Prometeon SRL Launches Web Site, Offers E-Cat Products

The countdown clock has finally expired, and now Prometeon SRL’s web site is live. Prometeon is the exclusive Italian licensee for Leonardo Corporation’s E-Cat products and is led by Aldo Proia, CEO and commercial director. The site is of course in Italian, but with the help of Google Translate some interesting information is revealed.

At the moment Prometeon is listing five products:

1. E-Cat Electricity to Heat. This is a 1 MW heat producing plant (up to 120 C) powered by electricity. Recommended for use where a reliable gas supply is not available.

2. Gas Cat. This is a 1 MW heat producing plant which is driven by gas instead of electricity. It is said to be more economical than the electricity-driven plant.

3. Hot Cat (Not yet on the market — in ‘advanced stages of research and development’). It is listed as producing temperatures of 600 C, and recommended for industrial processes that require high temperatures, and for the production of electricity.

4. E-Cat Pure Electric Stand Alone. (Not expected to be available before the summer of 2013.) This plant will have electricity as an output will apparently produce enough surplus electricity to power itself. No external power beyond a start up generator is needed. Recommended for industries or utilities.

5. Combined thermal-electric E-Cat. (Not on the market) A plant that provided both heat and electricity for industrial settings.

Pricing is not provided, but a payback period of around four years is mentioned. It appears that price will be negotiable based on a number of factors, including the customers current costs of power. Regarding time to order, Prometeon states, “For products already on the market, is max. 4 months from the order, unless saturation of the production capacity for large orders, in which case the time may be longer.”

The site has FAQs covering technical questions, and a couple of reports dealing with measurement of radiation from the E-Cats. Prometeon claims that there are more dangerous x-rays emitted by tube TVs and CRT computer monitors than from the E-Cat which is perfectly safe to sleep next to.

Regarding the future, Prometeon brings up an opportunity for investors:

In the future, perhaps by the end of 2013, the ‘ E -Cat power can be a form of financial investment highly profitable for investors and for the pure provider of energy, which can buy plants to sell electricity directly energy on the spot where it is needed. In fact, the modular power plant technology-based E -Cat will allow maximum flexibility in this regard. This will further facilitate the spread of E -Cat power in industrial and civil.

There’s lots of interesting content here. It will all become more meaningful and impressive once we get confirmation of at least one of these products being put into action.

  • There’s something wrong with the link to Prometeon’s website Frank.

  • lukedc


    Need to remove the extra “http//”

  • Robert Mockan

    Well, that web site is certainly an interesting development. I wonder if the MSM will ignore it, and the fact it is selling cold fusion reactors.

    Much of the MSM still denounces cold fusion as fantasy.

    The world gets more weird every day.

    • AstralProjectee

      What’s MSM stand for?

      • Invy

        Mainstream media.

    • Omega Z


      You may recall that I’ve speculated before that E-cat Refills may actually be a replacement Reactor Cores.

      At Prometeon Web Site FAQ
      Who can guarantee the future supply of cartridges?

      NOT Recommended- the advance purchase of cartridges when it is made possible because the technology improvements will be implemented in their “cartridges reactor.”

      • Peter_Roe


        I’m sure you are right – the ‘cartridge’ is the reactor, probably including the heater elements and thermostat.

        I assume that the answer in the FAQ refers to the 1MW unit, so the design of the modules must have changed radically from the demo unit, to permit user replacement of cartridges.

        It sounds as if they may be in the process of adapting the ‘home’ unit design to enable cartidge replacement in the 1 MW LT units, which in turn tends to confirm Rossi’s assertions that the home unit is ready to go, bar safety certification.

        To protect the IP, the monitoring system will alert ‘Rossi Central’ if a machine is shut down at any time, and an ‘engineer’ will probably be rushed to the spot to make sure that all cartridges are still in place. Possibly some kind of mechanical interlock will be fitted to prevent reactor cartridges being removed from a unit without a special code or electronic key held by the engineer.

      • Robert Mockan

        Cartridge reactor = metal tube with LENR catalyst bonded to inner wall, non-proprietary reversible hydrogen storage compound for pressure cycling by heating and cooling it, electric resistance heating element for initial heating to operation temperature, and temperature cycling to assist hydrogen diffusion into and out of the LENR catalyst layer.

        Knockoff brands will not be long coming.

      • Robert Mockan

        Extend the length of the inexpensive mass produced cartridge reactor and bundle them for any amount of thermal power generation? Insert a bundle of them vertically into molten salts working between 400 C and 900 C, use as the primary heat exchange fluid to boil water in a steam boiler to make steam for electric power generation, desalinate water, steam heating your winter home, green house with grow lights, whatever.

        LOL! Those knockoff reactor brands are going to be a headache for anybody wanting to claim IP (Intellectual Property)!

  • Italo R.

    Meanwhile Dr, Rossi writes on JoNP:

    “Andrea Rossi
    October 30th, 2012 at 8:35 PM
    Dear Emilio Icaza:
    Yes, Leonardo Corp is very much powerful now. I can already say that the first 1 MW hot cat will go in operation within February 2013. It will not be a military application, therefore selected persons will be allowed to visit it. It will be installed in a big power production and distribution plant.
    This is the new. The plant is made in the USA.
    An extremely important agreement has been signed after the tests of the Hot Cat, which are going on since June in the USA and in Italy.
    The details will be communicated only after the plant will have been working for enough time to be visitable, also to avoid clubs in the wheels.
    That’s all I can say right now.
    Warm Regards,

    • Invy

      I read 2013 before the month and was disappointed…. Then I was like, oh February… Much better.

      • Pachu

        “The details will be communicated only after the plant will have been working for enough time to be visitable, also to avoid clubs in the wheels.”

        Dont expect anything in February, in fact…. dont expect anything.

    • Renzo

      Excellent news, I didn’t expect the Hot Cat to be ready for practical applications so early. So we’ll have the first electricity production in a power plant already in 2013.

      • Blanco69

        I suspect the 1MW relates to the 1MW cold cat rather that the actual hot cat. I’d expect to see the shipping container wheeled out again. Not sure if it’s a translation issue or real misdirection. We had no idication that the hot cat produced 1MW of heat. In fact the 1MW cold cat didn’t produce 1MW either if I remember correctly. In my view, large pinch of salt required.

    • Gerrit

      “big power production and distribution plant” what is that ? (or what could it be in Rossi speak ?)

      I assume they would use the 1MW plant to preheat water which will then be turned to steam in a subsequent step by a conventional energy production system to drive a turbine.

      I could imagine that the american EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) is involved, or better the other way around, I can’t imagine they are not involved if it is really a “big energy production plant”

      Maybe EPRI’s involvement was the “big news” announced last week.

      Most important thing:

      Final Ultimate Deadline is end of Feb 2013

      What if Rossi doesn’t deliver that Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely goal ?

      For those that only want to see the final proof, please come back end of February, enjoy the holiday season and stop wailing in the mean time.

      • Peter_Roe


        “big power production and distribution plant” = a power station. This will be a small pilot plant to demonstrate to the US power industry that the hot cat can be used to generate power (via a boiler and turbine as you suggest). The most likely first client might be a coal-fired station due for closure.

        Clearly Rossi is way ahead of the prototype hot cat shown at Pordenone, and has been working with an industrial power manufacturer for some time.

        If it is successful it will be the breakthrough into public awareness that many have been hoping for. Those who want to tax, control and contain CF will be working overtime behind the scenes.

        • GreenWin

          Yes. There will be a move to keep LENR a specialized industrial product. Until another startup figures out how simple it is to build a hot-cat-type reactor and starts selling DIY kits. Remember Heath Kits (Americans)?

          There is TOO MUCH MONEY to be made in distributed energy for big manufacturers like Siemens, GE, Mitsubishi, Carrier, and Toshiba as Westinghouse brand.

          The vision of 3-4 Billion residential CHP systems cannot be resisted even by old school nukes and utilities. If we don’t do it, a Chinese made LENR CHP system will appear at Home Depot.

  • V o o do o-_

    “the ‘ E -C a t power can be a form of fin an cial in ve st ment highly pro fit able for inv est ors and for the pure provider of energy, which can buy plants to sell electricity directly energy on the spot where it is needed”

    All my a nalysis show me one end result: such “highly pro fi ta ble in vest ment” will turn into fi a s co. Simply all form of fuels and energies will experience de clining prices. This will not as “pro fit able” as seems with today’s prices.

    Ro ssi’s way of comm unicating whole thing is the most har mful for all Pla net Ear th. His another 4+ months of planned si lence and no proof for M SM will cause another 1 Trill ion dollars of lo sses/dama ges. Every day of dela y cause a lo ss cca 9 bi l lion dol lars – mostly from wrong misal lo cation of sources into tomorrow morning obso lete and inef fective tech. Because CEOs and CTOs in hundreds thousands of companies don’t know that this new tech is real and they “in ves ting” into coal, nuke powerplants, oil exploration in 12000 feets depth and similar obsolete things.

    1 Tri llion da mage to wor ld for his slightly higher pro fit. Event such “hig her pro fit” is dou btful, because Ro ssi may get the same pro fit even higher if he step up on TV staff lights and told: “our tech is real, here is proof, please stand in row with your orders”

    For his way I have only one word which is here ba n ned.

  • georgehants

    It may be becoming a little clearer to people that main-line so called scientific journals are simply comics used by the establishment to distort and deny anything outside of excepted Dogma.
    Wiki-rubbish is also part of this conspiracy and only a complete rebellion by scientists is ever going to change what they have allowed to happen.
    It is not the leaders fault that they are allowed to get away with crimes, anymore than it was Hitlers fault, it is those who follow.
    Without followers no conspiracy crime can occur.
    If scientists have any concern for science and the Truth then now may be as good a time as any to get off their backsides, stop blaming everybody else and put their own house in order.
    UFO’s either exist or they do not, any “scientist” who does not demand that full unbiased, open, competent research is started now so that the TRUTH is found is no scientist, no matter how much he likes to walk around waving qualifications that he thinks make him an “opinion expert.
    Science Demands Facts, not opinions.
    If that TRUTH is, they only exist in the mind, that is a major discovery of a phenomenon of the mind and should be investigated, as airline pilots, many of whom suffer from this condition need to be assessed as to their flying safety.
    If the Truth is that they are an unknown general phenomenon, then what is science for, if not to follow that Evidence.

    • Peter_Roe
      • georgehants

        Good find Peter, there are people out there trying to inform us but most prefer to follow the status quo, I think.

        • Peter_Roe


          Yes the MSM have constructed what was a fairly seamless ‘alternative reality’ that most people seem happy to go with. The cracks are beginning to show everywhere you look now though.

          • GreenWin

            One rather large crack is the caliber of writer working as “journalists.” For this story of CF NOT to be in headlines daily – there must be a total of ZERO real journalists at work.

      • Karl

        Very interesting

        • Jambo

          Did you notice that every product comes only in “industrial” or “utility” scale? No consumer-level products are apparently being developed? Sounds like a “game-changer” for just a few eh?

          • Peter_Roe

            Energy utilities and military organisations only, for the time being. Cold fusion is coming now – but no-one outside these groups will see much change for many years if TPTB have their way.

          • GreenWin

            I’d rather have it OUR way Peter. That would be fun for a change.

          • Peter_Roe

            Me too GW, but I don’t think that writing to my MP is going to cut it, and I’m a bit old for rioting on the streets!

            I’ve been involved in opposing the building of a new nuclear plant 20 miles from where I live for many years, and despite the best efforts of a thousand or so like minded people, we have not so far been able to make the slightest difference to the nuclear steamroller created by our government.

            We try to fight with facts and publicity, they fight back with lies, misinformation, promises of jobs, and money for the ‘local authorities’ who nominally grant the necessary planning permissions (most councillors would have difficulty understanding how a dishwasher works, let alone a nuclear power station). Guess who wins. My faith in democracy was never high, but its now well below the zero baseline.

    • KenLebrun

      Herd instinct is inevitable. It’s sad this version is on such a large scale. It’s really another abuse of power. The power lies in reputation. The leaders of the mainstream “Science” community have the most power and the reputations for being the genius subject matter experts with a knowledge of everything real in their minds. They too follow the established so called Scientific principles. In turn, every “scientist” down the line wouldn’t dare challenge those above them on the ladder that they aspire to be like someday. The whole situation turns out to be like a mouse(scientific community’s actual knowledge of the truth) with a boat anchor tied to it’s tiny hind feet. With that, the achievement of reaching a total understanding of our universe is like that mouse climbing Mount Everest. It’s time that mouse dropped the anchor as a community and started eating some beef. Hopefully the realization of their errors when LENR comes full circle will break that chain.

      VR my .02$


      • Peter_Roe

        Exactly right. There won’t be any moral compasses in evidence though – it’ll just be a matter of survival. Adapt or die.

      • Gerrit

        Science is in a continuous state of war with the unknown.


        Generals order.
        The young man answer the call.
        Defectors are shot.


  • Martin

    Nr.4 is interesting. One Cat powers itself and one or even more others. These others power even more cats. And so on. Theoretical endless power.

    • Peter_Roe

      Referred to as ‘Daisy chaining’ or cascading. It might be possible if a high temperature coolant is used, so valve-controlled closed looping could be used to transfer heat from one unit to another.

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      I expect those configurations to be used in centralised powerplants.
      Once such a powerplant is running, only minor amounts of fuel are used with nearly infinite output. Just scale the operation up by adding more ecat’s and more turbines. Fuel consumtion will just rise marginal.

      Heat could be a problem, though that seems to be just an enginering challenge.

  • Gerasim

    Looks interesting how they used Google and HP modular datacenter concepts to illustrate “E-Cat elettrico puro stand-alone”.

  • andreiko

    End of 2013 oil tankers melted down for the production of e-cats.

    • Peter_Roe

      Or modified for shipping them.

      • KenLebrun

        My father worked half his life in a nickel mine located in Riddle, Oregon. The operation shut down when it became cheaper to import it from New Zealand. I wonder how many years before it opens up again with a bang! Cut the tops off the tankers and make them into ore carriers lol.

        • orsobubu

          I don’t think so. Inside the video recording of Pordenone meeting, Rossi states thet a ton of material could satisfy Ecats for all over the world. I repeat here:

          in capitalistic production system conditions, LENR would accelerate overproduction, overpopulation, unemployment, competition, automation, fall of the profit rate (see Karl Marx’ Capital). In a word, LENR would enhance crisis conditions bringing to imperialistic wars. These crisis are inevitable in capitalism, but LENR brings nearer the physical limit of a continuous and limitless market expansion, which is the only way to delay the day of reckoning. In addition, there is a risk deriving from multiplying human industrial activities on Earth, because the heat barrier cannot be surpassed. I imagine only two ways to overcome this: mankind expansion in outer space (not a robotic expansion, because only human worked hours produce capital) or a communist revolution, where use value (useful energy and goods) replace exchange value (wage work, money, capital, banks).

          • theBuckWheat

            “in capitalistic production system conditions, LENR would accelerate overproduction, overpopulation, unemployment, competition, automation, fall of the profit rate (see Karl Marx’ Capital). In a word, LENR would enhance crisis conditions bringing to imperialistic wars. ”

            The same UTTER SOPHOMORIC NONSENSE could be said when coal oil replaced whale oil.

          • Robert Mockan

            Here is an alternative view.

            Increasing GDP feeds the greed of parasitic owner oligarchs who use their controlled governments to coerce through taxation more profit from the greater yields.

            LENR can be the weapon to destroy the insane oligarchs and break the cycle of farming human livestock that produce the greater yields of products, by removing the centralized control of energy resources from the oligarchs.

            With breakdown of the conditioning process in the government controlled schools, awakening people of the world will recognize the superstition of needing governments for what it is, a myth, that they are taught to think is essential and important, so they can be enslaved by the debt based monetary systems imposed upon them by the insane oligarchs.

            The expansion into space will happen anyway, but first the insane oligarchs need to be destroyed.

          • Peter_Roe

            Echo. Enough is enough.

        • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

          Not very likely that old mines will have to be reopened. I remember reading somewhere that 1% of the current yearly nickel production is enough to replace the current world energy needs.

          Also read somewhere that the energy density of a LENR reaction is higher than nuclear fission reactions such as are occurring in nuclear powerplants. Just to show how powerful LENR actually is.

    • Jimr

      Spoken like a person with no idea the time it takes to convert to a new product. If everything goes perfect maybe by 2023.

      • andreiko

        Large consumers of energy will have to react very quickly from competition considerations in the purchase of e-cats and/or HOT-CATS, previous economic models will not apply.

  • Prometeon’s E-Cat logo, with the silhouette of the cat against a white background, is like one of those optical illusions. If you stare at it long enough a white image on a black background emerges. But I’m afraid to say what it is that I can see!

    Do you see it too?

    • Andreiko

      Yes I see it(lol)

  • Filip48

    I wonder if I can up-grade my pre-order in a Hotcat.
    As patient early adapters, I think we deserve somekind of return favor.

    • Peter_Roe

      By the time that home e-cats become available (at the very best in several years time) the hot cat technology will almost certainly have been ‘tamed’ and will be used in small units. In the meantime, an adapted version of the home e-cat core will be used in the 1MW units.

      There may be a deal that will allow buyers of the original-type 1MW unit to upgrade to hot cat tech when this is available. After all I doubt a 1MW unit costs more than about $100,000 to assemble and test, so there is a hefty margin that would make an exchange easily feasible, as the cost of a hot cat equivalent falls.

  • georgehants

    Just like Cold Fusion this is not a scientific paper you are likely to read in the main-line scientific comics.
    Pre-cognition might really exist, at least in some limited fashion, according to a new study of studies. Humans can anticipate near-future events even without any evidence presaging the event – and apparently without realising it. One researcher even hints that quantum behavior might be involved.
    It’s not necessarily extra-sensory perception, but “presentiment” can be real, and it may be based on physiological cues that biology still can’t explain. It’s something we’ve all experienced to some degree – like when you just know the driver in the lane next to you is coming over, or when you can feel that your boss is coming down the hall and you’d better look busy.
    Predicting the near future is actually very common, notes Julia Mossbridge, lead author of the study and research associate in the Visual Perception, Cognition and Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University. If we see dark clouds and smell the sharp musk of rain, we can deduce that a storm is probably coming. It’s the whole where there’s smoke, there’s fire logic. But even without these sensory clues, humans can react preemptively – there’s an unexplained “anticipatory effect,” according to Mossbridge’s meta-analysis.

    • GreenWin

      Oh my aching JushoaCude parts!! Call the MIB squad!

  • Andrea Di Luccio

    This is italian language but italian thinking too, so be very carefull about this informations because they do not represent a real agreement but just generic informations “subject to change”. They are “intentions” not facts. In Italy we say something live this: “the road to hell is made  with good intentions”

  • ken deboer

    Greenwin and Robert Mockan have it exactly right. From where we are today, to where the CF revolution will take us in just the next few years, looks like it’s going to be a wild and wooly ride. It could be full of nasty short annd/or long term surprises, like for instance, something we all seem to have a fear and premonition of—- oligarchical control and rationing. Or, it could just fizzle out for another ‘diaspora’.
    What might the CF rollout look like? I’ll throw out my layman’s version of the commercial CF landscape and direction (caveat; I have only followed the field for about a year and I have no technical expertise).

    I see 8 ‘facets’ or premises that are, or will be, important

    1) the whole field is still a small guerilla, underground operation, both in terms of a small numbmer of scientists diligently making progress, and a small army of scattered admirers, followers, whatever. A few of this latter army are dedicated designers and replicators and real contributors(these I believe will be our ultimate salvation).
    2) Recently added to the mix are about 10 commercial entrants, springing from isolated scientific pioneers. It seems likely that from one (or several) of these will come, quite soon, a commercial CF product. What this product looks like, how commercially viable it is, who owns it and the use and distribution of it is a raw, open question.
    3. The initial social and political reaction to the introduction of CF could be decisive, in terms of determining the long term distribution, costs and beneficiaries.
    4) The first commercial entrants might very well be soon criticized by ‘small’ users as crude, user unfriendly or marginally cost effective. Large, industrial reactors may be seen oppositely and gain the upper hand.
    5) This is where I hope that the guerilla force comes to the rescue, by expanding and taming the technology so that individual users can effectively install, use and service their distributed units. By worldwide discussion, encouragement, and planning etc, this undergound army can begin (continue) to design, develop, and philosophically and technically guide to a considerable degree the hardware, software, businessware, etc essential to achieving the goal of worldwide, ‘free’ energy.
    6. The scientific, theoretical basis of CF will eventually catch up to the practical, engineered products on the ground.
    7) Some people can, and should, become rich by implementing the on-the-ground applications of the technology, from the reactor to the plumbing end.
    8) The great reward will attach to whoever can design and implement the system to produce small scale electricity.