Jean-Paul Biberian Presentation at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

A couple of weeks ago I posted information about the book La fusion dans tous ses états : Fusion Froide, ITER, Alchimie, Transmutations Biologiques… (Fusion in all its forms: Cold Fusion, ITER, Alchemy, Biological Transmutations …) by French nuclear engineer, Dr. Jean Paul Biberian of the University of Marseille. The book included a preface written by Stanley Pons.

Now Dr. Biberain is scheduled to give a presentation at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven in the Netherlands on January 21st. The presentation announcement explains what he will be discussing:

In about an hour, prof. Biberian will give an up-to-date overview of cold fusion research, focusing on experimental results obtained by research groups worldwide at institutions like MIT, the US Naval Research Laboratory, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and many more. He will outline and interpret the most important results, many of which have been published in international journals. With plenty of time allotted to discussion, this promises to be a thought provoking session.

Do we have any readers in the area who might be able to attend and report?

  • Jonas

    Could be quite a good recap, then?

  • Tangled Connections

    OT: George or anyone interested in magnetics, have you seen this

    The researcher David LaPoint can also be found on Google+

    The potential applications of this discovery are endless.

    • georgehants

      Tangled Connections, thanks, so much Wonderful science that we know nothing about yet.
      One day science will start celebrating new discoveries such as Cold Fusion instead of shaking in their boots because their tiny safe reductionist myth’s are falling apart around them.

    • clovis

      wow, that was a great video, thanks

      • artefact

        I think the second video is not yet uploaded 🙁

        • Tangled Connections

          He’s working on the next instalment and it should be out in about a month.

    • jpelsor

      Indeed – fascinating
      Thank you for the link.

      • georgehants

        Trying to understand the unbelievable incompetent situation of science with Cold Fusion I have on occasion mentioned that UFO’s and many other subjects are treated equally as amateurishly.
        I have put up clear good Evidence as the link below to show the Fact of my observation.
        Yet up to now nobody on page appears to have read that Evidence and agreed that a case for full unbiased, open, professional research is warranted.
        My question is —-
        Having seen the closed-minded incompetence of science re. Cold Fusion why do readers not feel able to agree that the same situation is happening on other subjects which is clearly showing science in a very bad light.
        I am interested in what Fears, Taboos, etc. are prompting such unscientific silence as with Cold Fusion.
        COMETA was a high-level French UFO study organisation from the late 1990s, composed of high-ranking officers and officials, some having held command posts in the armed forces and aerospace industry. The name “COMETA” in English stands for “Committee for in-depth studies.” The study was carried out over several years by an independent group of mostly former “auditors” at the Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defence, or IHEDN, a high-level French military think-tank, and by various other experts.
        The group was responsible for the ‘COMETA Report’ (1999) on UFOs and their possible implications for defence in France. The report concluded that about 5% of the UFO cases they studied were utterly inexplicable and the best hypothesis to explain them was the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH). The authors also accused the United States government of engaging in a massive cover-up of the evidence.

        • Jorge

          We’re going slightly off topic here. If admin allows I’ll just put this post. Regarding UFO, the evidence is indeed write overwhelming, and to me it tells me, “there’s something out there”. But imagine that the government admits the existence of alien visitations. It would be chaos. People would be confronted with a reality that there are other sentient entities, not accountable to anyone, free to do as they please. They would no longer feel safe, as they knew there was nothing they could do against them, if ever they decided to become hostile. So we can’t allow that, at least not yet. For the sake of society.

          • georgehants

            Jorge, thank you, it is not off topic as my concern is not what UFO’s are but why science incompetently ignores them.
            UFO’s can logically only be one of three possibilities (talking generally)
            1, psychological. A problem with multiple witnesses and radar observations confirming sightings.
            2, Material
            3, Something beyond known science.
            My concern is not so much why the establishment hides things like Cold Fusion away (many unscrupulous reasons) but why “scientists” are afraid to even discuss the subject.
            The Evidence is clear of a phenomenon and yet even in the safety of these pages most people find it impossible to go against the pressure of their peers and authority to debunk the subject.

          • b4FreeEnergy

            It might be slightly off topic indeed but while Mr. Rossi is busy preparing more interesting news it doesn’t hurt of course.

            I couldn’t disagree more, who are ‘they’ to decide what we can handle or not! It they hide that for us because we cannot handle it, what else is there we “can’t handle”!?

            How many other interesting stories did they hide away and not necessarily about UFO’s. This only adds to the feeling that those guys cannot be trusted!
            And that’s exactly how I feel about them (especially the US government but the others are not much better most probably) – I don’t trust them for nothing and I don’t believe them I they say there were no visitors from outside earth and I don’t believe them if they say we don’t have the technologies to solve our energy problems even without Mr. Rossi!

            Why is that? Because they can’t be trusted!

            So please in the open with everything, yes we can handle it!!!

          • georgehants

            b4FreeEnergy, fair point but my interest is why with the clear Evidence I have given above do scientists and people on this page who generally would consider themselves intelligent and open-minded go into an apparent mental catatonic state when asked a simple question.—-
            Why not talk about why science refuses to follow clear Evidence to research UFO’s etc.

          • Tangled Connections

            Hi George, I think Science goes where the research grants tell it to go. In recent years Climate Change research has attracted so much attention and funding that many scientists who want to progress their research have to frame their work in that context.

            Likewise, in new energy research the big money is going into hot fusion so that is where most of the science is led.

            I think the area of UFO research is maybe a different situation. Modern science is built on the experimental model which is by nature quite conservative. The evidence for the existence of UFO’s or extra terrestrial life is mainly photographic or anecdotal which is only open to scrutiny by photography analysts and psychologists so scientists will struggle to get a foothold to work from.

            I think things are changing though. The recent discovery that planetary systems are the norm with billions in the potential life supporting zone is forcing mainstream science to reconsider the whole issue.
            I feel your frustration George. It is the frustration that most people feel when faced by large intractable institutions with their own agenda and fixed ideas, but I urge you to keep the faith with science (if not the mainstream). You yourself have posted many fascinating links to some great science topics. Things are changing, never fast enough for those who can see what’s coming, but it does and always will catch up in the end.

          • georgehants

            Tangled Connections, very interesting reply, thank you.
            All good points but does not explain the clear reluctance of many scientists and others to go against the clear incompetence of their administration in debunking Cold Fusion, UFO’s and many other equally legitimatize and important subjects.
            This is a psychological problem that the profession should be spending much time trying to put right as it’s damaging consequences to Science are indisputable.
            How can anybody be a scientist or usefully functioning individual if one is unable to think beyond a plain distortion of the Facts.

          • b4FreeEnergy

            Because they are afraid to be ridiculed and to ruin their carrier … How many of them read that report to start with?

            Try this simple exercise in the office, start a conversation about UFO’s or even less confronting start about Rossi, you immediately going to experience why they are so afraid.


        • Karl

          Thanks for the Wikipedia link – a fairly good summary of the current UFO status as it seems. One of the problems trying to dig in this field is all junk one stumble on. In that respect it seam to follow a similar radicle pattern as we have seen among those to claims that Cold Fusion and various so called Perpetua Mobile activities are just junk science. One way of keeping people from investigating this seriously is to put a junk stamp on it – and seriously who want to take the field seriously with so many folly hats involved. Personally have no idea about UFOs, when you dig into it there seems to be enough evidence from enough number of trusted people to make serious investigations. I don’t think there is any reason for anyone to close any ones eyes for anyone fellow earth citizen about UFO phenomena or to take advantage from the discoveries of the Cold Fusion that obviously will bring us abundant clean and cheap energy. It is certainly much more interesting than frightening if some of the UFO phenomena observed are for real and if we happened to be visited from somewhere else why not openly investigate it. One may wonder who is scared to reveal the truth about Cold Fusion and UFO phenomena. And additionally in such case why?

          • Gerrit

            Well said. When a field is crowded with many “free minds”, conservative minds will tend to avoid it or simply dismiss it outright.

            UFOs is such a topic, it slides into alien abduction claims and such.

            Any rationally thinking human should come to the conclusion that UFO most certainly exist, somewhere in our universe. It is a matter of probabilities calculation.

            2013 will be the year that an earth like exo-planet will be discovered I heard some scientist proclaim. And it seems that it has already happened, Scientific American: “Earth-Like Planets Fill the Galaxy” and there are uncountable galaxies in the entire universe. Thus, extrapolating, believing that UFOs do not exist somewhere in the universe would be totally irrational.

            But can these UFO reach our galaxy, our earth ? How does space-time allow for that ? And why would UFO pilots want to visit the earth ? And why, after they have spend the unbelievable effort to get here, would their craft crash in the desert ?

            When nobel prize winning scientists come up with a holographic principle explanation of our reality, leading Wheeler to claim “regard the physical world as made of information, with energy and matter as incidentals.”, well, then IMHO everything is possible and at the same time our perception of reality does not matter anymore.

          • GreenWin

            John Wheeler was a shining light at Princeton. Along with many e.g. Dyson, Happer, Bussard, other brilliant scientists. Though Wheeler may have gotten the black hole concept wrong, a holographic universe seems entirely plausible.

            Interestingly, any one piece of the hologram contains the whole. Thus, our grasp of the true nature of the atom could reflect our entire universe. And “distance” is meaningless if the furthest reaches of the universe are right here at hand.

            Great fun in the offing. 🙂

          • GreenWin

            “One may wonder who is scared to reveal the truth about Cold Fusion and UFO phenomena.”

            Likely those who have grossly profited from its suppression.

    • Peter_Roe

      Astonishing stuff. I was never happy with ‘dark energy’ or ‘dark matter’ – they always looked like kludges (not that I am qualified to hold an opinion in this area). I look forward to watching the rest of the series when these videos are available.

      BTW, does anyone have an opinion on how much energy went into pushing the bar magnet through the bowl magnet, vs. how much kinetic energy was contained in the flying magnet as it knocked down the tin cans? It looked quite disproportionate to me.

      • Owen

        I thought he pushed a ball bearing through the hole with his thumb.

      • GreenWin

        Might also explain the appearance of sprites and jets above electrical storms here on Earth.

        And inflation of the universe is then a result of not dark matter, but magnetic interactions amongst galactic structures? Fascinating.

  • clovis

    Hi, everyone
    Dr,Biberon no doubt will give a good report, i hope he can report something we here a e-cat world don’t already know, not sure what that might be.
    As for Dr.Pons i am disappointed in him, we tried our best to contact him just to make sure that he was well, and what was going on in his world, he chose not to respond to our most polite letter. i have been a strong supporter of Dr.P and is deceased partner.
    but after reading all i could find on them and their cold fusion experiment, it just seem that they did not stick with their guns, and forge ahead like most good scientist would have , they just gave up, because if they would have continued they would have no thought succeeded in their quest,but they just gave up and disappeared to France or somewhere..
    not very inspiring to say the least.

    • Gerrit

      you have no idea. You have simply no idea.

      • clovis

        hello, Gerrit.
        Care to elaborate.
        I knew i would ruffle someones feathers,lol

        • Gerrit

          Yes I can elaborate:

          Your comment about Fleischmann and Pons is as little minded as someone saying “cold fusion is crackpot”

          • clovis

            So,I didn’t mean, to ruffle your feathers that much,(smile) it just seems that there is a story that has not been told here, and inquiring minds want to know, as it will be told by someone, sometime along the line. why did they give up, were they threatened, if so by who, and if they continued their work why then did they not finish it these last 20 years .and discover lenr.
            if someone gagged them, who was it and is that not a crime, that someone should be held accountable for. should we just let it slide , just think of what the outcome would have been, if lenr had been developed back then, heck we would have already had almost free power.
            this to me is something, that just stuck in my craw to use the chicken analogy again,—smile

          • Gerrit

            the money ran out, it is as simple as that. No threats, no conspiracy, no nothing. Only no money.

            IMRA in France was financed by Technova a subsidiary of Toyota corp. Fleischmann and Pons were there to scale up their system’s energy production and to make it reliable, make it a commercial product.

            They did produce results, but it was not enough to make a real commercial product out of it. When their sponsor Minoru Toyoda died the funds dried up.

            Without real money, they couldn’t get a step further. They already had produced compelling evidence that the anomalous heat effect was real.

            Had they had $120million funding back then, we wouldn’t be arguing today.

          • clovis

            that’s close but no cigar.

  • Gerrit

    ****** To attend this colloquium, please register at email address: [email protected]
    __before Jan 14th__

    ——- copied over from previous thread

    This is to show that the scientific world is slowly waking up and is no longer afraid to inform themselves about this topic.

    The science journalists should talk to the scientists who attend this colloquium, or better even, attend themselves and publish an unbiased story about it.

    Slowly the wheel starts turning, spinning up. Soon the humming sound will be loud enough for all to hear.

  • georgehants

    “(Fusion in all its forms: Cold Fusion, ITER, Alchemy, Biological Transmutations …)”
    Is it possible that some scientists are going to actually look at and discuss reality.
    The establishment had better put a stop to this very quickly or before we know where we are science will be following Evidence, doing research and looking for the Truth.
    Sacrilege it must not be allowed.
    We must write to the religious leaders of science and urge them to remove and burn any scientist who dares to go against the imposed Dogma of our holy “opinion experts”

  • I am planning to attend personally and hence I could report about it.

    • Pedro

      Would be great! We look forward to your feedback!

    • admin

      Thanks very much — look forward to hearing from you!

  • georgehants

    CNET News
    Comment on: Friday Poll: Which prediction will most likely come true?
    With the head scientist at NASA Langley research saying LENR is confirmed along with confirmation from Labs at Toyota, Mitsubishi, and STMicroelectronics as well as Amaco, the US Navy research labs, along with a course on the Fleischmann/Pons effect at MIT and working replications of the Celani reactor at academic sites around the world as well as hundreds of confirmed and peer reviewed experimental paper, that professors and Nobel prize winners are saying it is real and that Patents now being granted, the case that LENR is a real working system of cold fusion is proven.

    • psi

      Gee George, I can’t decide. Maybe we should start donating money to “shut down Rossi.” Can that make it turn out the way we want?

    • LCD

      Which head scientist at langley research?

  • artefact


    Active Wires in the Chambers & Insulated Cell Details

    I like their new insulated cells

  • Jorge

    This is right in my backyard. I already registered. I will ask whether I can bring a (video) camera and film the event.

    • Gerrit

      great, so we’ll have Jorge, Rob and fusionRudy attending.

      Maybe we can think of interesting questions to ask Dr. Biberian.

      (I used to live only 1h drive from there, how I envy you guys !)

      • Andre Blum

        I, too, used to live 30 minutes from there. More like an 11 hour flight now 🙁

        • LCD

          So when is the hot cat independent report suppose to come out again?

          • Peter_Roe

            It’s possible that a 3rd party report confirming the ‘hot cat’ principle might be integrated into the PR for rollout of the US pilot plant. It would make marketing sense if publication preceded a public announcement by a few days, or is included as part of a press package.

            We should remember that Rossi (and particularly his corporate partner) has no reason to reassure the bystanders, and will use a positive 3rd party report – which probably cost a significant amount of money – to best commercial advantage.

            Admin – thanks for reviving the edit function. It is a boon for fat fingered dyslexics such as myself!

          • Indeed: Rossi will publish an evidence only when he will be really ready ! Waiting that, he is sure that only a very restricted number of people are trying to replicate the system. No replication, no competitors, no research budgets in competitors companies !

      • Pedro

        Question to be asked (mybe admin should make a seperate thread?)…
        Maybe Biberian can give some insights on how he sees the strength and weakness of the various commercial contenders (Rossi, DGT, Brillion). Who is most serious, etc. Are there others he’s aware of (even if he can’t give names).

    • mikeS_50

      Video session would be great, Thanks in advance!

  • I’m hoping Beberian, speaking in Holland, won’t speak Armenian or Dutch – or French.

  • georgehants

    From The Energy Collective
    Home The world’s best thinkers on energy & climate
    Is the “Weak Force” the Key to LENR?
    September 13, 2012
    Scientists have focused on the strong nuclear force due to the immense power that can be released from breaking the nuclear bond. Less attention has been paid to the weak force, which causes transmutations and the release of energy in more subtle ways. Recent theories that explain many of the phenomena observed in low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) implicate the weak force. We are now at the stage where theory and experiment begin to complement each other to allow for the rapid transformation of the new science of LENR.
    By David Nieba

    • clovis

      Hi, George, i have held this opinion about the weak force, and lenr for a long time. very well put,
      i will check your link for more, thanks.

  • RenzoB
    • Ag

      So Defkalion now have European based R&D, as well as ‘Client companies who will bring Defkalion technology to the market within a couple of years’. Is this new info or have I been sleeping all Christmas?

      • artefact

        They told about their European R&D in the their last interview

      • not really news, but confirmation.
        The technical data discussed are not new, yet the 600C is confirmed.
        Maybe the R6 optimized reactor is the only news, but that is a minor update.

        they talk since their decision to move from Greece that there well be offices in EU, but not in italy (switzerland was claimed).

        Unlike Rossi, and despite delays, their discourse is stable and coherent, even with critics. Their design seems classic, and their claimed method logic…

        They behaved simply like a normal gang of engineer with a problem, and a businessman to drive all.

        I don’t understand why so many people doubt on them more than on the others similar players…
        compared to rossi there is nothing to discuss about credibility. Compared to Brillouin, they seems less focused on theory, thus I personally think they have less change to be locked in a delusion. For BlackLight power, focus on theory, frighten me a lot more…

        you can follow their adventure from that tag on lenr-forum…
        quite crowded!

        anyway, probably all have a reactor, and probably soon Celani&partners, Toyota, Mitsubishi, if not Shell and STMicro will compete and do the same job of …


        it remind me the work of expert in IT before the Web…If you could catch up the documentation of the software you were using, then you will soon be considered as an expert, if not a Guru…

        RTFM! RTFM rules!

        • captain

          DGT moved from Greece to Canada, and it’s supposed they could have in NA their R&D center too.
          Now Defkalion says they’re having a new R&D center in Italy… Bah… It looks strange to me.
          Why couldn’t they do everything in Canada?

          It’s well known that CF-LENR speaks italian and in Italy they can solve all their problems. This for sure, since their reactor has an italian origin.
          But to me this sounds again strange.

  • georgehants

    Science News
    … from universities, journals, and other research organizations
    How to Treat Heat Like Light: New Approach Using Nanoparticle Alloys Allows Heat to Be Focused or Reflected Just Like Electromagnetic Waves
    These thermocrystals might have a wide range of applications, he suggests, including in improved thermoelectric devices, which convert differences of temperature into electricity. Such devices transmit electricity freely while strictly controlling the flow of heat — tasks that the thermocrystals could accomplish very effectively, Maldovan says.–+Chemistry%29

  • Zaghlool

    Well, to understand the theory behind the “Cold Fusion Phenomena” we need:
    1) The present Atomic Theory to be updated.
    2) A brilliant scientist to come up with a new Atomic Theory.
    The present atomic theory is approximate but not final.

    • Karl

      Perhaps there is a good suggestion already available hidden in an overflow of information and disinformation.

    • there is no need to update QM.
      Today we cannot compute well multi-body interaction…
      The new theory you call is maybe simply new hypothesis, and better approximation (eg: widom-larsen propose to abandon born-Oppenheimer approximation), using classic QM…
      That scientist say LENr is impossible is simply hubris and incompetence… they cannot simply know what is possible, provided energy and charges are respected.

    • Jacob

      Look at the atom structure ,it is very similar to the Sun and the planets rotating around it – No doubt that the same engineer designed both.
      Cosmos is unlimited and so every thing created by that same engineer and you can’t summarize what is inside the atom by some of a book’s pages.
      What we know about the atom is very limited and will remain limited.

    • V.p.S.

      Want a really new unifying theory? Start looking at Keshe’s theory of plasmatic magnetic fields and read his books. Slowly, but steadily there are people with scientific background coming up around the world and understanding that there might be really something behind it. Not necessarily exactly in the terms and words defined by Keshe, but based on those concepts. And if it appears to be true, the phenomenon of Cold Fusion will be just a small sandbox compared to it.

  • Joannes Van den Bogaert

    Please have a look at e-Cat Site the article: “cold fusion catalyst” and look at the catalyst of DEFKALION described in the article “The Fusion Revolution” and note the importance of the production of hydrogen anions (H-) in the transmutation reaction of Ni-H to Cu. Look also at the recently allowed European Patent of Piantelli (see Cold Fusion Now).

  • Joannes Van den Bogaert

    Look at the e-Cat Site the article “cold fusion catalyst” for an explantion of the transmutation reaction of Rossi, Piantelli and DEFKALION.