Prometeon SRL Issues Press Release on Leonardo's US Contract

Prometeon SRL, Licensee of Leonardo Corp’s E-Cat products for Italy has published the following press release. (Google translated)

A very important agreement concerning the Leonardo Corporation, producer of ‘E-Cat, was signed in October in the wake of the tests on’ Hot Cat made ​​since June in Italy and the United States. A 1 MW thermal which uses the ‘Hot Cat should be in place during 2013 in a plant for the production and distribution of energy or located in the U.S. or in a country in which the counterparty is a signatory to the activities, and will be one of the first non-military applications of this revolutionary technology.

“The Leonardo Corporation today will never be the same,” said Rossi, CEO of Leonardo Corp, after the signing of the contract, likely starting point of a much larger business. “At the moment we can not say more,” he added, “and if possible in the coming months we will work even harder to complete the engineering of ‘H ot Cat However, to avoid unnecessary hindrances, after only a few months after’ installation of the system may be provided with access to highly selected visitors. ”

As Rossi later revealed publicly on his blog, the agreement in question makes the big new American partner has access to intellectual property (including the one on the catalyst secret), contributes to the process patent and, in fact, makes the Leonardo no more than a small corvette but a large aircraft carrier. Note that nothing changes for the Prometeon and licensees in other countries that have a marketing license, which indeed will benefit from the new agreement.

  • barty

    Are there any news about the STMicroelectronis presentation about their Celani Cell replication?
    I didn’t hear anything, but the comment on 22passi which says the STM scientists think they got excess heat.

    It’s a bit disappointing after the announcements last week.

  • Gerrit

    So it’s no longer just RossiSays. Now it’s an official Press Release about RossiSays. That’ll show the naysayers 🙂

    • Fibber McGourlick

      A nice bit of irony.

    • robiD

      The problem with the naysayers is that they come to know things when it’s too late.

  • captain

    Well done mr. Rossi: such a partnership is very important now as now because IMO U’re running a race against the time to have the hot plant operational ASAP.
    Voices from Italy say that other people knows all what’s inside your cat, hence a further reason to speedup the operations.

    • David

      Which voices?

      • robiD

        e.g. see the user Nevanlinna on where Cures posts as well (anyway a bit hard to read with google translate)

        • Italo R.

          Yes, but it is also hard to understand in italian for italian people. The user Nevanlinna and others write in very cripted way, with hidden meanings.

        • Chris

          Gosh I was just about to yell for a more specific link when I found this post:

          Is it the one you meant? The part addressing Franco says: “I’ve known the chemical species of the secret catalyzer for at least a month and I’m not impressed by it. The steak is elsewhere. Those of Prometeon make smoke screens.”

          It isn’t easy to follow the overall chatter in those threads when just coming in from the cold. I will try tracing back a bit through the replies and see if I can find further clues. (EDIT: now that I looked, Franco had posted just the same link as here)

  • Redford

    Emptyest PR ever. Repeating old stuff, no fact to grasp. What’s the point of this?

    • Chris

      What you say goes for us who follow this site and those who follow Rossi’s.

      For Prometeon, it makes every bit of sense to have that news item on their own site and in Italian, for those over here who follow them. If you think Prometeon ought to rely on the expectation that customers and prospectives will go look all these things up, sifting through other sites (and not all of them read English equally easily) then you’ve no idea of how to market a product. Have you ever tried to be a salesman while reasoning like that?

      As for us on this site, it inequivocally sums up what we’ve pieced together from this and that item elsewhere.

    • Peter_Roe

      As you have cleverly spotted, it is simply a press release from a licensee. The ‘point’ of it is simply to try to inform a wider audience of developments that until now have been the province of blog followers and a few shills such as your good self.

      • Redford

        Well, at least it makes some stuff official. On this we can now ask accountability.

        • Peter_Roe

          Yes, that’s fair. But not necessarily by tomorrow afternoon.

        • Chris

          Ask Proia or Rossi for accountability?

          The way I see it, there is scarce chance that Proia has misunderstood Rossi. The age old “Rossi says” adage is valid as far goes asking him for accountability but this was already so for each of his statements that had been pieced together here. So the real bearing of this news is that we had not misunderstood Rossi’s recent utterances (+ maybe an extra detail or two).

          • note that in his intervew, Proia says many things.
            He remind us that rossi is strange, and mis lead us often… he is aware of the “rossi says” problem.
            second is that He says that he have checked with professional of his corp, the claims of rossi on e-cat…

            From his history it seems very probable that Proia have checked the claim himself, and don’t trust “Rossi says” as is.

            If a corp like Prometheon make a press release on that, they checked it and they want to be linked with that story. It is not a few word in a hall at the end of a conference.

          • Owen

            Excellent point. Now I wonder if the trolls will read this far down the page…

          • Peter_Roe

            The better ones will. They need to get a feel for the general mood so they can slip their FUD in as smoothly as possible.

  • “…we will know (the rest of the story)-smile, Dr. Rossi has said he will give us some pictures and a video in a few weeks maybe Christmas”.
    A video and/or pictures would be a wonderful Christmas present from you Rossi! In spite of all the negative pronouncements from the skeptics, Skeptics, and pseudo-skeptics,we still have reason to hope for safe, clean, and abundant energy reactor for everyone. It is a very cold winter now and many people can NOT afford the energy that is available. Somewhere out there, a family shivvers in a cold night, with NO heat to warm them. GO ROSSI! GO PROMETEON SRL! deliver the E-Cats to a world that need them. jdh


  • “…we will know (the rest of the story)-smile, Dr. Rossi has said he will give us some pictures and a video in a few weeks maybe Christmas”.
    A video and/or pictures would be a wonderful Christmas present from you Rossi! In spite of all the negative pronouncements from the skeptics, Skeptics, and pseudo-skeptics,we still have reason to hope for safe, clean, and abundant energy reactor for everyone. It is a very cold winter now and many people can NOT afford the energy that is available. Somewhere out there, a family shivvers in a cold night, with NO heat to warm them. GO ROSSI! GO PROMETEON SRL! deliver the E-Cats to a world that need them. jdh

  • georgehants

    From Godlike Productions
    The SCIENCE of COLD FUSION (LENR) w/ Andrea Rossi

  • georgehants

    daniel, It must be fair to say we are all a little frustrated at the wait for confirmation, if it ever comes, but your comments seem a little repetitive and null.
    They sound a little like the non scientists who call themselves scientists trying to show for example, there is no creator, irrational.
    Until clear or new Evidence of Rossi being or not being genuine surfaces there is no logical position beyond waiting for events to materialise.
    In the case of a creator that could be eternity but never the less any attempt to argue in the negative is a waste of time.
    One either chooses to follow the story or if one is dissatisfied with the wait move on to say following hot fusion where proof of concept may happen tomorrow or the next day or the —-

    • georgehants

      Sorry should have appeared below but am sure those attempting to show a negative with no clear Evidence will find it.

    • daniel maris

      I am making a simple observation: that if Rossi has a real working device there are plenty of ways of convincing people that it’s genuine without having to disclose any of the IP. That he chooses not to suggests either he doesn’t have such a device or he is playing some sort of game – commercial or psychological or whatever. Either way I think it’s v. sad, but of course, I hope it is the case he is game playing and that in time a genuine device will be revealed.

      • Redford

        “that if Rossi has a real working device there are plenty of ways of convincing people that it’s genuine without having to disclose any of the IP”

        The only one I can think of is more or less what they’re doing now. What are you thinking to ?

        • making a test for the investorsr letting them make the measurements..
          exactly what Aldo Proia said… and normal behavior.

          as it was said in a presentation at nasa by Millis (around end of slides), to avoid problem the best strategy of test is :
          – make test that prove real but low performance first, to break disbelief but not frighten opponents
          – when it is industrial and ready to sell, make real test with best performance

      • georgehants

        daniel, your point is very valid and I am sure most would agree with much you say but all the Evidence to date leaves the situation inconclusive from a Evidence point of view.
        Repetition of opinion as you are doing without new Evidence is pointless, as every-time you repeat a negative others can equally repeat a positive.
        Science is not about opinions and any scientist stating an opinion with out making clear that it is worthless and only Evidence counts is not a scientist.
        My worthless opinion is that the Evidence to date shows Rossi to have something substantial in Cold Fusion.
        Now how many times do you or the other repeaters on page want me to keep giving that same pointless opinion before you would see I am dangerous to Science, as only New Evidence will clinch the subject one way or the other.
        Are you a person who keeps repeating that there is no creator.

        • Redford

          “I am sure most would agree with much you say”

          I fail to see what he means. So far I’ve seen him asking for “showing video of the thing running”. We already have several of those. Did it convince everyone ? No. Actually, only a few person consider those videos as proof enough. To me Daniele simply don’t realise that “prooving” is not an easy matter. Even when there will be a scientific journal publishing hot cat report, that will be far from proof enough. MFMP blog was stunned to find decades old publications by Focardi proving excesse heat like Celani did lately. “Why wasn’t it picked up then” did they ask ? Good question indeed.

  • Stephen

    “…and will be one of the first non-military applications of this revolutionary technology.”

    Mhh. This statement does not logically imply a military application exists… but surely it evokes such a possibility. So, beyond word games, does really a military application exist? Is there any tangible proof of it?

    Ugh… pls wake me up when the eCat is on the market. We cannot go on like this forever…

    • John-xyz

      Buddy, I’m with you. If I could go back in time to the point just before I found out about the e-cat, I’d blow all of the fuses in my home so my computer wouldn’t work, I would.

      This is a saga. “A long, involved story, account, or series of incidents”

      May it end soon.

    • Peter_Roe

      This story is unfolding in real time in the real world – it isn’t a TV drama designed to fit a 30 minute attention span.

      If you want the accelerated version, check in once a month and read all the posts for the previous month in one go.

      • John-xyz

        The problem is that it’s natural to want to experience “the moment of truth”. The point at which the e-cat is proven or disproven. When I started reading here a year ago, that moment was probably 3-4 months away. Now it’s down to 2-3 months.

        Part of the reason for this was Rossi’s decision to build the hot-cat. He could have proven the warm-cat months ago. As an example, on this website we had 18/4/11 R. says he will lend e-cats to Uo. Stockholm and Uo. Uppsala for testing.

        Nothing happened. That was 18 months ago.

        • HeS

          @:“the moment of truth”

          No. It works otherwise. Knowledge spreads slowly. As someone wrote: “End of the world will come unnoticed”.

          • Peter_Roe

            The ‘someone’ appears to be blogger Mike Elle quoting from his Catholic school upbringing.

            Quite a few of the enabling components have already arrived, unnoticed by the general population.

        • Omega Z


          According to Rossi, We have 5 to 6 weeks before anything important comes about. This would indicate we could just check in occasionally for at least 4 weeks. We all know this.

          Ahh but what if?

          Everyone of knows that if we did this something will happen. We’ll miss that moment of truth. It’s mandated by some obscure law of nature. It’s maddening.

          Who hasn’t kept/saved something for several years. One day you conclude, You don’t use it. You don’t need it. You never will & no one else wants it… You Throw it away.

          Tomorrow Comes. DANG It.

  • Kim G. Patterson

    This may be the last post for this topic.

    I believe that Andrea Rossi has a diamond in the rough
    and that important people are starting to recognize

    On the other hand these people are trying to find a way to
    shake the money out of it.

    They need to find a way express the technology, but yet
    not reveal how it is accomplished.

    They also realize that it will change the paradigm forever,
    and that they will have a small window of time to make their
    money before the knowledge is universal and ubiquitous.

    I believe that the delays in the mainstream recognition is
    deliberate while they attempt to find a way to shake the money

    I believe they know that they need a solution rapidly because
    the meme is expanding rapidly beyond their control.

    We are close to a critical event. Be patient were almost


    • Owen

      Well said. Time is running out for the oligarchs. Give it a few months or maybe a year and MFMP, Celani, Zeocat or someone else will publish full details of a workable device. That’s the day the world will stand still. That’s the day the secrets will be splattered across thousands of blogs, forums and websites. That’s the day thousands of hobbyists and entrepreneurs buy materials and start making their own reactors. Bring it on.

    • Dionysius

      This has been my feeling all along…
      The PTB have to find a way to introduce this technology w/o changing, too drastically, the balance of world power.
      It doesn’t take a conspiracy; just the conspiracy of silence that is generated when each participant is looking for maximum return via the capitalist system. The system itself is shaped to maintain control in the hands of the same few people/groups…
      The only way to counter this is by massive dissemination of the ‘secret’ to the public, and capitalism, by its nature will prevent that from happening.

      • capitalist conspiracy of selfish interest is not the worst…
        conspiracy of comfort with a tenure, recognition, and nothing to win is even worse… only others greed can break it… only huge greed, motivating to take huge risk.

        Sad for me today that, but CF history is clear about that.

  • Anonymous

    We know nothing and if I read Rossi correctly, we will know nothing till at least February.

    Rossi may be real in which case the new “investor” will make money.

    Or Rossi may not be able to deliver a working ECAT, in which case the investor will loose everything.

    We will not know until the reports are published in February according to Rossi. This is yet another delay from his schedule — the prior one being the middle of December and before that being the end of November.

    No matter what, the probability goes down of Rossi having a working device with each delay without substantiation.

    Bottom line, Rossi has given us nothing of substance other than forward looking promises. To me, this looks like Petrodragon redux.

    I hope I am wrong but I doubt it.

    • Owen

      “Rossi has given us nothing of substance other than forward looking promises.”

      It looks like someone hasn’t been paying attention. Further research (if you’re not a troll) will lead to mountains of information. I’m actually in information overload. What do I do with everything I’ve learned? What method is best for hobbyists to make small scale devices? Look beyond the headlines into the science and you might learn something.

      • Ged

        Yeah, people can have short memories. Or they get distracted by glimmers of what’s coming next and forget the past.

        • Stephen

          Get distracted by glimmers?? Short memory?

          Comment#1. Short memory would help, as this has been going on for YEARS!
          Comment#2. AR is the (historycally proved) master of glimmers, I would say… he has a good CV in that sense.
          Comment#3. I am bored to death about his new updates and story with no substance. This is not distracting, it’s boring.

          • Dionysius

            Then go back to sleep…

      • Stephen

        No, he’s right: Rossi has given us nothing of substance other than promises. You might have hopes but surely not hard data or true information on this thing. Just tons of bla bla, stories, strange anectodes. Note this does not strictly imply anything about the reality of the eCat, but surely it’s not reassuring.

        If you don’t agree with this you are either blind or – sorry – not honest.

    • Martin

      Hey, there is lots of substantial stuff. A youtube video showing steam puffing from a hose, a blue container with interesting looking things in it and a photo of a glowing something. C’mon, what else do you need to believe?


    • dzejk

      Can anyone check Leonardo corp. credit info. In our country we have plenty of online application where you can quickly check ownership, profit, income, aprox. number of emplyees for any domestic company. This system is not the same as LinkedIn, Its completely reliable because they are based on national company register and tax reporting. I am not aware of such applications in US and Italy.

      It would be interesting to check Rossi’ companies. With the info provided so far I can only image him sitting in an empty manufacturing facility, behind his blogging computer and a blue container.

      • Omega Z


        Short Answer is NO.

        These Corporations Rossi & partners are involved with are Private Entities. They are exempt from public disclosure. After several weeks & many hours of researching the connections, I cam up with 4 or 5 names besides Rossi. Very few details about Rossi’s E-cat.

        Tracing the Names I learned that these persons are very well connected. One Major concern is LTI which maintains Major Multimillion dollar contracts with the U.S. Government, Dozens of other Governments, Corporations & businesses all over the World. But Mostly in the North & South American Continents. Several are Directly involved in Government Agencies or Active members on the Boards of or Consultants to them. These Include DOE, DOD, Spawar, NASA, to name a few.

        Exactly What Rossi’s relationship is with these people are hard to discern. Partner, Limited Partner, Actual investor, Advisers, Can’t say for sure. At least 1 of these people is on his Board of Advisers on JONP.

        When you take into account all the Credentialed people/Professors that have been involved with Rossi & his tests that Don’t denounce him, you can conclude he has something very convincing.

        It then comes down to how far along he is & when it will Validated & go public.

        The Alternative would be a Lot of People’s reputations & Jobs are going to be on the Line. A Lot of People, Including his Corporate Partner/Connections are going to have to answer a lot of Questions.

        • dzejk

          thanx Omega Z for explanation. Its weird that you cannot ckeck up a company before u make business with it. In our country you get info for public and private companies.

          For EU there is a site:
          For italy:

        • Fibb

          when you say LTI do you mean this company?

          check the company profile page. it seems like a great fit for Rossi.

          • Fibb

            Oh, maybe not. They could help with manufacturing components but not selling power generated by ecats. Some posts in the following thread seem to indicate that Rossi’s deal is with a power generation company.

            Can someone summarize what is known about this US based partner?

    • Stephen

      I hope you are wrong but I doubt it too.
      This is the most logical conclusion.

  • georgehants

    Mr Rossi has now twice said that “I confirm that our US Partners share in full our philosophy.”
    After 60+ years of observing human nature I hope that his assessment is justified.
    Andrea Rossi
    December 16th, 2012 at 4:54 AM
    Dear Giovanni Guerrini:
    Thank you very much, and I confirm that our US Partners share in full our philosophy.
    Warm Regards,

    • “US partners share”, now in plural.

      • Peter_Roe

        Could be a language slip, but if he may be referring to a military connection plus his commercial partner.

        • Job001

          Probabilistic is knowledge. SOP privatize the gain, make public the loss. MIC Military Industrial Complex bought out Rossi. Coincidentally MIC is #1, Saudi is #2 in oil production this month. The MIC and Saudis are friendly competition. What MIC buys doesn’t come out till a gain or a loss(write off). Coincidentally, global warming consensus has increased above 50%. Cheap local military energy has a huge tactical advantage while maintained.

          Conclusion;Either LENR just went into a fracking black hole or the magic bunny will come hopping out at the last possible minute someday.

          • HeS

            This is a worst-case scenario. Rossi can defend itself by publishing a catalyst or sell the licence to someone else (if he granted a non-exclusive license to the partner). It depends on the details of the signed contract.

          • Peter_Roe

            “We made tests with the consultants and the engineers of the Partner after the signature of a contract with strong guarantees for both parties. I trusted them, they trusted me: their intentions were honest and my instinct told me they were not here to spy, but for real will of working with our technology.”

            That doesn’t sound too much like the US military to me.

            BTW where did you get that nonsense about “global warming consensus has increased above 50%”? I would be surprised if belief in AGW exceeded 20% in either the scientific community or the population in general.

          • Fibb

            AGW belief is at 90+% for scientists in general. 97% for climate scientists, and 80% after Sandy in the USA

          • Hadamhiram

            99.99% for climate scientists, 99%+ for scientists in general.

          • RichyRoo

            NO idea where you are getting the 90% figure from, but the 97% is from a 2005 survey of 75 scientists with a vested interest so its not really worth mentioning.
            Sandy was a perfectly normal storm which alarmist opportunists are trying to use for their political and economic purposes, theres no scientific evidence that storms have increased; just predictions that they will oneday.
            It hasnt warmed in 16 years.

          • Fibb

            LOL, everywhere I go on the internet there is one or two nutters like you.

          • Omega Z


            Rossi Stated-“Nothing changes for all our existing engagements.”

            This tends to indicate nothing has changed with the Licenses arrangements.
            The Partner will Manufacture, wholesale & retail the product. More or less a New Arm to Leonardo Corp.

            By Taking on this Partner- Leonardo has become much bigger by way of a Joint Venture.

    • HeS

      Rossi partner. I think that it can not be UTC, GE or any corporation depends on the institutional shareholders. It must be a corporation depends on the individuals with whom Rossi can talk and determine strategy. Otherwise, management can be changed by institutional major shareholders and all arrangements canceled (or implementation delayed).

      • Peter_Roe

        In theory that would be a possibility but such things are incredibly rare. In any case, any contracts between the company and Leonardo and/or Rossi would stand, and they could be sued massively for any breach.

  • georgehants

    From Vortex, much history that some may find interesting.
    Many links on the page.
    [Vo]:wow i think we can call Irving Langmuir “father of cold fusion”.
    David ledin Sun, 16 Dec 2012 00:14:13 -0800
    wow today i find a website that was totally mind blowing.
    this website is about replication Nicholas Moller ‘s Atomic Hydrogen
    Generator based on Irving Langmuir discovery. (nobel prize winner in
    chemistry 1932) replicator don’t called this cold fusion or lenr
    device but you can see this device is what cold fusion or lenr is all
    about . JL Naudin replicator achieved COP of 21 with this device (
    power input of 4.38 watt and power output 92.97 watt (2005))

    • Karl

      I agree very interesting reading in this document

      • Owen

        Ha. That’s what I was reading today. Very interesting indeed. So why was Langmuir’s atomic hydrogen research not pursued?

    • HeS

      But these are short tests (no more than 2 hours). It could be a chemical reaction.

  • georgehants

    I made an error and posted the comment below meant for this page on Rossi’s page.
    How daft can one get.
    Anyway here is his reply.
    December 16th, 2012 at 5:05 AM
    Mr Rossi has now twice said that “I confirm that our US Partners share in full our philosophy.”
    After 60+ years of observing human nature I hope that his assessment is justified.
    Andrea Rossi
    December 16th, 2012 at 5:34 AM
    Dear Georgehants:
    Facts have given evidence I am right.
    Warm Regards,

    • Omega Z


      “How daft can one get.”

      Depends. How many sips have you taken from that bottle in the Fridge.

  • georgehants

    Being somewhat pragmatic I have booked a table for a good meal on the evening of the twentieth December.
    If the World ends at midnight I will have had a good send off with my bottle of red.
    If it is the start of a new age I will have celebrated it’s arrival.
    If nothing happens then I will have hopefully had a good evening, what more could one ask.

    • Peter_Roe

      In that case George, I wish you a very good evening out and nothing more exciting than that!

  • Roger Bird

    If Rossi proves to be for real, this story might have meaning. Otherwise it is just more hot air.