and eccentric image. Let such demonstrations as there are of the technology continue to have holes in that the nit pickers can pick at. Let Dick Smith, Mary Yugo,Popeye and the rest of them continue to rubbish what he is doing, with their erudite yet shallow comments. When the point is reached where the skeps crawl back under their stones, then the danger really starts.

        It may be unbelievably frustrating for us spectators, but the day his accomplishments become accepted -if they do- the day he does a demo (maybe just by putting product on the market that cannot be dismissed), is the day he’s going to need an awful lot of protection.

        Defense such as ‘if I die all this stuff will automatically publish’ only works so far. If we actually get to this type of point in the development of Rossi’s technology, unless it is really all over by then so that taking him out truly achieves nothing, the temptation will be there, if for no other reason than to stop him inventing even more stuff in this area.

        If these moguls truly see their empires under threat, no-one ever said that all of them would have to behave rationally…

        • dsm


          Why are you criticizing Dick Smith ? there is a flaw in this logic !

          What Dick Smith did was put up in public a $1 million award to the 1st LENR device that can be validated as delivering at least 1 KW of heat & he did not even specify how long it had to run for, nor did he arbitrarily insist on any great COP value (3 would be acceptable) just that it be validated by any recognized science body.

          So from having made this offer in Feb no company anywhere has stepped forward to have their LENR reactor validated publicly.

          The company or person that does will get global recognition and go into history as producing one of the greatest inventions since man harness fire.

          Attacking Dick Smith because he is showing a weakness in the claims is not a reasonable nor honest way to deal with the issue. There is a gaping hole in that reasoning.



          • timycelyn

            DSM – Actually, I wasn’t commenting pro or con on that award. On that subject I would maintain that going – or not going – for such an award is far more complex subject than simply “Wow, a million dollars! Gimme!” followed by a rush to comply with whatever the conditions are. I would maintain that a failure to comply by any party in this matter proves next to nothing. Arguing the point would be tedious, as it has been covered before, but I will if you really want me to.

            No, I was actually referring to posts – I think it was confirmed they were from him – on ECN, although I only look there occasionally these days as I find many of the arguments on display there biased, self important, and repetitious and often flawed.

            By putting the site on a far back burner, Paul has really trashed it, although I do understand he has other more immediate issues to focus on, and now it has dropped from the position of no 1 go-to site (this site is now the undisputed holder of that title) to somewhere I might go if I am bored silly and want a laugh. A shame.

            I just grabbed three contributors whose input has traditionally been pretty high on my irritation scale.

          • Timycelyn I have to agree wholeheartedly about ECN. The signal to noise ratio became unacceptable a long time ago, and I cannot understand why Paul refused to chuck Hody/Milstone, the popeye team, Jami, Zaroff and the other more obvious shills off, permanently. On the few occasions I’ve visited in recent times I’ve practically worn out my mouse scroll wheel getting past the incessant and repetitive garbage. I think the sheer volume of this junk on ECN is probably the best proof available of the reality of CF!

            I imagine that behind the scenes, Frank is having to filter out some ‘contributors, as well as moderate the day to day flow a little. Whatever he is doing, it seems to be the right approach, and this blog *is* now easily the #1 place for news and discussion of all things CF/LENR. Thanks again Frank.

          • timycelyn

            @ Peter
            I agree completely with your observations about this blog. It truly takes a light yet firm hand to keep it balanced and unswamped. It takes a lot of time to keep it up to date with interesting, heart-of-the-matter type posts.

            I absolutely second your comment. Frank – many thanks for the time and care you take over this blog. It is deeply appreciated.

            Take care


      • chris robinson

        Multi billion dollar Arab oil potentates reduced back to nomadic camel herders and exporting Dates .

        Now thats something to cogitate over .

    • Andreiko

      Twijfelt u aan uitlatingen van NOBEL prijswinnaar
      Brian Josephson?

      • mike

        Please state your comments in English. This is an international site where the common language is english.

        Nederlands is hier niet de voertaal. Als je wilt posten, doe datddan in het engels.

    • Luca Salvarani

      The real mess is for coal related bondholders!

      • joe e

        This is and will continue to be an amusing fantasy until the day you actually own an ecat that produces 600c steam in your house. Never hurts to dream.

  • Kim

    I would like to see a photo of just Andrea Rossi

    Holding a steam tube

    With 600 C steam coming out.

    That All

    (Well maybe a big smile on Andrea’s Face!)


    • Peter Poulsen

      well you wont be able to see the steam most likely as it is superheated.

  • Robert Mockan

    600 C? Great!
    Now, what is the COP? Thermal power per unit mass of catalyst? If no power in can it still produce any 600 C thermal power out? If so (infinite COP), what is the thermal power out with no power in? Volume of catalyst? How prepared? What does it cost to make?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Hank Mills

      The catalyst only adds 1/10th to the cost of the nickel powder. The catalyst is not consumed in the process. The official guaranteed COP is six, but I think in reality it will be higher. Rossi has stated he plans to under promise and over deliver.

  • Hank Mills

    Hank Mills
    May 20th, 2012 at 10:40 AM

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    It is great to hear you are continuing to produce steam at 600C with no stability issues. This is something to dance about! A few quick questions…

    1) If 600C is the temperature of the steam, what is the temperature inside and on the surface of the reactor core? Is it close to the melting point of nickel?

    2) Here is an article on the Siemens website about how a new technology was needed to prevent 600C steam from damaging a conventional steam turbine. They figured out a design that could provide COOLING to certain parts of the turbine to prevent damage from the super-critical steam. This new generator has 45% efficiency (FORTY FIVE PERCENT!) with 600C steam. This article proves that stable, 600C steam is MORE than enough to provide EXCELLENT efficiency!

    Are there any specific turbines or other systems you are favoring to be the first to be mated with an E-Cat?

    3) Thank you for being willing to share some test data from the new E-Cat. I’ll be looking forward to it! Any idea when we might be able to expect it being posted?

    Keep up the great work!


    Hank Mills


    Andrea Rossi
    May 20th, 2012 at 11:47 AM

    Dear Hank Mills:
    1- 600 celsius is the temperature of the external surface of the primary heat exchanger.

    2- thank you. We are studying with Siemens; somebody told me with these temperatures they will become lyric

    3- I will make a publication on the Journal Of Nuclear Physics of this test when it will be finished

    Thank you for your continuous attention,
    Warm Regards,

  • John

    I am going to suspend disbelief and let’s assume that he’s not lying or being delusional. What we can deduce from his statements is that he’s still doing major research and development. How many companies do R&D and then don’t have a final product? Heaps. Don’t be too surprised that the mysterious e-cat heating device never arrives. Same with Delfakion(sp). Some times, engineering can’t override problems that come along.

    If Rossi is still doing R&D, then all of his projections of when things will happen are up in the air. They are useless. It could be next year, or it could be next century. The fact that he’s said how things aren’t working reliably make matters worse. No one wants to buy a power generator that works 80% of the time.

    • Greg Leonard:
      Will this development be applied to the ‘Home Ecat’ as well as the 1 MW plants?

      Andrea Rossi:
      No, not for now. We want not to complicate the certification path.

    • Peter Poulsen

      Instability can be solved, it just takes time.
      Even if he have a unstable reaction, the fact that it can self substain at 600 degrees, atleast for a limited amount of time, is groundbreaking in itself, as it proves that LENR is for real and can output vast amount of energy.

      I do reserve my joy and cheering for the time when Rossi will one time for all prove that he actually possess this kind of technology. Sofar he have just given us statements and promises, which doesnt prove anything.

      I do hope he isnt lying, i really do hope.

      • The heat spike issue is what is hanging up Blacklight Power’s “hydrino” reactor, as i understand it. they can get an excess heat ‘spike’ pretty reliably, but can’t slow it down, cool it off and extend it for any significant time. One lENR researcher solved this problem by somehow “freezing’ the reaction at very low temps. I suggested this to Mills two years ago but no apparent progress yet. It appears to be an insoluble issue for him.

        • GreenWin

          Blacklight appears to require H2 -> H1 prior to atomic H compression to low ground. Mills has several confirmations of low ground or “fast H” in pinch = soft x-ray experiments. He describes the power problem as looping the spike for continuous energy production.

          His theory also indicates heat adsorption i.e. a cooling effect which has not extended the hydrino reaction. Frankly, without 10nm control of the lattice via nano-etching or other materials process – it seems hard to predict the location and density of loaded hot spots – thereby complicating reaction.

          Then again, why not assume all this has already been done and is only now being revealed.

    • vbasic

      I disagree with the idea more Rossi Research is a setback. This represents a third or fourth product. He can still sell the 1MW with lower output as well as the home unit. The 3rd product maybe an attempt to upstage Brilliouin or they figured out how Brilliouin got 600C

    • dsm

      Re the home eCats. It was unbelievably optimistic to say in late 2011 that they could be coming off an automated production line in 18 months.

      The process is:- trying to get approval to sell a device into homes that hasn’t existed in the world before, generates heat using a process no one can acceptably explain, may have some radiation aspect, and for which no one understands the issues associated with installation & maintenance, and for which no one has seen a prototype.

      Doing the above in less than many years, stretches credulity beyond its breaking point.

      Engineering reality means …
      – Obtain recognition that it works as claimed
      – Offer an acceptable explanation as to how it works
      – Trial some in situ for 1-2 perhaps more years
      – Test some in extreme situations (house fire etc: )
      – Whilst trialling, devise an installation & maint program acceptable to relevant authorities

      Home eCats are many years away even if we jump step 1 above.


  • Charles Stewart Jr

    Engineer Rossi will work on improving the E-Cat forever, saying to himself: “if I just change A, it will be better.”

    Engineering Supervisor and Product Manager, Charles Stewart says: If you have a reliable, repeating reproducible, model that meets all specifications as of now, take it to production. Then you can work on Rev 1 until you drop dead of old age.

    • joe e

      Not forever, just until he can figure out a way to sell and collect payment on 1 million ecats simultaneously.

    • Omega Z


      I understand what your saying. Others have stated the same thing.

      He can’t market anything to the general public until the certifications are complete.

      What you & others may consider a waste of time is actually time well spent.

      It’s quite possible that UL could hold up certification due to technical problems with the product in which he may have already developed a solution during this so called wasted time. Now you put in the fix in a week or so instead of spending months coming up with the solution. Never let grass grow under your feet. Stay ahead of the game.

      If this doesn’t happen then you’re just that much farther ahead to producing the improved version E-cat 2.

      His focus on the Megawatt version during this waiting time may also provide valuable information as to what they may or may not be able to do economically for an E-cat 2 home version. It’s also the cash infusion from these Megawatt versions that make the Home E-cat production possible.

      It’s also possible that it’s a 2 way street. The mass production line for home E-cats may provide an economical path to mass produce the Mega-cats by adaption. Not that this couldn’t be done anyway, but it’s cheaper to adapt from the former process already worked out for the home E-cat.

      A waste of time would be if he did nothing while waiting during the certification period.

  • vbasic

    A few weeks ago Brilliouin says they have a 600C device. Now Rossi. Coincidence? Also what’s up with the earthquake in Bologna? Is Leonardo Inc still doing research there? Just as some are concerned with the LHC producing black holes, is it possible LENR devices can have unintended consequences? Bose-Einstein Condensates? Or worse? I hope I’m wrong. Bologna is probably part of Italy’s active earthquake zone.

    • John

      Bose-Einstein condensates are produced in temperatures just a smidgen above absolute zero. Earthquakes are caused by movement of the continental plates. They are as far apart as you can get, pretty much. Also, the Large Hadron Collider can’t produce black holes. You need a mass the size of Mt Everest, and the LHC uses material less than the size of a dust particle. They also evaporate due to something called Hawking Radiation.

      Comments like this make me think that the only people reading this website suffer from misinformation and paranoia.

      • vbasic

        In Feb 2011, Mark LeClair of Nanospire warned Rossi with: “I appeal to Rossi and Focardi to consider a moratorium on the construction of the 1 MW Rossi-Focardi reactor. I speak from personal experience.” Why the concern? LeClair and Lebid experienced radiation sickness and the effects of de Broglie Matter Waves from their cavitation experiments. Their concern was the field effects extended many meters beyond normally expected with radiation exposure. Of course, at the time the Rossi reactor was much different then LeClair’s approach. But who knows? Maybe in going to higher temps they increase risk. So then this earthquake hits Bologna which hasn’t had one in over 500 years. I’m just saying. I don’t think it’s paranoia to ask questions especially when dealing with the fundamental building blocks of our world. I still believe LENR devices will be safe.

        • dsm

          Any question asked in sincerity is fair game. But with earthquakes we are usually (and almost exclusively) talking about plate tectonics & stresses deep in the earth.

          IIRC Rossi has (or had) a factory & lab in Bondeno which is not that close to Bologna that it matters. He may have had the 1 MW plant in or near Bologna but it was said to have gone elsewhere recently.

          I would not be too worried about eCats triggering earthquakes.

          Cheers DSM

      • I agree with the paranoid and misinformation bit due to the fact black holes cannot be made by the LHC, or anything man kind has ever come up technically we are babes in woods. Such creations remain far from our ability to create thankfully, or we would surely destroy our selves as soon as could create such a black hole. The whole idea we could is simply rediculous. The ecat is interesting only if proven by real indepedant scientists and researchers, nothing else will be accepted by the scientific community. Rossi MUST be hands off in this evaluation. So here’s my two cents on the subject, turn one of these ecat’s over hands off and let it prove itself. That is how real science done by real scientists does it.

        • in fact what CERN have proved is not that black hole cannot be created (according to some theories, they can be created and would dispapear instantly… but theories can fail), it is that high energy particle created at LHC cannot cause cataclysm like the fearmonger say, because, a

          • oops, bad key… I continue…

            LHC particle cannot create cataclysme because, like Auger observatory have shown, we receive on Earth, every day, many much much bigger particle from outer space…
            some seems to be about EeV (exa electron volt… not TeV like LHC, not PeV, but EeV…)

            planet have survived since billions of years… no risk.

            crossing a black cat is no less dangerous than LHC.

      • Frank

        That’s a very nice way of saying many of the people posting here have no understanding of physical processes.
        The thing that amazes me is their willingness to talk about things they have no understanding of.

    • Buddy

      Brillion is just like Defkalion, they need to demonstrate that their technology works as claimed. They may be able to produce watts, but we have no proof they can produce kilowatts.

      • Funcotech

        What a Stupid thing to say – I don’t like being rude but seriously, if you can make any amount of energy from a “Free” source you can scale it up. That is the key issue – Does this “magic” technology work! If it’s real it’s just a matter of making it practical. That is DO-ABLE!

    • dsm

      Did Brillouin say the ‘had’ a high temp reactor ? – my understanding was they had a design for one but that SRT would likely build it.

      At best they thought it could be done in 2013 (if they could get the money which the sadly lack).

      A realistic estimate of the design & build time (if my assumptions above are correct) is min 3 years.

      We LENR devotees are inclined to do what Robert Mockan said earlier & that is we count our chickens before the eggs have hatched. In some cases before they are laid.


    • Luca Salvarani

      Bologna is probably part of Italy’s active earthquake zone….

      Absolutely YES! Source: I live in Mantua, which is very close to Bonogna.

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  • Thomas Ammons

    Gee whiz, I sure am glad that Rossi is making progress and has something new to report to me.. Otherwise I might lose interest or even doubt that his previous claims were true but as long as he keeps stringing me along with tantalizing possibilities I’ll swallow whatever he says as gospel truth. As Sheldon says in “Big Bang Theory”, “BAINGA” that’s a code word for sarcasm in case you didn’t get it. Maybe I too have Apbergerer’s syndrome like Sheldon. I have trouble knowing whether Rossi is putting me on and I have trouble expressing that doubt as sarcasm. On this page anyway.

    • John

      I suggest we “do a Sheldon” when any new information is made by Rossi or Deflakion(sp). In this example:

      600 degrees? That’s enough to spin a turbine to create motive power for my robotic toys who will battle each other into submission, Rossi vs Deflakion.


  • the snake

    Rossi is always picking up on Defkalion. When Defkalion was talking about government talks and certification, Rossi found out that he was also in the same process. Now that Defkalion announced 400C, Rossi tops with 600C. Seriously, the material Rossi uses for e-cats won’t withstand 600C for long.

    • Buddy

      Defkalion is the one that may have copied Rossi’s technology. Their own president admitted that they figured out how the E-Cat worked by having it examined without authorization. If it were not for the E-Cat, Defkalion would not exist.

  • Roger Bird

    I await more certain evidence before making up my mind.

  • Alex

    Would the temperature increase, change the overunity ratio?

  • Buddy

    Someone said on here that very cheap 600C heat changes nothing. That is ridiculous. With very cheap 600C heat you can produce electricity probably at 1/100th the current cost. You can then do all kinds of things. You can desalinize water to turn deserts into farmlands, grow food all year long in green houses, and make transportation cheap. The cost of energy is factored into every good and service. When it goes down everything will be cheaper.

    • AstralProjectee

      I Love this blog.


      • AstralProjectee

        I didn’t mean to post that under you Buddy but I do agree with what your saying. It was not my fault it was because of the bad coding of this page/website that caused it.


        • clovis

          Hey, ya’ll
          600 degrees looking good, and a dam interesting conversation as well, many good points made.

      • clovis

        I’ll second that—smile

    • daniel maris

      Yoiur logical error was in the last sentence – “when it goes down”.

      Utilities are not going to devalue their current investment and adding to their costs by buying into LENR overnight. Even you are talking about home devices, the more complicated they are (e.g. turning steam into electricity), the more costly they will be. Most people won’t be able to afford a £2000 unit, or whatever the whole package might cost (don’t forget you need various bits and bobs for the electrical interface and everything has to be fitted – plus you will be paying for guarantees, also annual maintenance).

      There will be change at a rapid rate, but it won’t be overnight in my judgement.

  • daniel maris

    Great. Well, we await something like proof.

  • Sanjeev

    “The reactor I saw is shown on Defkalion’s website”

    • Shane D.

      Just to connect the dots; this is the same “woomera” Frank sourced for an article (Report From Visitor to DGT) back in March about his (woomera’s) visit to DGT:

      Now he (woomera) is saying that what he saw in his visit back in March is what he now sees in some of DGTs newly releasd photos.

      Figured I’d save you the time…

  • edog

    Does anyone know what the Chinese are doing?
    Have they thrown bodies and brains at trying to duplicate an ecat? any attempts at industrial espionage?
    Anyone know anything?? Heard anything? Suspect anything?
    How about their status in the LENR research field?

    Considering the Chinese concerns for health, safety and human rights and reliance on OS energy resources.. and the massive amount of energy infrastructure they MUST build to keep on keeping on. A LENR device would be right up their alley… I cant see them not doing anything to get their hands on some. 600 degrees = electricity

    No more Aussie Coal and gas.. no more hydro dams, no more dodgy Nuke Reactors, no more endless powerlines.

    Some one must know something?

    • dsm2

      Will not claim to know directly but can offer the following opinion 🙂

      The Chinese today know there isn’t any device serious enough for them to waste excessive effort. One DGT rumor tries to portray a Chinese team doing one of the Hyperion tests but that claim is vapor at best else the team was from Taiwan 🙂

      The mainlanders are far to smart. I’ll bet that we will all learn that a serious LENR device has at last been perfected in the west when we discover we can buy a legal Chinese clone in Shenzhen first 🙂

      Yup, that will be on sale openly before the original device is allowed to be sold legally in the US. Only Greece will be as quick as China unless the coming Greek financial meltdown destroys DGT before it even gets started.

      Then within 6 months the PLA will have a version of the device set up in massively parallel configuration used to power Shanghai & Guangzhou as well as versions powering some parts of the Shenzhou spacecraft planned for launch in late 2012 from the Jiuquan space center 🙂

      (how can I talk my way on board when Shenzhou 9 gets launched – I guess they would say that being a specialist at adoring the 1st female taikonaut is no qualification – ps did you know that the Chinese had done spacewalks & many earth orbits ? – if not then look & learn – don’t underestimate their technology).

      But if we apply a dose of reality, it may not be until Shenzhou 12 that the Chinese have LENR powered Stirling engines providing limitless electric power in space.

      Ahh well – there’s my China report 🙂 🙂 🙂


      • daniel maris

        Wow – how much spare cash have the Chinese got to revamp their whole energy infrastructure? The Chinese might be fast after they’ve made a decision but they’ve got to decide first.

    • dsm2


      On second thoughts don’t think I’ll apply to join Shenzhou 9 – just learned the the 1st female taikonaut is a specialist in Shaolin KungFu & doesn’t like westerners 🙁

      LOL 🙂


    • daniel maris

      Well they do need to get hold of a device first and, if you believe the LENR researchers, there are some critical parameters and control issues i.e. it might not be that easy, even if you throw everything at it.

      Meanwhile, my view is that old British adage: “Fine words butter no parsnips.”

      Come on, Rossi, give us some real evidence, not your say-so.

  • georgehants

    After being subdued and answering very little on his blog for some time, Rossi is now back on form.
    He has either found a way to produce 600 deg. or is taking LSD again.
    One way or the other it should not be long for an answer as several irreversible events must happen this year from him or Defkalion for fair belief to continue.
    Has anybody replicated the school children’s work yet or is it to complicated and difficult for main-line science.

    • dsm2

      LOL 🙂 – thanks George, I hadn’t figured you as having such a witty way with stories -loved the school kids quip 🙂


      • georgehants

        Thanks dsm2, one can relax on this site as not continually attacked by the professional deny’ers, agenda and establishment huggers.
        Everybody has a fair say in good humour.

        • edog

          🙂 It is a very interesting and insightful bunch we have here on Franks blogboard.

          Seems most of us are broadminded fellows.. and fellets(incase there are any females reading this) with a little bit of deserved humour! And we are all keen to know a little more! Hey we have something in common!

          Im with you George, what is happening over at Pirelli High??
          Have they all been kidnapped and swept under the carpet. or blackmailed into not conducting further experiments??
          And yeah!! How come no one is trying to reproduce their Athanor Cell?? Are we the only ones who know about it??

          And Doug, spoke with Dick lately? Got any info on what he thinks on all the LENR stuff going on?


        • edog

          Completely off topic.
          Any news of LENR research in Australia?

          Here is an example of how powerful Coal is in Aus!

          And seriously, one of the mining billionaires idea of using his/our profits for the benefit of fellow Aussies is to build a replica of the Titanic .. called Titanic II .. in China of course… serious.

          I know the CSIRO were going to pump about $2mill into attempting to replicate/study the P&F announcement years ago.. thats all I know.

    • tom profan

      is he running the tests in his flat ?

      It is unclear which production that would be but it would seem to that of the 10 kilowatt ecats Rossi has promised for home use. It should be noted here that there is no evidence that Rossi has any sort of factory in the US. He does have an apartment in Miami Beach which serves as his US base of operations. That could mean that Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation is planning to buy or lease factory here.

    • edog

      I wonder if the Pirelli High people know about D.Smiths offer of a million bucks?

    • “…or is taking LSD again”

      Actually, when following this story I have occasionally thought it might be me who is hallucinating. A drop of acid couldn’t make it any more bizarre!

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  • Pachu

    ICCF 17 speakers, maybe its old but just noted:

    Mysterius Melich is there.

    • artefact

      and Prof. David J. Nagel
      is there. His pics were also in the Defkalion PDF

      Does anyone know if they were at the ICCF in the recent years? (together?)

      • Pachu

        I know DGT was in talks with organizer of ICCF. I asked it myself.

        I suspect DGT has the “Demo Session” in the program of the ICCF.

    • GreenWin

      Dr. Michael Melich who sits on Rossi’s Board of Advisers representing U.S. DOD, has attended ALL ICCF conferences and was co-Sponser of ICCF 14. Very cozy.

      • Pachu

        Yes, plus his name was in DGT latest progress photographs

  • andreiko

    Het is tijd om de media voor het blok te zetten wij moeten in een live programma zien door te dringen desnoods met een pseudo onderwerp.(dit is maar een voorbeeld)

    De media hebben zich commercieel verkocht.

    Wij zullen dit ijs moeten breken zo snel als mogelijk.

    Graag een discussie wat betreft dit onderwerp.

    • Filip

      According to me, this is a translation into dutch from an other language.
      Wat is uw moedertaal?

      • That’s a rather strange thing to do, but no-one (including Dutch speakers) seems to be able to make much sense of ‘Andreiko’s’ comments.

  • hydroman

    If only there was such a device as an ecat!
    Before speculating on the uses of such a device would it not be more prudent to have proof there is such a device?

    NEWS FLASH from a condo in Florida.
    I have now a 600 degree piece of vaporware!

    If only Rossi spent more time proving he has such a device rather than extolling its virtues!

    • Cliff Bradley

      Curiosity. Why should Rossi worry about your curiosity? Just wait. Rossi has set himself up with deadlines that he will either meet or not. He hasn’t asked you for money, so why do you care, except for your curiosity? If he has attained 600 degrees, then lots of things will be different. Just wait. It won’t be long now.

      • Rogerborg

        The reason why this is so amusing is that desperate escalation is a classic vapourware ploy.

        Rossi isn’t asking for yours or my money (yet) but you can be damn sure that he’s negotiating for big corporate or government Dollars or Euros. Escalating his claims is simply a sign that nobody is biting.

        I agree that we should “just wait”, but we may have very different expectations of the likely outcome.

        • dfnj

          So what’s wrong with stealing from the rich? At least the money is going back into the economy where the rich will just get it all back anyway.

          • hydroman

            This is what I have gleaned from some Rossi promoters.

            I have to say it is disappointing. You know the odds are slim that Rossi has a workable device! Yet it does not bother you one tiny bit that someone elses money is spent on this! You wouldn’t invest your own money! But someone elses money thats okay.

            You just don’t care who gets hurt. As long as somebody else invests their money. And all on the very odd chance that Rossi has something which you even don’t believe he has!

            Quit promoting the idea that Rossi is using his own money. Read his own postings.

        • Frank

          I’m wondering what will be the next escalation of Rossi’s claims. Maybe that an improved e-cat can create anti-gravity too?

          • Hopefully the next ‘escalation’ will be a buyer of a 1MW unit coming forward.

        • dsm

          Getting money form ‘big corporations’ is not quite as simple as many think.

          There are some fundamental facts in investing that are worth reiterating.

          In investment, the goal is to make money from invested money. There are different classes of investors but put simply (for LENR) there could be ‘Corporate investors’ and there are ‘Angel investors’.

          Angel investors take very high risks and are often willing to invest in high risk new technologies, thus far this appears to be the only type of investor putting money into CF/LENR projects (such as Brillouin).

          Corporate investors are much more blunt, they are not into risk as much as into investing in proven technologies to open up new business opportunities or to protect their core business in times of technology change.

          All this (the above comments) are reinforced by Brillouin execs who tell it like it is.

          The 1st question Corporate investors tend to ask is “what patents do you have ? ” and “what is in the patents” – this is saying, unless you have this tech proven & protected we aren’t interested. If someone doesn’t have comprehensive proof of the technology & proof of protection Corporations will tend to stand back and wait to see who does get that protection. They have nothing to gain & a lot to lose by stepping in early.

          There is a catch-22 for any new energy company who talks of cold fusion in their patent. The USPTO will reject outright any claims of cold fusion unless the applicat can show science has accepted their theory as to it working. No one has thus far.

          In regard to LENR the issue is still clouded but, if an application doesn’t rely on ‘fusion’ occurring (vs neutron capture & transmutation) then some patents are getting through. For example in the US NASA got one in as well as Lattice Energy (but still awaiting final approval). Piantelli got one international patent approved & has a 2nd that may be close to approval.

          Brillouin execs state how they were told by their patent examiner that he has a directive to reject any patents that imply CF.


        • dsm

          I’m going to toss in a hand grenade re LENR and say that after many months of research and info from some key players (emails & phone calls). I am now wondering if the war we all thought was between DGT and Rossi has actually been a proxy war between Piantell (NicHenergy) and Rossi. There are many reasons for believing this.
          My speculation is that when Rossi failed to come up with a core eCat for DGT, they went to Piantelli. My guess is that he being a researcher & not a manufacturer agreed do work on it for them & that was the basis for their miracle Hyperion that appeared in sept/oct 2011.

          Piantelli also formed NicHenergy to do LENR research and development.

          It is inconceivable (as I have said repeatedly) that DGT could have invented their own LENR reactor from scratch when they only started in business in Jan 2011 but then announced a better than Rossi reactor in Sept/Oct 20911.

          Piantelli has a motive to take on Rossi. He has been publicly been scathingly critical of his former associate Focardi and also scathing of Rossi & his 2008 patent application.

          So my speculation is that Piantelli’s is the father of the hyperion and is working with DGT to refine it and is possibly waiting for approval of his 2nd international patent (Oct 2012 ?).

          Piantelli has avoided public exposure recently as he had other scientists stand in for him at conferences. He has always preferred working rather than talking.

          The person who has finally convinced me that the above speculation may be true is Jim Dunne a former NASA senior exec who along with Denis Bushnell of NASA went to check Rossi’s eCat in late 2011 & both came away saying they were not able to validate appreciable energy gains inthe eCat.

          Jim & I met some years ago in the US where we shared a technology pavilion at an airshow, both of us promoting new technologies. Jim was promoting ‘new energy’ Hydrogen Cell packs with electric motors for small aircraft. I was promoting CarterCopter technology.



          • DSM, it’s as good an explanation for the odd moves that seem to be afoot as any.

            At this stage though I would see the backstage involvement of Melich and Nagel (and the interests they represent) in several ‘camps’ as possibly more significant.

      • Frank

        Rossi has far passed every deadline he has set up. It never ends.

    • andreiko

      Waardoor blijft u dromen dat het niet waar is?

    • G_Zingh

      “If only there was such a device as an ecat!
      Before speculating on the uses of such a device would it not be more prudent to have proof there is such a device?”

      I disagree.
      Speculation is free.
      Proof costs money.

  • dfnj

    It it is too good to be true then it probably isn’t. I heard a very good theory as to why Rossi exists. Rossi is financed by big-oil so governments think a solution to peak oil is just around the corner preventing big money projects in existing alternative energy technology.

    Personally, I hope E-cat turns out to be true. I think Rossi would be better served getting independent scientific verification. He should have faith in the people of the World to reward him beyond his imagination. How much money does he want? By the time he can enjoy he will be dead.

    • xyz

      He wants enough money to hire an army of “Francisco Scaramanga” so that the “Hi-Fats” won’t be able to make him the other Tesla + 10M$ … as a scientist he would have been fine with that… but the society is cruel… “They” are like… Zero or Trillion. So, I guess, if he must survive, he picks Trillion.

  • georgehants

    Some reasons why there is no cash for Cold Fusion research.
    Charles Ferguson,
    Heist of the century: university corruption and the financial crisis
    Why was the response from US academic experts to the global financial crisis so muted? In the second extract from his book Inside Job, Charles Ferguson argues that corruption in universities is deeply entrenched

    • GreenWin

      In this we see why so much of academia resists innovation. Thanks George.

    • Corruption in politics, academia, the medical profession, government agencies and the judicial system that used to be the exception is now the rule, more so in America than in many third world countries.

      What used to be discretely arranged on a ‘networking’ basis is now openly for sale to anyone with sufficient cash, with hardly even any attempt to cover the money trail. That is because nearly all those who are placed in positions of trust and authority to maintain reasonable standards of conduct are now themselves deeply corrupted.

      It’s a staggering indictment of the cesspit the world’s various ‘authorities’ have become. Literally no-one can be trusted to do their jobs impartially and for the benefit of the people they supposedly serve.

      • georgehants

        Peter I agree totally, we must all work to improve things as no “leaders” seem to feel incline to lead us to better things, they are not all bad, but like on some websites the opposition to fairness is horrendous and many people give up trying to talk sense.
        The Internet, I feel can be an answer but only if website owners completely remove those with an Agenda of destruction of fair discussion and debate.
        The other place is the perfect example of the lengths these people will go to destroy common sense and impose their closed views.
        When the media stop printing financial statistics and start printing happiness statistics we may be getting somewhere.

      • Indeed. I think this has a lot to do with all our hopes for the new technologies of e-cats and the like; our wish for a less corrupt world can only become reality if we could lessen our dependency on traditional organisations, like governments or big businesses, and with privatized heat- and electricity generation this might soon happen.

      • The so-called perceived corruption index (see its wikipedia page) is an attempt to measure the amount of corruption in different countries. What this index measures, if anything, is hard to know. Anyway my country is among the top in the list, and in my local experience, in 90% of sectors of society and nearly corruption-free, but in the remaining about 10% (restaurant and construction business, partly technology funding) corruption is almost the rule. It has gone slightly worse with time, on average, and has moved locus. Because corruption is actively watched, it is often well hidden. Resisting corruption becomes a political topic every 20 years or so. We are now in one of those epochs.

        • It seems to be a curious ‘given’ that in Europe, corruption is generally at its lowest in the more Northern states and tends to be at its highest in the South. Apologies to any readers living in the southern EU states, but that is a common perception, at least. My own country (UK) is slightly N of an imaginary mid line, and corruption levels (mostly in central government, government agencies, defense procurement, medical academia/sales and local councils) probably reflect the middling location!

      • Jack

        Today’s European society is fundamentally corrupt. Greek, Italian and other crisis are the result of an endemic corruption. It’s present in many eu countries, grows as you move south and the new east. People lie, abuse their posistion, steal state budget, avoid work, bribe, etc. Many consider this a new standard that one has to go by. This blocks market, innovation, and long term it results in complete society bankruptcy as in Greece. Stuff like e-cat is going to disrupt. Not only energy industry, but goverments, and all the corrupted people who live off the system. They are not going to like it and the percentage of them is so high that they will do all they can not to have things disrupt. It almost seems like a conspiracy but it is not organized, it doesn’t have to be, it’s endemic. Everything’s gonna get disrupted, including the dollar. Get ready. It’s gonna be cool.

    • daniel maris

      Yes, I think we need more transparency in our big educational institutions. We saw in the UK how the torturing, murdering Gaddafis got a makeover at the LSE in return for mega contributions. No doubt Russian oligarchs and Chinese oppressors are at it as well.

  • GreenWin

    Back in April Cleantech Authority published this article:

    They’ve been following LENR for a while. Although I’m not sure on whose “authority” they speak.

    • georgehants

      Brad Arnold makes good comments on their report and the rest think its clever to point out faults with spelling and syntax.

  • Stanny Demesmaker

    Can the sceptics tell me why the Navy as well as Siemens doesn’t release a statement, that they don’t have anything to do with Rossi?
    But that again, doesn’t happen like with National Instruments they don’t distance themselve from Rossi.

    • Filip

      It’s like a politician reacting to an accusation for rape.
      Ignoring is the best strategy.
      In both situations.

      • daniel maris

        That’s weak. I agree with Stanny and have made this point before. It is amazing – if Rossi is the obvious scammer claimed by the sceptics – that serious organisations he has been involved with (not just with LENR but also in relation to the thermocouplers) do not clearly disown him. What gives? Either he is one of the all time scammers or he is for real.

        He certainly can’t be the “obvious” scammer that sceptics claim.

    • PersonFromPorlock

      As far as the Navy goes, there’s probably nobody whose job specifically involves denying false claims not addressed directly to the Navy – and nobody is going to do it on their own because (a) there’s no upside to doing so and (b) that’s how you lose your ass.

      Siemens? Dunno. It may be something as simple as a policy of avoiding any profitless controversy.

    • Frank

      What motivation would the Navy or Siemens have to deny they have a relationship with Rossi? How many other organizations should they deny they have a relationship with?
      The world does not revolve around Rossi. They really do have other things to do.

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  • La E-cat di rossi FUNZIONA!!Ed è in continuo miglioramento. Certo il veleno che gli hanno buttato addosso,specialmente gli pseudo scienziati pagati per contrastarlo.Rossi non ha bisogno di dimostrare niente.Deve,però,stare attento agli sciacalli,che,con la scusa di verificare,vogliono rubargli l’invenzione…