Rossi says Publication Release Day is September 10th . . . or 8th

For some time Andrea Rossi has been talking about the release of a report providing data about his high temperature E-Cat reactors and which will include validation from third parties. Rossi today has given us a pretty firm idea of when this information will be released — although there are two different dates mentioned. Here are two comments from the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

“On the 10th of September the report will be published, after the presentation of the same at the 1st Convention of the World Licensees of Leonardo Corporation that will be made in Zurich.”

“On the 8th of September we will publish on scientific magazines the complete report.”

There is a slight discrepancy here, but the dates are very close, so it seems that by the 10th of September at the latest the report will be published. I recently asked Rossi if I may receive a copy of the report to publish on E-Cat World, and he said he would send me the report “within September 10th”, so I am assuming the second date is more likely. I suppose it is possible that the magazines will receive their reports a bit earlier than some other web sites, since they may need some time to get them ready for print publication. According to Rossi, the published report will bear the signatures of those involved in the testing, which include Domenico Fioravanti (a.k.a. Cures), and six professors from two universities.

In addition to this report, there will apparently be a separate test carried out by the University of Bologna which Rossi says will be an official report with results published by University. The date for this test has not been specified, but Rossi says that it will be carried out “within the half of October” — presumably he means during the first half of October.

So, if everything goes according to plan, there will be some interesting information coming out in the near future, which will apparently not be only a “Rossi says” statement — but will apparently include validation from qualified professionals.

  • Luca Salvarani

    Very Very Very Good!!!

  • dragonX

    If by middle of September or end of Ooctober (latest) LENR will get the much needed boost of Third Party tests and approval, then we can all rest assured LENR will captivate the hearts of many (businessman). Then it will be really the time for popcorn and to enjoy the media and business show.

    • alexvs

      For the sake of gratittude, if Mr. Rossi ever publishes something worth of being published it should be done in this site. Mr. Acland deserves it.

  • Omega Z

    It appears that Rossi is ready to start making some serious disclosures at the Zurich presentation on September 8 & 9.

    Six Professors from 2 Universities. Signed Documents. Hopefully with names visible.

    Followed by a Unibo report around mid October.
    ? Hopefully the non-military customer will come forward immediately after.

    If all Rossi’s claims are verified, It would be hard for MSM not to report this.

    Maybe, Rossi didn’t goto the other conventions because he didn’t want to ran on their show. Allowing them to have the spotlight.

    Uppsala University, Sweden….. University of Bologna, Italy…..

    • Martin

      Do bookmakers offer bets on this? My guess is that there will be either no report at all, or a disappointing one.

      • Despite critics. Rossi has always done what he said he would do. He planned and held many public demonstrations for an entire year. He had skeptics view his work and say it was real.

        Andrea Rossi it is more important to see what he doesn’t say. The first year he never mentioned the products stability because it could overheat and die out. Now he says it is stable.

        Andrea Rossi has never lied about names, dates, demonstrations, etc. Skeptics must assume he is lying about the technology, but if he says he will present a paper he will.

        • Ivan_cev

          even if it is a tissue paper

          • dragonX

            If it is only a tissue paper, better to wipe his eyes with it, because he will loose all supporters, including Hank Mills ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Bigwilly

            Not Hank Mills.

            I doubt he could be lost. He seems to be his number one fan.


          • GreenWin

            He’ll probably lose dug. ๐Ÿ™

          • georgehants

            dragonX, we ran out of room below. You said.
            dragonX on August 16, 2012 at 7:30 pm
            Seriously, georgehants ๐Ÿ™‚ โ€ฆ UFO SHOULD NOT be investigated!
            1.If there are aliens up there, and they want to contact us, let them doing the contact on their terms. No resources lost from us.
            2.If they are there but donโ€™t want to contact us, then it is a waste of time and resources to try to find them, since they can hide pretty well.
            3.If they are not there, looking for them is nonsense.
            This is not the place to discuss UFO’s only the similarity between incompetent sciences treatment of Cold Fusion and many other subjects where the Evidence is indisputable but Dogma prevents sensible research.
            Your reasons for not investigating this serious scientific subject I find Illogical.
            Peace to you.

          • AstralProjectee

            We already do look for extraterrestrial life as astronomers and rovers are studying space and planets. It’s just a by product of our natural curiosity of what is out there. In other words we don’t look for life because we believe it first but we do look for it because we just have a natural curiosity for the universe.

            Astronomers have found that there are more planets out there that contain the elements for life than what we realized. While we are at it, we should look for life, if we can.


          • dragonX

            I agree this is not a place for UFO discussion but I proud myself as being a logical person. What exactly you find illogical to my answer for the 3 UFO possibilities? In my view they are as logical as they can be.

            AstralProjectee, we are talking about the logic behind putting significant resources on investigating UFO specifically, not about normal science projects like MARS Curiosity.

          • AstralProjectee

            As for that. Well maybe not right away. But certainly it would be worth it to do some investigation once our technology is much better and a lot of the suffering on earth is dealt away with. This certainly has not been confronted with enough investigation to eliminate the possibility of UFO’s coming here and leaving without interference in human life.

          • Andrew Macleod

            Agreed we should concentrate on earth. To aliens we will be gods or cavemen.

          • Andrew Macleod

            I wonder which word put me in moderation???

          • Carlos

            The army ALWAYS investigates UFOs. That’s because it’s far, far more probable than they come from an enemy country than from outer space. It’s a question of national security and significant resources are spent on them.
            That’s why there are archives to be released every X years.

          • dragonX

            I think Georgehants is hinting at a civilian program of UFO Studies with important resources put to work regarding the logistics of such endeavour.

      • Omega Z

        @ e-catworld July 6, 2012

        What is Happening at the University of Bologna?

        Come Mid October. Now We Know.

        National Instruments made an Equipment donation to Unibo.

        My understanding is if you sponsor a project at a University, A percentage is taken by the University to use as they please. Whether that be money or material/equipment.

        So a donation of Equipment sponsoring LENR research would allow part of that to be used as they please. This prevents the appearance of tax payers facilities being used for your own private lab. Your paying for the service.

        It also allow the disclaimer that THEY aren’t researching LENR. Deni-ability. No unwanted attention unless someone lets it slip out.

  • Pachu

    Any news on yesterdays presentations of ICCF-17 ?

  • Bruno

    The September paper will be meaningless unless it references independent 3rd party validators (either individuals or companies) that can be interviewed. If there is any secrecy or if the “independent” validators have any relationship with Rossi (or have a vested commercial interest in ecat), the report will be nothing more than a Rossi advertisement. Also, the supposed University of Bologna test needs to be an OFFICIAL test run under the auspices of the University. If it’s just a University professor running a personal test, or one of Rossi’s people running an unofficial test at the University, it will be suspect. These are red flags that we should keep an eye open for. Another red flag would be a postponement of either. I hope that it all turns out to be true, but I’ve become a skeptic. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!”

    • captain

      Anyhow, with thi$, U can $atisfy your curio$ity by buying one of Rossi’$ 1MW plant.
      So, after the 1st customer (a military entity, suppose US Navy), the 2nd privatr customer (NE of US) and the 3rd one (suppose an EU northern country), U shall be the number 4.
      Then U’ll have free license to ‘discredit’ Mr. Rossi’s E-Cat LENR.
      And u’ll need no 3rd party validations.

      • dragonX

        Celani and others are important, but it does not show any time table for LENR to become commercial any time soon. Even Brillouin is not very close.

        If Defkalion is scam (as Stremmenos says) and Rossi is fraud, as we are slowly being led to believe due to his action over almost 2 years (and before) than commercial LENR is years (possible decades) away.

        If Defkalion or Rossi don’t change history books by end of 2012, then we will enter in a a long period of… waiting time.

        • Francesco CH

          Stremmenos says Defkalion is a scam and they try to steal the E-Cat technology from Rossi. Ergo, Stremmenos says Defkalion are SCAMMERS and THIEVES.

          Stremmenos states that Rossi’s technology is real: luckily for Rossi, and unfortunately for Dekalion, the Greek company was unable to steal the technology from Rossi.

          • Ged

            I don’t agree with Stremmenos. I don’t think Defkalion is a scam, I think they are trying to do things in a very different, and less controllable way. Hence all their frustrations.

          • Sanjeev

            Has he presented any evidence that DGT are scammers ? Are there any court cases etc?

            If not what are the intentions of Stremmenos ?

            Not that I’m pro DGT or work for them, but we should evaluate all with the same criteria. How is he different from an average pathoskep calling Rossi a scammer?

            Lets wait for their goods.

        • Ged

          Dragon, why are you suddenly so out against Rossi? I don’t see anything to support what you are trying to imply, and all facts have been building in the opposite direction.

          What’s bothering you, specifically?

          • dragonX

            It is the slippery attitude of Rossi that bothers me. The September events that he set up will be a break or make for his case regarding the ultra-skeptics, healthy-skeptics and healthy supporters. Obviously , there will always be a core of unhealthy-groopies-cultist supporters that will believe him in any situation. But the word of a man can be broken for just a few times before loosing all credibility. And without credibility, he is not doing Cold Fusion any service.
            If by September-October he cannot convince me (a healthy supporter) then I can safely say Celani is our best hope and don’t even look back to ROSSI.
            Then I go to Gary Writers side (joking, that guy is crazy).

            Celani did something noteworthy for Science History (and History in general). We know that any new technology (specially a disruptive one) is something very sensitive with the establishment. This Scientist (Celani) like Fleishmann before him, put his reputation on the line and brought a device at a big tech show (NIWeek) that WORKED!!! (in your face, mainstream science)!!! He got also somehow lucky because the experiment worked (imagine it did not).
            Now that we have confirmation about cold fusion effects, it is just about scaling this up and it might take a generation but it will be done with new materials and better understanding (and some luck).
            Rossi on the other hand… is a Messiah. So either he is real and he needs to prove it to us, performing a miracle by end of the year, like he promised… or be stoned for blasphemy.

          • Ged

            I can certainly agree with all you say there.

          • dragonX

            I had to fight with many many (and very aggressive verbally) skeptics on different forums for Rossi credibility and in the end it all comes to this:

            Is Rossi going to respect his word and show to the world a commercial cold fusion device, like he is promising for the past 20 months?
            I said YES based on Rossi’s word, skeptics say NO, he does not have a word, he is a crook; watch his next justification for not doing it.

            Rossi will prove me or skeptics wrong by end of year, no other way.

          • georgehants

            dragonX, even if Rossi is not genuine, you will be right, as one can never prejudge and must give the benefit of the doubt.
            Every skeptic who prejudges and not just stay tolerantly undecided and wait for the Evidence, is likely to be a very unpleasant person who abuses, debunks and insults for no justified reason.

          • dragonX

            georgehants, you are right. I was and still am right but up to a certain point (which is still in the future). I mean, how can a man dare to say such things like these without any consequences whatsoever for his credibility, if such promises turn south??? :

            Andrea Rossi
            August 16th, 2012 at 11:48 AM

            Dear g.Luca from Italy:
            Do not worry, now itโ€™s time to make plants, real working plants making real Megawatt-hours, no more time for useless chatters. The time of table toys which give space to any kind of chatters is over.
            Warm Regards,
            Andrea Rossi
            August 16th, 2012 at 11:45 AM

            Dear Philip Newell:
            I understand you, and you make well when you ask, itโ€™s up tome select confidential information.
            About safety: after thousands of hours of experience with our industrial reactors we know well the safety issues and we also have got a precise idea of the theory behind.
            Warm Regards,

          • georgehants

            dragonX, yes but as you say if he is not genuine, that is in the future, we cannot prejudge that and we cannot be wrong to give him his chance.
            Much better to give everybody their chance than to mistakenly and foolishly condemn somebody mistakenly as has happened so many times in the past and now.
            P&F is a reasonably good example.
            Many people just fail to learn from past mistakes.

          • dragonX

            He has his chance by end of the year.

          • morse

            Rossi is the one who can deliver. I still give him credit but time is ticking and as I said before, we are in the final episodes of the season’s finale. If by the end of the year nothing credible comes out of this then the snakes and the puppeteers have all the right to discredit him. But there is still a light on the horizon that his e-cat can start a new revolution that helps us get rid of the toxic gasses in our cities.

          • Josh

            georgehants, I like you and I’m confident I agree with you on many things, but I do disagree with your idea of giving the benefit of the doubt to the person making huge claims.

            While it is quite true that the truth doesn’t change as the result of a claim or the prejuegement of skeptics, if all ideas – no matter how crazy or unsupported were given equal consideration, how would science and mankind benefit?

            No, if you make huge claims and wish to be taken seriously, you have the benefit of the ability to prove your claims and remove all doubt. It is really the responsibility of the claimant.

            If I locked you in a room and told you that your meal would soon appear out of thin air, would you give me the benefit of the doubt – or would you start looking for alternative ways to exit the room?

            Since there is no agree upon “time limit” by which huge claims must be proven, it is an individual decision when one decides to say the claimant is likely wrong. In my opinion, the only “bad” skeptics are those who heard Rossi’s claims and immediately said “impossible.” Anyone who said, “interesting, show me” is a fair minded person. As the months – soon years – have passed, if that person has decided that Rossi’s time to prove his claim has passed, that is intelligent discernment at work.

            Sure, Rossi could still prove that skeptic wrong, but every day that passes makes that less likely. If we all pretend like Rossi has solved the world’s energy problems and we quit focusing on other solutions, it will be much worse when he never delivers.

            I for one am not giving him the benefit of the doubt. I will continue to plan my ilfe as if he has solved nothing. I will welcome him proving me wrong at any point.

          • Jim Lahey

            “I for one am not giving him the benefit of the doubt. I will continue to plan my ilfe as if he has solved nothing. I will welcome him proving me wrong at any point. ”


            There is nothing wrong with giving him the chance to prove himself. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for a while longer. I can imagine how very difficult this might be for someone to accomplish. Who is changing anything in their life due to this? What can they do? Buy an eCat? I don’t see that happening.

            While I’m not living my life like this has changed it (Yet!)I do however like to dream about the possibilities. Who doesn’t like dreams? ๐Ÿ˜‰

            Gotta let the liquor do the thinkin’ bud.

          • GreenWin

            It would be karmic if Ing Rossi chose to publish the validations on September 11, 2012. Eleven years after the anomalous takedown of the twin towers in New York City. Not that the two events are connected, but that eleven years after this tragedy, a small group of human beings with a passion for unveiling a new form of energy – did so. And the positive impact will dwarf the twin towers, realigning the date to the beginning of a new era in human evolution.

            There is lots of resonance in this.

          • otto1923

            No this the date that markets will collapse worldwide when they absorb his publication. That will be karmic.

          • Perhaps we should prepare by buying short ETFs, with lots of leverage.

          • vbasic

            Actually, cheap energy will make the markets very happy. Many industries and businesses are desperate for cheap energy, including server farms such as for google, steel companies, ocean shipping, truck transport, and even food production. The only market that might hurt would be coal but that’s down already thanks to cheap natural gas.

          • Visitor
          • Andrew Macleod


          • daniel maris

            We’ll put it up on the wall planner… ๐Ÿ™‚

            What we need at the moment is more confirmation and less conferencing.

          • Bruno

            Assuming that his “report” isn’t just another “Rossi says” advertisement, telling us about all the breakthroughs he has made. Unless the report includes independent 3rd party validation by a competent person or persons (or cuctomers), unaffiliated with Rossi, the report will mean nothing. I’m not holding my breath, like I did last October, only to be disappointed by all the convenient secrecy.

        • Barry

          There’s always the Papp engine. Micheal McKubre seems to think there is something to it.!

      • DaveS

        Where did you hear about Rossi selling the second and third 1MW plant?

        • captain

          My news from Rossi sources are official messages/posts released by Rossi himself in his websites, wherefrom such original answers are made public.
          If U have the patience to search for them, U’ll surely find them.

          How Rossi is self-financing his job? Mainly thru the sale of his thermal plants: 12 or 13 to the first customer, then one to the second and one again to the third customer.
          And this AFAIK and everyone a else can ascertain on the web:

      • Bruno

        No, Captain, I’m not satisfied. Contrary to what you wrote, we DON’T have confirmation that there ever were customers. Just Rossi’s word that 1 MW ecats were sold to secret customers who conveniently wish to remain anonymous. I already have the freedom to voice my opinion, I don’t need to buy an ecat for that. I don’t have $1.5M to buy an ecat so I can discredit him. Do you have $1.5 M so that you can buy one to prove him right?

  • daniel maris

    I wouldn’t expect too much from Rossi at this stage. I agree with those who think it won’t be a magazine of great repute. More interesting will be whether the third parties are identified and confirm the data. If not, it’s all pretty meaningless.

    But I am sure it will be interesting whatever happens!

    • Luca Salvarani

      It would be great if the report release would happen on 11 September (instead of 8 to 10), expecially in the US! It would be very very symbolic!!! The best way to remember and raise again!!!

      • captain

        I would not be so sure: on the 11, such a news could be overlapped, thus risking a temporary oblivion.

        Remember what prez Obama said in Jan on the State of the Union, about next clean energy sources schedule: solar power, wind power, shale rocks gas, new oil drilling in some places, … and NOTHING on the newest, the cleanest, the cheapest, the safest source of energy, the LENR.
        However he mentioned that US Navy will be involved in that task, so IMHO

        – the seamen will mount air propellers on land towers, he he he…
        – the sailors will places PV panels in US deserts he he he…
        – the scuba divers (IMO ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) will dig shale rocks on rocky mountains to get gas he he he…
        bah, let me smile!

        and all this to supply new energy to approx. 250,000 homes on public land

        After that, do U still think that 11 sept. could be the right date?

        • Luca Salvarani

          Good point… anyway I couldn’t be more far from Obama and his ideas… The fact that he doesn’t even mention LENR it’s another argument pro-LENR in my view.

    • Jim Lahey

      “Apple is believed to be planning an event for Sept. 12 at which it is likely to unveil its next smartphone.” –

      Rossi, bud, please announce before this crApple event! I’d rather hear about you instead of the new iCrap device for the next 2 weeks.

      • Martin

        Can’t see any connection between those two events. If you do not want to know about certain information just don’t read or listen. Pretty simple, uh?

        • I think he’s suggesting that once Apple makes an announcement there won’t be any time for the MSM to cover a boring (to them) device like an E-cat.

          Me, I think announcing before Apple means the MSM will continue to cover celebrity drug use, the latest gaffe in the election campaign, and all those other more important items instead of a boring device like the E-Cat.

          • Jim Lahey

            You got it Ric, thank you.

            I drink therefore I am. Cheers bud!

  • Mark

    IMHO, if the new test were a blast, we would
    have already had some statements from UNIBO,
    Swedes, or Rossi himself.
    Instead of new tests, wouldn’t it be more
    convincing to invite reporters and scientists
    to visit a site with 1 MW E-CAT, that has been running
    there since December 2011…half-a-year of
    self-sustained mode must be very impressive.
    Warm Regards…MZ

    • Omega Z


      Rossi did this several times in 2011. The Skeptics don’t except it as conclusive regardless of what witnesses say.

      An Independent test done by Unibo with nothing outside technical details from Rossi on how to set it up would be considered an Independent 3rd party.

      This provides replication proof & independent data separate from Rossi.

      I’m sure some will find fault no matter how it’s tested. Some would complain if Rossi was there only as an Observer.

  • Having seen the amazing photo from Cures of the 1200C. device, I can wait 3 weeks to see the report, though for me it will have little weight. The real test of his device is whether a notable peer-reviewed journal like Science or Nature – the appropriate place for a discovery of this magnitude – will publish.

    BTW, yesterday my novella (see on cold fusion got 2 hits from the US Patent Office, according to SiteMeter! It’s also posted in its entirety on CNN as an iReport, and may soon be available on Kindle…

    • georgehants

      Well done Joe.

      • dragonX

        Kindle? Technical info please for me, how do you publish on kindle? What are the steps?