LENRConnect Saturday Chat Day

Some readers here are aware of the LENRConnect site that I set up last year that I hoped might be a kind of social network for people interested in getting involved with LENR. It’s been a pretty quiet place so far, probably because of the many uncertainties surrounding the topic, and the waiting mode we have been for so long. I’ve noticed a bit more activity there lately, however, and I’d like to start an informal meeting there just to see what happens.

I’m going to designate this coming Saturday(April 13th) as an LENR chat day. There’s a main chat room on the site, as well as private chat capability. If you want to drop in and chat with other members there, stop by any time during the day and say hello. We have members from many time zones so I thought it best that the whole of Saturday should be designated as a meeting time.

It can be very informal, but it might be a good way for people to meet and make useful connections.

The overall purpose of the site is to let people who have an interest in LENR to have a space to learn, share and collaborate. There is a forum on the site, you can create profiles, make friends, create groups, upload pictures and videos, chat, etc. I am hoping it will be a useful space for people interested in LENR.

To access the site you will need to first register at http://www.lenrconnect.com (It’s free)

I’ll be around for at least part of the day tomorrow, and I hope to be able to meet some of you folks tomorrow!

  • Leo Kaas

    Thanks Frank, what would we do without you?

  • Roger Bird

    But what if “the third party” test and report comes out on Monday with a huge positive and all the heads of state gather on Tuesday and declare Rossi the greatest inventor in history and on Wednesday Home Depot starts selling electricity generating 20kW E-Cats for replacement in all current furnaces? Then will we all have to switch back to E-catworld.com? (:->)

    • Of course!

    • It wont happens soon.

      see how the reality of Wright Brothers planes were accepted by US government.

      Some say internet allow communication, but it allow also communitization of beliefs. I’ve read many mainstream article when science is said to be under siege by community of believers that cannot be convinced because they live in a closed information world.

      It is absolutely true, and most of the independent community of idea on internet are recycling errors, bias, manipulations, magic thought… You can add religions, and political opinion community, even some business communities of various and opposed opinions…

      But it is also true that many mainstream community are not much better, and some alternative community hold more truth that average.

      I hope I am in that good situation, to be member of an alternative community of ideas, right despite the mainstream opinion who is as delusioned as some might be about some conspiracy, some political ideas, or some business bubble.

      Assuming we are right, and all the various data I have comply with that hypothesis, and testing the opposed hypothesis lead to unrealistic requirements (typical of conspiracy theories), assuming we are right I know that delusioned community, even mainstream, cannot accept facts as is.

      According to the theory they will reinvent the past to match a deeper beliefs (that physics, science method, science community, peer reviewed journal, was right and LENR scientists were loose), abandonning a surface beliefs (that LENR don’t work).

      In a way it is happening in the film The Believer. I got nearly convinced until Jed Put the fact back to reality

      LENR, Cold fusion was clear and sound since the first day.
      there was less problems, less exaggeration, less errors, than what you find usually. It was replicated more and better tha usually in science.

      If it was the problem, after hundred of peer-reviewed lab results, after thousands of papers, after huge power densities, huge energy, various cphenomenons, various dependence on real-world parameters, and no validated artifact remaining …
      all shoul be accepted at least as a POSSIBILITY…

      it is not event a possibility, because it is not a rational situation.

      LENR, lige the Wright Brothers flight will be ignored for few years, until it will be so clear for laymen that the elite will have to adapt to the reality.


      all is already clear for businessmen and they are working, under NDA, …
      you only see the wave on the surface, but it is a submarine war. And torpedo are ready in their tubes.

      • georgehants

        AlainCo, all agreed.
        What can be done (if anything) to change such a situation.

      • Peter Roe

        Yes, I agree. At some point, proof positive will be presented – and it will be ignored. If anyone has the temerity to question this silence, they will be dismissed, ridiculed, reviled, cut off, or otherwise squashed, just as has been happening since 1989.

        Public knowledge will gradually increase anyway, but only through non-mainstream pathways – as for many other things (medical/pharmaceutical corruption, NWO and global ‘elites’, suppression of natural remedies, clandestine technologies, political and financial corruption, geoengineering, UFOs and ET contacts, Agenda 21, fake emergencies and pandemics – you name it, and someone in ‘authority’ is lying about it).

        It is my guess that Rossi realised all this long ago, and has laid his plans in a way that will not depend on MSM reporting. I think his partner is likely to be a manufacturer of conventional power plants that owns its own powergen companies, and will simply quietly retrofit its existing plants until the reality of cold fusion can no longer be denied, if only because every other utility in the world will be desperately trying to get hold of the technology.

        • georgehants

          Peter, must reply.
          You have used words in your second paragraph that most scientists are just unable to utter.
          The sad thing being that they do not seem to be aware of the degree to which they have been conditioned to treat such things as jokes and not to be taken seriously.
          In reality, as you have pointed out so clearly, that is much of the reason why Cold Fusion is so denied and debunked by otherwise intelligent people.
          I have tried to make the point, that only when science etc. matures to the level of investigating Evidence with no regard for opinion or Dogma will it once again be respected as it was in the first half of the last century.
          It is I think as important to look at why Cold Fusion has faced the irrational opposition that it has and does as discussing Cold Fusion itself.

          • Peter Roe

            George – The extent of acceptance of false paradigms moulded and propagated by the MSM never ceases to amaze me. The disparities between fundamental reality and the false reality presented to us are now so obvious that it is difficult to understand how anyone can fail to see them.

            However the fact is that most people are fooled, most of the time. I find it quite strange when I encounter people (even some in my own family) who can be shown the facts, but seem unable to take on board anything that conflicts with their normality bias, and so don’t process the information at all.

            I suppose it just takes a particular (apparently quite rare) type of mind to provisionally accept anomalous data and to go from there, and also probably a lack of personal investment in the groupthink world view. The whole unthinking acceptance thing can seem pretty odd to people who have ‘woken up’.

  • Paolo

    There are interesting news from Celani published on 22 passi blog: http://22passi.blogspot.it/2013/04/e-intanto-celani-va.html

    Subject: Danger of EXPLOSION: possible cathalitic effects even at low temperatures.From: Francesco CelaniDate: Fri, April 12, 2013 11:13 amTo: [omissis]@gmail.com, [omissis]@yahoo.fr, [omissis]@ni.com, [omissis]@chavaenergy.com, [omissis]@missouri.edu, [omissis]@nasa.gov

    Dear Colleagues,

    in these days I am performing very simple experiments at low temperatures, down to 77K…

    • georgehants

      Have apologised for repeating your link above but for some reason has gone to moderation.

  • georgehants
  • artefact

    I found a patent in the comments on 22passi.

    David A. Kidwell (Naval Research Laboratory, USA)

    Excess enthalpy upon pressurization of nanosized metals with deuterium


    There has been coverage on Mr. Kidwell in 2008 by New energy times:

    Note: in the patent it is also the mention of oxidation (but with palladium)
    “impregnating metallic precursors on an oxide support that reduces sintering and particle growth”

    • artefact

      Why I mention oxidation:
      on two ocassions

    • artefact

      why I mention oxidation:

      – on two occations Rossi or Focardi mentioned that in the beginning they inserted water into the reactor (in the worst case this could be a translation error but I read it two times). I think on time it was said by focardi in italien interview in an online magazine (focus.it?). That would give an in sito oxidation of the metals.
      – Celani uses it while preparing the wire
      – Some others use it like the above patent

      (here is one from Focardi:
      “At some point in the past, as the device kept working on and on, I started thinking of a hammer. “Let’s hit it with a hammer!” (Laughs). Well, what you do is you shut off … the latest application has nickel inside it, then the hydrogen is supplied by electrolysis, so that … because you cannot keep a hydrogen tank at home, of course, it’s dangerous. Instead we generated it from water by electrolysis . .”