Brillouin Energy Paper for ICCF-17 Shows COP of 2+

A number of people had been anticipating information from Brillouin Energy from the NIWeek conference, but so far none has been forthcoming — however, a paper by Brillouin has recently been uploaded by New Energy Times that will be presented at the upcoming ICCF-17 conference in South Korea.

The paper is authored by Robert Godes, Robert George, Francis Tanzella, and Michael McKubre, and provided a detailed description of, and data from a number of experiments in which their Quantum Reactor technology sends ‘Q’ pulses through nickel hydride. Brillouin states that they always see excess heat produced when the Q pulses are tuned to the “resonance of the hydride conductors.”

Brillouin states that they have been able to reach a maximum of 110 per cent excess energy from this system, and that “Recent data shows that excess heat production was in the range of 110% for 2 hours”. They say they are now moving to improve upon these results and hope to reach a COP of 3 soon.

Brillouin’s web site states that they have recently entered into their first licensing agreement, which covers three nation, and they indicate that their first target market is the commercial boiler market.

  • barty

    I hope someone demonstrate a LENR device producing stream in front of the visitors and press

    • Rossi produced steam in front of visitors, honored physicists and press well over a year ago. That went over pretty much like a lead balloon as far as the general and scientific communities go.

      • Kim

        They need to keep giving people
        these steam demonstrations.

        Rossi is at 1200c. That should show a little steam!!!

        Trust me it will start to seep in.


      • barty

        Yes Bruce, but he demonstrated it only to selected people, not to the public.

        Imagine you could feel with your own hands how hot the steam is, without any electrical heater.
        And you could look with your own eyes where the cables are plugged in and coming from and so on…

        • Ged

          There’s youtube videos of those events though, so in a sense it has been shown to the public by that way.

      • dragonX

        Cop 2.1 is low.
        I am disappointed in Brillouin. They appeared to have more than this lame result. And “hoping for COP 3”, even after they reached 3rd generation of their reactor?
        That means they are way less advanced then they led us to believe.

        From what Defkalion was saying at NIWeek, they hope to go commercial by the end of the year.
        Rossi is saying also something like that but only for the 1 MW Plant. So we can hope only for Rossi or Defkalion (or both) to unleash some conclusive commercial proof by end of the year. But if they don’t show anything and we are still the same (only words, no facts) by Christmas, then skeptics will have a field day.

        • Ged

          Well, they are doing electrolysis to get their hydrogen. All this is going on right there in a water bath. It’s quite a different way of doing things, so no surprise it drops their COP so low. Their main kick is that means all you need is water to run their reactor, but…

          • georgehants

            Andrea Rossi
            August 10th, 2012 at 12:03 PM
            Dear Steveta_uk:
            Of course you are right: temperature is one thing and power is another thing. Our Hot Cat has a power of 10 kW and reaches at the heat exchanger the temperature of 1000- 1200 Celsius degrees. The two data are indipendent: we could have as well a 1 kW power Hot Cat and still maintain the same temperature, or we could have a 10 kW E-Cat ( as we have also) which leads to the heat exchanger a temperature of 120 Celsius degrees.
            Warm Regards,

        • georgehants

          If the hot fusion guys could reach Cop 1.1 after billions of pounds spent and many, many years, I guess they would be very happy.
          So not such a bad result allowing for the time invested and cost.
          To easy to put people down when they have achieved great things compared to much of science.

          • GreenWin

            Aside from unnecessary wars, money spent on hot fusion has been an entire waste. Internationally the total is now $$250 BILLION. Not one watt of useable energy.

          • morse

            Are you sure it is 250 billion ???
            I thought it was around 20 billion dollars.
            What is your source Greenwin?

          • Barry

            I think 20 billion is just the US alone.

    • georgehants


    • Steam is nice… humming turbine are better.