Italian Science Journalists to Cover Defkalion Demo

Greetings to all ECW readers — my vacation is now officially over, and I’m able to get back to normal in terms of access to the web site. I have been traveling quite a bit over the last few weeks and access to the web has been a bit difficult at times. I have tried to keep up with all the happenings in the world of LENR, and I appreciate the posts from readers here that have help keep things up to date.

Following up on news of the Defkalion demonstration during the ICCF conference, it looks now that there will be live streaming of a demo from a lab at Defkalion Europe in Milan, Italy. An announcement on Triwu, an Italian web site that deals with science and technology states (Google translated):

The most recent experiment of cold fusion will be streamed on Triwù. Monday 22 (12:00 pm)
Triwù in collaboration with Moebius , the transmission of Radio Science 24, Il Sole 24 Ore, offers direct from the laboratories of Defkalion Europe, in Milan, where he set up what can be called the most advanced experiment of cold fusion. (A side of this article you will find some insights audio taken from Moebius and Smart City, Radio 24) . . . Monday 22 to 12 we will see how the gimmick is made ​​of so much talked about but which was never visible to the general public . I describe in its various parts, and tell how the process works – or should work, we have already said, we will be non-partisan . But then we will also try to analyze the nature of the possible tricks and possible errors of assessment. streaming The event will be led by Federico Pedrocchi and Maurizio Melis.

Frederico Pedrocchi is a science journalist and is the director of a weekly science radio program called Moebius which is broadcast on the Italian Radio 24 – Il Sole 24 Ore station. Mariziou Melis is also a science journalist who contributes to the Moebius program.

Having some experienced and (hopefully) non-partisan journalists on hand should help bring some much needed attention to LENR, and hopefully from this demo we can get good understanding of the status of Defkalion’s technology. Not everyone is going to be convinced by an online demo, but it’s certainly a welcome development for people who have been hoping for more news and information from Defkalion.

  • Bob Greenyer

    I really look forward to seeing this demo and hopefully having some data to analyse from it.

    • clovis

      good man, Bob hope you have a succesful presentation, break a leg,–smile

      • Barry

        Clovis, when I scrolled over your text a picture of Bob Hope popped up.

        Bob, looking forward to your presentation. You and Tyler are playing out a cotributing roll in the unfolding of Cold Fusion. Thanks for your good work. Barry

  • artefact

    I’ll be tired the next day at work. I hope the streaming is in English language…

    • noname

      Exactly what i thought, I hope some from USA Capture this and post to youtube.

  • AB

    Having some experienced and (hopefully) non-partisan journalists on hand should help bring some much needed attention to LENR, and hopefully from this demo we can get good understanding of the status of Defkalion’s technology.

    Maurizio Melis is one of the better journalists that I have seen coverage from on this topic. Unlike several other journalists who seem to be content with speculation, rehashing of P&F, or copy-pasting from various blogs, he has actually performed interviews with people involved in the e-cat story. The last one was that of Prof. Levi. Melis also seems comfortable with technical questions. He is aware of the position of critics but doesn’t let them do the thinking for him. He believes that Levi et. al. are more credible than the critics who insist that they are inept or conspiring.

  • TPaign

    The program for ICCF-18 has been revised, and it shows that there is a Defkalion live demo being performed on Tuesday, July 23rd.

    • artefact

      9:00 – 9:10 am Demonstration: Defkalion Reactor Startup
      2:30 – 3:00 pm Demonstration: Defkalion Questions and Answers
      5:30 – 5:40 pm Demonstration: Defkalion Closing Remarks

      • TPaign

        Smart timing by the Defkalion team. Italy on Monday, USA on Tuesday. Hopefully mainstream media covers this, but I’m not getting my hopes up too high. I also noticed that Defkalion has recently updated their website, particularly the business section. Between Defkalion’s upcoming demonstrations and Rossi’s recent report, I’d say the black swan has arrived.

        • JMM

          I’m tired of demo and test. I want a working product on the market.

          • Joel C.

            Rossi has already done just that.

          • Roger Bird

            Just chill, relax, take a deep breath, and let go of your desire and expectations. You will feel better if you do. The birth of the New Humanity will take time. It is our own desires and expectations that are causing this discomfort that you report.

        • BroKeeper

          We are neglecting one very important contribution of the “skeptopaths”. The more we allow their voice heard to the public the more the veil of truth will protect LENR apostles, including black swans, to continue building a case of undeniable proof within their devices. The stronger the case for LENR constructed under this veil the bigger its effectiveness once it is revealed to the public. When the time is ripe an explosion of truth is much more effective than a slow burn of evidence. This explosion heard around the world would make it impossible for the unsuspected powers-to-be to snuff out once the masses are enlightened to the prescription that will heal them. Rossi is counting on this. He is enveloping a veil of required secrecy himself which contributes to the skeptics thickening their veil of misunderstanding (and some trickery) until that time comes. The tighter the lid is sealed over the pressure cooker of truth the bigger the irrefutable explosion. The disciples must continue with patience (long suffering for many already).

          Bless the skeptics.

          • georgehants

            Very good thinking, hope it works that way.
            Still would have been better if it had been jumped on 24 years ago by our science friends actually doing their jobs properly.

          • BroKeeper

            Thanks. Nearly everything is theory until proven.
            Yes, they may have gotten too excited, nickel and emotions, too soon. 🙂

          • BroKeeper

            Ahhh… palladium too soon.

          • captain

            Bless the skeptics,——-

            I don’t bless’em, for sure…maybe Franck yeah 😉 since their contribution on the total of blog comments…

            Rossi’s LENR will come out noiseless, quietly, by generating electricity (and steam). Nothing special, just a tremendous source of silent, cheap, clean, safe energy.
            When? IMO very soon, well before year end.
            Source of this supposition? Me.

          • Pedro

            I think you are a very good source!

  • Blanco69

    The ICCF18 site has now been updated with links to most of the speaker’s presentations:

    Makes for some interesting reading…

    • Steve G

      That is a amazing line-up of speakers, surly there will be strong evidence of Cold Fusion spoken here.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      I had no idea the number and quality of speakers would be so great. It is a great testament to Mr. Duncan and University of Missouri.

  • Robyn Wyrick

    So, just so we’re clear:

    * Defkalion is doing a public demo at an international conference on Cold Fusion held at a US University.

    * The Vice Chancellor for Research (Robert Duncan) is an outspoken advocate for Cold Fusion research.

    * NASA is actively promoting the notion that LENR can be used for propulsion in space.

    * After a successful, public demonstration of a LENR device at the 2012 NI Week conference, Francesco Celani announced a successful 3rd party replication.

    * And Swedish Energy concern, Elforsk, publishes a “glowing” (though not yet peer reviewed) 3rd party report on Rossi’s E-Cat (Hot-Cat) system.

    And of course, there’s much, much more; not least of all the work by the Naval Research Lab, Toyota’s replication of a Mitsubishi transmutation demonstration, or the EU meeting this spring.

    And with all of this, it’s fascinating that for many, the presumption is that Rossi is a fraud. As far as I can tell, in the world of Cold Fusion, Rossi’s claims are excellent, but basically normal.

    On the other hand, there could be a massive, international conspiracy, with all those parties mentioned above, to dupe a bunch of obscure website fans like us.

    Hmmmmm. That’s it! I’ve cracked the code!

    • Joel C.

      This is only the very beginning.

    • Roger Bird

      Thank you, Robin, for so skillfully clarifying the issues, again. (:->)

    • georgehants

      Robyn, as the Media are establishment followers and governments are scientific adviser followers, do you or any scientists on page believe that there is not enough Evidence to justify the premier scientific comics or scientific government advisers (comedians) to not be publishing and reporting on the current position of Cold Fusion.
      Could you or any scientist on page give good reasons for their dead-brained denial and refusal to do their jobs.
      Us poor unqualified people would like to learn from modern science how to be as clever as they are.

      • Roger Bird

        It took me 19 months of careful following of this story for me to become a believer in Rossi per se. And I certainly have no vested interest of any kind either way.

        You are absolutely right about who is worshiping who for credibility, as groups. But individuals don’t always stay in their categories. So it is likely that power brokers will take less than 19 months from May 2013 to start to figure this out.

        Al Gore, bless his heart for this one, has already broken the ice and said that it is acceptable to look into LENR. In fact, if Al Gore had not started the AGW hysteria, people would not have been so desperate make something work, and LENR probably would not be as far as long as it is. So, Al certainly did not intend to propel LENR along by shouting fire when there wasn’t any fire, his shouting of fire has probably sped the development of LENR.

        Remember that the social evidence, and that is all that we really have, keeps getting better and better. So, things should accelerate. People are actually doing the best that they are able, given their various greeds and insecurities and available time, etc.

        • georgehants

          Morning Roger, lots of good sense as usual.
          But slightly missing the point that I keep unsuccessful trying to get across.
          Cold Fusion is 100% in the first analysis a scientific event.
          It is 100% the fault of science that is has been handled the way it has and delayed and debunked for 24 years.
          It is 100% the fault of science that the few scientists who care to think for themselves have to visit Websites such as this to inform themselves of a scientific breakthrough of World moving importance.
          My post on the subject is necessarily repetitive because when a scientist reads them he seems to be psychologically unable to reply saying, yes that is quite correct and it is time us “scientists” did something about the horrific situation in science on many subjects.

    • Jimr

      Robyn; I truely believe that most who are aware of LENR are most likely to believe it is real. One problem is that it has not been widely disseminated, maInly do to people not wanting to be made to look like idiots if all said is not accurate. In that respect Rossi has done nothing to help due to his past and exaggerations about robotic plants, etc.

      • GreenWin

        On the contrary, Dr. Rossi made remarks about using robotics to assemble small form factor “residential” versions of his E-Cat; a not unreasonable product plan. These plans ended when it became clear consumer safety certification would be impossible without several years of industrial-level product testing.

        The longer the mainstream sandbags the triumphs of cold fusion – the more idiotic they appear. The truth hurts far less than being caught in the lies (refusal to publish truth).

        • Jimr

          What do you think about the statements Rossi made a couple of weeks ago about a plant producing a million units a month, even if he meant a millions ecats ((several in one unit)) . I question that a major company would start plant construction until they are near ready for production. Plus, I don’t believe that he is involved with a large company such a Seimans , such has been suggested . I will say that recently he has lessened his oratory which is a good sign.

          • Omega Z

            I’m aware he stated 1000’s, but without a lot of clarity. Per month, per year, 1Mw units or individual cores.

            Doesn’t matter as even the best outlook wouldn’t scratch the surface of new demand let alone replacing the existing systems.

            Also doesn’t matter as the Hot cat isn’t ready to produce Electrical energy. It’s still R&D Development.

            E-cats themselves need much improvement before their of real significance. Presently, they would only be of use for supplemental heating & even then in only some cases would it be economical.

            Even the hot Cat when it produces electricity will be economical for local power distribution, not residential. It’s going to be a while.

          • GreenWin

            Plus we have 62 years of exaggeration from hot fusion pundits. Difference is Rossi costs the public nothing. Pundits have taken $250Billion in taxpayer dollars, and delivered nothing.

    • Fibb


    • Bernie Koppenhofer


  • Pedro

    Krivits twist on ICCF-18 is not so positive… he focusses on characters involved, conflicts of intrest, etc. No mentioning of Defkalion’s demo. But he managed again to get on the ‘front page’ of my LENR page in You can read his article on ICCF-18 here:

    • AB

      Krivit’s behavior is very predictable.

      Those who don’t believe in the W-L theory always get criticized by him.

      Cold fusion? Fusion is not electron capture, therefore the term is incompatible with the W-L theory. Anyone using the term cold fusion becames a target for Krivit.

      Defkalion? Falls in the same category as Rossi who believes the W-L theory is wrong. Krivit has been extremely carefully to never even mention them. “Defkalion” doesn’t appear in the article at all, while a demonstration of a LENR device is clearly worth mentioning.

      Muon-catalyzed fusion? Once again, not electron capture, therefore incompatible with W-L and therefore Duncan also becomes a target of Krivit.

      I’m also guessing that Duncan probably doesn’t hold the W-L theory in high regard either.

      Krivit behaves like a propagandist. The question is whether he is being paid to do it, or if he cannot control himself. In the latter case he should try some meds to calm down a little. In the former case, I hope at that he at least gets paid enough for what is essentially a career suicide. I’ve heard that many LENR researchers have stopped talking to him over his behavior.

      • Mark D.

        His cup is always 3/4 empty only room for W.L. Sad.

      • Paolo

        Rumors say that he is member of the company founded by Larsen, so in this case he would be all but independent from Larsen and his theory, however I agree that this is a career suicide, and as a physicist also that the W-L theory is not satisfying at all…

      • Timar

        A very accurate characterization. Annoying as he may be, Krivit seems like a tragic figure to me. After all he is not without merit. He has done a lot of valuable writing on LENR in the pre-Rossi era.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        Of course he is being paid. Why anyone would even listen to a second rate journalist with a sixth grade science education is beyond me!

        • GreenWin

          The behavior of a CCP officer.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      He seems to be very fond of CERN but CERN was totally wrong about LENR for more than two decades. It was only the cattle prodding from Rossi’s E-Cat that forced them to change their tune. So, of what value would their Johnny-come-lately opinion be now?

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Andrea Rossi
    July 18th, 2013 at 9:31 AM
    Steven N Karels:
    Warm Regards,

    Steven N. Karels
    July 18th, 2013 at 8:56 AM
    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    Two months from now I will be installing a prototype village water purification system in Guatemala in the mountains where the Mayan Indians live. It is designed to provide potable water for 100 – 200 and uses only 8W of electrical power during the purification process. The parts cost is under $200USD per system.

    • BroKeeper

      Awesome!!! A true Keeper.

    • fortyniner

      Interestingly, Siemens is a leader in the field of ultra-efficient electrochemical desalination.

      For my money, Siemens has just gone back to the top of the possible ‘partner’ ID list.

      • fortyniner

        Sorry – last sentence retracted – I misread the post.

    • Thinks4Self

      Likely sand filtration with a UV-C LED for sterilization. It is too bad there isn’t a cheap way to do the same for desalinization.

    • Anonymous Reader

      Dr. Ing. Rossi,

      Please install the water purification system in a third party laboratory so we can validate the effect. The world will not be able to validate your success if it is installed remotely in hard to access mountains.

      Thank you,

      Anonymous Reader

      • Pedro

        Sorry, this has nothing to do with Rossi. Steven Karel is just a poster on the JoNP blog where he communicates a lot with Rossi. Steven would like to have an eCat for his development projects, but this project has nothing to do with eCat or Rossi.

    • daniel maris

      It’s not an E Cat though is it?

      [Just seen Pedro makes the same point.]

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      Sorry if there is a misunderstanding, the Karel’s desalination system is not an E-Cat system. Dr. Rossi, Karel and I have had conversations about desalination in the past, I just posted it as a congratulations to Steven N Karels for his great work.

    • Barry

      I guess SK targets other CF researchers as well. I’ve been fortunate enough to talk with Mitchell Swartz a number of times and sat in at the MIT class last January. For Krivits to say MS is “one of one of Rossi’s biggest promoters” is totally untrue (another Krivitism). MS simply posts whatever is hot about cold fusion on his site, Cold Fusion Times.

      I do not follow sports. Instead I follow Cold Fusion, perhaps obsessively. In all honesty I get star stuck around Cold Fusion giants, perhaps because they stood their grounds and are about to change the world. I admire them. To read Krivit’s comments about Mitchell Swartz and his life’s work is very upsetting.

      • Barry

        Sorry, misplaced, should have posted below in regards to Pedro’s post.

    • GreenWin

      This is a good project. Water purification is somewhat easier than desal, provided there isn’t a lot of bio or chemical pollution.

      The Siemens desal looks good too. I wonder if it will scale well as the pilot runs only 50m3 daily. Massive desal is the key to much of the worlds water-starved population. Thermal condensation does this best, but at a huge energy cost. With LENR this will become far less material.

      At some point a thought process change must take place; from lack of energy to abundance of energy. That change will throw off the yoke of false prophesy that, “There is not enough.”

  • Chris I

    Interest on the part of Il Sole 24 Ore is a highly positive thing! It is a highly respected newspaper of finance and economy, business and politics, anything of great relevance. It gives no room to idle chatter or tabloid style crap.

    The announcement by Triwù reads as impartial, not hiding the wide skepticism and accusations of fraud that circulate. The text boils down to saying that we’ll take a look and see what’s what, it also weighs a bit of thought against the deliberate scam scenario, by asking how a large org could possibly hope to pull it off. It lends a bit more weight to the delusional scenario.

    The only risk is the case in which Defkalion are bluffing as Rossi makes out, this would have the effect of casting bad light on anything more worthy. I’ll see on Monday and perhaps Tuesday when a more techy streaming is scheduled.

    • Stephen

      I thought the same… Sole 24 ore is focused on business, these are very pragmatic people, I think.

      Also, I would stress the presence of the CICAP… a non-profit association whose mission is basically to check claims of “paranormal” activity. In a way, since a lot of people equates LERN with UFOs, telekinesis, etc… it’s a good idea.

      Anyway, a video is a video… I am not sure how it can prove anything and solve skepticism. Anyhow, I am very curious to see it!

      • Roger Bird

        “solve skepticism” It would depend upon how deep their affliction is. This demo would have solved my skepticism affliction if it wasn’t already solved. Hard core skeptopaths will not be moved in the slightest.

        • Stephen

          Oh com’on, skepticism is not an affliction… I think it is good and important to be skeptical, as long as one is reasonably skeptical. Plus there is a difference between being skeptical towards existence of LENRs and towards these semi-commercial reactors. Admittedly, in the past year I realized people dogmatically against all CF are as unscientic as blind believers. I think that kind of “skeptopaths” won’t believe until you give them a working reactor, in their very own hand.

          • Roger Bird

            “as long as one is reasonably skeptical” It becomes an affliction when the patient refuses to look at the evidence and invents all kinds of absurd and complicated excuses why something cannot be true.

      • Chris I

        If they’ve invited CICAP it indicates they must be serious about giving a convincing demonstration.

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      I think Defkalion’s demonstration or non-demonstration will “cast a bad light” on LENR

  • Hampus

    I made a short news piece


    *18th Cold Fusion conference
    *Defkalion public test in Milan
    *Andrea Rossi´s factory successfully produce an Ecat without Rossi´s help.
    *NI Week will have Cold Fusion devices on display
    *Sergio Focardi passed away
    *New company Etiam claiming same effect as Andrea Rossi and Defkalion.

    • jfab

      “NI Week will have Cold Fusion devices on display”

      Details and sources, please.

    • Kim

      Thank you Hampus

      Its a very good over view of
      current affairs with the nickel/hydrogen


      • Barry


    • hempenearth

      Hi Hampus,
      I believe Rossi still provided advice, which would constitute help, just no cores of any other parts to his partners factory.

  • Stephen

    Mmmh… I am trying to understand how believable Defkalion is. A video IMO won’t prove too much, I think the list of the board components does not prove much either but at least provides some support…

    Here I read the that David C. Aurel, possibly CEO of Defkalion, is also said to be CEO of the Invest Bank of Montenegro.


    the CEO seems to be somebody named “Zoran Nikolic”. Can anybody confirm somehow the identity of David C. Aurel?

  • Gerrit

    march 23 1989 was a thursday

    july 23 2013 is a tuesday

    292 months later == 24 years and 4 months == 24.333_ years later

    8888 days later (tells me libreoffice)

    • Baka

      That’s just stupid number mysticism. If you search long enough you will always find some “pattern”. If it wasn’t the days you would have looked at the hours, then minutes and so on, until you finally found something.

  • Roger Bird

    You might get over to: and criticize CNN for not covering ICCF-18 even though they covered this idiotic and meaningless joke of a an excuse for a pretentious convention (Comics-Con).

    • NT

      I visited and what a bunch they are – certainly not my type of site, but I put a thumbs up mark under your name, then got the heck out-a there…

  • orsobubu

    Maurizio Melis covered the CF topic, and Ecat in particular, at least eight-ten times in his program during last couple of years, broadcasted by the offical radio of Confindustria. Confindustria is the Italian employers’ federation, founded in 1910. It groups together more than 113,000 voluntary member companies, accounting for nearly 4,200,000 individuals. It aims to help Italy’s economic growth, assisting, in doing so, its members. It is a member of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE).

  • Ecco the Dolphin

    Livestream URL for the Defkalion demo, will become active in about 4 days:

  • Miles

    Rossi needs to see this !!! Can someone please ensure Rossi gets to see the below Link.

    This is very interesting – Converting Heat to Electricity. Maybe this could be used in LENR???

    “A new semiconductor chip that converts heat directly to electricity cheaply & efficiently, saving energy & reducing emissions globally.”

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      We have asked Rossi several times about this technology, the answer has always been it is not ready. If I am not mistaken Rossi has done a lot of research into converting heat to electricity before he started on E-Cat research.

      • Miles

        Maybe, just maybe, the LENR device is already efficient enough. Any further improvement will just delay the delivery/testing?

        • daniel maris

          Yes, if there’s enough COP and if the capital and operational costs are low, then concerns about improving efficiency from say 40% to 80% are neither here nor there.

        • Roger Bird

          The E-Cat seems to start to get unstable above a COP = 3. It also tends to be unstable in self-sustain mode (SSM) So, in order to be electrically beneficial, it has to have a COP well above 3. Electricity generation is stuck around 33% in our world. So, if the E-Cat could have a COP like above 8 and if we could find electricity generation as high above 33% as possible, then the E-Cat would be rockin’. Below those numbers, then the E-Cat is an incredibly interesting and good heating device, but electric generation would not be a part of it’s benefits.

    • Roger Bird

      Before you get too excited, it would be nice if we had some numbers of how efficient it is, how much they estimate the cost would be for kilowatt, etc.

    • Ken

      We’ve heard about Rossi….well what about guys like Charles Francois of FurtrProbable? Frank, if you have the time, maybe you can put an article on this guy. We have a small article up on revolution-green about him. I’ll be doing a little more research on him and running his calculations. Check the article out at (



  • GreenWin

    “Defkalion’s sixth-generation apparatus, which we didn’t see, is a pre-industrial version designed for household use—analogous to the little personal computer which skipped past the huge expensive mainframe computers and reached the public.

    The size of a Hyperion 45-kilowatt-of-heat-energy house-hold unit, however, will be similar to a dishwasher. DGT’s plan is to make a self-contained 45 cubic centimeter box and have it fully automated, with a heat management system and software inside it.” Jeane Manning April, 2013 visit to Defkalion Vancouver, BC

    • Roger Bird

      I am pretty sure that “45 cubic centimeters” is a typo. That would mean that it would fit inside of a box 3.56 centimeters on a side. I could almost strap that to my wrist, although strapping 45 kilowatts of energy to one’s wrist could be dicey. I think that the writer meant 45 centimeters cubed, or 17.7 inches on a side, which is still very impressive. I’ll take one!

      • NT

        Yes, I agree with you Roger,
        If it works and they can get certifications for household use they will leapfrog the e-cats into the biggest worldwide markets leaving Rossi and his companies in their dust. I’ll take one too if they price it decently…