Back to the E-Cat — Rossi's Level of Satisfaction is 'Top'

It’s not as easy as it once was to get Andrea Rossi to talk about his work. It appears that his new partners have put some restrictions on what he can publicly state — actually not very surprising considering the way corporations go about their business in highly competitive environments. Rossi has made it quite clear that he won’t be able to reveal too much about what he and his partner is up to, saying today on the JONP that “I will not be able to respond to specific questions about where we are or exact timing.”

In that light I put the following questions to Rossi today and received a prompt response:

Dear Andrea,

Understanding you are not able to answer specific questions regarding the current state of your technology and R & D, I wonder if you could indicate in general terms:

1. What is your level of satisfaction about the direction the E-Cat is going?
2. What is the rate of improvement to your systems since you have made your partnership?
3. How much enjoyment are you having in your role as Chief Scientist?
4. What is your level of optimism of seeing E-Cat products diffused in the marketplace over the next few years?

Many thanks, and best wishes,

Frank Acland

Andrea Rossi
July 25th, 2013 at 11:05 PM

Frank Acland:
1- top
2- remarkable
3- at last I can dedicate all my time to the scientific improvement, focusing on this all my energy
4- I am very optimist about this .
Thank you for your contonuous attention,
Warm Regards,

So not much detail, but generally the mood seems good, and it sounds like there have been significant advances made with the help of the new partnership. Of course I wonder about what Rossi & Co. thought of the Defkalion demonstration this week. I don’t doubt that they were paying close attention to everything that was going on, and they probably learned quite a lot from it. But since Rossi has said that he does not discuss his competitors, I didn’t think it prudent to ask about it.

  • Joe Shea

    I wish Rossi would be more forthcoming. I thought he lost a lot of momentum by not appearing at ICCF-18.

    • Giancarlo

      it could be Rossi prefers to act with facts than with words.

    • blaze

      Yeah, Defkalion is the front runner now.

      • Pedro

        Maybe Rossi’s partner likes it this way. Rossi has been in front of the news for 2.5 years. Let somebody else take that position and let Rossi do his R&D.

      • John De Herrera

        “Yeah, Defkalion is the front runner now.”
        I don’t see any reason to believe that. We can only wait and see who will dominate this new science and technology. And they need to clarify ‘what is occurring inside the metal lattice’, is it really fusion of particles – or some other nuclear process? jdh

    • b4FreeEnergy

      Until they proudly present their state of the art brand-new, E-CAT based, 15kW self-sustained electrical generator, the size of a little refrigerator which easily can disconnect your home from the grid …

      Back in pole position in the blink of an eye!

      • artefact

        A race in the dark until the finish line gets crossed and the fotoflashes light the area.

    • Barry

      The Dark Horse is in the lead.

      • Pedro

        Iggy’s horse?

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Good report Admin. Thanks. Rossi sounds very optimistic.

  • artefact

    ICCF-18 Day 5: Presentations and Awards

    About Prof. Kim Yeong:

    “The problem is solved”, says Kim, and he is willing to talk to other theorists to help convince them.”

    “1% of Defkalion revenue will be spent on basic scientific research. Moving forward, Defkalion will be cooperating with National Instruments, as well.”

    “Kim believes that self-sustaining reactions could be improved by increasing the deuterium density, and this will be tested with Hyperion R-6 reactor with the on-line real-time mass spectrometer at Defkalion Lab.”

    • artefact

      So, National Instruments is one of the big companys?

      • blaze

        Huge! Very credible. Their equipment is used in research labs all over the world.

    • Dsm

      Deuterium density ?

      That is not generally used in Ni+H reactors.

      Not sure how that relates to DGTs R6 reactor unless they scrapped all their current effort and switched back to Pd or some other metal. I simply find that too hard to follow ?

      Cheers DSM

      • Dsm

        Ps – I tried to edit my post but iPads suck big time at editing posts so am adding this seperate post.

        I see the comments from Prof Yeong Kim but they make no sense to me whatsoever re Deuterium. I may be shown to not understand his point but everything else quoted to him makes perfect sense to me.

        So either I have something to learn re Deuterium in the DGT R 6 reactor or Prof Kim got miss quoted.

        So much to learn from all this.


    • MToll

      Can someone post the paper in PDF please?

    • GreenWin

      There are confusions here. The DGT reactor uses H2. And the area Kim studies is called BECNF Bose-Einstein Condensation Nuclear Fusion. Apparently we will see another demo at NI Week.

  • blaze

    Yeah, Defkalion is the front runner now.

    • Roger Bird

      In my opinion DGT was advertising in those two demos, and we the peanut gallery and ICCF-18 were props.

  • sophareth camsonne

    As a neuroscientist, I’m curious about the manner of A Rossi works.
    I’m feeling in him, Conscious predomines subConscious works, while
    this later is 500 or much folds more efficient. Whatsoever, in both
    cases, there are always a necessary incubation time generally during
    a +/- sleep and relaxation times,

    • sophareth camsonne

      Human brain is highly undisciplined. You cannot force it to work like you
      do with your muscles.

    • georgehants

      Hello sophareth, when you speak of “consciousness” are you meaning the completely scientifically unknown consciousness or are you referring to the scientific Dogma that consciousness is a sophisticated steam-engine.
      You talk of the sub-conscious, I take it as a a “neuroscientist” that you are deeply experienced in hypnosis and past-life regression.

  • georgehants

    From Phys Org
    Blackbody radiation induces attractive force stronger than gravity

  • georgehants

    From Phys Org
    Discoveries from Planck may mean rethinking how the universe began.

  • georgehants

    LENR Forum
    How MIT discovered LENR in 2015 – History written by the losers.

    • GreenWin

      I think we will counter this rewrite with the facts established by skeptics paper trail, and behavior of the APS (e.g. toward Julian Schwinger) and USPTO. In the EU the ENEA “Report 41” establishes top-down orders to refuse to publish. Truth will out.

  • Gerrit

    This just dawned on me.

    There was this guy from some Swedish institute who measured the e-cat input power “wrong”. Could it be that he found a similar issue for the e-cat back then as Mats Lewan found now for the Hyperion ?

    • John De Herrera

      “guy… who measured the e-cat input power “wrong.”
      Yes, that was sooo bizarre, does anyone have more information on that?

    • GreenWin

      Didn’t Mats decide the input to the DGT HV box measured 1kW? And later confirmed the 20-25% duty cycle to the plasma spark (due to DGT programmed HV pulsing). This would indicate the LabVIEW HV power reading on the big screen display was accurate @ 200-250W. The only other input is to the heating resistors and Mats confirmed that accuracy.

    • henk

      What may have happened is a misunderstanding about power factor. If voltage and current are out of phase or not continuous, you cannot simply multiply voltage and current to get to the real power.

      An everyday example of the effect of power factor are energy saving fluorescent lamps.
      Their input circuit has a full wave rectifier bridge followed by an electrolytic capacitor. Input current only flows near the top of the mains voltage.
      An 18W, 230V version is typically rated at 130 mA RMS current. If you multiply voltage and current you get 30 VA, not 18W, because the powerfactor is only 0.6.
      In the Defkalion demo the powerfactor for the 10 kV supply seems to be even lower, around 0.2, so the pulse frequency would be well below 50 Hz with short duration bursts.
      There is no magic trick or cheating if you incorporate the power factor.

    • Pedro

      The story was that he measured the input power of the e-cat to be twice what Rossi claimed. Then they let him measure the power consumption of a normal light bulb and that was also twice the power of the lamp. So appearently his power meter was off by a factor 2.

  • daniel maris

    Things are moving in the right direction but surely we are now close to the time when we need a demo of a device working off site in a factory or similar which could benefit from the heat.

    • John De Herrera

      “we need a demo of a device working off site in a factory.”
      YES! That would reassure many of us that the Rossi Reactors ARE ready for the marketplace. jdh

  • Steve G
    • daniel maris

      I am getting the feeling that we are just arriving at a place where theories and explanations start to make sense – I don’t claim to understand the science to any great degree but slide 16 makes a lot of sense of various phenomena that are being observed. It’s nice to see it all put together on one slide.

  • Robyn Wyrick

    Since I presume Rossi is on the up and up, this is a very interesting post.

    I think those of us who follow this story closely have been biting at the bit for each Rossi disclosure, and here he is locking down those disclosures.

    (And again, this is in complete accordance with his announcement from earlier this year that he would be sharing less, which for me, adds yet more to his credibility.)

    The silence is fairly radical. If Rossi were a con artist, as his detractors believe, his silence right now is enigmatic. Like so many on this site have noted, Rossi’s silence now puts Defkalion in the market lead.

    However, if Rossi is simply being honest, then his silence right now, during the ICCF, during the Defkalion presentation, and all the positive press it has garnered, displays a man unconcerned about the competition.

    And, if Rossi is to believed, and the 3rd Party Testers are presumed to be correct, then Rossi *would* be unconcerned about the competition.

    I often think Rossi’s predictions about dates and production schedules are significantly optimistic, but I don’t think he’s being optimistic now. I don’t think he’s working with G.E., but I think he’s working with someone, and that someone is very hands on, and very serious.

    If Rossi is scamming someone, it is the strangest of scams, packed with international mass-delusion.

    But I think it is as Al Gore said, “there are some very intriguing explorations” going on.

    “Radical” would be my word for it.

    • John De Herrera

      “Rossi *would* be unconcerned about the competition.”
      I would bet Rossi is watching ICCF and IS concerned about possible competition. However, he may have a superior product and THAT will make E-Cat the leader in the marketplace! jdh

      • Allan Shura

        He would then need to supplant the DGT market share by encouraging customers to switch. If DGT is first they
        can have a head start on expansion from the return on
        investment. IBM buried the independent Commodore Atari
        and Apple by opening the intel board to all hardware
        add ons from the giants even if the technology was not
        as innovative or good (like VHS vs betamax). The dollars
        then drove the market.

        • winebuff

          My bet is DGT will take the lead by being more open and getting press along with lots of money to increase the rate of r+d. Rossi needs to stop being so secret and put together a coherent business plan with a big player.

    • xy

      How about they are up to something BIG. Much bigger we can imagine. E.g. one day a e-Catted Tesla car will come off the factory, or a SpaceX will announce a rocket started today which will reach Mars in a week at 1000 dollar cost. Or they’re opening a utility that will power all Florida for 1 dollar a year. It seems much like they are up to something very big. Household unit will seem like a toy.

      • NT

        I want one of those toys. My RV would then be completely independent where ever I went. No electric grid hookup necessary, no water hookup necessary (make pure H2O from the air and grey water), no sewer hookup necessary (electric toilet), no generator needed, air conditioning & heating included in the black box. Yes, sign me up for one today please…

      • winebuff

        Elon musk and google are asleep at the wheel on this. This tech is on the cusp of changing space travel and much much more.

        • Thinks4Self

          Or are they? Did anyone expect the Chromecast on Wednesday? Companies can keep secrets very well. Google could use the power and cooling themselves and definitely has the money. Until the secret partner is revealed I wouldn’t count anyone out.

  • Thinks4Self

    There have been several posts that infer that Rossi has suddenly fallen behind due to the Defkalion demo, I disagree. Defkalion maybe headlining all of the press currently rolling out but Rossi is also mentioned in those stories and their technology by their own admission is copied from Rossi. The reactor that was just demoed by Defkalion appears to me to be much cruder than the modular reactors Rossi has been showing this year. The difference in appearance to me is the same as the difference in a science fair project and a pre-production prototype. I can envision Rossi’s model being attached to a boiler, while Defkalion’s appears to be nothing more than a tabletop technology demonstrator. The image of the glowing hotcat to me shows Rossi has a design capable of producing far more energy than what has been demonstrated so far by Defkalion. If you add in the images that are claimed to be of the CH4 heated ECAT, then the diversification and sophistication of Rossi’s program to me seems to be leaps and bounds above where Defkalion currently is. I am glad to see that Defkalion has a real working model as competition always is a good thing, but I see them currently as starting to catch-up not taking the lead.

    • Roger Bird

      “tabletop technology demonstrator” I love that. Or perhaps a tabletop convection heater. Just that your phrase there clarifies the issue. Rossi’s is industrial strength, and Defkalion’s is a Walmart unit.

      • Anthony

        Yeah, but isn’t a Walmart unit what most of us are waiting for ? But I have to say that the Conference demo unit looked pretty Heath-Robinson and a long way from the Walmart shelves.

    • Deleo77

      But no one here really knows what Rossi is doing these days. He could have a team of 30 people working in a major corporate R&D lab, or he could have a lot less than that. If he is working with a strong partner, as he says he is, there is no real evidence of it, just his word.

      The fact that Kim got up and spoke about DGT’s device at ICCF is a really big deal. I would say he is the most esteemed scientist to speak publicly about either Rossi or DGT’s device. He is the head of the nuclear physics department at a major U.S. university, He has spent a lot of time doing physics work at major national laboratories. If DGT is a scam, Kim is falling for it.

      There may be more to come with DGT at NI Week too. Wll NI supply them with their full span of lab equipment to take DGT’s labs to the next level? That also seems like a big deal, because Rossi’s and DGT’s devices, and the labs they are sitting in, have always frankly looked crude to me. They need to go to the next level, and NI may try to help build up DGT’s lab.

      So these two things, plus Nelson from NASA lending his report about his visit to DGT, and just the fact that we know where DGT physically is with their address in Vancouver, to me says they are clearly ahead of Rossi at this point. I actually like their business plan better too, which is to sell the basic technology of LENR and let other companies manufacture around it. That will scale much faster than what Rossi is doing, unless he is working with a Siemens or GE, and so far there is no clear evidence of that.

      • Thinks4Self

        You are correct we do not know where Rossi is at this point, but we do know where he has been in the past and what he has shown in the past is still ahead of where DGT is today. Unless he has been resting on his laurels he likely has made progress and has moved further on down the road to a production device.

        There have been just as many if not more scientists who have watched a Rossi demo live than have watched a DGT demo live, so it comes down to what name or names strike you as important.

        Like I stated above the design that Rossi last demonstrated in the Third Party Report is easy to envision providing heat to a boiler, where as the device just demonstrated by DGT is clearly not ready to heat a boiler. DGT is being more friendly and open to researchers and scientists, but this is due to the fact that they essentially stole the IP and can’t patent it themselves, so they do not need to protect it. Because of this, why would they not be more open to scientists than Rossi?

        • Ken

          Which is more important? Who gets their first or the fact that now DGT is the first real competition? With competition comes faster progress. It becomes a race.

          Another good outcome of competition is that the resultant progress is in the field and not just from each competitor. DGT may find something that Rossi could not and vise versa.

          • Thinks4Self

            For humanity it doesn’t matter! But, I would like to see Rossi succeed. I have been following him since the story announcing Petro Dragon to the world in Popular Science. I think he got shafted by the italian mob and would like for lack of a better word see karma redeem itself.

      • NT

        I like the fact that DGT and their reactor seem to be aimed at the home user at the start. Rossi is now aimed at industry and much later on to the home user. I realize that certifications is the big bug-a-boo for both of these companies. We will see who gets the big prize (home users) first…

        • Thinks4Self

          I think the big prize at first will be through power generation and commercial heat applications. The general public is not going to adopt a brand new energy technology until it is proven. Most people do not have the disposable income to install it and hope that it works as stated. Businesses are more likely to take that risk to increase profits. The profit per unit for a commercial reactor will be much higher than a residential unit, making it the low hanging fruit. In the long run home use will be huge profit center, but the profit per unit will be far less.

          • Hampus

            What Defkalion have shown us these couple of days has been great but they are still way behind but in technology but also in implementation. What DTG

          • Karl

            Think of the huge number of home e-cats pre ordered I think it represent a huge potential. The obstacle here might at least initially be of legal type – saftey and not least economical political.

          • Warthog

            There is for every technology application that group known as “early adopters”, who are driven as much by curiousity as practicality.

            I know for darned sure that I would be among them if units for sale are announced at anywhere close to reasonable, whether that be for simple heating, or for CHP.

          • Thinks4Self

            You can count me and the majority of the posters on this site in that category. But say the early units sell for $2000 each you would need to sell 100,000 of them to gross the same amount as one 200MW installation at the current $1,000,000 per MW price, which would be a moderate sized test install by a single utility. Which is easier to get 1 large sale or 100,000 small ones. Then think about the logistics of both scenarios.

          • NT

            Think iPhone type of manufactuing and distribution to the masses (the big prize). That will make industrial uses seem as small potatoes and in many industrial area’s eventually useless once adopted by households on a large scale basis…

          • Thinks4Self

            I don’t disagree, but if they went up for sale next week would your mother/aunt/cousin/next door neighbor immediately buy one?

          • NT

            Yep, very likely if the price was reasonable…

  • Kim

    People only pay attention when pocket books
    are involved.

    Its summer its warm, I don’t care…

    When $300 a month goes to heating your house
    during the winter, people are more attentive.

    I envision a home with a buried liquid sodium
    storage unit that stores energy from the
    E-cat like a fly wheel, and them used on
    an as needed basis. The rest of the heat
    could just radiate to the environment.


    • Kim


      The molten salt typically used* in renewable energy applications is a mixture of 60% sodium nitrate and 40% potassium nitrate (aka saltpeter). This mixture melts at 230 degrees Celcius into a liquid which can be pumped around an E-Cat system, and passed through heat exchangers

    • Roger Bird

      This reminds me of my neighbor just last night being very uninterested in how she could save perhaps 60% on her cellphone bill, just because her husband worried about that sort of thing and she did not want to be bothered with it.

  • Sanjeev

    Confirmed by Yeong Kim –

    The Hyperion reactor contains a core of nickel metal foam. Heating the system to 180 C – 849 C, the Hyperion is then triggered, after which the magnetic field rose 0.6 to 1.6 Tesla.

    Kim says, “This indicates that LENRs are producing very strong electric fields E, currents I, and magnetic fields B.”

    (from coldfusionnow)

    • Kim

      1.6 tesla= 16,000 guass.

      That is very significant.
      Does Kim say that this field is being
      produced continually or just when the
      HV impulse is used?


      • Sanjeev

        The paper will have more details, it is not available yet, I guess.

      • SeanB


        Wow…..doesn’t this suggest Rossi will be working behind the scenes to exploit it somehow? That would indeed be a ‘big surprise’.

        Wonderful – how cool would it be if the thing can run a motor ‘directly’?!

        The raw power of 1.5T:

      • kasom

        if i had 1 tesla +steam, i’d use the steam to rotate a coil around the magnetic field ?

        • Roger Bird

          kasom, you may have answered by question.

        • Thinks4Self

          Not a bad idea! Vent the steam through a cage blower to keep it simple and cost effective. Use the rotational power to turn the the coil around the E-Cat. Depending on the size of the rotor you might have enough energy left in the steam to do other things as well.

        • Sanjeev

          If there is a field, it becomes a simple engineering job and you can have a hundred configurations.

          But its too early to say if the field here is useful at all. He did not say at what distance from core is it 1.6T. If you know magnetic fields, they drop almost to zero a few centimeters away from the source.

      • Roger Bird

        But how do “we” control the field. It has to rotate, or else it is just a ginormous magnet. And since I can’t imagine how we would rotate the core or cell . . Unless “we” fire the core on one side and then the other, like at say 15 times per second, it seems useless to me. In fact, we could start getting complaints about magnetic pollution, which I have only heard (not really) from MRI technicians. It is a changing magnetic field that induces electron flow. How do “we” change the magnetic field at all, let alone rapidly.

    • Chuck

      Dr. Kim states that the magnetic reading of 0.6-1.6T was performed not by himself but reported to him by Hajichristos. So, right now, it’s hearsay and not to be taken as definitive.

      A 1.6T field is huge, The strongest of rare-earth magnets is only about 1T. Most of the “super magnets” that carry warnings about bodily injury have fields only in mT.

      • Roger Bird

        I am glad that you said this.

        According the WickedPedia: “1.5 T to 3 T – strength of medical magnetic resonance imaging systems in practice, experimentally up to 17 T”.

        1.6 Tesla would do a lot of damage. It is really quite unbelievable. Some people walking close to the Hyperion with magnetic material in their bodies would have been killed. Certain belt buckles would have ripped right through people’s bodies. Screwdrivers would be snapped out of people’s hands. Anyone in the way of those screwdrivers would have been screwed, permanently. I am sure that there is some kind of misunderstanding. I am sorry that there isn’t a little more critical thinking around here and a psychology major like me has to do it. This forum is beginning to sound like a national conference of multilevel marketing enthusiasts. (:->)

  • Mick D

    I think Mats L reported Defkalion is working with a number of companies but has reserved the shipping field for themselves. That could be due to ties with Greek shipping, but just suppose:
    The US Navy and favorite Navy suppliers are already locked in to Rossi. Suppose Rossi’s partner is a traditional Navy vendor. That company could be working on a dual use Navy/commercial program. The Navy played a huge role in development of fission reactors and their design became standard for commercial reactors.
    For example, B&W is already under contract for next generation Navy reactors, and (I think) with TVA for modular commercial reactors.
    I have no knowledge of this, just saying.

  • Ecco the Dolphin

    Interesting document – look at the sponsors:

    It appears to be a draft, though.

    • Gerrit

      I will patiently wait another few days before the next iccf will be announced. If this turns out to be true, that would be very interesting.

      But somehow I have the feeling that this is just a mockup, not serious.

      • Ecco the Dolphin

        It’s already been announced. See here:

        Michael McKubre announced that ICCF-19 will be held in Venice, Italy March 15-21, 2015.

        • Gerrit

          thanks and WOW

          • Gerrit

            Well, I don’t know about the WOW yet actually. It says Le Scienze on the first page, that’s the italian edition of Scientific American. It is hard to believe that this is something serious, but we’ll see.

          • Ecco the Dolphin

            I agree that this might indeed be a mockup of some sort (for example the conference program just has to be a placeholder as it’s exactly the same as this year’s), but apparently whoever made this got the ICCF19 date and location right a couple weeks before it got announced during ICCF18, if you check out the posting date (“15 days ago”).

            Do you also happen to know what that TSEM company is about, by the way? Several people listed on page 5 as members of the organizing committee have a [name] email address. It appears that this mockup/draft document originates from this company.

          • Gerrit

            if it was really posted 15 days ago, then it is probably created by TSEM as an example how the ICCF-19 could look like.

            It probably doesn’t mean that the sponsors are already committed.

        • Roger Bird

          Surely he meant 2014.

    • Roger Bird

      Noooooo. It is too far into the future. That is 20 months from now. We are just getting traction now.

  • GreenWin

    It is great to see Ing Rossi in a fine mood. Clearly the successes at DGT Milan have served to reinforce the Levi Essen report on the E-Cat HT; i.e. we have industrial level LENR reactors emerging from the lab. An astonishing achievement given the short development time since the first E-Cat public demos. Certainly a FAR better performance than the tax-funded HF clan.

    Beside commercial power generation, a major application to LENR-based radioactive waste remediation is rapidly emerging. In September the ASME produces the Intl Conf on Environmental Remediation & Radioactive Waste Management. There are 65,000 metric tons of radioactive waste waiting for disposal. It is a huge industry, with global nuclear players.

    We already see the Navy/JWK/SPAWAR patent used in Global Energy Corp’s fusion-fission project claiming remediation of waste while producing energy.

    Toyota’s Technova Inc. two decade investment in LENR is likely aimed at this huge remediation market. With low cost LENR neutrons, nuclear waste transmutation could be built into reactor sites. To that end a tiny group of researchers based in New England’s Quantum Rabbit lab have produced some astonishing results:

    “One might think that the concentrations of putative transmutation products seen in the Quantum Rabbit experiments could be large enough to be considered a giant breakthrough in the field of LENR, but so far these experimental results have garnered very little attention.” Matthias Grabiak, PhD

    ASME, this is probably worth a closer look.

    • Sanjeev has also written about it and I speculate that lenr applications in radio-waste treatment will be accepted more readily as it is less disruptive and nuke power cos desperately need some or other solution.

      We already have the US Navy granted patent on this (should have made a big news, but hasn’t)

      Radio-waste eating bacteria are another application which will likely enter mainstream more readily, as it does not step directly on the toes of oil masters.

  • Jim

    1 Build Prototype Release X
    1.1 Define Prototype Test Objectives
    2 Test Prototype
    3 Review Test Results
    4 If Test-Results-Anomalies-Found(Test Results) = True then
    Revise Test
    Go to 2
    5 If Prototype-Improvement-Identified(Test Results)= True then
    Revise Prototype
    Go to 2
    7 If Compare(Test Results,Prototype Test Objectives) = OK then
    Go to 8
    Go to 2
    8 Finalize Prototype Test Results
    9 Review Test Results with (Marketing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Finance)
    10 If Compare(Test Results, Business Plan Objectives) = OK then
    Go to 15
    Go to 11
    11 Develop Plans for Next Prototype
    12 Get Signoff on Plans for Next Prototype
    13 X = X+1
    14 Go to 1
    15 Execute Release to Production

    tick tock tick tock

    • Roger Bird

      The program describes the hard part, and this is the bad news. The good news is that production and sales should be as smooth as a water slide lubricated with butter and coconut oil on a warm day.

    • Omega Z

      Ahh Jim, You the programmer…

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        Yeah, but GOTO statements? That is so 1980’s…

        • Jim

          …which was after I learned to code 🙂

  • Ecco the Dolphin

    Peter Svensson (AP) was at ICCF18. I hope this time he will indeed write a story about LENR/cold fusion:


    The photo is from the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance, the new cold fusion lab at the University of Missouri. Story later

    A clue to where I’ve been this week

    • Ecco the Dolphin

      His main twitter page:

      • artefact

        nice photo

    • artefact

      oh, cool!

    • AB

      Somebody is running an experiment with hydrogen and, probably, nickel 😉

    • daniel maris

      Is he the guy who failed to report on a Rossi demo previously?

      • Sanjeev

        Thats right. He was silenced most probably.
        Last time also he said – story soon.

      • AB

        He came to the 1 MW e-cat demo, but I doubt that he is to blame for the lack of a corresponding article.

    • hempenearth

      I hope he doesn’t go the same way as Mark Gibbs

  • Ecco the Dolphin

    A positive OpEdNews article about ICCF18. This will be likely read by many non-expert readers:

    Woohoo I feel georgehants-ish today!

    • AB

      Well the article isn’t particularly positive, but the author seems to be a refreshingly independent thinker.

      • Sanjeev

        Agree. Didn’t write a lot about the show stealing demo. But he seems to be catching up with reality.

    • Roger Bird

      Josh is right on, just the kind of guy we need.

    • Owen

      Good article overall. Thank you Josh for doing some real journalism, in a field where most journalists don’t dare tread.

      I think Josh was a bit harsh about the state and quality of research. Most researchers are strapped for cash and working on shoestring budgets. Great strides are being made in spite of inadequate funding.

  • Sanjeev

    There are rumors that DGT will publish an independent third party report.

    • Fibb

      says who?