Jean-Paul Biberian Presentation at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

A couple of weeks ago I posted information about the book La fusion dans tous ses états : Fusion Froide, ITER, Alchimie, Transmutations Biologiques… (Fusion in all its forms: Cold Fusion, ITER, Alchemy, Biological Transmutations …) by French nuclear engineer, Dr. Jean Paul Biberian of the University of Marseille. The book included a preface written by Stanley Pons.

Now Dr. Biberain is scheduled to give a presentation at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven in the Netherlands on January 21st. The presentation announcement explains what he will be discussing:

In about an hour, prof. Biberian will give an up-to-date overview of cold fusion research, focusing on experimental results obtained by research groups worldwide at institutions like MIT, the US Naval Research Laboratory, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and many more. He will outline and interpret the most important results, many of which have been published in international journals. With plenty of time allotted to discussion, this promises to be a thought provoking session.

Do we have any readers in the area who might be able to attend and report?