Program for Pordenone E-Cat Conference

Here’s a translated version of the program for the October 12 E-Cat conference in Pordenone, Italy. The original Italian version can be read here

E-Cat | Energy safely and efficiently?

Event Date:
Friday, October 12, 2012 – 15:00
There is no doubt that the problem of management of energy resources has always been of fundamental importance in relation to the potential development of a nation, the equilibrium supranational economic and political but also social and environmental balances.

This problem is now even more urgent and needs to find new “ways” or alternative technologies that make it possible to optimize the energy mix of a country in relation to all these factors.

In this context, Technological Pole and Prometeon want to draw attention to the technology of cold fusion and in particular on the E-Cat developed by prof. Andrea Rossi, the system which will be released shortly in Italy by the company.

This fascinating and debated topic will provide an opportunity for discussion and comparison at various levels, including on our ability to accept and pursue the development of all those technologies, “border”, clearly identifiable as solutions with high risk / benefit ratio.


At 15:00

Mr. Franco Scolari – General Pordenone Technology
Greetings and introduction

At 15:30

Arch Gianvico Pirazzini – Leonardo Corporation
Introduction to the E-Cat

At 15:45

Mr. Fulvio Fabiani – Leonardo Corporation
The E-Cat: aspects of installation and safety

At 16:00

Mr. Andrea Rossi – Leonardo Corporation CEO of
E-Cat – Energy from cold fusion Nickel

At 16:30

Round Table – will be:

Dr. Salvatore Majorana Director of Technology Transfer IIT

Dr. Riccardo Sabatini SISSA Trieste – research group on computational modeling

Prof. Franco Battaglia ing Department. Materials and Environment University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Giovanni Petris Head Office environment, energy policy and the mountain region FVG

Dr. George Cecco Regional Coordinator FareAmbiente FVG

At 18:00

Paolo Santin Regional Councillor PDL Friuli Venezia Giulia Greetings closing

  • daniel maris

    Will be fascinating to hear what is said – even better if we have some convincing evidence of the process.

  • Doug Peterson

    I think Rossi needs more substance behind his claims. I want to believe but there is very little real evidence other than spin and opinions of other people’s observations.

    • Omega Z


      I think Rossi is doing exactly what Rossi needs to do to bring this to market.

      A full Frontal attack would probably never survive to market.

      Not Everyone want’s this kind of technology. They Strongly prefer the status quo.
      The Game will stay the same, but many of the players will change. Those players are the ones who fear the E-cat & things of it’s nature.

  • Lukedc

    I hope we have someone to translate for us!

  • Daniel M. Basso

    “clearly identifiable as solutions with high risk / benefit ratio.”

    It seems somebody needs to improve either his/her math skills or PR skills, perhaps both.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      I think the intended meaning is “high risk / high return”. This is a definition often used in the business world.

  • jacob

    the E-cats work,if they don’t,what would be the point of all these meetings,how much evidence do some people need?

    • Steve B

      “what would be the point of all these meetings”
      They are still trying to sell licences. If you are so convinced, it only requires 10.000 USD investment for a licence for whole countries like Nigeria or South Africa. Go for it, it may be the chance of a life-time !
      Then sell only 1 MW e-cat and you got your immediate payback.

      • jedslater

        I think it’s a bit more than 10.000 for a license.

        • Steve B

          bidding starts at 10.000 USD/country, offered by Roger Green

          • jedslater

            Don’t think that is an reliable source. 😀

          • Max S

            you do not trust Roger Green ? Roger Green is clearly the author of this letter, GW only published it. Are you suggesting he faked the newsletter ?
            If you doubt why don´t you ask Roger Green ? Make a bid. Don´t miss the chance.

          • Omega Z

            Rossi has already sold his licenses.

            Those of which you speak would be a sub-license under Green or who ever has that particular zone.

          • GreenWin

            I heard all licenses are sold. Darn. I’m hoping to get in on time travel next.

          • Andrew Macleod

            They must be sure of the product. $10,000.00 is very much in the scheme of things.

          • Andrew Macleod


    • jedslater

      That would be a waste of time if they didn’t 🙂

    • Redford

      Convince people it works 😛

      • jacob

        was done already,dumb people forget quickly !

        • Ivan_Cev

          No Rossi has not convinced people, has convinced you.

          • GreenWin

            Actually Rossi has convinced millions of people you do not know Ivan. And why not? Look at the alternative future for Earth.

    • Robyn

      Hi Jacob,

      I think LENR is real and solid, and I even think Rossi is the real deal.

      But let’s take your question broadly: “what would be the point of all these meetings”?

      If Rossi is mistaken, then it would be absolutely no difference in holding meetings than if here were correct. He thinks he is correct, so hold meetings.

      If Rossi is not genuine, then the meetings would construct a charade of success, for personal gain. Is there gain to be had? Obviously. Does Rossi appear to be exploiting that potential personal gain? Not very much (which is one of things I like about him.)

      You ask, “how much evidence do some people need?” The answer is, I’m sure you would agree, a Plain, Rigorous, Independent, Reproducible, Scientific Demonstration. And respectfully, from Rossi, we don’t have any of that yet.

      I don’t think you have to check your skepticism at the door to be excited about the signs. There are some very promising signs, (the Safety Certification, the hot cat photo and report, etc.) but for the present, they are mostly, only good signs.

      • Lars B

        Well put, but not even the hot cat report is promising.
        A lot of effort is put into measuring the output.
        No info about what equipment was used for measuring the input and when the integrated input power meter didn’t give the same value as calculated using volt and amp meter. He disregards the watt meter. On what grounds? I wonder wich gave the highest value…

        • jacob

          Lars, Hot cats are able to run in self sustain mode ,with out electrical input,but can not be approved as such ,it needs to shut down on demand to get certified apparently .

  • Sanjeev

    LENR Panel Session at American Nuclear Society National Meeting – 14th Nov

    Krivit is one of the speakers 😉

    • Ged

      Wow, now that is some mainstream. Also, some new names with some potent information to share. Exciting too! Looks like the next few months are going to be jam packed with great LENR stuff.

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        I don’t see new names. Are you referring to Domenico Cirillo?

        • Ged

          Yes, he’s the one I haven’t really heard before. Also that Yasuhiro Iwamura is coming back with some serious LENR research, since it’s been a long time since I’ve personally seen anything regarding him.

    • barty

      exciting to see the ANS is accepting LENR guest presentations.

      A few years ago it was the big hoax in their eyes.

      I think this is more important than any ecat conference could be!

      • Ged

        I completely agree with you. That the nuclear society of our nation is pulling LENR back in to its ranks is incredible. This could restart the entire field, depending on how good these presentations go.

  • Ged

    “Prof. Franco Battaglia ing Department. Materials and Environment University of Modena and Reggio Emilia”

    Hmm, is the University of Modena one of the two universities who are testing the E-cat then? Perhaps it is what they will discuss that is part of the excitement? This is the first time we’ve seen a university speaker or two, so I am quite intrigued. Also curious who IIT and FVG are.

    Well, looks like we’ve got plenty of excitement ahead for us!

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      FVG = Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Italian region where this event is held.
      IIT = Italian Technology Institute /

      • Ivan Mohorovicic
        • Ged

          He has responsibilities regarding the patent office. Oh ho ho ho ho ho.

          • daniel maris

            The more one hears about the people involved, the more interesting this sounds.

            I am sure we will all be focussing on this and looking for signs of a breakthrough. But to date, the indications have been v. mixed in relation to Rossi.

          • Renzo

            I found that Dr. Riccardo Sabatini has denied his partecipation, he is extremely skeptical of the ecat, he only asked to partecipate in order to expose the fraud but, for a misunderstanding with the organization, he was added to the panel discussion. Tomorrow the program will be updated.

            Source is a one of the anti-Rossi blogs:

          • daniel maris

            Such things happen… I don’t think that detracts from the interest provoked by the other participants.

          • Renzo

            I believe one day he’ll come to regret his attitude

          • Ged

            We actually haven’t even looked at all the names yet, either.

          • Ged

            Interesting, he was one of the ones we didn’t look up yet. Have to see how things develop with any of the others!

            Also, do we know who Giovanni Petris is?

          • Riccardo Sabatini

            I ABSOLUTELY confirm Renzo comment. Personally speaking, I have enormous doubts about e-cat and the underlying technology. We can discuss in private about my doubts, but my position has been clearly stated to the organizers that did not expose it in the presentation, letting my name appear as one os the supporters. More importantly, my institution does not have any official position about this issue, and this communication suggests the opposite.


          • jacob

            some people are so well educated by the system,they believe every word,and people like that know everything already,anything outside of the box and they can not understand and digest it.
            sorry Riccardo but you are wrong,but you really believe you are not,and that is ok too.

          • Ivan_cev

            Sorry jacob, you are wrong. Riccardo has the rigth to express his doubts. You are so out of the box that seems living an alternate reality.

          • jacob

            my reality can not be wrong,because I have created it.
            Ricardo did express his doubts freely,and I said that was ok too.
            I just consider myself much more advanced,but crossing that line makes me appear to be nut .case

          • daniel maris

            Riccardo –

            If your position has been misrepresented that is wrong and all right thinking people will have sympathy for you.

            However, it sounds more like this has resulted from a misunderstanding than any bad intention.

          • Chris

            I don’t see where they expressly imply SISSA having any official position on the matter; admitting a skeptic as one of King Arthur’s knights seems an only reasonalbe thing for those who maintain a neutral position in organizing an event like this.

            Indeed, it makes me more keen on seeing the debate. Certainly more interesting than if all participants were more or less Rossi’s affiliates. If you offer constructive and reasonable criticism, let’s hear it; vai Riccardo! We’re all waiting for more clues about it.

            Meantime, what do you think about Celani, Piantelli et al.?

          • Ged

            Nothing about your listing there says you are a supporter.

          • Ivan_cev

            The Panel participants probably now as much as you and me about the ecat

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        It looks like IIT is a think-tank for the national (Italian) implementation of viable and advantageous new technologies.

        • Ivan Mohorovicic
          • Ged

            Considering Salvatore Majorana is the one involved with this national organization to get new technologies through the patent office…

            I don’t know about you, but I think IIT getting involved in this way may be the biggest backing behind Rossi yet. I simply can’t wait to see what comes out of this. Maybe IIT was the other tester, along with U of Modena…

            Well, no use trying to speculate when the event is just right around the corner.

      • Ged

        Ah-hah, thank you Ivan! So really it’s FareAmbiente that is associated with FVG? I think the linebreaks might be throwing my reading off. There’s a lot of organizations here.

        That IIT revelation is fascinating… that hugely interesting. Getting them in the game is a massive move, if it is indeed the case.

        • Ivan Mohorovicic

          FareAmbiente is an Italian environmentalist organization with several local offices located all over Italy, including Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG).

          • Ged

            We can certainly see why the environmental organizations would be interested in the E-cat. That is some potentially ardent support.

            I shall repeat my earlier statement with more confidence: this is definitely bigger than Zurich in implication.

            Getting all these people on board for this conference… Let’s hope that what Rossi shows here really does knock our socks off as the rumors are suggesting. These are not the sort of people anyone can afford to disappoint. If Rossi is wrong about his technology, they wield the power to crush him.

          • Frankly, I’m more worried about what lies Hrivit is going to tell the Nuclear people about the E-Cat and LENR. He is a vicious operator paid by an unknown third party that is probably the Israeli firm Energetics.

          • GreenWin

            Joe, you need to back that up. Energetics operates out of University of Missouri now and works closely with Dr. Rob Duncan. They have produced some spectacular results and are the firm that CBS 60 Minutes built their 2009 Col Fusion broadcast around.

            I think kirvit works for Scary Owl and the Bewilderbergs.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      BTW, it looks like Franco Battaglia has quite some Italian media presence. He’s a right-wing, pro-nuclear, AGW-skeptic guy hated by the greens / environmentalists.

      • Ged

        This event is shaping up to be much bigger than Zurich.

        • barty

          Yes, just for the reason it’s not organized by well know esoteric “coprorations” like the TransAltec AG was!

          This looks very much more serious and professional than the Zurich conference, with better experts and speakers.

          • Ged

            I’m excited, way more than with Zurich. We have a university speaker, and that alone has shot my interest way up. But the rest that Ivan has been revealing is just adding fuel for this bonfire.

            Hopefully, since testing supposedly has been on going, this will be a talk about results, not simply about what they are planning to do together. Although, the latter would still be highly important, as then we’d have some third parties to watch closely. I dunno, there’s just no way to know what is going to come of this or if we should temper our excitement; but at least it’s just next week.

            And to think, it’s only a three hour event rather than a two day one.

          • GreenWin

            Ged, if I might comment that your unflagging enthusiasm and knowledge makes this blog at lot more entertaining. I think you are up for the Acland Academy Award.

      • Ivone Martin FitzGerald

        LENR is bringing together the pro nuclear AGW skeptics and the green environmentalists. Wonderful.

        • Ged

          Haha, that is an incredibly amusing twist of fate.

        • Ivan Mohorovicic

          This name also caught my attention:

          Paolo Santin Regional Councillor PDL Friuli Venezia Giulia

          He is the a Councillor for the Friuli Venezia Giulia region:

          A politician from the PDL (Berlusconi’s) center-right political party.

          • Ivan Mohorovicic

            He’s got a blog here:
            Maybe he will post some information after the conference.

          • Ivan Mohorovicic

            By the way, I think “Round Table” actually means “Panel discussion”.

          • Ged

            That is how I interpreted it. Similar to what we saw at ICCF-17, most likely.

            I wonder what Rossi has shown them to get all these people together for an E-cat conference. We’ve got a representative of academia, representative of the green movement/alternative energy, of the pro nuclear/journalism industry, of the national technology development/patent office, and a centrist-right politician.

          • Chris

            It means King Arthur and his knights.

          • Ged

            Rossi is on a quest for the holy grail

          • clovis

            Hi,Ged. guys,
            Sounds like he allready has it,—smile,,

          • Ash

            This will be the same ‘Rossi says’ roadshow as Zurich, with lots of talk and zero evidence, designed to attract investors.

            I will wager none of the new people have any formal relationship with Rossi, or have laid eyes on a functioning ecat, or a unicorn for that matter.

            Has anyone looked up the profiles of the new Leonardo people? I bet they don’t have science degrees.

          • Ged

            Ash, look closer. These people coming to this conference are the sort that you do not waste the time of.

            If Rossi doesn’t show something really solid, he’s likely screwed in Italy. What will be left? He’ll have alienated the green movement/liberals, the nuclear industry/conservatives, the Italian patent office, the academics, and an Italian politician — those are the people coming to this.

            These aren’t investors, these are the movers and shakers. So, how did Rossi get them all to come to this three hour conference?

            Again, Rossi better have something good, or he’s ending himself in Italy.

          • Ash

            I disagree – you can often get government and politicians to speak anywhere there is an audience and a relevant topic. Look at Bernie Madoff, who fooled lots of high profile people.

            And Rossi’s new employee talking on safety of the worlds first working fusion reactor is a former tech consultant from the gambling industry! LOL. You can’t make this stuff up.


          • Ged

            I don’t think you understand, or are choosing not to.

            Firstly, you can’t get a politician to talk anywhere — they only do what is in their interest and the interest of their constituents. They have to get re-elected, and they are busy folks. You are completely mischaracterizing them, in a demeaning way.

            Secondly, Bernie Madoff was a trader of money, and indeed he made people make money by using a large base of investments to pay the smaller and older base of investors. As long as his base expanded, he could pay off the previous base, but eventually that stops and the largest amount of people lose the most. He lied about his methods, but as long as the money was flowing, that was proof it was working. And it did work — for a time. But a Ponzi scheme is unsustainable, like with any pyramid scheme. This has nothing to do with Rossi.

            Thirdly, once more you are overlooking the implications. Every time we’ve had a new technology call in representatives from many demographics and a politician, if that technology failed to impress that was the end of the story. Full stop, that person is done.

            Fourthly, you are ignoring all the other sector representatives coming. These are people that can influence their demographics. In short, these are the people who decide how the -public- at large views you. If Rossi screws this up, and they give him a bad rap, it’ll turn basically the entire Italian public against him; as all together these people have influence over basically the entire country. No self respecting or serious investor would bother with Rossi if that happens, and all the others would jump ship. It’d be the end for him, and the public’s ire would be all he’d have earned.

            And finally, what is wrong with working in the gaming and gambling R&D sector, praytell? What is intrinsically wrong with that? ESPN airs professional gambling sessions, in Europe; it’s a serious and respected business. Are you judging a man based on where he plied his trade previously? His work in research and development hardware/software is completely relevant to Rossi. So, are you really trying to be pretentious as to malign him? Shall we judge you based on your employment?

            I hope that clarifies the matter a bit more.

          • Jim

            It sure clarified it for me! 🙂

          • clovis

            Hi, Ged.
            One thing, Mr. Rossi, don’t need to impress anyone really, at a million 5 per unit, and an endless line of customers, who cares, what anyone else thinks.

          • GreenWin

            AR appears to subscribe to the 12 point edict: “What other people think of me, is none of my business.”

          • Peter_Roe

            The significance seems to be that he is a technical consultant, rather than who he has worked for.

            However his post in the gaming industry appears to involve:

            Responsible Manager for the approval legal procedures
            Creative Team Manager (game character, animations, sounds)
            R&D Hardware Manager
            R&D Software Manager
            Inventor and Team dev leader of game engines for on-board and online games
            Consultant for architecture of the networks (LAN and WAN)

            But since we are being so selective, we also find the following in his c.v.:

            System Manager of the National Institute of Astrophysics
            creation and management of the national administrative coordination of the Italian astrophysical observatories.
            HTML & Flash Web designer of website of INAF.
            Computer Science Expert member of the examining boards in competitions for INAF recruitment.

            Field Service Engineer III
            installation, maintenance, and diagnostic & repair of TAC safety equipment for civilian and military airports.

            Designer of: electrical low-, medium-voltage electronic and computer remote control.

            I wonder if you would be able to produce anything approaching this obvious level of expertise in your c.v.?

          • Max S

            no doubt this involves decent know-how in IT at least. But the question is what qualification is required. Obviously Mr Fabiani has no backgroumd in physics. For a technical director of a manufacturing of nuclear devices of the planned scale (“millions of e-cats”) one would have expected a background in natural sciences or engineering and experience in overseeing large scale manufacturing operations.

            The second person on the speakers agenda is Gianvico Pirazzini, his backgroud is “Architetto”. To him there is an interesting link just 1 month ago.

            Andrea Rossi
            September 4th, 2012 at 2:17 PM
            Dear Gianvico Pirazzini Architetto:
            I swear I am going to Zurich at my full expenses, to meet our Licensees and some public to give information. I will not get a single cent. I ignore how much costs to attend, honestly is not my business, probably there are hotel and restaurant expenses, I do not know. I told to my wife that there is people paying 300 Euro to listen to me: she said she would not listen to me even for free: “nemo propheta in patria sua est”.
            Warm Regards,

            So it seems Pirazzini is a new employee, or is it normal that a CEO communicates with his key employees in a blog like this ?

            At least we know now 2 people of Leonardo besides Rossi, and both have no background in nuclear sciences or physics whatsoever. The fact that Rossi does not put others on the podium suggests there may be no other experts available. Not a good sign.

          • Ivan_Cev

            These are crucial conclusions, I think this proves Rossi circle is very small.
            lets wait and see what different he offers in this event.

          • GreenWin

            I still can’t figure out why Dr. Michael Melich is on Rossi’s Board of Advisers. Dr. Melich is Senior Research Fellow at the Naval Post Graduate Inst., CF instructor and participant in ICCF since inception.


          • Renzo

            are you trolling or serious? Gambling industries use very complex algorithms and very advanced software. The fact he has such IT experience is nothing to scorn, on the opposite it is a good sign he’s able to design a complex control system

          • The former, clearly. In fact, curiously similar in style and syntax to one of the best known in the business.

          • Ivan_Cev

            I am in IT and have background in Electrical Eng. Clearly the CV is about IT and very little in Eng.
            After 20 Years in IT I would not apply for a job in Eng.
            one because I have no recent experience, and second I will be better paid in IT. In the light of the CV He is in similar condition.

          • GreenWin

            Does anyone here seriously believe any of these public shows are anything but propaganda?

            Including the kirvit produced ANS show??

          • Ged

            With each reveal, this event just gets bigger and bigger. And to think it’s only 3 hours long, but filled with top people representing a variety of sectors… and a politician!

            Thank you Ivan for doing this data mining on the participants, it is hugely appreciated by us non-Italian speakers.

            Edit: Just to re-iterate for newcomers arriving: Rossi really can’t afford to screw this conference up. There’ll be no avenue left if he does.

      • Ivan Mohorovicic

        It also appears that Franco Battaglia is often also called Francesco Battaglia, in case you want to search him up on Google.

  • georgehants

    Great stuff, hopefully.

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      Old news! (2011)

      • georgehants

        Ha Ivan, you where to quick I spotted it in time for an edit.

  • Peter_Roe

    Just like to thank Ivan Mohorovicic for the detailed info on participants and Ged for the ongoing analysis (and of course Frank for bringing it to our attention in the first place!). I think many of us might have missed much of the significance of the meeting without this input.

    One more click of the ratchet – it would seem that Rossi’s strategy is to just keep piling it on incrementally, rather than bothering with any more demos or similar.

  • Chris

    Oh now finally I can read that poster! It was a bit too small when first linked to.

    This certainly looks good!

    Pity I can’t go to Pordenone though, I’m only a stone’s throw away from it.

  • Ivan_Cev

    “Wednesday, Nov. 14, from 8:30 a.m. to noon, the American Nuclear Society will hold a panel session on low-energy nuclear reaction research”
    Session organizer Steven Krivit.
    They will have a look at nuclear transmutations.
    This is a good approach as heat and energy measurements are so difficult and controversial, better look for nuclear transmutation signatures.
    So the “SNAKE” is at work!
    The era of LENR is approaching fast.

    • jacob

      American Nuclear Society must have got wind of the E-cat,and thought to kind of keep an eye on progress every year from now on.
      Maybe a motion was passed which may be recorded in the minutes,by the secretary of the society,personally any place with the word society in it,to me is just another word for the Establishment (destroyers of knowledge)

      • Chris

        Krivit is highly a Kritic of Rossi and a few other specific players, but he does not speak out against LENR in general. It isn’t always easy to see this, because he is a bit of a nutcase and sometimes his criticism comes across as scoffing the whole of LENR but he has actually done a lot to promote interest in it. At one point, after a visit to Rossi’s capannone in which Levi gave a long interview, he was saying he had become “cautiously optimistic” about Rossi’s claims. Later, Stirling Allen raised a few red flags and he has been raging again.

        The trouble is that Rossi has always been sloppy, brazen and confusing so it is to be expected that many a diligent observer lacks trust in him. I don’t trust him blindly at all but there seems to be more encouraging news in support of his claims, prevailing somewhat over his shortcomings.

    • captain

      The snake changes skin but not its habits.

  • Andrew Macleod

    I have to admit that when I first read this new story I wasn’t very impressed. After all the investigation (thanks Ivan) it’s looking to be interesting, I’m getting excited. Rossi isn’t dumb he know the line up and he will have the 3rd party validation maybe even the university validation on hand, in fact he probally already has it.

    • jacob

      he is not showing his cards,and that is wise.

  • roseland67

    What are your expectations from this “conference”?

    What makes it a success and what makes it a failure?

    Are we once again relegated to , “soon”, “close”
    “any time now”, ‘very near” “high”, etc. etc.
    Or is the world given conclusive evidence of some unusual
    previously unknown nuclear effect that could improve the
    standard of living of all humanity and a
    working model given to a national lab for witness testing?

    In Chicago, a pessimist waits, but with hopes that somehow,
    engineering has preceeded science.

    • Chris

      Somehow? Look up the history of thermodynamics for a major example.

    • Ged

      It will be a success if those people walk away from it saying good things. It’ll be a failure if they walk away denouncing Rossi, which will basically bar him from any serious thought in Italy. Pretty simple metrics.

  • I hope we haven’t overestimated the significance of this meeting.

    • Peter_Roe

      It wouldn’t be the first time we collectively ‘overhyped’ an event beyond anything actually promised. If that turns out to be the case, we can probably manage to live with it. We already do that at least once a year, every Christmas!

      • Ged

        Speculation is fun! The main hype for me is simply failure is not an option. He better succeed here.

        • Ivan Mohorovicic

          According to 22passi it appears a couple of people opted out of this conference. In addition to Ricardo Sabbatini (who I think posted a message here), Salvatore Majorana won’t attend this event anymore due to unexpected circumstances.

          • Ged

            That’s too bad, since his patent office role is so interesting. I wonder if IIT will send someone to replace him.

  • Adam Lepczak

    With the ongoing LENR saga, it seems that the center of the world shifts back to where it used to be – the Rome. I almost regret not being able to speak Italian…
    This will have to do for now:

  • Miles

    “I literally beg of thee, please share such data. It would do a lot to end the mumbo jumbo that is being spread by your enemies” – Hank Mills

    “Dear Hank Mills: If the data we have now will be confirmed, do not worry at all. Warm Regards” – (A.R. Source:

    Seems like Rossi isn’t worried at all with that relax comment, he seems at ease. Considering the documented papers, research companies, scientists (NASA)/academics (from global Universities) & forums being arranged, you can’t create all this from nothing. Also, according to an email I received from e-Cat Australia, they are trying to get/lure investors to raise capital. Something is brewing.

    • Ivan_Cev

      Yes, is LENR, the Piantelly effect, the Nanor, the Japanese, Celani, Abundo…. etc etc. all these people are academics, real main stream science researchers.
      Rossi… maybe… but needs to probe it. a product in the market is a probe, but where could we buy it, will you qualify as customer?, will you became a secret buyer?

  • Dickyaesta

    Some days ago I had a dream:

    I was in an enormous hall lined with very exotic palm trees thirty meters high which had different colors of deep blue, red and yellow in the center where the leaves grew from the stem. And then rows upon rows of the most richly dressed people both in ornaments and in texture of cloth. Beautiful invigorating people not decadent, but full of energy and intellect and in the middle there was a path towards the end of the hall where in even more splendor of different nuances of light and gold, resided the Pharaoh, emperor or king. I had an impression it was an Atlantean court due to the very exotic palm trees lining the sides of the hall, which I have never seen before and because they seemed to be very important in my dream as if to say pay much attention to them to situate the dream in time and place!!!

    In the middle of the Hall there was a procession of high priests walking towards the Pharaoh with at the head of this procession a high priest, in his hands extended high-up towards the direction of the Pharaoh a rather odd looking black vase which could be seen to contain a very bright fire (seems familiar to us, no!).

    The whole gathering seemed to be for the dedication of this eternal fire to the Pharaoh. The High priest who had the odd black vase in his hands seemed to walk in a rather peculiar rapid fashion towards his Pharaoh to offer him this eternal fire. When I turned to look at the face of the high priest it was the exact face of Mr. Rossi and I woke up rather shocked and surprised….. A bit later it dawned upon me that even the peculiar stride was that of ‘our’ Rossi, which must have caught my attention in one of his videos.

    I leave it at that, to let you interpret it as you like, the dream seemed very positive to me about Rossi’s invention,

    Saludos from Spain
    Dickyaesta (Didymus van Kempen)

    • Ivan_Cev

      I think this will fully and folly validate the e-cat and Rossi. Keep dreaming!

    • Barry

      Hi Dickyaesta,
      It was a dream that got me interested in LENR. I walked into my den and it was full on antiques. In the middle was a table and on the table was, what I thought was a wood stove because it had a strange fire going on inside of it, but it was made of glass and trimmed with metal. A technician walked into the room with a small cartridge that had to be replaced every six months. He told me there was hydrogen inside. Two days later I read an article on CF, which I thought, like so many do, was proven to be without merit.
      I belong to a Jungian dream group whose goal is to enter into dialog with the Larger Self. But science is a very left brain approach and I must admit I try not to bring up the right- brained side of things that guide my life. Your dream sounds like what Jung calls a “Grand Dream” where events become mythic. It’s a wonderful dream. Don’t let anyone take away its meaningfulness. Thanks, Barry

    • AstralProjectee

      Very interesting dream. I use to have dreams a lot and interpret them. Still do sometimes. So I have some experience with the. I have also had lucid dreams and astral projected. I wonder who the Pharaoh was. Maybe it was the patent office. No I don’t know. But it certainly seems LENR related. Dreams don’t have to be exact. Our brains and minds are not always perfect in portraying truths to us in a perfect way through dreams. Many times enough to get the point across.

      One of the hosts on Coast to Coast AM (famous radio talk show) had a very clear dream about a wave coming and hitting some major us city. (I forgot which one.) And someone had an interpretation that the wave represented cheap abundant clean energy. I think that is what it means too.


      • Dickyaesta

        @astralProjectee I know what you mean about dreams although this dream came out of the blue. It seemed to me very specific, the spectators in this dream (if you want to interpret it) seemed to refer to the intelligent discussions on this blog, finally a place where intelligent people get together with a very open mind full of hope for a better future. Referring to the Pharaoh it seemed to indicate the golden future, why all this had a pre or Atlantean setting I don’t know, possibly a message, that a similar invention was made in that epoch and then got lost with the demise of Atlantis, the same as the palm trees which seemed to be important to say just that: disappeared with the demise of Atlantis.