Sven Kullander on the E-Cat

Many thanks to Hampus Ericsson for sending me this report of a conversation he had with Sven Kullander, professor emeritus of High Energy Physics at Uppsala University in Sweden. (Edited slightly for English grammar)

One year ago I went to see Sven Kullander’s lecture about nuclear fission/fusion [given at Orebro University in Sweden on November 23rd, 2011]. In that lecture he also talked about cold fusion and his visit to Andrea Rossi. After the lecture I wrote a small wall post about it in the Facebook group “Cold fusion Andrea Rossi”. The wallpost quickly spread all across the Webb and became read by many.

Later at a train station I see Sven Kullander, I collected my courage (Swedish people are very shy) and started a conversation. I found out that Sven is really nice and we ended up talking the whole trip to Uppsala.

We talked about cold fusion (ofc) and his views on Andrea Rossi. He told me about his deep respect for Focardi and how collaboration with him really makes Rossi look good. Sven also said that the reason why only he in the academic field takes cold fusion seriously is because he will soon retire and are not afraid of ruining his carrier.

I told him about the huge debate Andrea Rossi have made in the Internet and that thousands of people (including me) are following every little thing that happens in this field. Sven is shocked at this and tells me that he gets his updates from telephone calls with Mats Lewan (Ny Teknik) and Andrea Rossi.

When I asked him who bought the industrial plant he told me that it was The Naval Research lab in USA. I know I can trust him because he gets his information directly from Andrea or Mats Lewan.

When we got closer to our destination I asked him a little more strongly: How can you be sure that your test on the ecat was correct? Can it all be a scam?

“There is always the possibility that Rossi is fooling everyone but then he most be the best magician in the world. We (Sven and Hanno Essen) checked everything, we looked for wires in the whole room. We could not see any trace of a fraud.”

I felt that Sven really meant this, he had seen the ecat he had touched it. I trust that Sven knew what he was doing and that his measurements were correct.

I left that train VERY reassured that Rossi has something.

In respect to Sven I decided not to mention any of this, I didn’t want Sven to get in trouble with Rossi. But now one year later I feel more comfortable sharing my experience.

Mvh John Olov Hampus Ersa Ericsson

  • Roger Bird

    This is very encouraging. We await the big day when the dams of incredulity break and the waters of LENR wash across the land.

    • GreenWin

      Those dams broke for me years ago. Just read the peer-reviewed lit. But if you want to see how skeps will react – read a few of the meltdown rants from the conservative right wing that lost the American election. They’re still incredulous. These are guys in hard core denial. Karl Rove, Ron Parker… two peas in a pod. 🙂

      • b4FreeEnergy

        Why is it so hard for certain people to believe Rossi has what he says he has? Like adding (“if it is true”) every second sentence they write … Really!

        You start wondering how the priests and the clergy of our world manage to get so many people inside churches and mosques without ever giving any prove that the ‘believers’ go there for a valid reason! Not to mention third party verifications by independant researchers to proof there really is something out there!

        Weird world we live in! 🙂

        • GreenWin

          Not only do priests/clergy get people inside their sanctuaries, they get ’em to make a donation$ before they leave!

      • Roger Bird

        Me. Don’t forget me. I am so stupid as to believe that taxes and conscription etc are coerced. Silly me. Of course government is a giant cornucopia of wish fulfillment, a charity that every good person would want to participate in. How could I be so stupid?

      • Roger Bird

        It is not LENR that I am having trouble with. It is commercializable uber-LENR, mostly Rossi.

  • Nixter

    There may be enough information on the purported 1Mw E-Cat purchase to now try a FOI (Freedom Of Information), request. To have any chance of getting a useful reply, the FOI filer must have usable, specific information to narrow the search to within a reasonable degree of accuracy. A simple request asking if an E-Cat was obtained in the last 14 months would not be specific enough, a search will not be attempted without sufficient search criterion. Armed with the name of the agency (NRL),involved in the purchase and the approximate date and the physical description of the actual device, (The 1Mw E-Cat),obtaining confirmation via an official FOI request may be worth a try. If any such transaction was made by the NRL in the clear, they are supposed to release the information.

    However, FOI requests response time can be many months, this information may be completely irrelevant by then.

  • GreenWin

    What’s the big deal about NRL? Hell, one of their scientists sits on Rossi’s Board of Advisers. Is it really hard to grok the R&D relationship? Funding? Final Acceptance contract signed off by a key figure?

    Not much of a stretch. Navy deserves credit for pioneering cold fusion research in the face of unlighted wits. Thank you SECNAV.

    • georgehants

      GreenWin, it is most important that at the end of the day G.B. ends up somehow getting most of the credit for Cold Fusion.
      Not quite sure how we are going to do that at the moment but many great minds must be working on the problem.

      • GreenWin

        Ha! George, you and I know the “credit” as such rightly belongs with P&F and the very courageous handful of scientists and engineers that continued the work even after the orthodox witch hunt was over. I’m sure G.B. will lay claim to some of the heretics, Dr. Fleischmann being one. And at U.S. DOD they’re already scrambling for “credit” between Navy, DARPA, NASA, and ABC agency.

        Places that will unfortunately NOT get credit include the world’s great institutions of higher learning (MIT, Oxford, Cal Tech, UEA, etc) and national research centers (excepting Italy’s ENEA.) Oh, Huizenga, Park, Koonin et al get to wear their dunce caps on holidays!

        • Peter_Roe

          “…Huizenga, Park, Koonin..” If I had my way their dunce caps would be riveted to their skulls. But then I always was liberal softie.

          • freethinker

            I remember this one. It kind of ticked me of as well earlier this year when nothing come to play. It could very well be the same customer as is talked about today. Things take time, and we want this to happen so fast.

            But I do understand the frustration and doubt. I have been there myself a couple of times. Maybe I will end up there again somewhere down the path. Most likely.

            Rossi does what Rossi does. He let us know from time to time. Do not fret. Meanwhile there are many other things happening that are LENR, that can be looked into, prodded, talked about, (and I am sure) trolled about.

            Like the MFMP:


          • freethinker

            And this was a reply to “Frank” (not admin I believe) who made a point about a 1MW Customer flagged a year ago, in a different thread completely … Either something is wrong with by browser ( do not think so as it was the same earlier today when was in via my mobile phone ) or sométhing funky is going on … Problems with the site admin? Or is it just me 🙂

          • daniel maris

            Rossi’s beyond the goodwill stage now. He has to show progress. Clearly and unambiguously.

          • Iggy Dalrymple

            Rossi is obligated only to his customers.

          • Lu

            Then why is he “chattering” so much?

          • Ryan

            He has a right to talk about his efforts and answer questions as he likes. Those that are on the outside and aren’t integral to the process (ie haven’t invested or are not working on it with him themselves) don’t have a right to demand answers from him. It is not that difficult a concept.
            Note that I am not saying that I am completely sure he will end up producing something. However I am not going to demand answers for something that I have no actual involvement with. I have patience and understand history enough to know that many, many projects and developments took a great deal of time (often many years if not decades) to reach usefulness beyond initial stages. Showing something to me, or you, or anyone on this forum who isn’t integral to the process is pointless right now.

          • Lu

            Then why is he “chattering” so much?

          • Omega Z


            Many have asked this question or asked how he has time to post on his blog.

            Imagine setting for hours on end monitoring an E-cat. Not much to do but wait, but you have to be there.

            Or waiting on employees building a structure for a boiler or whatever or parts being machined. You have to be there. There may be questions or problems to deal with.

            I’m sure Rossi finds himself in this situation quite often. What would you do in Rossi’s situation to kill time & you have a computer available. Post about your favorite subject.

          • NJT

            You are sooo correct – been there and done that with my own patented inventions.

            Give him some air for the greatest invention of mankind…

          • andreiko

            We are waiting for an irrefutable proof that the e-catten of Dr. Rossi produce more energy than consume.There is an irrefutable proof as possible without his secret price case.There are necessary a setup of 2 cubes of transparent plastik with a content of 1 m 3 and equal dimensions, filled with water, cube A and B isolate the walls, the top side of A and B must be fully open.Then in both A and B a E-cat mount the configuration in A and B must be the same for accurate measurement.By now 1 of the E-to let the water effects and catten heating which he posted is the weight of the evaporated water can be determined accurately,so also the necessary calories of verampingswarmte a known physics.Nice possibility is A and B separately on a scale so that the difference of evaporation in A and B directly visible.Then release the cameras but buzzing.

          • andreiko

            Wij wachten op een onweerlegbaar bewijs dat de e-catten van Dr Rossi meer energie opleveren dan verbruiken.

            Er is een onweerlegbaar bewijs mogelijk zonder zijn geheim prijs tegeven.

            Er zijn nodig een opstelling van 2 kubussen van transparant plastik met een inhoud van 1m3 en gelijke afmetingen ,gevuld met water ,kubus A en B de wanden isoleren ,de boven kant van A en B moet geheel open zijn.

            Vervolgens in zowel A als B een E-cat monteren de configuratie in A en B moet het zelfde zijn voor nauwkeurige meting.Door nu 1 van de E-catten inwerking te zetten en het water te laten verwarmen waarin hij geplaatst is kan het gewicht van het verdampte water nauwkeurig vastgesteld worden,
            dus ook de benodigde calorieen van de verampingswarmte een bekend natuurkundig gegeven.Leuke mogelijkheid is A en B apart op een weegschaal te plaatsen,zodat het verschil van verdamping in A en B direkt zichtbaar is.Laat vervolgens de camera`s maar zoemen.

        • georgehants

          GreenWin, I am so daft I forgot about Fleischmann being a Brit.
          So that’s it, all the credit belongs to us and we didn’t even have to send in a gunboat.

          • GreenWin

            George, G.B. (and former colonies) should never pass up gunboat diplomacy. First, take credit. THEN send in gunboat to rattle sabers from safe distance.

    • lcd

      I don’t think there are loss of people disputing he had the ability to do LENR+. There is simply a growing concern about his ability to control it and even more so to commercialize it.

      Of course just being able to demonstrate it with some regularity would be Nobel prize stuff.

      LENR+ that is. Apparently regular low power LENR is all measurement error still.

    • robyn wyrick

      It’s a big deal to me. “One of their scientists” is excellent, as you say, but that they are the purchaser of the industrial e-cat is very big news to have confirmed.

      I live in the U.S., and it really matters to me that the Federal Govt is pursuing this so seriously.