Little Doubt Now that Cold Fusion is Real

It has been an almost dizzying couple of weeks in the LENR/Cold Fusion world. It seems like every day now we are hearing interesting and important news from a variety of camps, and the news that emerges seems to repeatedly confirm that the excess heat effect that was first reported by Pons and Fleischmann is real and that people are figuring out ways to make it show up far more consistently than in the early days of cold fusion research.

From presentations and papers at NI Week and ICCF-17 we have been hearing positive reports from the likes of Defkalion, Celani, Brillouin and others that they are getting positive results from their testing — measurable excess energy that does not seem to be able to be explained away as just a measurement error.lp

Having Francesco Celani demonstrating his reactor at NI Week with the help of NI personnel, and showing his positive results on NI instruments was a marvellous achievement, which seemed to have been impressive to National Instruments staff as well as others. Celani has just released a new report which provides a more detailed description about his LENR device than was previously available. I think we will find Celani’s work will be studied very carefully by people interested in understanding and replicating the nickel-hydrogen LENR reaction.

In addition to all the information coming out of the conferences is the activities going on at Leonardo Corp. The ‘Cures’ leaks have provided a glimpse of inside happenings in the Rossi labs — from the famous ‘hot cat’ photograph we now know what a high temperature E-Cat looks like, and have a new level of confirmation that Andrea Rossi has not just been sitting at his computer making stuff up about non-existent devices.

For a long time now, I haven’t had any real doubts about the reality of the cold fusion effect — there has already been plenty of evidence put out in the public domain to indicate that there is a new energy producing phenomenon available to us. The events of this week have served to confirm what I have long thought, and I expect they may have been convincing to many other people as well.

I think the big question now will be whether this effect can be put to practical use in the world. Some may say that there is indeed an effect, but it may be too small to be of much value in solving our energy problems. I would respond to that challenge by saying that we are in the early days of this technology. The science is being explored, and once it is understood sufficiently, engineers can get involved in trying to develop commercial systems operating at higher power levels.

And then of course, there is Andrea Rossi who seems already to be working on the kilowatt and megawatt levels of power — plenty of power that can be used in many settings. I realize there are still many people who have yet to be persuaded by Rossi’s claims, and I think he realizes this, and is now apparently ready to release more validation of his claims and promises “signed” reports to be released soon. I personally don’t believe that the Cures leaks were orchestrated by Andrea Rossi, but he doesn’t seem to be to upset about more information leaking out. Indeed today he seemed happy to provide dimensions of the high temperature E-Cat (“the diameter of the internal cylinder is 30 mm, the diameter of the external cylinder is 90 mm, the length of both is 330 mm.”)

So we are at an interesting point in the cold fusion story. It seems clear to me that there is little doubt that a new form or energy is available to us. I hope it won’t be too long before we can start using it to help deal with many of the energy problems that face our world.

  • Anthony Rockel

    “An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come”– attributed to Victor Hugo.

  • Miles

    Seeing is believing – referring to “cures”. There is less doubt now then there was 6 months ago.

    • I don’t trust photo or video.
      I rather trust public commitments of people having somthing to lose, liek Defkalion Boss, who lived in canada, is wealthy, have wealthy friends abroad, and all bet their bollocks.
      I believe in NI when they bet their bollocks.

      I believe on the NTUA scientist that co-author DGT paper, when he bet his career. I believe in NTUA when they don’t forbid their name on DGT paper.

      I believe that the mainstream is delusioned, because they have much of ego, credibility, position, budget, to lose if people realized they prevented the revolution for 23 years.
      that is the Roland Benabou Collective-Denial and GroupThink theory.

      that is an economic analysis, assuming people can be lying, denying, but to protect their interest, or the belief in their assets.

      I also belief in the multiple scientific papers from athor who where assumed serious before they do LENR…

      nb: this is why I don’t believe in Papp or leclair… until there are scientific papers, and many independent experiments like in LENR. LENR is plain science and now engineering.

  • Kim

    Hopefully we are out of the denial stage.

    Whats next…? I forgot the next stage


    • Andrei

      No one really knows. LENR seems appear 100 years earlier than it should. We are too lucky!

      • GreenWin

        Yes Andrei, 100 years earlier than the powers had planned. What they didn’t plan on is the tenacity of men and women who have grown sick and tired of suffocation of hearts and minds. People who will not settle for “refuge status” and the unbalanced distribution of power. The human race is ready to jump two orbitspheres to abundance, benevolence and greater good.

        There is much water that needs desalinating, many stoves that need heat, many lamps that need lighting. All this and far more will arrive with this new energy. It is a major transition in human evolution and the people HERE have helped make it happen. What a privilege.

    • Peter_Roe

      Arthur C. Clarke said the four stages of acceptance of a new idea by science are a: “It’s nonsense” b: “It is not important” c: “I always said it was a good idea” and d: “I thought of it first”, so ‘It’s not important’ may be next.

      I think ‘It’s nuclear and therefore dangerous’ may figure at some point before Clarke’s c: and d:.

    • Chris

      I’ve been following cold fusion since Rossi was first mentioned in Wired, I would consider my self cautiously optimistic about his technologies and convinced on the phenomenon of “Anomalous heat effect” in lattice metals.

      Btw, surprised not to have seen an article for this panel from NIweek

      • On mainstream media .. (probably has already been posted before)

        • Roger Bird

          This is sort of old news for most of us. I so want that old skeptic dude to stay alive for as long as possible so that he can eat crow.

  • Speaking of Celani’s report. Is this something an adept physicist can duplicate the device with? Or did he leave some key ingredient out?

    • Charles, if not, the Athanor device from IIS Pirelli high school in Rome is open source and available to you via a Google search.

      I think this is the most eloquent and important post you’ve ever written, Frank!

      You had a minor typo:

      “…does not seem (to be able to be explained away) [insert “explicable”] as just a measurement error.(lp)”

    • AB

      Some news from Celani at ICCF-17 via 22passi:

      – The reactor has started and is producing excess heat.
      – Even the skeptics from NRL have complimented him on his work.
      – National Instruments has sent three engineers to ICCF-17 to assist Celani.
      – Korean TV will make a detailed report on this.

      • AB

        By the way, the anti spam filter is very harsh at the moment. I had to submit 3 posts before I finally managed to get through.

      • Gary W. Ellsworth

        I suppose in the distant future we may be in the dilemma of running out of nickel or we are using up too much water for LENR. However, it seems that far more water and nickel is coming in from space than we could possible use. So I think we are into a perpetual motion machine that we used to talk about when we were children.

        • Ged

          Nickel will never be an issue. Asteroids are replete with the stuff. It’s one of the most abundant elements in the universe.

          Nickel is right up there with calcium in abundance. Of course, hydrogen is 5.5 orders of magnitude more abundant than nickel. But thankfully, nickel is mostly being used as a catalyst to drive hydrogen-hydrogen fusion; it isn’t used up really, and can be recycled. Hydrogen can come from anywhere.

          • Another point overlooked: nickel is not “used up” but transformed into copper, the element of about equal terrestrial abundance, but about 100x more scarce in space than nickel. So it’s more fitting to perceive eCats as copper producers than nickel consumers.
            Ditto for fission reactors: their “waste” is potentially more valuable than their fuel. It’s quite possible that in not so distant future energy will be just a byproduct of transmutation machines. And as such “too cheap to metter”, of course.

          • Roger Bird

            It is possible that nickel is being “used up” because some people are not doing the thing right.

      • Ged

        NI is seriously invested in this. Sending three engineers to support Celani? It’s remarkable, and unusual. NI is obviously trying to champion the LENR cause. That means they see an immense potential…

        I think they are trying to position themselves as the de facto supplier of LENR control equipment, and are expecting this field to explode exponentially.

        • GreenWin

          Ged, isn’t it great to see courageous men in action? National Instruments has cemented a place in human history as champion of the energy revolution.

        • Omega Z

          On passi 22 National Instruments also has asked to be officially included.

          Although the Google translation isn’t great I think this has to do with the Korean television coverage of Celani’s demo.

          • Ken

            You can USE this COLD FUSION ENERGY to HEAT (WATER) for heating HOMES and turning (GENERATORS)to produce ELECTRICITY!

    • Ged

      Extremely easy to duplicate. I see nothing at all missing. The previous report was only lacking the dimensions of the glass chamber, I think (or I just missed it).

  • Don Witcher

    I think the fact that Rossi posted the dimensions of the hotcat today shown in the leaked photo means that he acknowledges the validity of the leak. Using Rossi’s dimensions and the Stefan-Boltzmann constant in SI units, an outer wall temperature of 850C, an inner wall temperature of 1150C and an 8% convective loss ( Cures estimate) I computed a power output of 13.33KW heat. That compares to Cures (Fioravanti) output calculation of 13.39 KW heat.

    As a pure electric furnace the setup in the photo would have to be pulling 57.8 amps at 230 volts. The leads shown are not up to that in my opinion. I have a 6.6 KW kiln and am relatively familiar with wiring for kilns both large and small. Draw your own conclusions and I’m sure many of our favorite skeptics will.

    • Jeff

      Thanks for cranking the numbers – I don’t have the background.

      I was the skeptic who questioned this stuff in the other (“Cures Effect”) thread. I had the same thought about the wire gauge. And the core obviously cannot be much below 1100C because of the color – as I mentioned in a follow-up, it’s pretty good approximation of a black body radiator so the color is quite a good indicator of temperature, modulo color fidelity issues.

      So if the math works out as you say, the image suggests some very interesting things are going on. Unless it’s a pure and simple “Photoshop job”. And I see absolutely no evidence of any such thing – I blew it up to large size and still didn’t.

      So hmmm, interesting times indeed.

      • zero

        As I said in an earlier thread, I’ve examined the image throughly and it’s a photo taken on the 17th of July. There is zero evidence, both in the image and in the exif data, of computer editing. I even posted the model of camera that took it.
        I’ve taken college courses on professionally photoshopping and I do not see ANY evidence at all. This image is 100% real.

    • Jeff

      A secondary observation: in the other thread, I also questioned why the wires were still connected if the device was producing so much heat. Now what follows is pure speculation, but there’s a reasonable speculative answer: the AC signal is required to pump the reaction.

      For some further thoughts about this, I highly recommend the paper “Controlled Electron Capture and the Path Toward Commercialization”, Godes, George, Tanzella, McKubre (“Brillouin”) which has just appeared as a consequence of ICCF-17. It is available online.

      • Ged

        This is very possible. AC pumping of the reaction seems to make a lot of sense from the empirical and theoretical views. Thermal vibrations alone are enough to drive reactions, but are about half as efficient as electrical pumping, so far as we’ve seen in most cases (other than potentially the hot cat powered by gas? But we don’t know the output power of that yet, as far as I know).

        However, not sure if AC is required versus DC.

    • Robert Mockan

      Wish Rossi would tell us the COP at the high temperature.
      But at least the numbers for power seem to match.

      • duecat

        Robert_Keeping COP secret may be essential to seeing this go mainstream. COP 6 is one hell of a lot less frightening to the powerful fossil fuel producers than… say COP 30. I am satisfied if we keep talking “6” and proceeding to production.

      • Omega Z

        I believe Cures stated at the time of the photo that they hadn’t determined a precise COP yet.

        Also think he said they hadn’t determined the Nickel consumption. Appeared nearly negligible after 1000`C & would have to run for some time in order to get an accurate measure.

  • Robert Mockan

    Celani says Isotan alloy 44 of Cu55Ni44Mn1 composition and surface treated
    generates 21 watts/.304 grams = 69 watts/gram. and expects higher output at higher temperature, and can self sustain if insulated. Hmm. So 10000 grams, about 22 pounds, costing just a few dollars per pound, could generate 690,000 thermal watts when properly prepared, (probably at much higher temperatures and without any external heat to keep it going). Need a cheap way to make skeletal structure of this alloy, and surface treat it. Stick it in stainless steel tubes, pressurize with hydrogen, and one can bundle the LENR fuel rods to make any size and power output LENR reactor?

    Not all the answers, but now we know a basic material that does work. And we know very likely it can work at much higher temperatures, since other LENR catalysts are doing so. And it is likely we will not need external electric power or gas heating to make the Celani catalyst do its stuff.

    Celani says the nuclear active surface is still only about 30%, so room for improvement there. Although the exact surface treatment has not been specified for the Celani material, the information available in the historical literature like the Piantelli patents gives some good ideas about what to do.

    It would seem progress is far enough along that catalyst can be made if not available from other sources without doing much more research on the subject.

    With infinite COP at 600 C and 10000 grams generating 690000 thermal watts with even a very practical 12% conversion to shaft power, is a nice 82800 watts, more than enough for 100 hp for a small boat, and much heat for seawater distillation to make lots of fresh water.

    Thank you very much Celani. Keep it coming. I am dreaming of ocean touring house boats never needing to dock, and sitting in a beach chair having a beer. Wow! Look at those waves! Where is my surf board?

    • I have made similar computation about the surface, which is tha really important factor

      ther is much room for power density.
      especially if you are using nickel foam like DGT says, because it has 50 times more surface than the powder per gram…

      in fact the modest energy density claimed by rossi and DGT seems to say that Celani wires are very efficients compared to powder and foam as DGT and Rossi use.
      As DGt says, it is not so easy, but in theory it is easy and density can be huge.

      • Sanjeev

        The linked presentation gives a method for preparation of Constantan wire. Its not rocket science, just burning off the insulation and heating-cooling a few times (if I understood correctly).

        All other conditions for the experiment are given in detail. Now anyone should be able to replicate it.

        All this from a tiny and cheap wire. This is way better than Rossi or DGT. I’m very very pleased. Great work Celani !.

        • Sanjeev
          • Sanjeev

            Looks like the “wet” method is stuck at COP=2 since a long time.

          • Peter_Roe

            A useful research tool perhaps (like the Athanor and derivatives) but all aqueous systems are very limited as far as power production is concerned.

          • GreenWin

            No way to accumulate heat above boiling. As you say, good experimental device. BTW, back in 1989 LANL’s verification of cold fusion centered on titanium and platinum “chips” gas loaded at ultra cold temp. The result was neutron bursts as the metals warmed to room temp.

          • Roger Bird

            I am torn between the courage and persistence of patho-skeptics, the stupidity (at this point) of patho-skeptics, and the psychopathology of patho-skeptics. I think that they worship at the altar of “MAINSTREAM”, and this god is their sense of security and defending it gives their lives purpose.

      • Robert Mockan

        The wire Celani is using is also expensive. I did find a quote for usd $1.00 gram of wire, but that would be expensive even doing my moderate power reactor example using 10000 grams to generate 690,000 thermal watts. Fortunately melting the metals to make the alloy in an induction furnace is feasible in a shop, and making sheets would be much cheaper than wire. Properly surface treated they should work as well. I found quotes for pure nickel and pure copper that add up 2.7 cents per gram, so one could make 10,000 grams alloy for $270 in metals. Rolling thin ribbon sheets out of a cast ingot would require some equipment I’ve worked with before( LOL! Back in college metallurgy class in the 1980s!), but definitely obtainable, even custom built, in a shop, without excessive difficulty. So really just make some sample to perfect the surface treatment and test them in a simple calorimeter to obtain the thermal power vs temperature characteristics. Might as well go for a round number with the reactor, say 100,000 thermal watts.

        It would save more time if Celani would publish his precise surface treatment. Or is he going to start a guessing game like Rossi about disclosing all details to make his catalyst?

        In engineering there comes a point where management has to say stop improving and just make it! Maybe more power with wire, powders, whatever, but if sheets work use them! It is a standard metallurgy practice in a test shop to make ingots and sheets to test them, so do that!

        • Robert Mockan

          I wonder if one could simply make thin wall Constantan alloy tubes, surface treat the inside surface, cap the ends and pressurize with hydrogen. The alloy is strong, heat resistant, chemically resistant, and could act as its own heat exchanger tube. Might make good simple fuel rods for insertion into LENR power reactor cores. If each rod was designed to generate a few thousand watts without damaging the catalyst surface getting too hot, a bundle of them would be easy for a megawatt core with them inserted into a tank of heat exchange fluid.

          • Robert Mockan

            For that matter how about copper plumbing pipe with Constantan alloy plasma sprayed on inner surface then treated to activate? LOL! This is beginning to sound exactly what people had in mind before Rossi started all his “secret sauce”, special activation, and having to use electricity, bull sh*t!

  • Roger Bird

    A very telling bit of soft evidence is the resounding silence and absence of the patho-skeptics. Maryyugo, Craig Binns, and others are mysteriously absent.

    Yes, there is still plenty of room for skepticism regarding LENR-on-steroids and commercial ready LENR. But LENR is a fact. And I thank the patho-skeptics for their absence; their absence confirms in my mind what I already felt/knew/intuited: LENR is real.

    • Methusela

      They aren’t silent, they’re over on under different names.

      I think they must be mostly moderated away on e-catworld.

      • Peter_Roe

        They are, but of course some keep coming back using different IDs. I’ve even seen one or two of them whining on ECN about how their posts were deleted here!

        • Peter Poulsen

          Im also quite sure LENR is real and can produce excess power.
          When it comes to Rossi though im very cautious. Dont get me wrong i sinsirely hope he isnt just lying about his huge breakthroughs, but when you come with these kind of statements that are lightyears ahead of your competitors, you have to back it up with some scientific proff, if you want people to believe you.

          • Roger Bird

            Some correct spelling would also be really cool. (:->)

          • Steve Ledvina

            I am an MSPE registered in Illinois. I have worked as an electronics engineer but I have my ms in nuclear physics. I was taught that elements fiss and fuse to iron. If you do the atomic mass calculations for nickel to copper, fusion energy cannot be derived. Therefore is the E-cat new physics???? I guess time will tell. How come other scientists, more qualified than me, aren’t commenting???

            Steve MSPE

          • SS

            My impression is that the energy release comes from the hydrogen becoming bound into the target nucleus, nickel is not the only input in this equation. The difference between nickel and copper is relatively small, and the energy gain from the hydrogen-to-copper transition exceeds the energy loss (you are correct) from the nickel-to-copper transition.

          • Steve Ledvina

            OK SS



          • Bryan

            To all, but especially to Steve Ledvina and SS…. To continue to refer to this science as “Cold Fusion” is confusing at best, because “fusion,” per se, it is not. But, neither is it electro-chemical. The Navy and some Japanese research teams have demonstrated that Ponds & Fleischmann indeed happened upon a nuclear process that was not only promising, but practical. Successful, repeatable variations abound. Although largely intended to be a distraction from actual research progress, there is very good Naval research paper that puts all this into a good perspective.

            It’s not until page 109 that a layman’s point is made, but I would encourage the download.

            Another, and much shorter presentation – (published in the Int. Journal of Nuclear Science) makes the point that there is, indeed, gold in them hills (both metaphoric and transmuted).

    • Roger,

      “Craig Binns” wasn’t on my radar when I created the Andrea Rossi t-shirt! Is he a reincarnation of a former Rossi nemesis?

      Maryyugo still gets an airing over on Krivit’s website.

      • Peter_Roe

        Craig Binns more or less singlehandedly destroyed an e-cat discussion on about a year ago. He is very effective. He uses the same name on FB and other social networking sites – it may even be his real name.

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  • GreenWin

    According to the Los Angeles Times Science writer Thomas H. Maugh II PhD, cold fusion was real and replicated by Los Alamos National Lab as of May, 1989. It was further confirmed by Nobel laureate Robert Schrieffer, Prof UC Santa Barbara.

    “Physicist Howard O. Menlove of Los Alamos [National Laboratory] reported last Wednesday that, in two separate types of experiments, he and his colleagues had seen the same amount of neutrons observed by Jones. It was the first confirmation of cold fusion by a U.S. government laboratory.” 5/30/1989 Thomas H. Maugh II, Los Angeles Times

    Why has it ever been in contention since these estimable scientists, expert in their fields confirmed it 23 years ago???

    • the best evidences were done by NASA GRC in 89, with experiments at high temperature with gaz, leading to high power and heat, that let no ndoubt on the non-chemical nature.
      The report was ket in a drawer because not matching the theory (no neutrons), and found in 2005, then replicated.
      The page is quoted on nasa GRC internet site…

      that report alone is enough to justify a commercial usage of LENR, for Pd-D or Ni-H.

      • AB

        Dear Daniele,

        Everything has worked out well and better than expected. The article (5 pages) at NIWeek is the same as that of ICCF-17: you can publish it.

        Other news of interest:
        1) I’m sending you my presentation (about 1.5 M): you can publish it on the net.
        2) Yesterday we reassembled the reactor…
        3) After a brief local recalibration (about 2 hours) on the reference input power (48W), with hydrogen, the reactor SLOWLY but surely started to produce excess heat. Currently, after about 20 hours of operation, we have reached about 14W!
        One of National Instrument’s engineers from the US came for the software part; he was helped by two other NI engineers from Seoul.
        4) MIRACLE: even the arch-skeptics from NRL (US) have complimented me. Thus, green light.
        5) In the evening, Korean TV will come and make a detailed report on it

        NB: it’s complicated to make contact. EVERYBODY is looking for me. The phone lines are often filled out.

        See you soon,
        Francesco CELANI


        • Francesco Celani being congratulated by those Naval Research Lab (NRL) “arch-skeptics”! I’m getting the urge to create another Energy Revolution t-shirt:)

          • GreenWin

            Do it Tony. I’ll take one.

  • jpelsor

    Most discouraging of all is the refusal of MIT and the US Govt to accept LENR. The USA will follow the typical empire decline patterns as other nations of the world commercialize LENR while USA govt continues to print money to fund the largest non productive army in the world therby enriching the small percent in a position direct politics.

    My heartfelt congrats to the tireless researchers who independently pursued LENR even as the US threw money at hot fusion. Once again, the USA will fall behind other countries in product development and production as a larger and larger number of its citizens ‘flip hamburgers’.

    The unwarranted hubris of our(USA) political/educational/military system needs a a major league kick in the pants to unseat the unsustainable production of paper money for the big 10 corporations.

    • Peter_Roe

      Pretty much the same thing on a lesser scale here (UK) – printing money and relying on the crooks in the ‘city of London’ who indebted us to bail us out!

    • David

      At this point knowing that LENR is almost a proven fact is actually more important to me than whether or not Rossi has what he says. Every indication is that LENR is ready to burst on the scene as a real, study worthy effect and once it has, reaserch money will flow in not in the millions but in the billions as corporations and even nations scurry to be the first to make it work. The science is reaching critical mass and once it does it will be unstoppable. I remember when I saw the first cell phone and wondered if it would truly be everything its developer predicted. This is going to make the cell phones social impact look like a bug on our windshield.