New E-Cat Connection in Bologna

It looks like a new player in Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat circle has been revealed.

On June 25th a reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics wrote:

We are interested to distributed generation for small communities.

I would like to know if the plant is ready for sale and if I may contact you for a direct approach.

Michele Procida

To which Andrea Rossi responded:

Dear Michele:
For commercial issues in Italy, please contact
[email protected]

This was not the normal Leonardo Corp. email address that Rossi usually provides for people to contact him with inquires. Shortly after posting this address, Rossi deleted the post and replaced it with a similar post providing only his usual Leonardo address.

It turns out that an Aldo Proia is listed as Project Manager for a company called EnerGaya Srl, a company that deals with sustainable energy projects based in Bologna Italy. On June 25 if you went to Proia’s Facebook page, there was a picture of him standing inside a 1 MW E-Cat plant that looked like the one demoed in Bologna last October. That photo has now been replaced.

Today, Aldo Proia made this post on the website. Thanks to an E-Cat Reader for supplying this — better than Google!

to: Daniele Passerini
Date: June 27, 2012 10:14
object: clarification

Dear Daniele,
I’m Aldo Proia, the one about whom, I’ve been told, you wrote about in your blog.
Unfortunately, at the moment I’m on a 2 weeks holiday, therefore I can’t be reached for comments, and I can’t release interviews, so please do not try to be in touch with me for this period of time. In the next 2-3 weeks I will release a press statement, and all the relevant information will be available for all the news and bloggers, including yours. Please release this information on your blog, and accept my apologies for not being able to provide further details at the moment
Thanks in advance

It seems clear from all this that Aldo Proia has some kind of official relationship with Andrea Rossi — possibly he has a reseller’s license for Italy. The fact that he mentions a press release is interesting. Something to look out for.

  • dragon

    “…in 2-3 weeks there will be a press release and will be publicly released…”

    That is good news. In aprox 3 weeks E-CAT 600C should also finish the test and maybe they will show it or something. I mean it will be pretty lame for the press release to consist only of WORDS.

    PUT SOME PICTURES AND VIDEOS OUT THERE and invite third parties to make some waves in the scientific community and maybe even mainstream press.

    • Robert Mockan

      I have said this many times before, but it is worth repeating. The ONLY item of importance in the E-Cat design, the ONLY item actually needed to make LENR work, the ONLY item that is so critical that without it the whole field becomes buried again like it has been, practically, for more than 20 years, is the CATALYST.

      PROOF of all claims can be resolved by PUBLISHING the analysis results from a national testing laboratory about what the catalyst is, what it does, and the conditions under which it is used.

      EVERYTHING else is just minor engineering details.

      Megawatt reactor demonstrations are not needed, 600 C runs with 20 systems are not needed… all it takes is sample analysis, even a gram would be sufficient to reveal the material and energy generating properties, done in a national laboratory.

      • georgehants

        Robert it must be fair to say as Rossi has all along, selling units convinces everybody without resorting to biased and fraudulent, incompetent hot fusion, “national laboratory’s” like MIT.

        • Robert Mockan

          I was thinking more like Sandia National Laboratories, but point taken. Any corporate testing lab without DOE associations could also do the testing if specializing in material and catalyst analysis. To keep everything honest the sample could be entrusted to one of legitimate cold fusion researchers with contacts in industry, to get the tests done. Rossi knows that the FIRST product he sells is going to be taken apart, by EVERYBODY, and the catalyst analyzed, so trying to keep it a secret is pointless. Do not believe in any kind of “self destruct” mechanism to protect the secret. Just dunk the E-Cat into liquid nitrogen and hack saw it apart. The catalyst can be gotten out intact for analysis.

          • georgehants

            Robert, Sorry to keep on about the failures of science but they have brought it on themselves and it is up to all of us I think to DEMAND the TRUTH from these people.
            Science is the most Wonderful of vocations and the genuine scientists do not deserve the treatment they receive from the establishment.
            Science is not politics and people who are using it for their own cheap gains of authority and undeserved prestige need to be removed and science freed for every scientist, to without fear put forward his Evidence or theory and to be applauded with a feeling of well done, even if the outcome is negative, he has still done his job to the best of his ability.
            Science needs some Humanity and to be more Humble, to stop stealing the laurels of great intellects of the first half of the 20th century as if they where their own.
            If science wants the TRUTH then do the Bloody research and stop the pathetic “expert opinion”

          • Warthog

            An unmentioned, but IMO the best choice, for an organization to validate ANY LENR reactor is NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). There is probably no organization on earth better suited to make measurements!

            And it is probably the least political of any US government entity.

          • Robert Mockan

            I think I had a four letter word in my first reply, so it did not post. So here it is again, only this time put stars in all the “bad” words. LOL!

            I think NIST is more into measurement
            science, standards, and calibration
            instrumentation, but maybe they do more.
            In any case, to mention something else about the Rossi business model, reminds me of a comment made about owing money to
            banks. When you owe a thousand dollars,
            it is your problem, but when you owe
            millions of dollars it is the banks
            problem. The point being laws do not
            protect sh*t when the cookies get real
            big. Rossi wants to get a patent on the
            catalyst, as if will protect interests. No way. It will not do diddle to prevent other people, other countries, other governments, from using the technology. And all Rossi might
            accomplish taking them to “court” is to
            get run over like by a train. He has no
            secret, if he builds ANY product and it
            goes into the public domain. The catalyst
            WILL be extracted and analyzed. What
            Rossi should be doing is getting in front of this band, get the testing done at the (whatever) laboratory, and PUBLISH the results, so that any other person can duplicate it. Then we would see LENR technology developed globally quickly, because the demand would be such that governments would either have to
            do so, or get the H*LL out of the way
            because people everywhere will develop the technology, no matter what
            governments have to say about it. A lot
            of parasitic institutional trash is going to the refuse heap before this is all over. People say Rossi has every right to get rich. And he does.
            Billions of people every day living (that is, dying) in
            poverty, hungry, without potable water, and Rossi wants to get rich?
            Uh huh. Good luck with that, Rossi.
            The people of the world, that he
            says he wants to help, are going to
            lynch him when they find out why
            information about the catalyst was not
            disclosed early on. This technology is not like owing the bank a thousand, it is owing the bank TRILLIONS.
            Rossi needs a new business model for this kind of paradigm.

          • jacob

            Robert, I understand your frustration,and the secret to the formula I am sure will be disclosed to the world,once the first units hit the market and it is most likely some one will do a analyzis of the powder and share it on the internet,and its not far away,current Science dogma has Rossi a little quiet on the subject lately,for whatever reason ,I just hope it’s a darn good one to keep it from all of us ,it’s not just Rossi ,DGT as well.

          • Bernie Koppenhofer

            Robert: Mr. Rossi is acting like an intelligent entrepreneur given the current situation. It is not his fault the patent systems of the world are bureaucratic and generally dominated by less than ethical entities. Simply issue him a patent on his catalyst, give him some sort of protection for his intellectual property.

          • Robert Mockan

            Bernie, the larger corporations have legal departments that specialize in removing obstacles. That is all they do, and they are very proficient at it. They need technology “protected” by a patent held by some person? Nullify it! After they are done with Rossi, he could end up not only having his “patent protection” rendered meaningless, but then HE might be in violation of using what HE says he developed, if the corporation comes back with a stronger patent! (And they could do that!). The solution is to PUBLISH! Get the information into the public domain so it can not be patented, then design, build, and sell product based on the technology. Rossi is going to have competition anyway. It is actually much easier to nullify a patent than it is to patent a technology based on natural phenomena that is published as such. Like I said, Rossi needs a new business model, in my opinion.

          • Bernie Koppenhofer

            Robert: You seem to have given up on our patent system and rule of law. If you are correct there is no such thing as protecting intellectual property. I am not that pessimistic, I think Rossi is on the right course between commercialization and seeking patent protection.

          • jacob

            good point Robert Mockan

      • Barry

        Robert, I’ve read reference to carbon being the catalyst. Can it be that simple. Perhaps it is the preperation of carbon that is the secret recipe that is so closely gaurded.

        • Robert Mockan

          Maybe so. But Rossi himself is not in a lab somewhere improving the catalyst. He may not even be able to make it himself. Who ever is developing it holds all the aces. Maybe carbon is the promoter, maybe iron oxide, maybe potassium… but until that information becomes public, no one can assure this LENR technology will be developed. Especially if it is perceived as threatening vested interests in the status quo.
          I wonder what would happen to Rossi if he did try to make public how, exactly, the catalyst is made? I think there is a lot going on behind the curtain that we are unaware of.

          • edog

            Bloody good read guys!!!

            You fellas are smart cookies.

            I totally agree… Roosi will be lynched for withholding the cure to the worlds cancer… like not sharing the secret of fire with your fellow tribesmen ….

            Roosi… I dont like his way of thinking very much.

  • Sanjeev

    Good news.
    However the deletion of post by Rossi and deletion of photo by Proia are both highly suspicious and unprofessional. A bit too much hiding here.
    I’m obviously not losing my sleep for the “press release”.

    • Ged

      That’s normal company behavior when something is released (i.e. leaked) ahead of schedule. Think Microsoft and the recent leak about the Xbox 720, where Microsoft sent out take down notices to all sites that dared to post the leak.

  • Tom

    Sounds like it’s almost time for the media to get involved. My prediction is the press release commences on 13th of July, world-wide headline news on the 15th, Ecat powered life in a year, we’re all dead in two years due to circumstances out of our control.

  • techmate

    No. That is all you got? That is not even a tease.
    I have been following this Ecat story from the beginning and it is now winding down to this?
    What good is a 3 week 600 degree test conducted by Rossi?
    Or an email address that he himself deletes as if he wants to provoke interest?
    Rossi is the “claimant” he “claims” to have a wonderful
    device but only allows himself to test it?
    The strangeness is coming to an end. the likelihood that Rossi has such a device that works as he “claims” it to work is getting smaller by the day.
    I only see “another post from a condo in Florida”. Sadly that is all there is. I had high hopes for Rossi in the beginning but as time goes by my hopes have turned to the belief that he is just another scammer on the “free energy” highway.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Yes I think your right. Rossi has a planed press release to announce he is a fraud.

      • georgehants


      • Ged

        That would be amusing.

      • psi

        Bingo. Thank God Techmate can alert us before it happens.

  • Andrew Macleod

    I’m sure the press release will be nothing short of sensational. There has been lots going on and very little info leaked. This planed press release will have what were all looking for. Irrefutable proof, with actual performance details.

  • georgehants

    Modest Rossi. Keep watching this space.
    June 27th, 2012 at 7:15 AM
    Engineer Andrea Rossi,
    Can you disclose your plans for final product roll out of the home E-Cats when production finally begins? Will pre production units be given to a select few for review, publications like Consumers Reports, Popular Mechanics, etc, etc? Or will you only first ship to paying customers in the general public. Have you considered extending any privileges or premiums to those who signed up for the E-Cat list early? What will determine the order in which potential purchasers are contacted? Can you tell us what the time-line will be from production start, to first marketable units coming off the line?
    Although I may sound cool, calm and relaxed, I am actually extremely excited by your E-Cat Technology, its impact will extend beyond our Earthly boundaries and effect humanity more profoundly than we can imagine. I wonder,… is it possible that you are so involved with developing your inventions, that you have become mentally “conditioned” to think of it as normal and mundane? Therefore underestimating its true potential to alter the course of Human history by orders of magnitude previously though impossible?
    Simply put, do you realize how huge this is?

    Andrea Rossi
    June 27th, 2012 at 8:38 AM
    Dear Nixter:
    What I am doing is for me just my duty, my job. I do not consider it anything exceptional, if I think to the complexity of the Universe. We are just surviving. About the specialized magazines: surely we will give them information for the public.
    Warm Regards,

    • Nixter

      My take on that exchange,…

      I ask”,…do you realize how huge this is?”

      Rossi: “I do not consider it anything exceptional,..”

      Rossi’s answer then is,”No.”

      As I suspected, he is not dwelling on possible future ramifications, he is concentrating on making the things.

      • yes, his answer is “No”, but with addendum “in the galactic scale”. I don’t know if “we are just surviving” refers to mankind or his project or both. My overall comment: “I recognise the lion by his paw”.

  • Andre Blum

    When I read this, I read it as:

    “My name has leaked out and caused questions to be asked on this website. I am now on vacation. In 2-3 weeks time there will be a joint press release by me (Aldo Proia) and Leonardo Corp. officially announcing our official relationship, with my contact details and such.”

    Which is much different from:

    “in 2-3 weeks time there will be a leonardo corp press release that will give you a technical update or 600 deg. report”

    • Ged

      Interesting catch. Perhaps all along the big news that’s been alluded to was about the relationship between Rossi and Proia. The 600 C may be a completely separate advance.

  • I’m a bit puzzled by the frustrated tone of many of today’s posts. What’s changed? Things are either moving along nicely, or Rossi’s bandwagon will shortly trundle over a cliff edge. Either way, there is not much longer to wait.

    Supposedly we will get news of a significant milestone development in less that 2 months, maybe sooner. If there is no announcement beyond more ‘Rossi says’ before the end of August, we can all just pack our bags and move on – entertainment over, at least as far as Rossi’s e-cat is concerned.

    • georgehants

      Come on Peter, we said that last October then in Jan. now Aug. I’m looking forward to a Christmas announcement.
      Hey am I being pessimistic !!!!!

      • I think we have to call time at some point George. I suppose I’m leaning both ways at this point because of the number of times we seem to have been round this block. I hope (and actually expect) that the next announcement from Rossi will be of major significance, but if it isn’t, then I think perhaps enough is enough. We’ll find out quite soon.

        • Barry

          Hi Peter, The internet sure makes it easy to send things accross the Great Herring Pond.

          Even if Rossi is a no-show, take a look at all the heavy hitters that are going to speak be at the International Conference of Cold Fusion in Korea August 12th through the 17th- Francesco Celani, Francesco Piantelli, George Miley, Defkalion, Brillouin Energy, Mitchell Swartz and Peter Hagelstein to name a few. They all make quite a formittable force. This is going to be better than the World series!

          ps It seems the term “Cold Fusion” is acceptable again. I’m glad. LENR sounds awfully left brainy.

          • Barry

            pps Forgot to mention Michael McKubre will speak as well. Should be a real game changer.

          • Hi Barry. Yes plenty of other ‘contenders’! I was really referring to Rossi in particular, who seems to have led us a merry dance over the last 18 months. I think he will come through with what he has been hinting at, but if not then I probably will not pay much attention to anything else he says (unless it is “Here they are – come and buy one”).

    • Jimr

      I’m not certain anything of importance will occur soon. It appears the best that would happen is that Rossi would say he has had 20 Ecats running for six weeks. That is good but if none have run unassisted for six months as he has said they would , it could be a long period before he has accomplished that goal. I’m estimating 2016 before the home Ecat will be available in mass to the public, that is if everything goes well.

      • The best that can happen is if Rossi shows that they have logged 20,000 hours of operation at a respectable COP, **and can prove it** through a third party. 1,000 hours for each of 20 units is only 42 days, which if sufficiently well documented would be far more than necessary to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that there is a new power source in the world.

        The first industrial boilers based on the 600C technology may become available almost immediately (6-12 months) but I don’t think we will see home units or direct vehicular propulsion for quite some time (decades).

    • Andrew Macleod

      I tend to agree. I’m sure many will walk away if his press release is a “Rossi says”.

    • Bigwilly

      I believe this site will still hum right away if no important real news or report is shown.

      Check the timeline on both Rossi and Defkalion and their history of announcements. Extrapolate forward and be practical.


      • You may be right, but personally I’m dropping back to weekly check-ins if that’s the case. I’ve been hanging around for 18 months and there are limits to everything. But I’m hopeful for the moment…

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    Peter Gluck’s interview with Defkalion GT’s management (2012-06-25):

    • Shane D.

      This is huge. Shows that DGT is still in the game. Plus they aren’t backing off their earlier sensational announcement, but instead are doubling down and making it sound even more dramatic.

      They are also sticking to the same timetable to have a product out this year. Not like scams usually do.

      They also confirm that this August at the ICCF conference -it begins.

      Exciting times!

      • Bigwilly


        This is the same news as always, no? Nothing concrete. It is always that salvation will arrive soon.

        How soon?

        Be Patient.

        Then we wait until the next announcement or interview stating that they will be demoing or validating “soon.”

        I think Steorn’s Orbo should be done soon also.


        • Shane D.


          I don’t see this as being similiar to Steorn or any of the other magnet scams. LENR has 1200 peer reviewed papers behind it along with credible observations going back over 100 hundred years.

          AS of late the field has attracted NASA, MIT (sort of), CERN and a host of other reputable individuals and organizations.

          Yes, DGT in particular, possibly Rossi, may be scammers raking in the money and laughing all the way to the bank, but my bet right now is that DGT has something. If they do, then so does Rossi.

          Were LENR not so well established, of course I would feel otherwise. But then again, if it weren’t, Rossi and DGT would not have gotten this far. It would in that case be just as you say… like the Steorn scam.

          I stand by my enthusiasm based on solid information coming in almost daily.

          • Bigwilly


            I share your enthusiasm about ongoing LENR developments.

            My point was not to disparage LENR. Commercial LENR is the topic. There is an uncanny valley between the panoply of published peer reviewed evidence of LENR and the non-existent validation or proof of commercial LENR.

            In my humble opinion Rossi, Defkalion and others are on the same level as Steorn. Level Zero.


    • Sanjeev

      Good to see DGT breaking silence.
      Only 6 months remaining for their commercial launch. (Or it could be another “DGT says…” thing)

    • GreenWin

      Thanks Ivan. Gluck does not mention how a potential licensee obtains assurance the DGT franchise is worth 40M Euros. I would also be concerned their IP is infringing and a single lawsuit could bring an injunction against all licensees.

      On the positive note – we have the appearance of key people sympathetic to both Rossi/Focardi and Defkalion. The competition between parties may be less vitriolic than claimed. One thing’s sure, there’s plenty for everyone.

    • John

      Thanks for posting this. “DGTG is currently finalising an industrial prototype ready to be presented as a
      commercial product for market entry within 2012.”

      There is *no way* that they will go from prototype to market entry in 6 months. No way.

  • AB

    Human translation of Proia’s letter

    Dear Daniele,
    I’m Aldo Proia and from what I have been told, I have recently been the subject of discussion on your blog ( which I’m aware of and like but can read only occasionally due to time constraints). Currently I’m unfortunately on holidays for 2 weeks and can’t be contacted, and I couldn’t give interviews in any case, so please do not try to contact me at this time. In 2-3 weeks there will be a press release where the information deemed appropriate for the public (and thus your site) will be released together with contact info. Please post or, otherwise publish, this statement on your blog. My apologies to you and your readers for not being able to do more at this time. Thank you for your attention.

    • Thanks for the clarification AB. It will be interesting to learn exactly what relationship Energaya have with Rossi. My guess is that this company may have built the 1MW unit.

      • Omega Z


        It would appear that Aldo Proia very recently has obtained a website. Been there…

        Not setup or functional. I’ll check it out again in a few weeks. I’ll Post it when/if any activity develops.

        This sounds like someone who just wants to be a distributor for the designated Licensee for that zone.

        • Thanks. It’ll be interesting to see what he has to say, although obviously rather less so if EnerGaya is just a potential distributor rather than directly involved with e-cat development.

  • georgehants

    Science at it’s best, just catching up with what the cavemen knew.
    They may except Cold Fusion in 20,000 years.

    Study Suggests Touch Therapy Helps Reduce Pain, Nausea in Cancer Patients
    June 27, 2012
    A new study by the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center shows that patients reported significant improvement in side effects of cancer treatment following just one Jin Shin Jyutsu session. Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient form of touch therapy similar to acupuncture in philosophy.

  • daniel maris

    DGT’s proposal to make this a licensing operation raises legitimate doubts as that is a classic scammers’ device.

    They certainly talk the talk in this article – but we need to see some real proof, not just publication of unverified “test data”.

    Let’s see them walk the walk. I will be the first to celebrate if they do as it will be the dawn of a new era.

    At lest they are talking about going to market in 2012. There’s only 6 months to go to the end of the year.

    Perhaps things are finally happening.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Too cute. Does ‘Aldo Proia’ have any history before this, or is he another Domenico Fioravanti?

    • AB

      He works for Energaya srl, a company in Bologna that installs large photovoltaic and alternative energy systems. His phone number is publicly available on the company website by the way.

      • Frank

        From which e-mail address came the reply? From the gmail account proia.aldo62, or by proia.aldo from ?

        • AB

          The email address was omitted.

  • GreenWin

    While attention centers on Ing Rossi and his particular implementation of LENR – it’s valuable to keep other energy pioneers in mind. Whatever their personal differences, the Italian scientists have been intrepid leaders. From Piantelli to Levi, Focardi, De Ninno, Celani; even the great Nobel Laureate Carlo Rubbia who was forced to bury the famous “Report 42.”

    Britain’s Martin Fleischmann and Nobel winner, Brian Josephson.

    In Japan – Dr. Arata, Mizuno, Ikagami, Iwamura, and those at Mitsubishi, and Toshiba labs.

    In France – Stanley Pons, Lonchampt, G., L. Bonnetain, and P. Hieter at French Centre d’Etudes Nucleaires de Grenoble, and Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Electrochimie et d’Electrometallurgie.

    US scientists including those we well know – and the unsung pioneers with Navy divisions. Were it not for Pam Mosier Boss’ CR-39 evidence in 2009 presented at ACS – this reawakening might not have happened. George Miley, Peter Hagelstein, Randell Mills, Yeong Kim, Mike McKubre, Dave Nagel, Rob Duncan, Scott Chubb, Mike Melich… there are far too many to mention. And credit needs to go to CBS 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley and Producer Denise Schrier Cetta for their 2009 segment “Cold Fusion is Hot Again.” The time is ripe for Pelley/CBS to bring the American public up to date.

    Ing Rossi stands on the shoulders of great men and women. While he appears to be the bright spot on the map for now – it’s assured there are many behind him who have summoned and bestowed the glow.

    • georgehants

      GreenWin, great insight and feeling, the World could do with a little more, everywhere.
      Less unwarranted condemnation and more appreciation.
      Your quote of “stands on the shoulders of great men “. in fact was an insult by Newton on Hooke, his great rival who claimed precedence over Newton.
      Hooke was very short

      • I agree. Thanks GW for keeping the flag flying!

    • Barry

      Good listing GreenWin. Rather than sports heros (I don’t follow sports myself) we have Cold Fusion heros listed above. I hope they will soon get their due.

    • edog

      good listing there g-win!

      i wonder if they get together over a beer and chat?

      its a shame people like roosi dont share… was he an only child?

      • GreenWin

        dog, I think Andrea shares with extreme caution to prevent the possibility of getting swallowed by opponents.

    • Sanjeev

      Good post

  • georgehants

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | June 27, 2012
    New American Chemical Society Podcast: Ancient effect harnessed to produce electricity from waste heat.
    WASHINGTON, June 27, 2012 — The latest episode in the American Chemical Society’s (ACS’) award-winning Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions podcast series describes the first-of-its-kind “pyroelectric nanogenerator,” a new device designed to harvest the enormous amounts of energy wasted as heat every year to produce electricity.

  • georgehants

    TEPCO, the operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, said Wednesday record amounts of radiation had been detected in the basement of reactor number 1, further hampering clean-up operations.
    TEPCO took samples from the basement after lowering a camera and surveying instruments through a drain hole in the basement ceiling.
    Radiation levels above radioactive water in the basement reached up to 10,300 millisievert an hour, a dose that will kill humans within a short time after making them sick within minutes.
    The annual allowed dose for workers at the stricken site is reached in only 20 seconds.
    “Workers cannot enter the site and we must use robots for the demolition,” said TEPCO.
    The Fukushima operator said that radiation levels were 10 times higher than those recorded at the plant’s two other crippled reactors, number two and three.
    This was due to the poor state of the nuclear fuel in the reactor compared to that in the two others.
    The meltdown at the core of three of Fukushima’s six reactors occurred after the March 11, 2011 earthquake and ensuing massive tsunami shut off the power supply and cooling system.
    Demolition of the three reactors as well as the plant’s number 4 unit is expected to take 40 years and will need the use of new technologies.

    • “and will need the use of new technologies.”

      In other words – they haven’t got a clue how to deal with the situation. ‘Demolition’ is barely relevant – just containment seems to be way beyond TEPCOs capbilities.

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      The Japanese tsunami resulted in 15,861 deaths, 6,107 injured, and 3,018 people missing. The Japanese nuclear disaster has thus far resulted in zero deaths.

      There’s been more hysterical wailing about the nuke accident than the tsunami. More people die each week in the fossil fuel industry than have been killed in the history of the nuclear power industry.

      Yes, I’m rooting for LENR to replace all of the above.

      Anti-Nuke has become another irrational religion.

      • AB

        “The Japanese nuclear disaster has thus far resulted in zero deaths.”

        I hear this frequently, but it seems to miss the point. A part of radioactive materials persist for a long time and cause harm (and death) over time. Furthermore, we were at the brink of a much larger catastrophe (thousands of spent fuel rods igniting). By the way, a number of TEPCO works have already died – it is claimed that that had nothing to do with radiation but government agencies and TEPCO have repeatedly lied when it came to this crisis, so it could very well be that these deaths are caused by radiation.

        When people do not trust nuclear power, it also has a lot to do with the fact (yes fact, not conspiracy theory) that when nuclear incidents happen, people in charge have always lied about and downplayed them. This behavior makes trust impossible.

        What you see as irrational religious movement is perhaps a lot more grounded in understanding of the situation that you might realize.

        • Bigwilly

          I disagree AB.

          When comparing the risk/reward of Nuclear fission with conventional methods like gas and coal it seems the alarm over nuclear is more emotional than rational.


          • Jim

            Why are you bringing coal and gas into this? It’s like saying murder is bad, but it’s not as bad as being tortured first.

            No one here, afaik, is arguing that coal is better, just that nuclear accidents do more harm than immediate deaths.

      • “thus far resulted in zero deaths”

        You obviously utterly and completely fail to understand the nature of the genetic and cellular damage that nuclear radiation causes, or the long term consequences of major releases of radionuclides into the environment. Chernobyl may have caused 100,000 deaths so far – Fukushima is probably much worse.

      • daniel maris

        Nonsense –

        Tens of thousands of people have been displaced from their homes. Many of those will suffer early deaths due to the stress of being displaced.

        Huge amounts of productive capacity have been rendered unproductive due to the evacuation.

        9GW of capacity has been lost permanently (something that would not have happened if they had been coal or gas fired stations or wind turbines – which survived the tsunami very well). That will need to be replaced.

        • Iggy Dalrymple

          “9GW of capacity has been lost permanently (something that would not have happened if they had been coal or gas fired stations or wind turbines –”

          Coal & gas result in more deaths than nuclear, although not in one dramatic fictitious bang, as appeals to drama queens. Slow relentless deaths don’t matter, do they?

  • On the surface the post looks like an enquiry from a new qualified customer.

    We know the plant is for sale from October 28

  • dsm

    Why would someone who already has a relationship with Rossi (having visited his plant) put a post on the JoNP blog site requesting a meeting ?.

    This is rather illogical and smells of a concocted ‘leak’.


    • Shane D.


      The initial questioner is Michele asking where she can buy an Ecat. Rossi responds to Michele and tells her to contact his Italian distributer (Aldo Proia) at [email protected]. Aldo also happens to be the PMP for an Italian alternative energy company called EnerGaya and last thing Aldo wants is to be identified with Rossi.

      Upon discovery someone sees Aldo on facebook inside Rossis’ 1 MW plant, publicizes that here, Aldo calls Rossi to change the email address back to Leonardocorp.

      No plot, but Aldo is embarrassed for being exposed per his reply and may be out of a job. Rossi could probably care less for exposing him.

      Take care.

      • dsm

        Thanks for the heads up Shane 🙂

        Cheers DSM

  • edog

    Best read on ecat-world for ages..
    Very intelligent arguments and information. Keep it up guys!!! and gurls.

    Down with Roosi!! Go the Athanor!!!


  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    I have been following Rossi and this story for over 18 months. He demonstrated the E-Cat at least eight times. The demonstrations were not 100% acceptable to 100% of skeptics. Rossi, said the hell with this I am not going to waste my time proving, when some nut will always come up with something like, “he is providing power to the E-Cat through the ground wire”. Rossi is an intelligent entrepreneur. So he decided, I think rightfully so, to just concentrate on building better E-Cats and to continue commercialization and patent progress. I predict he will announce statistics on the test of his new revolutionary 600c reactor within two months that will not satisfy 100% of the skeptics, there will be a major news outlet that will cover his announcement. Interest from major corporations will also become evident within four months. I can wait.

    • Tom

      No, he didn’t say that. But his actions have spoken that exact situation. Some like to interpret more than simple facts.

      I don’t believe those companies are out to steal and confuse but they know what is happening, unlimited energy, and they want some.

    • Torbjörn

      Regarding the wires, in the NyTeknik forum, Mats Lewan said that he had checked everything regarding the wires: (Google translate and slightly corrected)

      “I have not read the material about how the control function is performed. Are all cables and connections to the catalytic converter checked for instance tongs ammeter so that the external power supply can be ruled out and are guaranteed to 100%? This means that you also have to lift up “the device” off base = expose for inspection during the test, including the pipes and connections must of course also be checked for external transfers are excluded. If this really has been performed correctly, it’s as far as I can see no doubt that this really is a sensational and well-functioning “widget”.
      Von Oben. October 21, 2011 14:26

      Reply to Von Oben.
      It measures just in AC mode, the clamp ammeter that seen on film. What is it that says you can not simultaneously run DC voltage in the cable? Brasse October 21, 2011 14:59

      Reply to Brasse
      We have lifted everything, checked all the tables, table legs, drawer of the table, chairs, EMF in the room … All voltages and currents have been measured for both AC and DC. No DC-components has been demonstrated.
      Mats Lewan, Ny Teknik October 21, 2011 17:08″

    • GreenWin

      Bernie, some guys are not satisfied the world in round:

    • GreenWin

      Bernie, some guys are not satisfied the world is round:

    • psi

      I concur completely, Bernie.

  • AB

    22passi has some pictures of the Athanor reactor:

    For the first time, the name of a party that will attempt to replicate the Athanor is also mentioned: the faculty of engineering for sustainable development, Campus Bio-Medico, Rome.

    • GreenWin

      Thanks again AB. The wheel turns ever faster. THIS experiment will be repeated in a US college late summer – for public observation.

  • Torbjörn

    I’m guessing that the secret additive Rossi/others uses to produce atomic hydrogen (protons), is lithium, which is bombarded with electrons at high voltage.

    • Barry

      My bet, Rossis’ catalyst is carbon.

      • jacob

        Yes Barry I think so too,red hot steel produces hydrogen on contact ,may be that is all that is needed.

  • georgehants

    From Cold Fusion Now.
    If the statement below is from NASA then that is interesting, but I don’t know if it is taken from NASA or the writer of the article.
    Good information and worth a read anyway.

    Cold Fusion – NASA – LENR Future
    The Chief Scientist of NASA and the Chief Scientist NASA Langley Porter Research Institute move forward with the energetics of LENR – cold fusion as the solution to problems like global warming, transportation, energy, and NASA space missions planned yet unrealized.
    NASA has a broad prerogative, their mission is to:
    Protect the Earth
    Develop a permanent extraterrestrial human presence
    Enable commercial ventures to advance into space
    The science of LENR will give us electricity without generators and controlled heat without a carbon signature. Overpopulation, global warming, and environmental damage are the greatest dangers to Earth. Converting to LENR power and human expansion into space is the solution.
    The energetics of LENR will enable a new generation of launch vehicles and platforms that bring payload costs down from thousands per pound to dollars per pound. The compact size of LENR power, abundance of LENR fuels, and safe clean operation allows ease of use for space colonies.
    The wide range and ease of availabity of LENR technology, 3D- Printing technology, advanced robotics, and the abundance of natural resources will allow private sector interests to thrive in space without a standard profit motive. Humanity as a space faring race will develop new economic models.

  • robiD

    And what about Krivit?
    Rossi, Defkalion and Brillouin Energy are going to approach the market soon and Krivit doesn’t say a word about them.
    Krivit has bad relations with Rossi, and Brillouin (because of the presence of McKubre in the board of advisors) and he has never said a word about Defkalion.
    As a journalist that investigates on the LENR field, it seems to me he missed something.

    • AB

      He isn’t a journalist. He pretends to be one, but behaves like an advocate and lobbyist for the WL theory.

    • Tom

      Probably embarrassed to be wrong.

  • Sanjeev

    Have you guys seen this ?

    It seems now you can order Ecats in Aus region. They have a distributor appointed. Some pages are still under construction, but a lot of info there. I don’t know if there is any official announcement and approval by Rossi about this.

    • georgehants

      Good find Sanjeev, this barrel just keeps rolling along.

      • The site looks a bit underdeveloped!

        I’ll have to check if E-Cat Australia Pty Ltd is a legitimate company. Never heard of Roger Green.

        • Name: E-CAT AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.
          ACN: 155 299 148
          ABN: 12 155 299 148
          Registration date: 23/01/2012
          Next review date: 23/01/2013

          Status: Registered
          Company Type: Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares
          Locality of registered office: North Bondi NSW 2026
          Regulator: Australian Securities & Investments Commission

          • Sanjeev

            Thanks for digging that out, we will wait for official info.

          • GreenWin

            I can say this, Roger is a real guy with a background in alternative fuels and energy.

    • “E-Cat is already earning the reputation of being both economically attractive and for being the ultimate green machine” seems a little ‘previous’!

      Releasing a website that is under construction doesn’t look too professional, but it is more evidence that things are beginning to happen. It’s possible this site was supposed to remain private until Rossi’s announcement. If they just want to ‘age’ the site for Google, they should have put up a ‘coming soon’ one-pager.

    • jacob

      Cool,one barrel of nickel powder equals the same thermal energy as a supertanker full of oil,how cool is that,the old Rockerfeller is in for a massive coronary

    • Omega Z


      I visited this Website about 6 weeks or so ago. It appears to have went thru a major revamp since then.
      Looks much more professional then it did then.

      Somewhere on Rossi’s JNP site, someone asked if he was aware of it & approved of it. His response was YES. Also Rossi said he now has a licensee for Japan.

      There’s also a new Italian site associated with the Aldo Proia Mentioned on 22passi.blogspot, however all that you get at this time is the Welcome screen to the new site owner from the site provider. I’ll check it from time to time and post it if any thing develops.

      NOTE: It appears Daniele Passerini’s going on vacation for a couple weeks & his 22passi.blogspot is going to be unplugged during that time as He has major concerns/problems with skeptic attacks & wont be available to moderate it.

      • Sanjeev

        Ok great, so they are indeed appointed by Rossi.

        It’s good to see names, addresses and solid info on pricing, shipping info etc

    • psi

      Dick Smith is going to keep very busy. 🙂

  • Karl

    Something seems to be about to happen very soon…

    There seems to be a number of respected and highly qualified retired scientists with very long time experience of the CF or LENR (+) field. I have found one of these out-of-box researchers in Peter Gluck. He also seems to be in close connection and discussion with E. Storms that recently presented a model Nuklear Active Environment, NAE to ease the process to nail down a plausible theory behind the anomalous heat generation in gas or electrolyse.

    His blog post June 27 on “Interview with Defkalion” is of course of great interest for us that are following the different players.
    The interview seems like a Defkalion pre-announcement to ICCF-17 in Daejeon, Korea 12 – 17 Aug 2012.

    The announcement of the 20 operating high temperature 600 C by Rossi is a clear indication he can be expected to cope with what is going to happen on the Korean event.
    Although we haven’t read a precise business model review by Rossi either, there seems to be some slight difference in the two parties approaches.

    Companies from 78 countries have approached DGTG.

    1. Manufacture Hyperion products, (business model 1). DGTG shall provide a full Transfer of Knowledge to each OEM Licensee concerning production, maintenance, installation, training and recharge Hyperion products. Licenses to build and sell Hyperion products are sold to companies with exclusivity in a given country for Euros 40.5 million. This represents one factory with maximum capacity to produce up to 300,000 units annually; (varying capacity and numbers of factories will change the license fee accordingly).

    2. joint R&D projects for new applications (business model 2). Interested companies can partner with DGTG to use its core technology as an energy source through joint R&D to prepare specific new products according to their expertise as global leaders in their given industry, with global distribution rights thereafter. Under discuss: marine propulsion; water desalination; automobiles; small aircraft; mining/extraction and refining; telecom towers; cooling/heating; green-houses.

    3. Purchase the thermal output of units (business model 3). Companies that will want energy for their needs. Companies operating multiple locations around the world with large factories / installations having large energy needs will be serviced as large accounts. Tailor-made technical solutions will be given applicable to each company’s energy needs by DGTG and through our OEMs in countries where applicable. Pricing agreements will be based on the volume of energy consumed (although this has yet to be confirmed). This category of accounts represents energy solutions that do not need distinct modifications on Hyperion units but rather, modifications on heat management and interoperability for large units in the MW range.

    They represent the following sectors:
    • Fertilizer manufacturing
    • Cement
    • Drying kilns
    • Food & Beverage
    • Industrial heat and steam
    • Commercial heat
    • Electricity co-generation
    • Domestic heat
    • Household use
    • Water desalination & purification
    • Power production – Utilities
    • Steam turbines
    • Car propulsion
    • Light aircraft turbines
    • Marine propulsion
    • Light aircraft

    6 patents
    “We have constructed a product that will have more than 6 patents. Only one of them will be linked to Nickel. We expect a strong industrial espionage effort to know what is in the powder. As such, although we are protecting this secret, our competitive edge is beyond the element of powder; it is in the total functionality of the product. As such, although we initially were going to be selling the powder, we will give it free to all our OEMs as part of the royalty scheme on their sales. Eventually someone will copy it, so why base our revenues on something that could / will be copied?”

    • Robert Mockan

      The wording reveals many details about the catalyst.

      1. It is a powder
      2. It is more than one ingredient
      3. They are not going to reveal how to make it.
      4. Details about the powder are not going to be in the patents.
      5. They are preparing for “when”, not if, the powder will be copied.
      6. They are preparing for a “strong”, industrial espionage effort to find out what is in the powder.

      Now, we also know from basic engineering, that:

      7. the “powder” (catalyst) has to be distributed in a thin layer to have good thermal conductivity with the heat exchanger, to avoid hot spots from forming within it.

      And from the past research publications of Piantelli, and from what Rossi has said:

      8. The catalyst is more active as a powder than as a bulk piece.

      9. The powder is mostly nickel

      10. Although nickel by itself will work, the LENR effect is promoted with other elements or compounds added to it. (In catalysis chemistry a “promoter” enhances the action of a catalyst).

      11. Rossi has said the key to increase activity is to increase active hydrogen on the surface of the catalyst- therefore we know that the promoter(s) does that.

      12. Piantelli has said surface treatment is important, when he was using nickel and nickel alloy rods, and that the effect is largely a surface effect. His entire protocol described in his research publications was designed to increase active hydrogen on the surface, and have the nickel absorb more hydrogen, where it enters into the interstitial spaces of the nickel lattice. There it is not molecular hydrogen, but not actually atomic hydrogen. Rather it is an active form of hydrogen partially bound to the d-orbitals of the nickel atoms in the lattice, is confined to potential wells in the lattice, and is able to diffuse across the lattice cell boundaries. (By the way that diffusion IS largely related to the spillover effect and fugacity).

      From Michael McKubre’s work we also know that it is during the diffusion process that the LENR effect manifests. That is when his team noted the thermal power being generated. Without the diffusion the effect eventually stops. We also know from Brian Ahern’s work that the most active nickel particle size is in the 3-12 nanometer size region. And Rossi has commented that his nickel catalyst surface has a “tubular” morphology (or surface structure).
      He also has said that HIS catalyst only has ONE other ingredient besides nickel, and that the materials are common and inexpensive. Rossi also uses a hydrogen storage compound instead of gaseous hydrogen in his reactor. We know from other research on such compounds that they release and absorb hydrogen depending on temperature and pressure. Piantelli worked with low pressure, and Rossi initially worked with high pressure.

      And of course there is “activation” that may or not be radio frequencies tuned to some resonance wavelength of the active hydrogen in the catalyst, or to the size of the lattice cells in the nickel.

      I won’t go into the different theories circulating about what exactly is LENR, but there are many conclusion that can be drawn from that to help decide how to make the catalyst.

      So what do we have now? A promoter that increases the amount of active hydrogen on the surface of nickel. And promoters that enhance the hydrogen spillover. (Also, by the way, that does include carbon, iron oxide, and potassium- that have been mentioned by others as possible ingredients).
      Small particles for greater surface area, and faster absorption of the hydrogen. A tubular morphology of the particles in the 3-12 nm size range.

      There are many other details one finds by evaluating the available information.

      Finally, we also know how scientists think. We know, for example, that beginning any project they do a literature search in what is called a citation index, to find out who, when, and where, similar work was done. And all those research reports are studied.

      Thus, the course of action is clear to copy the catalyst.

      In the nomenclature of catalysis research, increasing the amount of active hydrogen on the surface layer(s) of a catalyst, results in what is also known as the “spillover” effect, and an increase in “fugacity”. Therefore, to duplicate the catalyst composition one needs to do a citation search of all research pertaining to the increase of spillover and fugacity, then after studing that research add those ingredients to the basic nickel powder. Testing should be done with a special kind of calorimeter called a “reaction” calorimeter, to determine what ingredients increase the thermal power out from the catalyst compositions under test. Set up experiment conditions to increase hydrogen absorption into the nickel, do pressure cycling to maintain interstitial diffusion, hit it with radio waves…

      So, keep your little secrets Rossi, Defkalion, whoever. The catalyst WILL be copied, improved, and made available to every person on this world. NO MORE CENTRALIZED CONTROL OF ENERGY! And freedom and liberty will prevail.

      • jacob

        real good assessment of the facts and a reminder LENR development is in high gear,R&D takes a lot of time,folks ,and time flies by quickly when it comes to research.

        It may seem long to us , it’s like watching grass grow.

      • GreenWin

        Ha! An excellent read. Your last paras brought up the Zawodny test chip. Looks like he might be down the very road you describe. With the known or speculated elements you suggest I would elect carbon/graphene nanotubes in the Arata 3-12nm form. Then, I’d use some kind of film deposition process to coat the interior/exterior with a crystal lattice – NOTE: nickel is fine as it’s cheap, but I expect there to be better lattice geometry in nature or synthesized. The lattice layer need only be several atoms thick as the nuclear reactive areas seem restricted to 2 dimensional cells.

        To this end we are not adding an “ingredient” as much as building a nano-structure tuned to catalyze the H2 reaction. Which appears to begin with H2 dissociated to H + H. It is also apparent that interesting physics takes over at nano-scale. Not just QED, but distortions of time-space itself causing atomic H to behave oddly. I would go so far as to suggest the T/S distortions create gravity wells where virtual particles, abundant in the vacuum, pop in and out.

        Let’s leave it there for now. Since the implications of all this exceed the production of over-unity heat. But centralized energy monopoly days are numbered. And those who have obstructed new energy will have to answer for their actions.

  • Pachu

    No web, but domain registered by this guy.